Argonaut 1953

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Date Subjects
January 9th, 1953 Winner, H.A.; Department of Music; European summer tours (for course credit); Flynn, Tom; Gifts to University of Idaho; Jewett Memorial organ; Vorous, Shirley; Steel house; Basketball
January 13th, 1953 Blewett, Aaron E.; Gifts to University of Idaho; Gifts to University of Idaho; Basketball
January 16th, 1953 ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Gail, Floyd W.; KUOI; MacIntosh, Bruce; Morrison, Dwight
January 20th, 1953 ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Basketball
January 23rd, 1953 ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Ellis, Donald
February 6th, 1953 ASUI-Executive Board; Greever, William S.; KUOI; Basketball
February 10th, 1953 ASUI-Executive Board; Jeffers, D.S.; Gifts to University of Idaho; Ski team; Swimming; Boxing; Basketball
February 13th, 1953 Religions emphasis week; Blue key; Glasscock, Mary; Swimming team; Boxing
February 16th, 1953 Falash, Robert 'Bob'; Steel house; Swimming team; Coe, Charles Norton; Buchanan, Jesse E.; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Boxing
February 20th, 1953 ASUI-Executive Board; Bridge tournament; Basketball; Library; Nicholas, Lynn (Sam); Religions emphasis week; Track; Basketball
February 24th, 1953 Bridge tournament; Barr, W.F.; Library - holdings; Swimming; Boxing
February 27th, 1953 Grades and Honors; Mather, Bill; Kruger, Hartley; Price, Jim; MacIntosh, Bruce; Sather, Jim; Totten, C.W.; Basketball
March 3rd, 1953 Business Administration, College of; College of Mines; Basketball; Korean veterans; Kruger, Hartley; Library collection; MacIntosh, Bruce; School of Forestry; Basketball; University of Idaho - Schools and colleges; Swimming; Basketball
March 6th, 1953 Death of a Salesman; Selective service qualification tests; Boxing
March 10th, 1953 Death of a Salesman; Claus, Carl; Korean veterans; Ski team; Swimming team; Boxing
March 13th, 1953 Cutler, Newton; Boxing
March 17th, 1953 Kara, Ted; Ski team; Basketball; Boxing
March 20th, 1953 Nikcevich, John; Track; Rifle team
March 24th, 1953 Norby, Sharon; Knodle, Jack; Johnsen, Rey; Track; Women's rifle team; Swimming; Boxing
March 27th, 1953 Debate; Associated Women Students; Industrial Arts - Building; Bales, Nathelle; Boxing
March 31st, 1953 Baseball; European summer tours (for course credit); Gymnastics - meets; Rifle team; Nicholas, Lynn (Sam); Swimming team; Boxing
April 10th, 1953 May Day, Moscow, U.S.A.'; ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Hobdey, Lorna; Gymnastic team; Boxing; Baseball
April 14th, 1953 Baseball; Golf team; Phi Beta Kappa; Boxing
April 17th, 1953 Little International; Clark, Emerson; Football; Track; Baseball
April 21st, 1953 ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Executive Board; Intercollegiate Knights; Townsend, Ralph; Parsons, Bill; School of Forestry; Golf; Track; Baseball
April 24th, 1953 ASUI-Elections; Parsons, Bill; Dixon, Gary
April 28th, 1953 ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Jeffers, D.S.; Baseball; Library - Microfilm; Little International; Sweeney, Bruce; Golf; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Track; Tennis
May 1st, 1953 May Day, Moscow, U.S.A.'; ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Baseball; The Idaho Argonaut - Daily Smirker; Dormitories; Blood drive; Duffy, Pat; White, Dixie; Vandal riders
May 5th, 1953 May Day, Moscow, U.S.A.'; Blood drive; ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Grade Averages; May Day float winners; 'Singing Sigs'; Hurdstrom, Karen (Karin); Ogle, Jerry; Vandal riders; University of Idaho - Research; Track; Baseball
May 8th, 1953 ASUI-Executive Board; ESTES vs. Shoup Case; May fete; Dyrgall, Vic; Gourley, Louis; Song fest; Steel house; Baseball
May 12th, 1953 May fete; May queen; Steel house; Golf; Track; Baseball; Warren, Dick
