Argonaut 1961

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Date Subjects
January 6th, 1961 Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Department of Physical Education; Department of Physical Science; Kim, Dr. J.S.; Basketball; Model United Nations; Intercollegiate Knights; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Swimming team; Track
January 10th, 1961 Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Library; Pounds, Norman; Navy ROTC; Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Basketball; Alpha Lambda Delta; Basketball; Hunter, William; Bowling; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Building program; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Navy ROTC - Ball; Kelly, William; Scholarships; Ski team; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Swimming team; Track; University of Idaho - Research
January 13th, 1961 Henry IV', Part I; Basketball; Bellinger, Dr. Gladys I.; Bowling; Inland Empire Rifle conference (ROTC); Junior-Senior ball (Prom); Track; R.O.T.C. drill team; Kelly, William; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Swimming team; Track; University singers; Theta Sigma Phi; Zentner, Si
January 17th, 1961 Cooley, James H.; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Fellowships (N.D.E.A.); Basketball; School of Engineering; Interfraternity council; Alpha Chi Omega; Northwest Scientific Association; Track; Renfrew, Malcolm; Scabbard and blade; Scholarships; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Swimming team; University concert band; University singers
January 20th, 1961 ASUI-Committee; Blood drive; Faucher, Dennis; Swimming; Basketball; Bowling; Robert Shaw Chorale; Kappa Alpha Theta; 'Operation Abolition'; Swimming team; The 4-H club
January 24th, 1961 Henry IV', Part I; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Woodbury, George W.; Brockelbank, William J.; Basketball; Military Ball; Robert Shaw Chorale; Mead, Margaret; Swimming team; Vandal flying club
February 7th, 1961 Hall, Sid; Baseball; Borah Foundation; Chemistry -research; Dames Club; Enrollment; Forester's ball; Basketball; Gifts to library; Bowling; KUOI - Staff; Army ROTC; Ski team; Swimming team; The Idaho Argonaut; Track; Basketball
February 10th, 1961 Roberts, George H.; ASUI-Elections; Bowling; Department of English; Enrollment; Fourt, D.L.; Moore, Edward C.; Morris, Tom; Basketball; Football; Model United Nations; Forester's ball; Swimming team; Ski team; Track
February 14th, 1961 Associated Women Students; Baseball; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Forester's ball; Basketball; Interfraternity council; Physical Science building; Swimming team; Basketball
February 17th, 1961 United party; Campus Union party; Citizenship Clearing House; Gifts to library; Skiing; Library book theft; Bench and Bar; Cosmopolitan Club; Prices - SRA survey of Business prices; Student representative assembly; Swimming team; Basketball
February 21st, 1961 United party; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Educational Improvement Committee, A.S.U.I.; Swimming; Basketball; Brown, Dr. Horace H.; Nourie, Joseph; Bowling; Military Ball; Campus Union party; Campus Union party; Swimming team; Track; Basketball
February 24th, 1961 Kendrick, David; ASUI-Elections; Baseball; Pounds, Norman; Citizenship Clearing House; Debate - All Idaho speech tournament; Basketball; Gifts to University of Idaho; High school advisory committee; Baxter, Iain; Idaho state college; Navy ROTC - Rifle team; Sigma Chi sweetheart; Vandal riders; Rogues Gallery (dance); Scholarships; Ski team; Swimming team; Faculty evaluation by students; Track
February 28th, 1961 Henry IV', Part I; Debate - All Idaho speech tournament; Foreign students; Swimming; Basketball; Idaho state college; United party; Rogues Gallery (dance); Ski team; Nagy, Bela B.; Mead, Margaret; Sigma Alpha Iota; Swimming team; Basketball; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
March 3rd, 1961 James, Dale; Track; Hell Divers - Tapping; Idaho state college; University Symphony orchestra; Sigma Chi sweetheart; ASUI-Elections; Weiskoff, Don; Vandalettes; Basketball
March 7th, 1961 Henry IV', Part I; Basketball; James, Dale; Maren, Ken; Blue Key -Talent show; Dance - Northwest District Dance Symposium; Track; Religion in Life conference; Basketball; Skiing; Basketball; Air Force ROTC; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Elections; Mead, Margaret; Potthoff, Harvey H.; Sigma Tau; Swimming team; Andren, Dr. Nils
March 9th, 1961 United party; Okeson, Jim; Mullen, Jim; Hossner, Larry; Kelly, Pete; Pratt, Judy; Decker, Fred; Mix, Terry; Thompson, Chuck; Young, Bob; Stiles, Dick; Williams, Rollie; Dance - Northwest District Dance Symposium; Religion in Life conference; Basketball; ASUI-Executive Board; Military Ball; ASUI-Elections; Campus Union party; Nelson, Sally Jo
