Argonaut 1941

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1941 Basketball; Intramural sports; Wojkiewicz, Stanley Thomas; Loan broker; Thomas, Charles (Chuck); Shealy, Edward M.
January 10th, 1941 Pep Band Orchestra; Bookstore, Student; Engineering defense training course; Hulme, Edward Maslin; Intramural sports; Boxing; Twogood, Forrest F.
January 14th, 1941 Intramural sports; Durant, Verla (Mrs. Paul Ennis); Pier, Jane; Basketball
January 17th, 1941 Cox, Dee; Flying course (C.A.A.); Intramural sports; Hartigan, Mary Ellen; Twogood, Forrest F.; 'Idaho Swing'
January 21st, 1941 Department of Journalism; Athletics, Dept of; Minor sports meet; Boxing; Basketball
January 24th, 1941 Intramural sports; Stanton, Claudine; Gibson, Lee
January 28th, 1941 Archery; Basketball; Gifts to library; Intramural sports; Mess management course; Bundles for Britain; Rifle match; Minor sports meet; Minor sports meet; Boxing
January 31st, 1941 Bookstore, Student; Basketball; Intramural sports; Student hostess association
February 4th, 1941 Borah Outlawry of War Foundation; Basketball; Intramural sports; Levinson, Salmon O.; Engineering students; Fingerprinting at; Student hostess association; Minor sports meet; Basketball
February 7th, 1941 Associated Women Students; Intramural sports; Registration - Procedure
February 11th, 1941 Associated Women Students; Basketball; Gifts to library; Doyle, Harold; Hill, Lyle (Pete)
February 14th, 1941 Fingerprinting at; Heating plant; Proposed recreation area - ski area; Student hostess association
February 18th, 1941 Associated Women Students; Foreign students; Runnenberg, Lorenzo; Von Krusentierna, Anne Marie; Leonard, Myrtle; Kara, Ted; Basketball
February 21st, 1941 Gem of the Mountains; Athletic investigation, Pacific coast; Basketball
February 25th, 1941 Intramural sports; Michels, C.A.; New Infirmary; Number, Jack; Basketball
February 28th, 1941 Basketball; Purchasing measuring drive; Erdman, Virginia; Barr, Eric; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Swimming
March 4th, 1941 Wethern, Robert; Hoopes, Hugh; Scott, Kenny; Skiles, Jerry; Sutton, Wayne; Turner, Ray; Ski team; Turner, Ray; Dale, Harrison C.
March 11th, 1941 Intramural sports; I' Club; Radio club; Pep Band; University of Idaho - Appropriations; Basketball; Swimming
March 14th, 1941 Whitehead, Albert Edward; Intramural sports; Baseball; Debate; Swimming
March 18th, 1941 Howell, Dixie; Greene, George; Intramural sports; Wicks, Guy; Schmidt, Francis; Park, Nelson
March 21st, 1941 Dairy Science building; Price, Walter; Schmidt, Francis; Scenes from plays
March 25th, 1941 All University Day; Associated Women Students council; Intramural sports; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Football; Summer school; Boxing
March 28th, 1941 Intramural sports; Lewies, Harry; Forestry - Nursery; Brown, J.A. (Bebe); Erickson, Laune; Kara, Ted
April 1st, 1941 Intramural sports; Boxing; National rifle match; Everest, Helen; Leeright, Robert; Piedmont , Joe; Johnston, William; Parkinson, Louis
April 4th, 1941 Absentee rulings; All University Day; ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Intramural sports; Grade Averages; Forestry - Poster contest; Morris, Robert; Duffin, Lawrence; Coon, Dorothy; Marshall, Lucile
April 8th, 1941 Campus, views of; Intramural sports; Science hall; Football
April 15th, 1941 Hulme, Edward Maslin; Intramural sports; Junior week; Wethern, Robert; Caccia, Italo 'Babe'; Zingale, Sammy
April 18th, 1941 All University Day; August, Louis; Stanton, Frank; Intramural sports; Library
April 22nd, 1941 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; ASUI-Elections; Freshman week; Intramural sports; Greene, George; Wicks, Guy; Eberhard, Milton
April 25th, 1941 All University Day; Alumni secretary; Foreign students; Department of Mining; Heshmatic, Ali; Brown, J.A. (Bebe); Schmidt, Francis; Sports - division schedules; Tennis; Baseball
April 29th, 1941 All University Day; American Forest week; ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Intramural sports; Little International; McCarthy, Lee; Eberhard, Milton; Golf team; Animal Husbandry, Dept. of; Golf; Tennis; Track; Baseball
May 2nd, 1941 All University Day; American Forest week; ASUI-Executive Board; Little International; Dale, Harrison C.