May 15th, 1953 May Day, Moscow, U.S.A.'; Dormitories; ASUI-Executive Board; Gymnastic team; Golf
May 19th, 1953 Buchanan, T.S.; Co-operatives; Gasser, Vern; Gifts to library; Radio - Television course; Vandal riders; Summer school; Summer school; Track; Baseball
May 22nd, 1953 Co-operatives; Chaves, Edmund; Korean veterans; Air Force ROTC - Drill Team; Haines, Bob; University madrigal singers
May 26th, 1953 Foster, Carol H.; Summer school; Golf team; Honorary degrees; Vandal riders rodeo team; Journalist honors; Hays, James B.; Shoults, David R.; Gipson, Lawrence H.; Track; University museum; Baseball; Tennis
May 29th, 1953 Alumni day; Athletic Awards; Baseball; Class of 1953; Commencement; Co-operatives; Gail, Floyd W.; Jeffers, D.S.; Track; Phi Mu Alpha; Janssen, Sheila; Intramural sports; Track
September 18th, 1953 May Day, Moscow, U.S.A.'; Akkerman, Evelyn; Costly, James; Debate - vs. Oxford University; Enrollment; Scholarships; Jewett Memorial organ; Nelson, Marigay; Lattig, H.E.; Registration - deposit fees; Registration - late fee penalty; Steel house
September 22nd, 1953 Thomas, Thomas C.; Chaves, Edmund; Moore, James A.; Schwartz, Elwyn; Dhillon,Rajinder Singh; Gifts to University of Idaho; Grades and Honors; Library; Kleffner, Philip 'Flip'; Selective service act; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Football
September 25th, 1953 ASUI-Executive Board; Campus, views of; Veterans; Blotner, Joseph L.; Library; Vandaleers
September 29th, 1953 Agriculture experiment station; Caudill, Neil; Martin, James W.; Hess, Burdett Evan; Kara, Ted; University of Idaho - Staff appointment; Football
October 2nd, 1953 Air Force ROTC; Hobdey, Lorna; Westerburg, Betty Ruth; Football
October 6th, 1953 Air Force ROTC; ESTES vs. Shoup Case; Cole, Jan; Lyle, Nancy; Oberg, Susie; Foreign students; Football
October 9th, 1953 Agriculture experiment station; ASUI-Executive Board; Biology, Department of; Vandal riders
October 13th, 1953 Gormsen, Peter T.; Radio - Television guild; Football
October 16th, 1953 ASUI-Budget; Duffy, Pat; Curfman, R.A. (Babe); Homecoming
October 20th, 1953 Awards assembly; Homecoming; KUOI; Football
October 23rd, 1953 Debate - vs. Oxford University; Homecoming; Kleffner, Philip 'Flip'
October 27th, 1953 Blood drive; College of Law; Homecoming; Football
October 30th, 1953 ASUI-Executive Board; Jewett Memorial organ; Blood drive
November 3rd, 1953 ASUI-Elections; Intramural Swimming
November 6th, 1953 ASUI-Elections; 'Adding machine'-ASUI play; Intramural sports
November 10th, 1953 ASUI-Student survey; Jeffers, D.S.; Football; Kleffner, Philip 'Flip'; National Student's Association (NSA); Reynolds, Clayton; Registration - geographic distribution; Swimming team
November 13th, 1953 ASUI-Constitution; Dad's day; Golf; Kroush, Dixie; Dad's day; Intramural Swimming; Boxing
November 17th, 1953 Dad's day; Kirkwood, Mary; Men's rifle team; National Student's Association (NSA); Golf team; Idaho engineer; Football
November 20th, 1953 Debate, Intramural; Gormsen, Peter T.; Track
November 24th, 1953 European summer tours (for course credit); National Student's Association (NSA); Burch, Donna Mae; Football
December 1st, 1953 Air Force ROTC; ASUI-Voting regulation change; Frykman, Marian; Gifts to University of Idaho; Korean veterans; KUOI; Lattig, H.E.; National Student's Association (NSA); Lattig, H.E.
December 4th, 1953 Marriage of Figaro'; Debate -Tri-State debate tournament; Frykman, Marian; Lattig, H.E.; Basketball
December 8th, 1953 Marriage of Figaro'; Vandaleers; Debate -Tri-State debate tournament; Gifts to University of Idaho; Holly Week; Reeves, Reginald R.; Ski team; Boxing; Basketball
December 11th, 1953 Thomas, T.C.; Student recruitment; Basketball
December 15th, 1953 Campus traffic laws and regulations; Thomas, T.C.; Howard, William M.; Swimming; Pacific Coast conference; Campbell, Janet; Basketball