Argonaut 1936

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1936 Gifts to University of Idaho; Johnson, Don; Katsilometes, William (Bill); Fisher, Merle
January 10th, 1936 Malin, Maurice; Ryan, Mike; Doll, Gilbert; Denton, Louie; Johnson, Don; Chemistry, Department of; Art, Department of
January 14th, 1936 MaCklin, Hall M.; Basketball; Intramural sports; Library; University of Idaho at Ogden Livestock show; Basketball
January 17th, 1936 Claus, Carl; Intramural sports; Armstrong, William (Bill); Iverson, Norman; Fisher, Merle; Boxing; Craig, Glenn; Basketball
January 21st, 1936 Basketball; Pope, James P.; Larson, Bert; Wheeler, Joe; Doll, Gilbert; Fisher, Merle; Pope Oratory prize
January 24th, 1936 Intramural sports; Seymore, Robert; Power, Otto; Geraghty, Wally; Basketball
January 28th, 1936 Avery, S.; Cogley, Martin; Kaplan, Abraham; Sheran, Robert; Bevington, Frank; Kramer, Bill (Curley); School of Forestry; Basketball
January 31st, 1936 New Infirmary; Bratton, Rufus; Intramural sports; Pavkov, Stonko; Ward, Theron; Katsilometes, William (Bill)
February 4th, 1936 Basketball; Bergeson, Harold; Gifts to University of Idaho; Basketball; Intramural sports; University forest; University of Idaho - Staff; Basketball
February 7th, 1936 Basketball; Intramural sports
February 11th, 1936 Class of 1939; Idaho's clan; Arts, College of; Geraghty, Wally; Katsilometes, William (Bill); Robertson, Kenneth; Fox, Richard (Rich); Summer school; Basketball; Baseball
February 14th, 1936 Intramural sports; Junior week; Larson, Bert; McArdle, Richard E.; Denton, Louie; Ferney, Ruth
February 18th, 1936 Intramural sports; Pep Band; Seymore, Robert; Morrow, William (Bill); Boxing; Basketball
February 21st, 1936 Debate, Intramural; Intramural sports; Geraghty, Wally; Bank, Paul (Ted)
February 25th, 1936 Intramural sports; Nadeau, Leon; Kramer, Bill (Curley); Larson, Bert; Iverson, Norman; Geraghty, Wally; Katsilometes, William (Bill); Fisher, Merle; McFall, Mariam; Boxing; Basketball
February 28th, 1936 Debate, Intramural; Pipe organ; Intramural sports; Junior week; Gifts to University of Idaho; Holstine, Jack; Dole, Dorothy; Farley, Ruth; Ryan, Mike
March 3rd, 1936 Intramural Swimming; Fisher, Merle; Geraghty, Wally; Iverson, Norman; Katsilometes, William (Bill); Fencing; Wrestling; Swimming
March 6th, 1936 Ross, C. Ben; Growth of the University of Idaho; Reinhardt, Aurelia Henry; Boxing
March 10th, 1936 Intramural sports; New Infirmary; Pecka, Arthur; Jones, Paul; Wrestling
March 13th, 1936 Denton, Louie
March 17th, 1936 Junior week; Boxing
March 20th, 1936 Intramural track; Haasch, Donald; Nelson, Spencer; Boxing
March 24th, 1936 Arms, Shull; Department of English; Pipe organ; Gifts to University of Idaho; Wrestling; Intramural sports; New Infirmary; Johnson, Thorwald; Neely, Steward
March 27th, 1936 Associated Women Students; Axtell, Dick; Flenner, Esther
March 31st, 1936 Pipe organ; Grade Averages; King, Alline; Goss, Winston; Boxing
April 3rd, 1936
April 7th, 1936 Vandaleers
April 14th, 1936 Starbuck, Edwin D.
