Argonaut 1966

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1966 Absence due to snow; American Association for the advancement of science; ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Klages, Earl H.W.; Teacher training institute; Off-campus housing; R.O.T.C. - All services
January 11th, 1966 Alumni Board; Associated Women Students; Basketball; Lampman, Clifford E.; Epsilon Sigma Phi; Packard, Vance; Performing Art center; Heinicke, Don R.; Residence Hall Association; Chrisman Raiders; Scholarships; Art contest, student; Teacher training institute; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Swimming; University research project; Basketball; Vietnam protests and controversy
January 14th, 1966 Arena, Rodney A.; ASUI-Executive Board; Rucker, John; Dobson, Joe; Football - Awards; Sororities; Moscow mountain; Off-campus housing; Jones, Jan Jay; Football; Selective service act; University little symphony; Basketball
January 18th, 1966 Cross-Campus alliance party (C-Cap); Debate - Inland Empire Debate tournament; Associated Women Students; Associated Women Students; Tyler, David; Navy ROTC; Navy ROTC; Off-campus housing; Out-Of-State tuition; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Residence Hall Association; University little symphony; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Basketball; Women's recreational Association (WRA)
January 21st, 1966 Roberts, George H.; ASUI-Executive Board; ASUI-Executive Board; Century Club; Crockett, James O.; Draft registration; Associated Women Students; Enrollment; Idaho Institute of Christian Education; Navy ROTC; Off-campus housing; Felton, Margie; Green, Diane; Spring registration; St. Claire, Dick; St. Claire, John; The 4-H club; Boliek, Chad; Sculpture; Basketball
February 11th, 1966 ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Scholarships; Burton, Philip; Campus chest; Associated Women Students; McDonald, Ray; Foresters Association; Jemison, Dr. George M.; Jordan, Len B.; Matmiller, John; Burcaw, G. Ellis; Mademoiselle Magazine; Navy ROTC; Morgan, Edward P.; Off-campus housing; Olson, Dale G.; R.O.T.C. - All services; Peace corps - Volunteers; Bowers, Dr. Alfred; Spring registration; Basketball; Wrestling
February 15th, 1966 Academic freedom; ASUI-Executive Board; ASUI-Senate; ASUI-Structural changes; Burton, Philip; College of Engineering; Scholarships; Enrollment; Freshman Executive Board; Jazz concerts; Jeffres, Leo W.; Military Ball; Jordan, Len B.; Pi Kappa Alpha; Scholarships; Spurs; Tenure; Swimming; Basketball; Wrestling
February 18th, 1966 Adams, William Herbert (Berb); ASUI-Communications Board; ASUI-Election procedure; ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Bowling team; Campus chest; Campus Union party; Debate - All Idaho speech tournament; Enrollment; Freshman week; G.I. Bill (for student education); Military Ball; Alpha Kappa PSI; Timm, Roberta
February 25th, 1966 Administrative council; Air Force ROTC - Angel flight; Art and Architecture, Building; ASUI-activities council; ASUI-Structural changes; Skiing; Wrestling; Swimming; Bowling team; Campus chest; 'I' magazine; Civil defense; Cross-Campus alliance party (C-Cap); Dairy club; Delta Sigma Phi dream girl; Sigma Chi; Idaho Academy of Science; Basketball; Journalism and Public Affairs in the mess media conference; McMackin, Donna Meacham; Religions emphasis week; Bench and Bar; Student union building; Military Ball queen; Skaife, Jerry; Sigma Chi sweetheart; R.O.T.C. - two year program; Football; Art exhibits; Dietz, Norman and Sandra; Track; Basketball
March 1st, 1966 Baseball; Wrestling; Swimming; Blue Key -Talent show; Alpha Phi Omega; Campus Union party; ASUI-Elections; Cross-Campus alliance party (C-Cap); Sigma Chi; Freshman week; V.I.S.T.A. - Volunteers in Service To America; Art exhibits; Basketball
