Argonaut 1945

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1945 All girl singing orchestra; Gossett, Charles C.; Brown, J.A. (Bebe); Basketball; University of Idaho - Expansion; Basketball; Veterans
January 11th, 1945 Student union building; ASUI-activity awards; Intramural sports; Library; Yell team; Banks, Col. Ted; Selective service act; Taylor, John; Basketball
January 18th, 1945 Papa id All; Debate; Intramural sports; School of Education; Overholser, Jeff; Basketball; Veterans; Veterans; WAA Volleyball
January 25th, 1945 All girl singing orchestra; Finances, University-editorial; Library course; All girl singing orchestra; Smith, Bob; Spring registration; Basketball
February 1st, 1945 All girl singing orchestra; Intramural sports; Nurse training program; Watson, Fred; Schiferl, Charles; Associated Women Students; Spring registration; Selective service act; Basketball
February 15th, 1945 University of Idaho - Research found; Basketball; Veterans
February 22nd, 1945 Upham, A.H. (Alfred); Basketball
March 1st, 1945 ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball
March 8th, 1945 All girl singing orchestra; Associated Women Students; ASUI-Executive Board; Track; Basketball
March 15th, 1945 Student union building; Debate; Associated Women Students; University of Idaho - Research found
March 22nd, 1945 Art building; Baseball; Cardinal Key; Merrill, Gerry
March 29th, 1945 Summer school; Library - holdings; Dale, Harrison C.
April 5th, 1945 Intramural sports; National Association for Infantile Paralysis; Student - Faculty relations; Track; University of Idaho - Research found; Track; Baseball; Walker, Eleanor
April 12nd, 1945
April 19th, 1945 Baseball; Football; Freshman week; Phi Beta Kappa; Pacific Forensic conference; Track; Baseball
April 26th, 1945 Fresh Fields'; Baseball; Martin, Boyd A.; Pedaling professors; University of Idaho - Construction
May 3rd, 1945 Gifts to University of Idaho; Navy ROTC; Track
May 10th, 1945 Baseball; College of Law; Commencement; May fete; Dairy Science building; Track; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Expansion; Tennis; V-E day
May 17th, 1945 ASUI; Faculty club; Howard, Pendleton; May queen; Summer school; Track; Baseball; Veterans
May 24th, 1945 Commencement; Erickson, Ruth; Weltzin, J.F.; Krussman, Marian; Thompson, Jean; Golf; Summer school; Track; United Nations conference; Baseball
May 30th, 1945 Baccalaureate exercises; Commencement; Baseball; Tennis; Wells, Richard H.
September 19th, 1945 Enrollment; Faculty club; Brockelbank, William J.; Navy ROTC; Football; School of Mines; University of Idaho - Construction; Veterans
September 27th, 1945 ASUI-Executive Board; Football; Track; Veterans
October 4th, 1945 ASUI-Elections; Prichard, Theodore J.; University of Idaho - Research personnel; Football; Veterans
October 11th, 1945 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Faculty club; Beulah Garrard Dale Scholarship cup; Track; Football
October 18th, 1945 ASUI-Elections; Iddings, E.J.; Wicks, Guy; Martin, Boyd A.; Stough, Howard B.; Department of Geology; Neale Stadium; Vandal boosters; Football
October 25th, 1945 Dale, Harrison C.; Ringgenberg, Clayton; Football
November 1st, 1945 'Night of January 16th'; Gift to Electrical Engineering department; KUOI; Mortar Board; Barnes, Merril; Track; Veterans' housing
November 8th, 1945 Basketball; Benward, Bruce; Football; Winter Sports
November 15th, 1945 Mix, Gale; 'Night of January 16th'; Law Library; Basketball; Track - Cross country
November 21st, 1945 Elder, Carolyn M.; Track - Cross country; Football
November 29th, 1945 Anderson, Jack; Ski ground development; Track - Cross country; World Student Service Fund
December 6th, 1945 Agricultural Research; Basketball; Steffens, Walter; Navy ROTC
December 13th, 1945 Debate - Forensic Triangular meet; Institute of Pacific Relations; Library displays; Cardinal Key; Ski ground development; Spring registration; Basketball