April 17th, 1936 Chrisman, Edward R.; Paddock, Al; Baseball
April 21st, 1936 Intramural track; Bopp, Earl; Tennis
April 24th, 1936 Willis Sweet Hall
April 28th, 1936 Intramural sports; Memorial gymnasium
May 1st, 1936 ASUI-Elections; Class of 1936; Iddings, E.J.; Electrical Engineering Department -; Little International; Little International; Haasch, Donald; Crawford, Ivan C.; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Baseball
May 5th, 1936 ASUI-Elections; Intramural sports; Golf; University of Idaho - Staff; Tennis; Baseball
May 8th, 1936 French, Permeal J.; Intramural sports; Mother's weekend; Dole, Dorothy; Jones, Paul; Tennis
May 12th, 1936 Boosters, and Booster day of the; Gifts to University of Idaho; May fete; Track; Tennis; Tennis; Baseball
May 15th, 1936 Bishop Titus Lowe; Commencement speakers and Guests; Commencement week - schedule; Intramural sports; Powers, William
May 19th, 1936 Claus, Carl; Intramural softball; Athletic Dept.; Ward, Theron
May 22nd, 1936 Gem of the Mountains; Intramural sports cup; Bishop, Ernie; Kramer, Bill (Curley)
May 26th, 1936 McFarland, James (Jim); McLean, James A.; Summer school; Track; Baseball
May 29th, 1936 Commencement week - schedule; Baseball
August 7th, 1936 Renfrew, Edgar; Class of 1901; Experiment station farm of UI; Dunn, Alfred; R.O.T.C.; Jones, Archie N.; Crowe, J.H.; Banks, John V.; Newton, Francis; Pep Band; Cooper, John; Johnson, Don; Roise, Harold; Trzuskowski, Dick; Twogood, Forrest F.; Alumni; Cooley, J.A.; Smiset, Oscar; O'Neal, Ethlyn; Student reporters; Stump, George; Leatham, Earl G.; Hunter, Bonnie Jean; Campus, views of; Neale, Mervin Gordon; Football; Trades training courses; University of Idaho - Cost of attending; University of Idaho - History; University of Idaho - Pictorial map by Alfred Dunn; University of Idaho - Staff; Track; Willis Sweet Hall
September 16th, 1936 Boxing; Maxwell, Elsie; Pan Sellenic rushing rules; Larson, Bert; August, Louis; Flenner, Esther; Miller, Evelyn; Neale, Mervin Gordon; Temporary dormitories; University of Idaho - Construction program; University of Idaho - Staff
September 22nd, 1936 Campus, views of; Class of 1940; Grade Averages; Smith, Ruth M.
September 25th, 1936 Enrollment; Homecoming; Homecoming -Fireworks; Hulme fight; Lewis Hall; New Infirmary; New stadium (Neale Field); Football; Foster, Ralph; Sundberg, Keith; Spaugy, Ralph; Howard, Pendleton; Johnson, Don; Stump, George; Football; Traditions
September 29th, 1936 Golf course; Department of Music; Homecoming - Schedule of events; Homecoming; Hulme fight; R.O.T.C.; Football
October 2nd, 1936 Memorial gymnasium; Armstrong, William (Bill); Bank, Paul (Ted); University singers
October 6th, 1936 Mayer, Ed; Rounsawell, Wallace; Treble Clef club; Football
October 9th, 1936 College of Law; Homecoming; Homecoming - Schedule of events; Intramural Tennis; New stadium (Neale Field); Pacific International Livestock Expo.; Football; Sundberg, Ross; Sundberg, Keith; Horton, George E.; Bank, Paul (Ted); Willard, Rex; Huntback, James; Twogood, Forrest F.; McCue, Robert (Bullet Bob
October 13th, 1936 Arboretum; Football; Gem of the Mountains; Homecoming; Intramural sports; Johnson, Sam; Football
October 15th, 1936 Pacific Live Stock Conference; Baning, Amalie; Musial, Walt; Ritzheimer, Earl; Gregory, Earl; Traditions
October 20th, 1936 Football; Graduate school; Idaho's clan; Intramural sports; Intramural track; Football
October 23rd, 1936 ASUI-Audit report; ASUI-Financial report; Infirmary; Intramural sports; Intramural track; Male octet
October 27th, 1936 Stanton, Frank; Axtell, Harold L.; Iddings, E.J.; Eldridge, J.G.; Ryan, Glen; Chrisman, Edward R.; Kostalek, John; Sweet, Bell M.; McLean, James A.; Football
October 30th, 1936 Golf course; International relations club; Intramural sports; Intramural track; McFarland, James (Jim); Luvaas, Barney
November 3rd, 1936 Dating Bureau; Football; Intramural sports; Football
November 6th, 1936 Intramural sports; Track; Willis Sweet Hall
November 10th, 1936 Dad's day; Greene, Leon G.; Goss, Winston; Gibbs, Raphael (Rafe); Football
November 13th, 1936 Golf course; Kerr, T.S.; Intramural sports; Bullock, Earl; Haller, Ruth; journalists; Track
November 17th, 1936 Dad's day; Football; New stadium (Neale Field); Schneider, Marie
November 20th, 1936 Student union building; Dad's day; New Infirmary; Tonning, Wayland; Moats, John; Boxing
November 24th, 1936
November 27th, 1936 Library; Delvin, Clarence 'Devy'; Department of Geology; Student union building; Football
December 1st, 1936 Administration building (1907-; Intramural sports; Willis Sweet Hall
December 4th, 1936 Holly Week; Intramural sports; Goss, Winston; School of Engineering
December 8th, 1936 Holly Week; Vandaleers; Basketball
December 11th, 1936 Boxing; Intramural sports; Intramural volleyball
December 15th, 1936 Debate - WSC, Whitman and Idaho; Holly Week; New Infirmary; Armstrong, William (Bill); Geraghty, Wally; McFarland, James (Jim); Basketball
December 18th, 1936 Library; Intramural sports; Football