March 4th, 1966 Air Force ROTC; ASUI-activities council; ASUI-Election procedure; ASUI-Structural changes; Campus chest; ASUI-Elections; Fletcher, Dr. Max E.; Goddard, Jim; Journalism and Public Affairs in the mess media conference; KUOI - Staff; Peace Corps - Exams; University Symphony orchestra; Campus Union party; Cross-Campus alliance party; Vandalettes; Basketball
March 9th, 1966 ASUI-activities council-Ed-Culture director; ASUI-Elections; Baseball; Basketball; Campus chest; Dateline (Computer dating service; Tyler, David; Freshman week; Great decision; Idaho Trustees' Association; The 4-H club; Peace Corps - Exams; Peace corps - Volunteers; R.O.T.C.- rifle team competition; Sigma Chi sweetheart; Reinstatement (after scholastic disqualification; Andora; University of Idaho official President's residence; Basketball
March 11th, 1966 ASUI-Elections; Basketball; Campus chest; Goddard, Jim; Journalism and Public Affairs in the mess media conference; Peace Corps; Ugly Man Contest'; Sasaki, Harold
March 15th, 1966 Air Force ROTC - Cadet commissions; ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball; McDonald, Ray; The Idaho Argonaut; Lambda Chi Alpha - Crescent girl; Archley, Chan; Journalism and Public Affairs in the mess media conference; Skaife, Jerry; Book Exchange; Andora; Track
March 18th, 1966 Adams, William Herbert (Berb); ASUI-Executive Board; Blue Key -Talent show; Football; G.I. Bill (for student education); Journalism and Public Affairs in the mess media conference; Morgan, Edward P.; Fairchild, Mary Allen; Peace corps - Volunteers; Lambda Chi Alpha - Crescent girl; Delta Sigma Phi dream girl; India night; Gillespie, Joe; Infirmary; Judo (Instruction at UI); Blue Key -Talent show; Peebles, John J.; Football; Religions emphasis week; Student union building; Andora; Andora; Cosmopolitan Club; Dietz, Norman and Sandra; University Symphonic band; Baseball; Track
March 22nd, 1966 McIver, Lucy; Department of Physical Education; Religion in Life conference; Freshman week; Homecoming Committee Chairman; Journalism and Public Affairs in the mess media conference; Freshman week; Miss University of Idaho contest; Blue Key -Talent show; Art exhibits; Dietz, Norman and Sandra
March 25th, 1966 Journalism and Public Affairs in the mess media conference; Alpha Kappa PSI; ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball; 'I' magazine; College Bowl, Intramural; Pi Kappa Alpha; Intercollegiate Knights; Baseball; Idaho Academy of Science; International student week; Freshman week; Thompson, Dennis H.; Miss University of Idaho contest; Blue Key -Talent show; Freshman week; Football
March 29th, 1966 Arnold Air Society; Associated Foresters; Baseball; 'I' magazine; Arnold Air Society; Enrollment; Kim, Dr. J.S.; Freshman week; Baseball; Geddes, Norma; Gifts to library; Golf course; St. Augustine's Catholic center; Basketball; Miss University of Idaho contest; Mortar Board; Parking regulations; Blue Key -Talent show; Pom-Pom girls; Baker, Dr. G, Orien; ASUI-Executive Board; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Olympics (Sig Alpha Olympics); Stromvall, Gilbert F.; Student union building; Test files; The Idaho Argonaut - April fool issue; Traffic and safety committee; University museum; Track; Off-campus housing; Baseball; Wallace complex; Tennis; Women's discipline committee
April 1st, 1966 Delta Sigma Phi
April 5th, 1966 Musseau, Steve; Pi Kappa Alpha; Neely, Marjorie; Dormitories; Faculty appointments; ASUI; Annual journalism conference; Off-campus housing; Dormitories; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Olympics (Sig Alpha Olympics); Baker, Dr. G, Orien; Basketball; Selective service qualification tests; Lowe, Plumer P.; Baseball; Art exhibits; Art exhibits; National Science Foundation; Track; Off-campus housing