March 14th, 1961 Attic club; Henry IV', Part I; Blue Key -Talent show; Dance - Northwest District Dance Symposium; Debate - Linfield College Annual meet; Associated Women Students; Religion in Life conference; Freshman week; Bowling; Skiing; Military Ball queen; Sigma Gamma Epsilon; Lambda Chi Alpha; Track; Basketball
March 17th, 1961 Rifle match; Henry IV', Part I; Mix, Gale; Blue Key -Talent show; Business Administration, College of; Kinch, Myra; Debate - National discussion tape; Associated Women Students; Farnsworth, Gary; Religion in Life conference; Freshman week; Gifts to library; Annual journalism conference; Kenworthy, Gary; Freshman week; Lambda Chi Alpha - Crescent girl; Vandal flying club; Baseball; Mead, Margaret; Bowers, Dr. Alfred; Golf; Track
March 21st, 1961 Dick, Kenneth A.; Blue Key -Talent show; Pounds, Norman; Kinch, Myra; Debate - National discussion tape; Associated Women Students; Steffens, Walter; Scholarships; Annual journalism conference; Idaho Academy of Science; Freshman week; Phi Delta Kappa; Lambda Chi Alpha - Crescent girl; Freshman week; Golf; University Symphonic band; Baseball; Track; Young Republican's club
March 24th, 1961 Pounds, Norman; Golf; Associated Women Students; Annual journalism conference; Kinch, Myra; Military band; Blue Key -Talent show; Lapp, Dr. Ralph E.; Baseball; Track; Young Democrats club
March 28th, 1961 Basketball; Pounds, Norman; Golf; Annual journalism conference; Song fest; Blue Key -Talent show; Miss University of Idaho contest; R.O.T.C. - Curriculum change; Bowling; Ski team; Gamma Phi Beta; Swimming; Baseball
March 31st, 1961 Campus chest; Martin, Boyd A.; Track; Track; Pacific Northwest Council on Family Relations; Television - campus closed circuit network; Baseball
April 1st, 1961 The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue
April 4th, 1961 Public Relations Department; Campus chest; Delta, Gamma; Track; Track; Smylie, Robert E.; Idaho bed-pushing team; Junior-Senior ball (Prom); Rambo, Mary Joyce; Song fest; Intercollegiate Knights; Miss University of Idaho contest; Lapp, Dr. Ralph E.; Sigma Alpha Iota; Sigma Tau; Baseball; Theta Sigma Phi; Zentner, Si
April 18th, 1961 Blood drive; Fellowships (N.S.I.); Smylie, Robert E.; Song fest; Intercollegiate Knights; Idaho bed-pushing team; Athletic conference; Sigma Delta Chi; Football; Vandaleers; Track; Baseball; Zentner, Si
April 21st, 1961 American Association of University Women; 'I' Tower; ASUI-Committee; Delta Sigma Rho; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Baseball; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Intercollegiate Knights; Commencement speakers; Blood drive; Model United Nations; Walker, Donald E.; Vandaleers; Student representative assembly; Golf; Baseball; Tennis; Track
April 25th, 1961 Alpha Zeta; Forestry week; Intercollegiate Knights; Sigma Delta Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Olympics (Sig Alph Olympics); Sigma Delta Chi; Golf; Track; Baseball; Track; Theta Sigma Phi; Zentner, Si
April 28th, 1961 Pom Pon girls; Dames Club; Delta Chi; Kirkwood, Mary; Carolan, Reg; Forestry week; Baseball; Inland Empire drill competition (ROTC); Inland Empire Rifle conference (ROTC); Interfraternity council; Sigma Pi Sigma; Zentner, Si; Neale, Mervin Gordon; Sigma Delta Chi; Bridge tournament; Art exhibits; Tennis; Baseball; Theta Sigma Phi
May 2nd, 1961 Intercollegiate Knights; Klages, K.H.; Baseball; Phi Eta Sigma; Intercollegiate Knights; Inland Empire drill competition (ROTC); Interfraternity council; Phi Beta Kappa; Zentner, Si; Sigma Delta Chi; Golf; Track; Tennis; Tennis; Tennis; Baseball; Theta Sigma Phi
May 5th, 1961 Blue key - Kampus kleanup; May fete; Student union building; R.O.T.C. - spring review; Football; Baseball
May 9th, 1961 Blue key - Kampus kleanup; Debate - , WSC, Whitman; Cook, earl Ferguson; Hell Divers - Annual water show; National World Affair Club; Pacific Student Presidents Association; One-Act-Plays; Sigma Delta Chi; Football; Golf; Tennis; Track; University Symphony orchestra; Vandaleers; Baseball
May 12th, 1961 Art contest, student; Department of English; Homecoming Committee Chairman; Blue key; Track; May fete; May queen; Navy ROTC - Rifle team; Hell Divers - Annual water show; Athletic conference; Orchesis; Gem of the Mountains; The Idaho Argonaut; Golf; Baseball; Theta Sigma Phi
May 16th, 1961 May fete; Baseball; Hell Divers - Annual water show; Track; Senior recognition - top 17; May fete; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Silver lance - Initiates; Orchesis; Baseball
May 19th, 1961 Activities-Grade point requirement; Order of Golden Fleece; Baseball; Basketball; McCowan, Bruce; Football; Carolan, Reg; Golf; Intramural sports - point totals; Delta Delta Delta; R.O.T.C. - spring review; Ski team; Football; Student representative assembly; Swimming; Track - Cross country; Tennis; The Idaho Argonaut; Track; Baseball
