Argonaut 1940

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1940 Gail, Floyd W.; Basketball; Hearn, Rod; Intramural sports; Kalbus, James; Gem of the Mountains; Harris, Ronald; Hopkins, Irvin Lee; Nelson, Don; Ramey, Roy; Foster, Jimmy; Idaho hour; Taylor, T. Ivan; Basketball
January 9th, 1940 Brink, Carol; Brown, Carl W.; Intramural sports; Hilton, Otis; Basketball
January 12th, 1940 Basketball; Heating plant; Intramural sports; Cone, Elwood E.; Swimming; Tau Mem Alpha; Basketball
January 16th, 1940
January 19th, 1940 Borah, William E.; Intramural sports; Atkinson, Charles 'Chick'
January 23rd, 1940 Forestry - Nursery; Basketball; Borah, William E.; Intramural sports; English, Bill; Ramey, Roy; Ski team; Minor sports meet; Basketball; Woodruff, Samuel
January 26th, 1940 Mix, Gale; Doll, Gilbert; Basketball; Guass, Henry G.; Intramural sports; Basketball
January 30th, 1940 Hatfield, Col. Floyd; Brosnan, C.J.; Basketball; Idaho cloud clippers (Fling club); Intramural sports; Upson, J.E.; Boxing; Basketball
February 2nd, 1940 Chemistry -research; University of Idaho - New staff
February 6th, 1940 Carpenter, William C.; Fahrenwald, A.W.; Flying course (C.A.A.); Basketball; Knudesen, Leroy; Lambert, Ronald; Brink, Carol; Ravenscroft, Vernon; Minor sports meet; Basketball
February 9th, 1940 Associated Women Students; Intramural sports; Foster, Bryon W.; Jones, Robert H.; Keatts, Robert N.; Associated Women Students; Boxing
February 13th, 1940 Intramural sports; Religions emphasis week; Thomas, Lois; Fitzpatrick, Jack; Swimming; Basketball
February 16th, 1940 Chemistry -research; Intramural sports; Fallino, Mike; McGregor, Warren; White, Henry A.
February 20th, 1940 Basketball; Intramural sports; Swimming; Boxing; Basketball
February 23rd, 1940 Ritchie, Margaret; Basketball; Intramural sports; Kara, Ted; Brigham, Mr. and Mrs. J.W.; Hammar, Gustaf W.; Coleman, John; Zingale, Sammy; Minor sports meet; Basketball; Boxing
February 27th, 1940
March 1st, 1940 Basketball; Boxing; Pope Oratorical contest; Basketball
March 5th, 1940 ASUI-Elections; Basketball
March 8th, 1940 Boxing
March 12th, 1940 Boxing; Oppenheim, B.W.; Kara, Ted; Johnston, Bill; Pep Band; Boxing; Kara, Frank; Kara, Ted
March 15th, 1940 Mix, Gale; ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball; Boxing; Boxing; Stoddard, Merle
March 19th, 1940 Boxing; Debate; Boxing; Lewies, Harry; Upham, A.H. (Alfred)
March 22nd, 1940
March 26th, 1940 Baseball; Track; Phi Beta Kappa; Randall, LaVerne; 'I' tank; Hansen, Earl; Boxing
March 29th, 1940 Maguire, Ann; Zingale, Sammy; Track; Stone, Clarence D.; Track; Baseball
April 9th, 1940 Buildings and grounds; Borah, William E.; Boxing; Track
April 12th, 1940 Boxing; Carter, I.N.; Borah, William E.; Boxing; Pope Oratorical contest; Track; Baseball
April 16th, 1940 Alumni secretary; ASUI-Elections; Heating plant; Junior week; Track
April 19th, 1940 Junior week; Track; Track; Baseball
April 23rd, 1940 ASUI-Elections; Baseball; McCarthy, Leslie; Fahrenwald, Mary Lou; Track
April 26th, 1940 ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball; 'Whole Town's Talking'; Tennis; Track; Tennis
April 30th, 1940 Intercollegiate Knights; Baseball; Intramural track; Little International; Track; Baseball