April 19th, 1966 Bank, Paul (Ted); ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball; Track; Annual journalism conference; Idaho center for Education in politics; Internal voluntary services; International student week; Pacific Northwest conference on Higher Education; Schulze, Paul J.; Football; Vandaleers; Tennis; Tennis
April 22nd, 1966 Architecture, Dept of; ASUI-Executive Board; Phi Beta Lambda; Cheating; Golf; Idaho Academy of Science; Idaho center for Political Education - mock political convention; International student week; Loyalty Day; Pacific Forensic League; Pacific Northwest conference on Higher Education; Blood drive; Corey, Dr. Gilbert L.; Miss University of Idaho contest; University museum; Model United Nations; Air Force ROTC; Blood drive; Pennell, Fred (Fred the cop); Bell, Roy; Delta Tau Delta; Scholarships and grants; Semester system; Football; The 4-H club; Track; Baseball
April 26th, 1966 Greek week; Baseball; Blood drive; Women's recreational Association (WRA); Track; Football - Coaching staff; Idaho Academy of Science; Judicial council - ASUI; Loyalty Day; Model United Nations; Mother's weekend; Football; Track; Theta Sigma Phi; Young Republican's club
April 29th, 1966 Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society; Association of Western Forestry Clubs; ASUI-activities council; Idaho center for Political Education - mock political convention; Little International; Loyalty Day; Mother's weekend; Blood drive; Turner, Kenneth E.; Miss University of Idaho contest; Idaho Academy of Science; Sales tax issue; St. Augustine's Catholic center; Baseball
May 3rd, 1966 Air Force ROTC - Awards; 'An Inspector calls'; ASUI-activities council; Idaho Academy of Science; Idaho center for Political Education - mock political convention; Associated Foresters; Mother's weekend; Miss University of Idaho contest; Schoepflin, Frederick; Bell, Steve; Intramural track; Loyalty Day; Sales tax issue; Football; Phi Delta Theta; Track; Basketball
May 7th, 1966 Agricultural Science day; Associated Women Students; 'An Inspector calls'; ASUI-Executive Board; Women's recreational Association (WRA); Idaho Academy of Science; Idaho center for Political Education - mock political convention; Track; Mother's weekend; Phi Beta Kappa; Robertson, Alan R.; Football; Orchesis; Vandaleers; St. Augustine's Catholic center; Gem of the Mountains; The Idaho Argonaut; Phi Delta Theta; Porter, Richard A.
May 13th, 1966 Greek week; Faculty Art exhibit; Bell, George M.; KUOI - advertising; Weiskotten, Edward F.; Track; Pi Kappa Alpha; Baseball; Idaho center for Political Education - mock political convention; Quarter system; Rifle team; Semester system; Football
May 17th, 1966 Greek week; Attic club; Baseball; May fete; International Soccer team; Idaho center for Political Education - mock political convention; Football; Baseball
May 20th, 1966 Greek week; Big Sky Conference; Associated Women Students; Track; Alpha Phi Omega; Faculty Art exhibit; Student union building; Baseball; Delta Delta Delta; Phi Kappa Tau; R.O.T.C. - Awards; Football
May 24th, 1966 Big Sky Conference; ASUI-Executive Board; Peterson, R.D.; ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Army ROTC; ASUI-Executive Board; Track; Basketball; Army ROTC; Commencement - number graduating; Crime; Summer school; Neely, Marjorie; Educational Improvement Committee, A.S.U.I.; Knapp, Ruth Ann; Faculty appointments; Faculty retirement; Berry, Ray M.; Bond, Charles; Dobbler, Clifford; Wicks, Guy; People to People Committee; Golf; Homecoming Committee; Industrial Education Department; Interfraternity council; KUID-TV; LSD; Men's rush; Model United Nations; Baseball; Phi Kappa Phi; Navy ROTC; Newman, Dewey; Off-campus