Argonaut 1962

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1962 Hanson, Philip; Grimm, Kenneth E.; Scholarships; Forestry laboratory; National Science Foundation Institute; Basketball
January 9th, 1962 'I' magazine; The Nest; Cosmopolitan Club; Hanson, Philip; Skiing; Phi Kappa Phi; Renfrew, Malcolm; Davey, Harry; Scholarships
January 12th, 1962 ASUI-activities council; Cosmopolitan Club; Douglas, Dick; Price, Granville; Smylie, Robert E.; Grades; Sigma Delta Chi; Basketball
January 16th, 1962 Campus Union party; Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo; Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo; Football - Coaching staff; Football; Swimming; Stahley, J. Neil (Skip); Television - campus closed circuit network; One-Act-Plays; Snow, Edgar; Ski team; Swimming team; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Basketball
January 19th, 1962 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo; Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Football - Coaching staff - searching for new head coach - 1962; Swimming; Gifts to University of Idaho; Smylie, Robert E.; Falk, Carol; Snow, Edgar; The Idaho Argonaut; Student representative assembly; The Idaho Argonaut; The Idaho Argonaut; The Idaho Argonaut
February 6th, 1962 Barnhart, Dr. John Love; Football - Coaching staff - searching for new head coach - 1962; Hunter, William; Lambda Delta Sigma; Spring registration; Theophilus, Donald R.; Basketball
February 9th, 1962 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Blood drive; Blue Bucket Inn; Mooney, Dick; Library - holdings; Forester's ball; Student representative assembly; Theta Sigma Phi
February 13th, 1962 Great decision; Basketball; Enrollment; Spring registration; Forester's ball; Basketball
February 16th, 1962 Campus Union party; Class officers; Basketball
February 20th, 1962 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); Campus Union party; Debate - All Idaho speech tournament; Basketball; Andros, Dee; Skiing; Football - Coaching staff - searching for new head coach - 1962; Morris, Daniel; Scabbard and blade; The 4-H club; Basketball
February 27th, 1962 ASUI-activities council; Religion in Life conference; Swimming; United party; Sigma Chi sweetheart; Campus Union party; Sigma Delta Chi; Swimming team; Basketball
March 2nd, 1962 Volpone'; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Basketball; Residence hall council; ASUI-Elections; Basketball; Theta Sigma Phi
March 6th, 1962 Air Force ROTC - Angel flight; Citizenship Clearing House; Debate - Linfield College Annual meet; Hause, E. Malcolm; Huckshorn, Robert J.; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Basketball; Swimming; Phi Delta Theta; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Elections; Basketball
March 8th, 1962 Houghtalin, Ron; Bowes, Bill; Citizenship Clearing House; Taylor, Alice Joy; Whiting, Carvel; Eisenbarth, Tom; Eldred, Cliff; Warren, Fred; Frates, Bill; Ferris, John; French, Skip; Religion in Life conference; Thunen, Toni; ASUI-Executive Board; Blue Bucket Inn; ASUI-Elections
March 13th, 1962 Easterbrook, John; Monroe, Dick; Musseau, Steve; Volpone'; Religion in Life conference; Andros, Dee; Military Ball; Military Ball queen; Vandal flying club; Freshman week; KUOI - Staff; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Basketball
March 16th, 1962 Volpone'; Baseball; Andros, Dee; Freshman week
March 20th, 1962 Volpone'; Sullivan, Brain; Peterson, Philip E.; Intercollegiate Knights; O'Neill, Frederick L.; Freshman week; Lewis, Fulton III; Freshman week; Freshman week; Track
March 23rd, 1962 Moore, Idora Lee; Associated Women Students; Annual journalism conference; Skiing; Blue Key -Talent show; Baseball
March 27th, 1962 'I' magazine; Chamberlain, Lawrence H.; Golf; Debate - vs. University of Dublin; Annual journalism conference; Intercollegiate Knights; Model United Nations; Skiing; Blue Key -Talent show; Lambda Chi Alpha - Crescent girl; Track; University Symphony orchestra; Baseball
March 30th, 1962 Lewis, Fulton III; Bellis, Warren; Rogues Gallery (dance); Women's hours
April 1st, 1962 The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue
April 3rd, 1962 Blood drive; Track; Alpha Lambda Delta; Track; Rogues Gallery (dance); Miss University of Idaho contest; University Symphony orchestra; Upham Hall; Baseball
April 17th, 1962 Smith, Joel; ASUI-Student judicial council; Blood drive; Slaughter, Claire; Miss University of Idaho contest; Department of Mathematics; Television - campus closed circuit network; Football; Track
April 20th, 1962 Stowe, Mike; Blood drive; Junior-Senior ball (Prom); Miss University of Idaho contest; Mortar Board; Model United Nations; Tennis
April 24th, 1962 Faculty appointments; Forestry week; Baseball; Track; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Wallace complex; Pom-Pom girls; Football; Golf; Track; Baseball; Tennis; Tennis; Tennis
April 27th, 1962 Secret Service'; Computer center; Faculty promotion; Norgord, John T.; Forestry week; Gifts to University of Idaho; Idaho Academy of Science; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Model United Nations; Pom-Pom girls; ASUI-Committee; Junior-Senior ball (Prom); Sigma Xi; Roberts, Lorin W.; Golf; Tennis; Baseball
May 1st, 1962 Secret Service'; Block and Bridle club; Baseball; Snyder, William W.; Junior-Senior ball (Prom); Sigma Alpha Epsilon Olympics (Sig Alph Olympics); Golf; Baseball; Tennis; Baseball