May 3rd, 1940 All University Day; All University Day; Intramural track; Little International; Gwinn, Marcia; Forestry - Summer camp; Basketball; Track; Tennis; Baseball
May 7th, 1940 All University Day; Baseball; Pope Oratorical contest; Track; Tennis; Baseball
May 10th, 1940 Intramural softball; Library - holdings; Gaskill, Alice
May 14th, 1940 May fete; May fete; Baseball; Track
May 17th, 1940 Air course begins; Blue key; Leeright, Robert; Pan-Hellenic council; Pier, Jane; Dale, Harrison C.; Public Board elects; Stoddard, Merle; Sons of the American revolution; Upham, A.H. (Alfred); Baseball
May 21st, 1940 Alumni gift; Flying course (C.A.A.); Heating plant; Hilton, Rook; Blue Bucket; Liebowitz, Phil; Track
May 24th, 1940 Attic club; ASUI-Executive Board; Borah Exhibit; Commencement - number graduating; Erdman, Virginia; Golf; Idaho cooperative system; Fraternities; Art, Department of; The Idaho Argonaut
May 28th, 1940 Jones, Archie N.; Northwest Society of Highway Engineers Awards; Track; Baseball
May 31st, 1940 ASUI-Executive Board; Athletic Awards; Idaho Agricultural bulletin; Intercollegiate Knights
June 4th, 1940 Jordan, Dal; Jones, Archie N.; Dakin, Ed; Johnston, Bill; Morton, Bill; Racine, Louis; State seal; Swastika flies second time; Baseball
September 27th, 1940 ASUI-Audit report; Grades and Honors; Growth of the University of Idaho; Intramural sports; Football; Flying course (C.A.A.); Harrison, Dale; Forestry - Summer camp; Idaho club
October 1st, 1940 ASUI-Budget; Blue Bucket; Moscow's National Guard; Barbecues; Football; University of Idaho - Staff; Football
October 4th, 1940 Music scholarship winner; McCarthy, Leslie; Culp, Clyde; Department of Agronomy - Wheat cross; Helen, Maynard
October 8th, 1940 Enrollment; Intramural sports; Pacific International Livestock Expo.; Ellis, William Jr.; Lee, Flavia; Football
October 11th, 1940 Jones, Frank; Maguire, Ann; Scholarship lists
October 15th, 1940 Foreign students; Pacific International Livestock Expo.; Sigma Chi sweetheart; Football
October 18th, 1940 Intramural sports; Draft registration
October 22nd, 1940 Enrollment; Intramural sports; Homecoming Committee Chairman; Acuff, Earl
October 25th, 1940 Sigma Chi sweetheart
October 29th, 1940 Football
November 1st, 1940 Intramural sports; Football
November 5th, 1940 Homecoming; Intramural sports; Football
November 8th, 1940 Intramural sports; University majorettes
November 12th, 1940 Dad's day; Football; Intramural sports; Crane, Irene; Armistice day
November 15th, 1940 Leeright, Robert; Ryan, Paul
November 19th, 1940 Football; Intramural sports; Dad's day; Draftee departures; Football
November 22nd, 1940 Intramural sports; Track; Cramer, Harold C.; Dyrgall, Victor; Football
November 26th, 1940 Greene, Leon G.; Intramural sports; Track; Harrison, Dale; Andrson, Merlyn
November 29th, 1940 Intramural sports; Holly Queen
December 3rd, 1940 Intramural sports; Basketball; Lawrenson, Raymond
December 6th, 1940 Intramural sports
December 10th, 1940 Intramural sports
December 13th, 1940 Absentee rulings; Music soloists; Intramural sports; Hilton, Otis; Andrson, Merlyn; Kara, Ted; Harris, Ronald; Lynk, Kenny; Hopkins, Irvin Lee; Hopkins, Vonley; Steele, George; Turner, Ray
December 17th, 1940 Holly Week; Holly Week; Delta Tau Delta
December 20th, 1940 Dale, Harrison C.; University of Idaho - Needs