Argonaut 1949

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January 7th, 1949 Campus traffic laws and regulations; Gifts to College of Law; KUOI; Library; Library; University of Idaho - Research; University of Idaho - Research; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Basketball; Boxing
January 11th, 1949 University Symphony orchestra; Student union building; Basketball; University of Idaho - Research council; Boxing
January 14th, 1949 KUOI; Football
January 18th, 1949 Academic Council; Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Brimhall, Preston; Carlson, Herb; University of Idaho - Expansion; Skiing; Basketball; Veterans
January 21st, 1949 KUOI; Dahlstrom, Robert; Tanner, Shirley; Rigby, Tom; University of Idaho - Birthday anniversary
January 25th, 1949 Derr, Allen; Snider, Hervon L.; Basketball; Graham, Bonnie; Weitz, Margaret; Registration - Procedure; Ski team; Swimming; Boxing; Basketball
February 1st, 1949 Basketball; Gifts to University of Idaho; Library displays; Grove, Joe; Ski team; Konsgaard, Sverre; Registration - Procedure; Basketball
February 4th, 1949 Enrollment; Spring registration; Pritchett, Bob
February 8th, 1949 Football - Coaching staff; Gilbert, Nada; Scoring machine; Basketball
February 11th, 1949 Branch Experiment Stations; Curfman, R.A. (Babe); Athletic field house; Scabbard and blade; Boxing
February 15th, 1949 Konsgaard, Sverre; Stallworth, Nick; University of Idaho - Research foundation; Basketball; Boxing
February 18th, 1949 Debate - Intercollegiate Forensic League; Geisler, Dick; Student activities board
February 22nd, 1949 I' Club; Bridge tournament; College of Law; School of Law; Summer school; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Boxing; Basketball
February 25th, 1949 Gifts to University of Idaho; Brimhall, Preston; Carlson, Herb; Student activities board; Basketball
March 1st, 1949 Associated Women Students; Debate - Intercollegiate Forensic League; Finley, Chuck; Basketball; Library displays; Boxing
March 4th, 1949 Time of your Life'; Honorary degrees; Basketball
March 8th, 1949 Basketball, History of Idaho; Associated Women Students; Folz, William E.; Diehl, Ted; Student union building; Swimming team; Boxing
March 11th, 1949 KUOI
March 15th, 1949 Basketball; Slavin, Gayle; Bahr, Vernon; Swimming team; ASUI-Executive Board; Teacher-course rating plan; Boxing
March 18th, 1949 Fitzgerald, Rosemary; Phi Beta Kappa; ASUI-Executive Board
March 22nd, 1949 Gifts to University of Idaho; Ellis, Donald; Ski team; Silver lance; Sigma Tau; Boxing
March 25th, 1949 Borah Outlawry of War Foundation
March 29th, 1949 Hamon, Clarke; Boxing
April 1st, 1949 The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue
April 2nd, 1949 The Idaho Argonaut; The Idaho Argonaut; Golf club house; University of Idaho - History; Hazelbaker, Wayne; The Idaho Argonaut anniversary; University of Idaho - Expansion
April 5th, 1949 Basketball; Boxing; Bressler, Beverly
April 8th, 1949 Borah Conference; Football; Basketball
April 12th, 1949 Boxing; Borah Conference; Ski team; Glaves, Max; Walker, Len; Baseball
April 19th, 1949 ASUI-Elections; Boxing; Godwin, William D.; Track; Baseball
April 22nd, 1949 Intercollegiate Knights; Smith, E. Wayne; Tennis; Alley, Ralph M.
