Argonaut 1946

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1946 Student union building; Basketball; Jeffers, D.S.; Thomas, Walter; Literary magazine; Veterans' housing; White, Ronald; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges
January 10th, 1946 Alumni Association; Viro, Frank; Ryan, Robert; Ski lodge; Basketball
January 17th, 1946 All girl singing orchestra; College of Law; Debate - Inland Empire Junior College Debate tournament; Williams, Arnold; Kear, George; Veterans' housing; Quinn, Fred; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Basketball
January 24th, 1946 Student union building; Cady, L.C.; Ryan, Ben; Veterans' housing
January 31st, 1946 School of Education; Library limitations - editorial; Pyne, Len; Basketball
February 7th, 1946 Student union building; Claus, Carl; Library collection; Cardinal Key; Carbaugh, Bill; R.O.T.C. courses; Football; Basketball; Veterans' housing
February 14th, 1946 Library - Staff; Basketball; Brown, Darwin; Phoenix, Jack; Track; Sedore, Robert N.; Swimming; Textbook shortage
February 21st, 1946 Student union building; Schultz, Wally; Swimming; Spring registration; Vandal; Basketball
February 28th, 1946 ASUI; Basketball; Summer school; Hagan, Pat; Senior week; University Research Council - Progress report; Basketball; Veterans' housing; Martin, Boyd A.
March 7th, 1946 All girl singing orchestra; Basketball; Dames Club; Gift to Electrical Engineering department; Veterans' housing; Baseball; Basketball
March 14th, 1946 Silver and Gold Waltz' - Idaho song; All girl singing orchestra; Basketball
March 21st, 1946 Brown, J.A. (Bebe); Vandal; Track
March 28th, 1946 Junior week; Pacific Northwest Psychology guidance Association; Vandal; 'Gentlemen of Notes'; University of Idaho - Construction; Baseball
April 1st, 1946 The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue
April 4th, 1946 ASUI; ASUI-Executive Board; Home Education workshop; Track; Rifle Club; Swindler, William F.; Baseball; Veterans' housing
April 11th, 1946 Attempt to move university; Pacific Northwest College Congress; University purchases planes; Football; Baseball
April 17th, 1946 ASUI-Elections; Community concert series; Wicks, Guy; Phi Beta Kappa; Fredekind, Norman; Wentworth, Irvin; Baseball; Veterans' housing
April 23rd, 1946 Fredekind, Norman; Wentworth, Irvin; Ghormley, Robert; Baseball
April 25th, 1946 Pacific Forensic League; ASUI-Elections; Campus club; Baseball; Veterans; Veterans' housing
May 2nd, 1946 Department of Music; Idaho educational association convention; Law summer school; Little International; May fete; Kinnison, Franks; Little International; Track
May 9th, 1946 Idaho Institute of Christian Education Building plans; Stanton, Frank; College of Law; Axtell, Harold L.; Jeffers, D.S.; Graduate degrees; Greene, George; May fete; I' Club; Thompson, Jean; Veterans' housing; All girl singing orchestra; Sedore, Robert N.; University farm; Eldridge, J.G.; School of Education; Football; University of Idaho - Administration; Track; Baseball; Veterans
May 16th, 1946 Brief Candle'; Williams, Marilyn; May queen; Lattig, Max; Track; Basketball; Baseball
May 23rd, 1946 Alumni reunion; Home Arts building (Proposed); Weltzin, J.F.; R.O.T.C. for veterans; Summer school; University band; Track; Baseball
May 30th, 1946 ASUI-Executive Board; Commencement; Library displays; Hardin, Keith; Rich, Ida Mae; Sigma Xi; University faculty; Baseball
September 17th, 1946 Theophilus, Donald R.; Theophilus, Donald R.; Fall registration; Football; KUOI; Library; Out-Of-State tuition; Ryan, Mike; Pine Hall; Buchanan, Jesse E.; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; University of Idaho - Staff appointment
September 20th, 1946 Hiserman, Stanley J.; Belko, Steve; Micklick, Bill; Religions education
September 24th, 1946 Fall registration; Intramural sports; Football
September 27th, 1946 Zenkevitch, Len
October 1st, 1946 Fall registration; Homecoming; Cowin, Cleon C.; Vandal; Football
October 4th, 1946 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Football; University of Idaho - Expansion; Paason, Ralph; Barnes, Merril; University of Idaho - Expansion; Football
October 8th, 1946 University of Idaho - Research; Football
October 11th, 1946 Football; Christensen, John
October 15th, 1946 Sheep barn fire; Football
October 18th, 1946 Football; Eimers, Richard; Vandal; Football; Veterans' housing
October 22nd, 1946 BLOT; School of Forestry; Football
October 25th, 1946 ASUI-Financial report; Homecoming; Homecoming; Peabody College Commission reports on the University of Idaho; Football; Veterans
October 29th, 1946 Athletics, Dept of; Homecoming; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Football; Veterans
November 1st, 1946 ASUI-Elections; Chemistry, Department of; Iddings, E.J.; Dairy Science building
November 5th, 1946 Dad's day; Enrollment; Football; Intercollegiate Knights; Football
November 8th, 1946 Memorial gymnasium; Neiwirth, Carl
November 12th, 1946 KUOI; Football; Veterans
November 15th, 1946 ASUI-Elections; Ski lodge
November 19th, 1946 Barnes, Merril; Potter, Grant; Kivus, John; Hammond, Jim; Basketball; Football
November 22nd, 1946 Library Facilities Inadequate' Editorial; Academic Council; Agricultural Science building; 'I remember Mama'; Veterans; Football; R.O.T.C. courses; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Basketball; Who's Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges
November 26th, 1946 Debate; Football; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Basketball; Veterans
December 3rd, 1946 Brown, J.A. (Bebe); Educational field services, Department of Education; Football; Basketball
December 6th, 1946 Veterans; Track; University of Idaho - Research; University of Idaho - Research; Basketball
December 10th, 1946 Holly Week; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Basketball
December 13th, 1946 Pacific Coast conference; University of Idaho - Athletics; Basketball
December 17th, 1946 BLOT; Brockelbank, William J.; Law Library; 'Sing, Singleton, Sing'; Shepard, Geraldine; Quinn, Fred; University of Idaho - Administration; Vandaleers; Basketball