housing; Pan-Hellenic council; Delta Delta Delta; Delta Delta Delta; Anderson, Julie; Wilkins, Beth; Interfraternity council Greek awards; Faculty Art exhibit; Meldrum, Barbara; Boyer, William H.; Quarter system; Residence Hall Association; Residence Hall Association; Davey, Harry; Rush, Dick; Semester system; Pi Gamma Mu; Football; Spurs; St. Augustine's Catholic center; Baseball; Students for a democratic society (SDS); The Idaho Argonaut; Women's recreational Association (WRA); Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Off-campus housing; Theta Sigma Phi; Social function
September 13th, 1966 Art and Architecture, Building; Anderson, Wayne; Basketball; Enrollment; Faculty appointments; Football; Hayes, Dr. Earl T.; Men's rush; Women's rush; Case, William N.; College of Education; New student days; Parking regulations; University of Idaho official President's residence; Peace corps - Volunteers; KUOI; Football - Coaching staff; Engineering laboratory building; Sazonick, Nicholas; Sazonick, Pamela; Infirmary; Scholarships; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Football
September 16th, 1966 Alliance for progress; Martin, Boyd A.; Smylie, Robert E.; Herndon, Charles; Cenarrusa, Joe; Eiden, Max; Art and Architecture, Building; Fall registration; Book Exchange; Maker, Robert; Football
September 20th, 1966 Enrollment; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Football - Freshman; McDonald, Ray; Library - tours; St. Augustine's Catholic center; Tucker, Jerry; Basketball; Football; Women's hours
September 23rd, 1966 ASUI-Executive Board; Football - Freshman; Freshman orientation; Idaho center for Education in politics; Out-Of-State tuition; Homecoming; Student housing; Track - Cross country; Football
September 27th, 1966 Musseau, Steve; Campus Union party; Coed Capers; Swisher, Ferry; Homecoming; Army ROTC; Angel flight; Telephone service; Football
September 30th, 1966 ASUI-Executive Board; ASUI-Executive Board; Campbell, William; University museum; Folk Dance Festival (Sponsored by WRA and AWS); Football - Freshman; Performing Art center; Stone, Wesley C.; Angel flight; McDonald, Ray; Homecoming; Football; Veterans
October 4th, 1966 Campus Union party; Cross-Campus alliance party (C-Cap); Dad's day (Parent's day)`; Football - Freshman; Freshman-Faculty forum; Homecoming; Homecoming; Andrus, Cecil; Harding, Ralph; Telephone service; Football
October 7th, 1966 Miss Wool of Idaho' contest; ASUI-Elections; Kading, James R.; Huber, Dean W.; McDonald, Ray; Peace corps - Volunteers; Campus Union party; Cross-Campus alliance party; Selective service act; ASUI-Executive Board; Football; Track - Cross country; Young Republican's club
October 11th, 1966 ASUI-Elections; Campus Union party; Pratt, LaVerl; Track - Cross country; Grade point averages; Engineering laboratory building; Rifle team; Football
October 13th, 1966 Alliance for progress; 'A Man for All Season'; ASUI-activities council; ASUI-Executive Board; Kappa Alpha Theta; Class officers; Sigma Chi; Century Club; Miss Wool of Idaho' contest; Stone, Wesley C.; Peace corps - Volunteers; Duncombe, Sydney; Foruria, John; Sigma Nu; Student judicial council; Telephone service; Football; Young Republican's club
October 18th, 1966 'A Man for All Season'; Committee of 1,000 - Student for a Brighter Idaho future; Enrollment; Samuelson, Don; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Violet queen; Sales tax issue; Selective service qualification tests; Football; Basketball; Women's physical education building
October 19th, 1966 Track - Cross country
