Argonaut 1947

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1947 'Sing, Singleton, Sing'; Phoenix, Jack; Rifle team; The Idaho Argonaut; Basketball
January 10th, 1947 Buchanan, Jesse E.; Basketball
January 14th, 1947 Bridge tournament; BLOT; Basketball
January 17th, 1947 Boxing; Ski lodge; University finances; Basketball
January 21st, 1947 Bridge tournament; Educational field services, Department of Education; Winter Sports; Number, Jack; Boxing; Basketball
January 24th, 1947 Football; Spring registration; Basketball
January 31st, 1947 Agricultural Science building; Registration - Procedure; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Expansion; Boxing
February 4th, 1947 Student union building; Alumni Association; BLOT; Veterans; Fall registration; Boxing; Basketball
February 7th, 1947 Student union building; Blue key; Bridge tournament; Spring registration; Boxing
February 11th, 1947 Basketball
February 14th, 1947 Pacific Northwest College Congress; Carlson, Herb; Senior week; University of Idaho - Athletics; Boxing; Basketball
February 18th, 1947 Idaho state college; Boxing; Veterans
February 21st, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Enrollment; KUOI; 'Sing, Singleton, Sing'; Blue key
February 25th, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Campus traffic laws and regulations; Basketball
February 28th, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Howell, Dixie; Library collection; 'Sing, Singleton, Sing'; Boxing
March 4th, 1947 Pacific Northwest College Congress; Swimming; Boxing; Basketball
March 7th, 1947 Gifts to University of Idaho; Boxing; Basketball
March 11th, 1947 Howell, Dixie; Rifle team; University of Idaho - Construction
March 14th, 1947 Anderson, Don
March 18th, 1947 Campbell, J.A.; Boxing
March 21st, 1947 Alumni Association; Pep Band
March 25th, 1947 Little International; Ski team; Boxing
March 28th, 1947 Baseball; Associated Women Students; Chapman, Donna; Price, Anne; Student union building
April 1st, 1947 Boxing; Erickson, Laune; Carlson, Herb; Lattig, Max; Football; The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue; Baseball
April 11th, 1947 A.A.A. driving course; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Track; University Symphony orchestra; Baseball
April 15th, 1947 Baseball
April 18th, 1947 Junior week; Summer school; Track; Baseball
April 22nd, 1947 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; ASUI-Elections; Junior week; Golf; Track
April 25th, 1947
April 29th, 1947 Track; Baseball
May 2nd, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Intercollegiate Knights; Little International; Track; University Day; Baseball
May 6th, 1947 Thompson, Jane; Business Administration, College of; Baseball; Veterans' village
May 9th, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Smith, Walt; Track
May 13th, 1947 Baseball; BLOT; Gifts to library; Gifts to University of Idaho; Golf; May fete; May queen; Golf team; Spurs; Tennis
May 16th, 1947 American Institute of Electronic Engineers; Commencement; Freshman week; Locke, Mabel E.; Summer school
May 20th, 1947 Athletic Awards; Football; Grade Averages; Thompson, Jane; Track; Baseball
May 27th, 1947 Commencement; Price, Anne; Cady, Ted; Robinson, Elizabeth; Campus life highlights; Campus life highlights; Student union building; Sigma Nu; Golf; Track; Baseball
May 28th, 1947
September 16th, 1947 Howell, Dixie; School of Education; Finley, Chuck; Fall registration; KUOI; Registration - Procedure; Buchanan, Jesse E.; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Reorganization; University of Idaho - Research; University of Idaho - Staff appointment
September 19th, 1947 Butler, Ken; BLOT; Finley, Chuck; Kirkland, Eric; Franks, Loretta; Girls Rifle club; Golf; Intramural sports; Football; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; WAA
September 23rd, 1947 Fall registration; Football; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Yell team
September 26th, 1947 ASUI-Financial report; Athletics, Dept of
September 30th, 1947 Golf; Student union building; Football
October 3rd, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Buchanan, T.S.; Homecoming; Library displays; Paason, Ralph; Spurs; Veterans
October 7th, 1947 Awards assembly; Homecoming; Winner, Lois; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Football
October 10th, 1947 Awards assembly
October 14th, 1947 Gifts to library; Football; Wildlife Research program
October 17th, 1947 Dad's day; Intercollegiate Knights; Football; KUOI; Out-of-state students; University faculty housing project; Beitz, Willard; Hammond, Jim
October 21st, 1947 Football; Heating plant; Football
October 24th, 1947 Golf club house; Football; Newcomers club; Pep Band; Wildlife Research program
October 28th, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Football; Pep Band
October 31st, 1947 Bear Brutus'; Debate, Women's Intramural; Barnes, Orville; University extension staff
November 4th, 1947 Football; Guass, Henry G.; Music scholarship winner; Football; Track
November 7th, 1947 ASUI-Elections; Football
November 11th, 1947 Department of Physical Education; Registration - geographic distribution; Football
November 14th, 1947 Intramural Swimming; Boxing
November 18th, 1947 Dames Club; Debate - vs. Oxford University; Boyer, William H.; Track; Football
November 21st, 1947 Pep Band; Boxing, Intramural; Phoenix, Jack; Track
November 25th, 1947 Boxing, Intramural; Basketball
December 2nd, 1947 ASUI-Executive Board; Law Library; Gagon, George; Basketball
December 5th, 1947 Debate; Basketball
December 9th, 1947 Nelson, Pat; Basketball
December 12th, 1947 ASUI-Executive Board; National Student's Association (NSA); Vandaleers; Williams, Billy; Women's rifle team
December 16th, 1947 Vandaleers; Brockelbank, William J.; Holly Week; Beattie, Arthur H.; Basketball