April 26th, 1949 Chicken Every Sunday'; Carlson, Herb; Moulton, Robert; Tennis
April 29th, 1949 Agriculture experiment station; ASUI-Elections; Department of Geology; Idaho cooperative wildlife research; Little International; Moulton, Robert; Sigma Chi; Hell Divers; ASUI-Executive Board; Tennis; Baseball
May 3rd, 1949 Fencing; Little International; Mortar Board; Christian, Glenn; Track; ASUI-Executive Board; Tennis
May 6th, 1949 Tovey, Mary Sue; Student - Moscow businessmen relations; ASUI-Executive Board; White, Ronald
May 10th, 1949 May fete; Track; Vandaleers; Baseball
May 13th, 1949 Football; University Day
May 17th, 1949 Football; Packenham, Polly; Track; Baseball
May 20th, 1949 Alumni reunion; Library; Pacific Student Presidents Association; School of Forestry; Baseball
May 24th, 1949 Class of 1949; Commencement; Commencement speakers; Pier, Jane; Garber, Jan; Weeks, Dave; Campus life highlights; University of Idaho - Staff; Track; University of Idaho - Expansion; University of Idaho - Research; Baseball
September 16th, 1949 Dormitories; Department of Physical Education; University of Idaho - Regulations; Orientation of freshmen; Pettijohn, William; Potvin, Gregory; Registration - Procedure; Basketball; Boxing; Scholarships and grants; Scholarships and grants; Southern Idaho special; Gibbs, Raphael (Rafe); University of Idaho - Expansion; Football
September 20th, 1949 Alley, Ralph M.; University committees; Blue key; BLOT; Davis, Clifford L.; Hungerford, Kenneth E.; Forney, Keith S.; Huber, Louis H.; Engle, Bernard F.; Botsford, James F.; Claus, Carl; Wiggins, Grant E.; Shea, Robert E.; Skiles, David O.; Tenney, William H,; Fraternities and sorority rush; Gifts to University of Idaho; Homecoming; Dormitories; Origination of 'Vandals'; Registration - Procedure; Scholarships; University band; Football; Alley, Ralph M.; Wilson, Calvin L.; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
September 23rd, 1949 University of Idaho - Research; Bollinger, Anne; Canterbury House; Canterbury House; Marshall, Charles E.; Fraternities and sorority rush; Homecoming; Pep Band; Bollinger, Anne; Registration - Procedure; Scholarships and grants; R.O.T.C. - All services; Football; Women's 'I' club
September 27th, 1949 Alumni; Arnold Air Society; Bollinger, Anne; Homecoming; National Student's Association (NSA); Organization of Gymnastics; Shireman, Al; Radio division, Humanities department; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Football
September 30th, 1949 Agriculture experiment station; Alumni; Attic club; BLOT; Faculty women's club; Homecoming; Grades; Nickle Hop; Organization of Gymnastics; Yell team; Scholarships; Vandal flying club; Vandaleers
October 4th, 1949 Activities point system (Sponsored by AWS Mortar Board); Chapman, Donna; Howell, Dixie; Curriculum; Homecoming; International relations club; KUOI - Program schedule; Pershing rifles; Killsgaard, Carl; Jayne, Ben; Scholarships and grants; University of Idaho - Expansion; Football
October 7th, 1949 Dairy Judging team; Debate team; Enrollment; Holm, Glen E.; Homecoming; Kayser, Edna Janes; Pep Band; Slavin, Gayle; Collins, Bonese; Healander, Beatrice; Biker, Betty Anne; Heinrich, Marilyn; Larch, Lois; Colquitt, Ray; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Gem of the Mountains
October 11th, 1949 Alumni; Alpha Phi Omega; Dairy Judging team; Department of Home Economics; Football - Freshman; Homecoming - Schedule of events; Homecoming; Johnson, William F.; Enrollment; Homecoming; Peterson, Avery F.; Healander, Beatrice; Tovey, Morgan; Trees, Tom; Scholarships; Scholarships; Vandal flying club
October 14th, 1949 Activities point system (Sponsored by AWS Mortar Board); Mix, Gale; Howell, Dixie; Howell, Dixie; Delta, Gamma; Hagen, Cecil; Homecoming; Homecoming; Football; Hogue, W.O.; Homecoming; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Intercollegiate Knights; Intramural Program; Johnson, William F.; Mortar Board; Healander, Beatrice; University of Idaho - Expansion; Homecoming; Spurs; Swayne, Sam and Zoa; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Football
October 18th, 1949 Activities placement cards; School of Education; Agriculture engineering; Air Force ROTC; Bench and Bar; Gifts to University of Idaho; Homecoming; Ballew, George; Football
October 21st, 1949 Orchesis; Dormitories; Fencing; Foreign students; Women's recreational Association (WRA); International relations club; Grade Averages; National Student's Association (NSA); Pep Band; Herrington, Max; Scholarship Awards assembly