May 23rd, 1961 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Emmingham, Bill; Graduates; Sigma Pi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Navy ROTC; Golf; Tennis; Peace Corps; Runyan, William and Thora fellowship; Spurs; Town Men's Association; National Science Foundation
May 26th, 1961 Activities-Grade point requirement; Krogue, Paul; Commencement exercises; Honorary degrees; Allen, Eugene and Connie; Football; Gibbs, Raphael (Rafe); Baseball
September 22nd, 1961 Hello Walk'; Activities-Grade point requirement; Fitzgerald, Professor Oren A.; Pratt, Judy; Michael, Gary; Enrollment; Faculty appointments; Fourt, D.L.; Byers, Roland O.; Gooddell, George (Bud); Forestry laboratory; Basketball; Women's rush; Men's rush; Student union building; Alpha Chi Omega; Residence hall council; Orientation of freshmen; Building program; McConnell Hall; Medical school; Newman, Dewey; Television - campus closed circuit network
September 26th, 1961 Enrollment; Hosack, Robert E.; Billingsley, William A.; Cook, earl Ferguson; Snyder, William W.; Homecoming; Debate - Moscow University (Russia) Challenge; Athletic conference; Ski team; Swimming team; Football
September 29th, 1961 Baseball; Card section, football; Navy ROTC; Homecoming; Homecoming; Track; Football; Vandaleers
October 3rd, 1961 Rashonon'; Delta Sigma Phi; Homecoming
October 6th, 1961 Campus chest; Campus Union party; Conference on Idaho's Economic future; Scholarships; Delta, Gamma; Freshman orientation; Student - Faculty retreat; Larson, Dr. Arthur; Television - campus closed circuit network; Football
October 10th, 1961 Borah Conference; Garcia-Amador, Dr. Francisco; Campus Union party; Delta, Gamma; Carolan, Reg; Traditions; Freshman orientation; Larson, Dr. Arthur; Student - Faculty retreat; Sorsby, Bill; Football
October 13th, 1961 Army ROTC; Rashonon'; ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Campus Union party; Enrollment; Department of Music; KUOI; Scholarships; Alpha Chi Omega; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Peace Corps; Student employment bureau (office); Football; Track - Cross country
October 17th, 1961 Garcia-Amador, Dr. Francisco; Campus chest; Campus Union party; Campus Union party; Debate; Enrollment; Intercollegiate Knights; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Violet queen; Spurs; Football; Track - Cross country
October 20th, 1961 Basketball; Garcia-Amador, Dr. Francisco; Football; Intermountain Association of College and University resident halls; Campus chest; Farrrelly, Bob; Bowers, Dr. Alfred; Student health service; Student representative assembly; Television - campus closed circuit network; National Science Foundation
October 24th, 1961 Garcia-Amador, Dr. Francisco; Campus Union party; Football
October 27th, 1961 Admission requirements and regulations; Basketball; Garcia-Amador, Dr. Francisco; Dad's day; Mosolf, Mike; Hill, Bill; Basketball; Spurs; Football
October 31st, 1961 Rashonon'; Navy ROTC; Orchestra San Peitro of Naples; Football; Interfraternity council; United party; Dad's day; KUOI; Campus Union party; Spurs; Douglas, Senator Paul; Football
November 3rd, 1961 Rashonon'; Citizenship Clearing House; Orchestra San Peitro of Naples; Dad's day; College of Mines; Card section, football; Douglas, Senator Paul; Vandal riders; Class officers
November 8th, 1961 Rashonon'; Class officers; College of Mines; Dad's day; National Association of College Unions; Student health service; Football
November 10th, 1961 Associated Women Students; KTRS-FM; Judging of livestock; Bellis, Warren; Student union building; Miss Wool of Idaho' contest
November 14th, 1961 Debate; Football; Sigma Tau; Cosmopolitan Club; Football
November 17th, 1961 Gifts to University of Idaho; National World Affair Club; Basketball; Mortar Board; Scholarships; Pi Gamma Mu; Student judicial council
November 21st, 1961 Roberts, George H.; KTRS-FM; Department of Mathematics; Faculty appointments; Track - Cross country; Thanksgiving vocation; Mortar Board; Football
November 28th, 1961 Young Americans for Freedom; Holly Week; Student representative assembly; Track - Cross country
December 1st, 1961 Drama; Vandaleers; Intercollegiate Knights; Library; National World Affair Club; Model United Nations; University Symphony orchestra; Physical Science building
December 5th, 1961 Basketball; Library Hours; Holly Week; Gault Hall - snowball queen; Swimming team; University Symphony orchestra; Basketball
December 8th, 1961 Drama; Orchesis; Henden, Paul; Mooney, Dick; Alpha Lambda Delta; Baxter, Iain; Holly Week; Scholarships; Alpha Tau Omega esquire girl; Ski team; Track - Cross country
December 12th, 1961 'I' magazine; Vandaleers; Debate, Women's Intramural; Woodbury, George W.; Basketball; Holly Queen; Basketball