May 4th, 1962 Baseball; Smylie, Robert E.; Phi Beta Kappa; KUOI - Staff; Miss University of Idaho contest; Gem of the Mountains; The Idaho Argonaut
May 8th, 1962 Alpha Epsilon Delta; Honorary degrees; Baseball; May fete; Delta Sigma Phi dream girl; Miss University of Idaho contest; Football; Track; Baseball
May 11th, 1962 Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Citizenship Clearing House; Tennis; Idaho center for Education in politics; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Phi Beta Kappa; May queen; Gifts to library; Smith, Robb; May fete; R.O.T.C. - Curriculum change; Tennis; Tennis; Tennis; Tennis
May 15th, 1962 Beacon for Mountain and Plain' University history; Golf; Baseball; Track; Phi Kappa Phi; May fete; May queen; Smith, Linda; Inland Empire drill competition (ROTC); May fete; Football; Spurs; Golf; National Science Foundation; Tennis; Tennis; Tennis; Baseball
May 18th, 1962 Gipson, Lawrence H.; Church, Sen. Frank; R.O.T.C. - spring review; Alpha Epsilon RHO; Registration fees; Football; Baseball
May 22nd, 1962 Track; Mooney, Dick; Baseball; Snyder, William W.; Language laboratory; One-Act-Plays; R.O.T.C. - spring review; Football; Fitzgerald, Charmaine; Baseball
May 25th, 1962 Kinney, Linda; Order of Golden Fleece; Athletic of the Year (Picked by the Argonaut); Interfraternity council; Lindley award; Carolan, Reg; Graduates; Howe, Arthur S.; Nelson, Barry; Phi Delta Kappa; Student union building; Tennis; Athletics, summary of year's; Commencement exercises; Summer school; Faculty evaluation by students; The Idaho Argonaut; The Idaho Argonaut; Sorsby, Bill
September 21st, 1962 Air force office of scientific research - research grant; Farnsworth, Mrs. Charmaine; Stiles, Dick; College of Mines; Janssen, Allen S.; Faculty appointments; Borning, Bernard C.; Scholarships; Riley, Bud; Men's rush; Women's rush; Television - campus closed circuit network; Enrollment; Building program; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); R.O.T.C. - Curriculum change; Athletic conference; Football
September 25th, 1962 Dad's day; Enrollment; Phi Kappa Tau; University museum; Football
September 28th, 1962 Adult education; Enrollment; Limelighters; Klidzjes, Alex; Dad's day; Athletic conference; Army ROTC; Army ROTC
October 2nd, 1962 Department of Mathematics; Faculty appointments; Limelighters; Dairy Science building; Dad's day; Scholarships and grants; Student judicial council; Football; Young Republican's club
October 5th, 1962 Dairy Science building; Idaho Art Association; Student - Faculty retreat; University band; Football; Weiskoff, Don
October 9th, 1962 Orchesis; Idaho Art Association; Nickle Hop; Pre-Orchesis - Tapping; Student - Faculty retreat; Football
October 12th, 1962 Sagan, Hans; Residence hall council; New student week; Tower, Senator John G.; Physical Science building; Gem of the Mountains
October 16th, 1962 The Madwoman of Chaillot; Phi Sigma; Campus Union party; New student week; Intermountain Association of College and University resident halls; Tower, Senator John G.; Football; Track - Cross country
October 19th, 1962 Associated Women Students; The Madwoman of Chaillot; Phi Sigma; Blue key - Initiates, Tapping; Marshall, S.L.A.; Enrollment; Student judicial council; Football; Track - Cross country
October 23rd, 1962 Class officers; Faculty appointments; Gifts to University of Idaho; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Violet queen
October 26th, 1962 Marshall, S.L.A.; Kraus, J.E.; Church, Sen. Frank; United Nations week
October 30th, 1962 The Madwoman of Chaillot; Marshall, S.L.A.; Navy ROTC; Football; Athletic conference; Football; Track - Cross country
November 2nd, 1962 Mock election (Idaho); The Madwoman of Chaillot; Borah Conference; Student union building; Athletic conference; Class officers; Student judicial council
November 6th, 1962 Mock election (Idaho); Class officers; Football; National Association of College Unions; Football
November 9th, 1962 Marshall, Jeanne; Moody, James P.; Homecoming
November 16th, 1962 Asphalt conference (Idaho); Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Kim, Dr. J.S.; Homecoming; Athletic conference; Walkathon - Battle of the Palouse debt payment
November 20th, 1962 Alpha Phi Omega; Shreeve, Jeanne M.; Law Institute; Track - Cross country; Football; Walkathon - Battle of the Palouse debt payment
November 27th, 1962 College Bowl' television show; 'Probe'; Bolet, Jorge; Track - Cross country; Newman club; Class officers; Phi Gamma Delta; Football
November 30th, 1962 College Bowl' television show; Building program; 'Rumplestiltskin'; Football
December 4th, 1962 College Bowl' television show; Air Force ROTC; Alumni hall of fame; ASUI-activities council; Basketball; Alpha Tau Omega esquire girl; Basketball
December 7th, 1962 College Bowl' television show; Orchesis; Fees; Holly Week; Alpha Epsilon RHO
December 11th, 1962 Smith, Joel; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Basketball; Class officers; Holly Week; National Science Foundation; Swimming; Swimming; Basketball
December 14th, 1962 'Rumplestiltskin'; Weltzin, J.F.; Basketball; Phi Kappa Phi; Holly Week; Journalism scholarships
December 18th, 1962 College Bowl' television show; Vandaleers; Sigma Tau; Holly Queen