October 21st, 1966 ASUI-Executive Board; 'A Man for All Season'; Central Placement Service; Committee of 1,000 - Student for a Brighter Idaho future; Finley, Arthur M.; Borning, Bernard C.; Wohletz, Earnest; Martin, Boyd A.; Football; White, Compton I.; Anderson, William E.; National Science Teachers Association; National Teacher Exams; Pom-Pom girls; Life for little Joe fund; Redford, Mack; Scholarships and grants; Telephone service; Football
October 25th, 1966 Dad's day; Football; Life for little Joe fund; Young Democrats club; Walkathon - Battle of the Palouse debt payment; Football; Basketball; Voter registration
October 28th, 1966 Committee of 1,000 - Student for a Brighter Idaho future; Dad's day (Parent's day)`; Student union building; Football; Life for little Joe fund; Voter registration; Peace Corps; The Idaho Argonaut; Quirk, Ted; Football
November 1st, 1966 Dad's day; Football; Idaho center for Education in politics - mock; Life for little Joe fund; Archery club; Peace corps - Volunteers
November 4th, 1966 Elections - State; Idaho center for Education in politics - mock; Life for little Joe fund; Hertz, Sylvia S.; Air Force ROTC - Awards; Rush, Dick; Seale, Larry; Spurs; Swisher, Ferry; Teacher evaluation; Vest, Gary
November 8th, 1966 ASUI-Executive Board; Bowling team; Holly Week; Dad's day; Football; Track - Cross country; Dormitories; Stone, Wesley C.; Spurs; Make-it-yourself with wool contest; Football; Wrestling
November 11th, 1966 Archery club; Track - Cross country; Campbell, William; Cenarrusa, Peter; College Bowl, Intramural; Crime; Dad's day; Dreeman, Dr. Peter K.; Draft (Military); University museum; Fellowships; Football rallies; Grade point averages; Idaho Association of student councils; Legislators breakfast; Lund, Chuck; Marines - Anniversary celebration; McDonald, Ray; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Institute of Electronics and Electronics Engineers; Football; Vandalettes
November 15th, 1966 Basketball; Track - Cross country; Selective service; Navy ROTC; Football rallies; Legislative relations committee; Legislators breakfast; Peace corps - Volunteers; Dad of the year; Lund, Chuck; Duncombe, Sydney; Football
November 18th, 1966 American council on Education; Archery club; Art and Architecture, Building; Associated Student Governments of the U.S.A.; Crime; Edwards, Louis L. Jr.; Samuelson, Don; Idaho Association of student councils; People to People Committee; Peace corps - Volunteers; Freeman, Jim; Art and Architecture, Building; Nybroten, Norman; Renfrew, Edgar; Football; Vest, Gary; Vietnam conflict; Warnick, Calvin C.; Delta Delta Delta
November 29th, 1966 Associated Women Students; ASUI-Executive Board; Campus traffic laws and regulations; College - Business Symposium; Elections - State; Football - Big Sky; Samuelson, Don; Judicial council - ASUI; Parking regulations; College of Law; University of Idaho student Orchestra; Football
December 2nd, 1966 Army ROTC; Anderson, Wayne; Crime; Blue key; Steam tunnels; Daniel Boone
December 6th, 1966 Arnold Air Society; ASUI-Executive Board; Athletic faculty, proposed; ASUI-Structural changes; Basketball; LDS Institute; Van Wagoner, Robert N.; Navy ROTC - Ball; Holly Week; Judge Lynch; Sears, Forrest; Alpha Tau Omega esquire girl; Student rights; Basketball; Daniel Boone
December 9th, 1966 Athletic faculty, proposed; Basketball; Bowling team; Crime; Basketball; Holly Week; KUOI; Swimming; Parking regulations; Holly Queen; The Perch; Basketball; Daniel Boone
December 13th, 1966 Theta Chi; Archery club; Vandaleers; College Bowl, Intramural; Holly Week; Memorial gymnasium; Student rights; University of Idaho official President's residence; Daniel Boone
December 16th, 1966 ASUI-Structural changes; Vandaleers; Arndt, Dick; Holly Queen; Moscow mountain; Peace corps - Volunteers; Memorial gymnasium; Gault Hall - snowball queen; McDonald, Ray; Teacher evaluation; University of Idaho official President's residence; Basketball; Warner, Richard E.; Wrestling