Argonaut 1943

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1943 Basketball; Boxing; Bottolfsen, C.A.; Laboratories; Foster, James; Football; University expansion
January 14th, 1943 ASUI-activity awards; Basketball; Boxing; Favaro, Bernard; Gifts to library; Williams, Bill; Morse, Berta; Basketball
January 21st, 1943 Academic Council; ASUI; ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Book of the month club; Boxing; Taylor, Alan; Dale, Harrison C.; Rifle team; Track
January 28th, 1943 ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Carlman, Bob; Bellos, Eveline; Selective service act
February 4th, 1943 Academic Council; Air course begins; Boxing; Golf team; Library; Chandler, Clark; Wethern, Robert; Lewies, Harry; Spring registration; Basketball
February 11th, 1943 ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Drafting course for women; Physical Education program
February 18th, 1943 Basketball; Boxing; Schierman, Albert N.; Basketball
February 25th, 1943 Boxing; Enlistment; Football; WAA; Women cadets
March 4th, 1943 Army Engineers; Basketball; Culp, Perry, Jr.; Intramural Swimming
March 11th, 1943 ASUI-activity awards; Boxing; Associated Women Students; Sherman, Theodore; Boxing; Basketball
March 18th, 1943 Army Engineers; All girl band; Thompson, Anne; Ski team
March 25th, 1943 Baseball
April 1st, 1943 ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball; Gordon, Joe; Dale, Harrison C.; Rifle team; Track
April 8th, 1943 Ring Around Elizabeth'; Orr, Kathleen; Track; Baseball
April 15th, 1943 Baseball
April 22nd, 1943 ASUI-Elections; Russian language; Track
April 29th, 1943 Intramural sports; National Music Week
May 6th, 1943 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball; Degrees; Intramural sports; May fete; Eccher, Rena; Long, Barbara; Minden, Carl; Summer school; Tennis
May 13th, 1943 ASUI-Elections; Dale, Harrison C.; Summer school; Tennis; Track; Baseball
May 20th, 1943 ASUI-Elections; Commencement; Library; Minden, Carl; May queen; Baseball; Tennis
May 28th, 1943 Commencement; Thomas, John; Chapman, Lamar; Track; Student loans
September 23rd, 1943 ASUI-Elections; Athletics, Dept of; Fall registration; Kerr, Chet; Minden, Carl
September 30th, 1943 ASUI-Executive Board; Football; Thompson, Anne
October 7th, 1943 ASUI-Elections; Football - Army; Bottolfsen, C.A.; Mortar Board; Dale, Harrison C.; Track
October 14th, 1943 Heating plant; Franson, Marian; Parking, Lorin D; Track
October 21st, 1943 ASUI-Elections; Football - Army
October 28th, 1943 Football - Army; Football - Army
November 4th, 1943 Football - Army
November 11th, 1943 Romantic Mr. Dickens'; Football - Army
November 18th, 1943 Football - Army
November 24th, 1943 Basketball; Track; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges
December 2nd, 1943 Graue, Dr. Erwin; Dale, Harrison C.; Basketball
December 9th, 1943 Basketball
December 16th, 1943 High school courses; Vandaleers; Collins, Tom