Argonaut 1948

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Date Subjects
January 6th, 1948 Dormitories; Sweet, M. Belle; Taufen, Cladyne; Basketball; Basketball
January 9th, 1948 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Veterans
January 13th, 1948 I' Club; 'Uncle Tom's cabin'; Veterans; Bridge tournament; Gifts to University of Idaho; Basketball
January 16th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Memorial gymnasium
January 20th, 1948 Debate; Zimmerman, Lee F.; Brevick, Harold; Chess club; Swimming; Boxing
January 23rd, 1948 Dormitories; Diehl, Ted
January 27th, 1948 Delta Chi; Basketball; Ferguson, Geneva; Football; Swimming; Basketball
February 3rd, 1948 Basketball; Laboratories; Spring registration; Kerr, T.S.; Rifle team; Swimming team; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Basketball
February 6th, 1948 Phoenix, Jack; Veterans
February 10th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Debate; Football team; Basketball; Kerr, T.S.; Memorial gymnasium; Farmer, Ralph; Ski team; Boxing; Basketball
February 13th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Spurs; Basketball
February 17th, 1948 Blue key; Bollinger, Anne; Boxing Plaque; Ski team; Swimming; Basketball; Boxing
February 20th, 1948 ASUI; Boxing Plaque; Enrollment; Intercollegiate Knights; Basketball
February 24th, 1948 Gifts to library; Department of Music; Swimming team; Teacher-course rating plan; Boxing; Basketball
February 27th, 1948 Theophilus, Donald R.; Basketball; Veterans' housing
March 2nd, 1948 Gifts to University of Idaho; Boxing
March 5th, 1948 Stimson, Edward S. (Dean); KUOI; Barton, J.W.; Geisler, Dick
March 9th, 1948 Alpha Phi Omega; Pacific Northwest College Congress; Basketball
March 12th, 1948 Titus, Darrell Earl; Boxing
March 16th, 1948 Gem of the Mountains; Lemon, Allan C.; Carlson, Herb
March 19th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Schwartz, Elwyn; Johnson, Thane; Boxing; Veterans' village
March 23rd, 1948 Janssen, Allen S.; Gordon, Beverly; Track; Boxing
April 1st, 1948 The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue
April 2nd, 1948 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Borah Outlawry of War Foundation; Associated Women Students; Junior week; Lattig, Max; Football; Baseball
April 6th, 1948 ASUI-Elections; Bookstore, Student; Borah Conference; Gifts to University of Idaho; Boxing; Tennis; Baseball
April 9th, 1948 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Athletic Awards; Scholarship rule changes
April 13th, 1948 State of the Union'; Borah Conference; Garber, Jan; Couper, Charlie; Teacher-course rating plan; Baseball
April 16th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Borah Conference; Vandaleers
April 20th, 1948 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Howell, Dixie; Little International; Golf; Baseball; Track
April 23rd, 1948 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Bookstore, Student; Little International
April 27th, 1948 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Howell, Dixie; Debate; Jeffers, D.S.; Sandmeyer, Ruth; Weeks, Dave; Taylor, John; Sigma Xi; Golf; Track; Tennis; Baseball
April 30th, 1948 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Weeks, Dave
May 4th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; May fete; Weigand, J.J.; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Baseball
May 7th, 1948 Armstrong, Richard (Dick); May queen; University of Idaho - Cancer research; Baseball
May 11th, 1948 Idaho Institute of Christian Education; May fete; I' Club; Spurs; Golf; Track
May 14th, 1948 Intramural sports; Phi Beta Kappa; Breier, Mary Jane; Football; Lambda Chi Alpha; Golf
May 18th, 1948 Agronomy building; Weltzin, J.F.; Grades and Honors; Jones, Mary; ASUI-Executive Board; Whitney, Maxine; Golf; Track; Baseball; Tennis
May 21st, 1948 Fencing club; Pacific Northwest College Congress; ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball
May 25th, 1948 BLOT; Commencement; Intramural track; Ingraham, Betty Jean; Sorensen, Bert; Horton, Joann; Campus life highlights; Senior week
September 17th, 1948 Dormitories; Campus traffic; Young, Frank; Fall registration; Gifts to University of Idaho; McFaul, Ed; Football; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Boxing
September 21st, 1948 Department of Veterinary Science; Scheldrup, Sverre; Fall registration; Killsgaard, Carl; Football
September 24th, 1948 Diehl, Jerry
September 28th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Athletic field house; Hatch, Jim; Yell team; Football
October 1st, 1948 KUOI; Paason, Ralph; Davis, Ray
October 5th, 1948 Theis, Sam; Football
October 8th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; ASUI-Executive Board; ASUI-Financial report; Grades and Honors; Homecoming; Potvin, Gregory; Heinrich, Marilyn; Ballew, George
October 12th, 1948 Homecoming; Football; Overgaard, Wilford; Football; Pacific International Livestock Exhibition
October 15th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Belko, Steve; Teacher-course rating plan; University of Idaho - Expansion
October 19th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Campus traffic; Church, Frederick C.; Football; Diehl, Ted
October 22nd, 1948 Dad's day; Enrollment; Football; Peabody College Commission reports on the University of Idaho; Trees, Tom
October 26th, 1948 Football; Christensen, John; Football
October 29th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Class officers; Debate; Mays, Bob
November 2nd, 1948 Brown, John; Debate; Football
November 5th, 1948 KUOI; Chadband, Jim
November 9th, 1948 Joachim, Herman D.; Football; University of Idaho - Staff appointment
November 12th, 1948 Track
November 16th, 1948 Student union building; Football
November 19th, 1948 ASUI-Executive Board; Burleigh, Thomas; Riley, Bud; Gem of the Mountains; Ski team
November 23rd, 1948 Boxing, Intramural; Football; Basketball
November 30th, 1948 Batts, Robert E.; Basketball
December 2nd, 1948 Family portrait'; Finley, Chuck; Holly Week; Gunnells, Gerry; WAA
December 7th, 1948 Hosch, Kermit; Hogan, Betty; Rey, George; Basketball
December 10th, 1948 Basketball; Out-of-state students; Basketball
December 14th, 1948 Vandaleers; Messerly, Lois; ASUI-Executive Board; Campus life highlights; Student union building; Football; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Expansion; Basketball