May 6th, 1941 National rifle match; Leibowitz, Phil; All University Day; Tennis
May 9th, 1941 Intramural sports; May fete; May fete; David, Donald; Knox, Graig; Runnenberg, Lorenzo; Swimming
May 13th, 1941 Class of 1901; Freshman week; Buchanan, Nancy; May fete; Men's rifle team; Department of Home Economics; Song and stunt fest; Tennis; Baseball
May 16th, 1941 Armory building, proposed; Freshman week; Intramural sports; Department of Home Economics; Baseball
May 20th, 1941 Armory building, proposed; Track and Field; Harrison, Dale; Jones, C.W.; Baseball
May 23rd, 1941 Intramural sports; Homecoming; University of Idaho - Sign on highway; R.O.T.C.
May 27th, 1941 Alpha Phi Omega; Intramural sports; Benoit, Ed; Anderson, Milo
May 30th, 1941 Intramural sports; Golf team; Morton, Alberta; Phillips, George; Flying course (C.A.A.); Douglas Dingle Award; Leibowitz, Phil; Ryan, Mike; Dyrgall, Vic; Morton, Bill; Baseball
June 3rd, 1941
September 16th, 1941 V' in mug music drive; Air Corps; Athletics, Dept of; Dairy Science building-New; Co-operatives; Eldridge, J.G.; Engineering building (New); Idaho graduates in industry; NYA; Olson, William; Dairy Science building-New; Engineering building (New); Knox, Robert; Eberhard, Milton; Dale, Harrison C.; R.O.T.C.; Recreation course; Summer school; Tromanhauser, Henrieta J.; Vandal boosters
September 23rd, 1941 Fall registration; Farm helpers; Student union building
September 26th, 1941 Aschbenrenner, Tony; Micklick, Bill
September 30th, 1941 Alumni Association; Engineering building (New); Idaho state editorial association; Dale, Harrison C.; Streit, Clarence; Swim, Arthur L.; Football; X-ray analysis in physics department
October 3rd, 1941 ASUI-Executive Board; Music scholarship winner; Dale, Harrison C.; R.O.T.C.; Gem of the Mountains
October 7th, 1941 Minor sports amendment; New engineering courses; Craig, Knox; Football; Willson, Asher B.
October 10th, 1941 Hattrup, Hubert; Schmidt, Francis
October 14th, 1941 ASUI-Financial report; Price, C.L.; Football
October 17th, 1941 Armory building, proposed; Carlson, Lydia; Brown, J.A. (Bebe); Swimming pool
October 21st, 1941 Football
October 24th, 1941 Dairy Science building
October 28th, 1941 Debate; Dale, Harrison C.; Football
October 31st, 1941 ASUI-Executive Board; Bookstore, Student; Football; Carlman, Bob; Dale, Harrison C.; Basketball
November 4th, 1941 Associated Women Students; Football
November 7th, 1941 Intramural track; Manson, Harvie; Clark, Dale
November 11th, 1941 Football
November 14th, 1941 Chemical shortage; Micklick, Bill; Football
November 18th, 1941 American Association of University Women (AAUW); University archives; Football
November 25th, 1941 Track; Dyrgall, Victor; Football
November 28th, 1941 Football - Awards; Football
December 2nd, 1941 Track awards
December 5th, 1941 ASUI; Basketball
December 9th, 1941 NYA; Student union activities board; War policy
December 12th, 1941 Draft registration; Rifle match; Basketball
December 15th, 1941 Boxing; Defense courses; Fencing; Dale, Harrison C.; Basketball
December 19th, 1941 ASUI-Executive Board; Class cuts; Defense training; Enlistment; Jeffers, D.S.; School of Forestry; Northwest Scientific convention; Dale, Harrison C.; Basketball