Argonaut 1942

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Date Subjects
January 6th, 1942 Ski team; Steele, George
January 9th, 1942 Academic Council; Alumni reunion; Hopkins, Vonley; Enrollment
January 13th, 1942 ASUI; Boxing; Classes extended on year basis; Department of Physics; Enlistment; Fahrenwald, A.W.; NYA; Ski team; Basketball
January 16th, 1942 Civil Patrol Training course; Basketball; Dale, Harrison C.; Dale, Harrison C.; Rifle team
January 19th, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Debate; Fencing; Basketball; Gibson, Lee; Basketball; U.S. Civil service; Wrestling; Swimming; Basketball; Boxing
January 23rd, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Hopkins, Vonley; Dale, Harrison C.; Time change
January 27th, 1942 Defense courses; Basketball; Dale, Harrison C.; Academic year; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Basketball
January 30th, 1942 Morris, Jack; Russian language; The Idaho Argonaut
February 3rd, 1942 Beecher, Alvan A.; Ski team; Spring registration; Basketball
February 6th, 1942 ASUI-Bookstore; Yell team; Rifle team; Spring registration
February 10th, 1942 Boxing; Fencing; Basketball; Ski team
February 13th, 1942 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Rifle team
February 17th, 1942 Wrestling; Swimming
February 20th, 1942 ASUI-War Clauses
February 24th, 1942 kloepfer, Merrie Lu; Price, Walter; Dale, Harrison C.; Ski team
February 27th, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Towles, Jim
March 3rd, 1942 Fencing; Turner, Ray; Basketball; Boxing
March 6th, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball, records; Code classes; Cut rule; Library; Rifle team; Deobald, Arlene
March 10th, 1942 Wicks, Guy; Ski team; Track
March 13th, 1942 American Legion Flag; ASUI-activity awards; Associated Women Students; Motor corps training course; James, Vera Neil; Rupp, Judy; Rifle team; Schmidt, Francis
March 17th, 1942 Konpka, Irvin
March 20th, 1942 Rifle team
March 24th, 1942 Boxing; Parther, Marian; Partner, Marian; Ski team; Williams, Bill
March 27th, 1942 Academic Council; Baseball; Navy to occupy halls; Music winner; Rifle team
March 31st, 1942 Library; NYA; Willson, Asher B.; Merrill brother; Rifle team
April 7th, 1942 ASUI-activity awards; ASUI-activity awards; Summer school; X-ray machine gift to university
April 10th, 1942 Japanese students - Editorial 'Our closed door'; Merit Award; Naval Training program; Baseball
April 14th, 1942 Independent party; Baseball; University buildings for Navy
April 17th, 1942 Academic Council; Cawley, Paul; Co-operatives; Cooperative presidents; Towles, Jim
April 21st, 1942 Campus, views of; Eldridge, J.G.; The Idaho Argonaut; Naval Training program; Greeks
April 24th, 1942 Air Corps; ASUI-Elections; Japanese students policy - University; Lewies, Harry
April 28th, 1942 Military department; Wicks, Guy; Golf team; McColm, Robert; Rigby, Ray; Tennis; Track; Baseball
May 1st, 1942 Mix, Gale; Greene, George; Park, Nelson; Leonard, Myrtle
May 5th, 1942 All University Day; Alpha Lambda Delta; Journalist honors; Track
May 8th, 1942 Scabbard and blade
May 12th, 1942 The Idaho Argonaut; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honoraries; Hamilton, Ladd
May 15th, 1942 Sigma Xi; Baseball
May 19th, 1942 Commencement; Honorary degrees; Track
May 22nd, 1942 Luntey, Gene; Campbell, Clayton
May 26th, 1942 Drafting course for women; Idaho Argonaut becomes weekly; Dyrgall, Victor; Anderson, Milo; Track; Baseball
May 29th, 1942 Baseball; Commencement; Publication heads
September 25th, 1942 Garner, Jay; Luntey, Gene; Craig, Knox; Schmidt, Francis
October 1st, 1942 Alpha Phi Chi; McColm, Robert; Lattig, H.E. (Dean); Konopka, Earl; Dale, Harrison C.
October 8th, 1942 Enrollment; Dale, Harrison C.; Scholastic honors; Track
October 15th, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Enrollment; Pacific Coast conference; Towles, Jim; Arrien, Henry
October 22nd, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Wicks, Guy; Football; Intramural sports; Carlman, Bob; Molen, Doyle; Hamilton, Ladd; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Reserve forces
October 29th, 1942 With No Mother to Guide Her'; ASUI-Executive Board; CCC Camp to campus; Football; Intramural sports; Abbott, Robert
November 5th, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Blue Bucket; Dale, Harrison C.; Football
November 12th, 1942 Tovey, F.J.; Football; Military training for youth; Lewis, Matt; Davis, Ray
November 19th, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Military training for youth; Pacific Coast Interfraternity council; Baskett, Ronald S.; Football
November 26th, 1942 ASUI-Publication board; Football; Gifts to University of Idaho; Pacific Coast Interfraternity council; Dale, Harrison C.; Track
December 3rd, 1942 ASUI-Executive Board; Wicks, Guy; White, Robert; Lewis, Matt; Cronkhite, Barbara; Music winner; Basketball; Track
December 10th, 1942 Wicks, Guy; Basketball; Intramural sports; Miller, David; Konpka, Irvin; Student union advisory board; Football
December 17th, 1942 Basketball; Entrance requirements; Moreland, Shirley Anne; Beecher, Alvan A.; Marty, Edmund J.; Hurford, Robert; Hackney, George; Hopkins, Vonley; Clark, Dale; Brown, J.A. (Bebe); Rifle team