October 25th, 1949 Air Force ROTC; Campus chest; Elder, Carolyn M.; Elder, Dean M.; Football - Freshman; Scholarships; Girls Rifle club; Independent caucus; International relations club; KUOI; Grade Averages; Pep Band; University of Idaho - Research; School of Education; Football
October 28th, 1949 American Society of Agricultural Engineering; Dad's day; Dimick, Dean; Golf; Interfraternity council; International relations club; Navy ROTC; Beguhl, Marvin; School of Education; Sigma Tau; Student directory
November 1st, 1949 Campus chest; Dad's day; Debate, Women's Intramural; Fencing; Football - Freshman; Scholarships; Girls Rifle club; International relations club; Library displays; Pep Band; Dairy Judging team; Class officers; Student - Faculty ratio; Football
November 4th, 1949 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Remsberg, John D.; Campus chest; Dad's day; Dad's day; Everly, R.E.; Smith, Richard J.; Women's recreational Association (WRA); Football; Nordby, Julius; Shaw, A.O.; Football; Taylor, Leon B.; Toevs, John L.; Turnbow, Grover D.; Vandal Ski club
November 8th, 1949 Campus chest; Christensen, Wendell; Dad's day; Fencing; Football - Freshman; Interfraternity council; Diehl, Ted; Sigma Delta Chi; Tau Mem Alpha; The Bucket; Football
November 11th, 1949 Ag Bawl; ASUI-Social function restrictions; Campus chest; Class officers; Football - Freshman; Scholarships; Gem of the Mountains; Interfraternity council; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Football; University of Idaho - Research
November 15th, 1949 Ag Bawl; ASUI-Financial report; Blue key; Alpha Phi Omega; Debate team; Forester's club; Hockey; Interfraternity council; International relations club; KUOI; KUOI; Williams, Maurine; Scholarships and grants; Football
November 18th, 1949 Student union building; Attic club; Campus chest; Class of 1950; Debate, Women's Intramural; Department of Home Economics; Enrollment; Gifts to University of Idaho; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Ag Bawl; Rifle Club; Basketball; School of Mines; Football; Tucker, Dudley G.; University of Idaho - Expansion
November 22nd, 1949 Athletic Awards; Ballew, George; Diehl, Jerry; Diehl, Ted; Lockery, Glen R.; Gifts to University of Idaho; Hays, James B.; Holly Week; Inter-Church council; Xi Sigma Pi; Barnes, Orville; Hammond, Jim; Hatch, Jim; Diehl, Jerry; Overgaard, Will; Killsgaard, Carl; Trees, Tom; Vandal riders; Student directory; Travel service; University of Idaho - Research; Vandaleers; Football
November 29th, 1949 Debate team; Debate, Men's Intramural; Gifts to University of Idaho; Holly Week; Killsgaard, Carl; Killsgaard, Carl; KUOI; National Student's Association (NSA); McCormick, Ken; Sigma Delta Chi; Student directory; University of Idaho - Expansion; Basketball; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
December 2nd, 1949 Attic club; Girls Rifle club; Holly Week; Killsgaard, Carl; Navy ROTC - Eagle and Anchor Society; Pan-Hellenic council; Barker, Ken; Jenkins, Sam; Stallworth, Nick; Student directory; Travel service; Basketball; Wheeler, Bob
December 6th, 1949 Attic club; Bridge tournament; City of Moscow - weather; Basketball; Holly Week; Killsgaard, Carl; Football - East-West game; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Basketball; Vandal Ski club; Vandaleers; Basketball; Wheeler, Bob
December 9th, 1949 Air Force ROTC; Bench and Bar; Colquitt, Ray; Orchesis; Goodwin, William D.; Goodwin, William D.; Scholarships; Holly Week; Library displays; Sargert, Christy; Scholarships; Rifle Club; Seniors - final examination; Basketball
December 13th, 1949 BLOT; Buildings and grounds; Janssen, Allen S.; French Club; Holly Week; International relations club; KUOI - Program schedule; Powell, Eleanor; Irons, Ray; Religions emphasis week; Sigma Delta Chi; Skjersoa, Norman H.; Spurs; Gem of the Mountains; The Bucket; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Vandaleers; Basketball
December 16th, 1949 Alpha Zeta; Orchesis; Debate, Men's Intramural; Intramural volleyball; Boxing; KUOI - Program schedule; Library; National Student's Association (NSA); Rifle Club; Sigma Delta Chi; Southern Idaho special; Travel service; Vandaleers; Basketball
December 20th, 1949 Fourt, John D.; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; KUOI; Lindley hall; Phi Mu Alpha; Administration building (1907-; Sigma Alpha Iota; Photos of campus life; Vandal flying club; Vandaleers; Basketball; Boxing