Argonaut 1967

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Date Subjects
January 6th, 1967 Sportsman's banquet; Agriculture Judging Team; Musseau, Steve; Crime; Steffens, Walter; University museum; Faculty - salary; Samuelson, Don; KUID-TV; Art exhibits; University of Idaho official President's residence; Basketball
January 10th, 1967 ASUI-Committee; Bowling team; Walenta, Thomas R.; Arndt, Dick; College of Law; McDonald, Ray; Parking regulations; Performing Art center; Budget - - Request to legislature; Green, John A.; Selective service act; Summer sessions abroad; Teacher evaluation; Basketball; State legislators
January 13th, 1967 Associated Women Students; ASUI-Structural changes; Clauson, Ed; Budget - State; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; University museum; Intramural sports; Wrestling; Speech tournament (Speech 51); Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; War Recognition hour; Associated Women Students
February 3rd, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Skiing; Draft (Military); Skiing; Military Ball; Military Ball queen; Off-campus housing committee; Out-Of-State tuition; Enrollment; McDonald, Ray; College Bowl, Intramural; Renfrew, Malcolm; Ski team; Student judicial council; Freshman Prose Bowl; Basketball; Associated Women Students; Wrestling
February 7th, 1967 College Bowl, Intramural; Associated Women Students; Enrollment; Hosack, Robert E.; Basketball; Haughton, Rosemary (Thompson); Military Ball queen; Student judicial council; Wrestling; Basketball; Associated Women Students; Women's hours
February 10th, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Skiing; Associated Women Students; Swimming; Wrestling; Basketball
February 14th, 1967 Associated Women Students; Military Ball queen; Opera workshop; Basketball; Associated Women Students; Associated Women Students
February 17th, 1967 Hello Walk'; ASUI-Executive Board; Skiing; Campus chest; Associated Women Students; Judicial council - ASUI; Freshman Prose Bowl; Wrestling; Basketball; Associated Women Students
February 21st, 1967 Skiing; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; College Bowl, Intramural; Campus map; National Student's Association (NSA); Campus chest; Wrestling; Basketball; Women's hours
February 24th, 1967 College Bowl, Intramural; Campus chest; Basketball; Swimming team; Track; Basketball; Women's hours
February 28th, 1967 Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Campus Union party; Sigma Chi; Festival of fine arts; Haughton, Rosemary (Thompson); ASUI-Elections; Campus chest; The Comedy of Errors; Forestry building; Swimming; Basketball
March 3rd, 1967 ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Executive Board; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Campus chest - Division of funds; Festival of fine arts; Festival of fine arts; Festival of fine arts; Haughton, Rosemary (Thompson); The Comedy of Errors; ASUI-Elections; Basketball
March 8th, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Basketball; Swimming; Haughton, Rosemary (Thompson); The Comedy of Errors; ASUI-Elections; Basketball
March 10th, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Festival of fine arts; ASUI-Elections; Intramural sports program; Intramural sports; ASUI-Elections; Track; Basketball; Women's hours
March 14th, 1967 ASUI-Elections; Church, Sen. Frank; College Bowl, Intramural; Faculty council; Harmsworth, Harry; Festival of fine arts; Annual journalism conference; Annual journalism conference; Football - Coaching staff; Vandal riders; Baseball
March 17th, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Baseball, team; Big Sky All Conference - Basketball team; Phi Beta Lambda; Church, Sen. Frank; Committee for Student Rights; Hall, William (Bill); Weltzin, J. Frederick; Musseau, Steve; Golf team; Annual journalism conference; Football; Mortar Board; McDonald, Ray
March 21st, 1967 Blue Key -Talent show; Church, Sen. Frank; Hall, William (Bill); Vietnam conflict; Vietnam conflict; Freshman Prose Bowl; Track
April 4th, 1967 ASUI-Budget; ASUI-Executive Board; Track; Golf; Baseball; College Bowl, Intramural; Tartuffe (Miliere); Martin, Boyd A.; Mother's weekend; Blue Key -Talent show; Alliance for progress; Food for freedom conference; Tennis
April 7th, 1967 LeRoy, Dave; ASUI-Budget; ASUI-Executive Board; University field; College Bowl, Intramural; Tartuffe (Miliere); Food for freedom conference; International Student days; ASUI-Executive Board; ASUI-Executive Board; Alliance for progress; Blue Key -Talent show; Football
April 11th, 1967 University field; Fantasticks; Tartuffe (Miliere); Martin, Boyd A.; Baseball; Performing Art center; Pom-Pom girls; Blue Key -Talent show; Rodoe team; Football; Tennis; Tennis
April 14th, 1967 American Association of University Women; ASUI-Executive Board; University field; College of Education; Dormitories; Construction of student housing; Fantasticks; Student housing; Off-campus housing; Greek week; Blood drive; India night; Miss University of Idaho contest; College Bowl, Intramural; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Olympics (Sig Alpha Olympics); Student - Faculty retreat; Track; Tennis
April 18th, 1967 College Bowl Team; Tartuffe (Miliere); Golf team; Track; Blood drive; Performing Art center; Vietnam conflict; Tennis; Baseball
April 21st, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; College Bowl, Intercollegiate Team; Tartuffe (Miliere); Miss University of Idaho contest; Blood drive; Homecoming; Vietnam conflict; Teacher evaluation; Baseball
April 25th, 1967 College Bowl, Intercollegiate Team; Tartuffe (Miliere); Mother's weekend; Miss University of Idaho contest; Spurs song fest
April 28th, 1967 Associated Women Students; ASUI-Executive Board; Fantasticks; Tartuffe (Miliere); Fantasticks; Faculty council; Forestry week; Greek week; Idaho forestry week; KUID-TV; Mother's weekend; Mother's weekend; Hell Divers - Annual water show; Golf; Baseball; ASUI-Executive Board; Tennis; Track; Mother's weekend; Track - Cross country; Literary magazine; Phi Delta Theta; Baseball
May 2nd, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; 'World of Carl Sandburg'; Fantasticks; Greek week; May fete; May queen; Mother's weekend; St. Augustine's Catholic center; Spurs song fest; Phi Delta Theta; Golf; Tennis; Baseball
May 5th, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Greek week; Zimmerman, Lee F.; Baseball; Tennis
May 9th, 1967 Performing Art center; Greek week; Soccer; Baseball; University curriculum committee; Track
May 12th, 1967 The Devil Take Her'; Football; Baseball; Women's health education building
May 16th, 1967 Tartuffe (Miliere); Drugs; Final examinations week; Student bill of rights; Golf; Baseball; Golf
May 19th, 1967 The Devil Take Her'; Collette, Jean; LDS Student center; Student bill of rights; Tennis; Literary magazine; The Idaho Argonaut
September 15th, 1967 King and I; Football team; Performing Arts center; KUOI; Enrollment; Fall registration; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Homecoming; Homecoming; Track - Cross country
September 19th, 1967 Dormitories; Athletic faculty, proposed; Shreeve, Jeanne M.; King and I; Performing Arts center; Engineering laboratory building; Jordan, Len B.; College of Education; Homecoming
September 22nd, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Library; Performing Arts center; Library book theft; Basketball
September 26th, 1967 Faculty council; Performing Arts center; Homecoming
September 29th, 1967 ASUI-Student judicial council; Student judicial system; King and I; Performing Arts center; ASUI-Executive Board; Football team
October 3rd, 1967 Student judicial system; Track - Cross country; Homecoming; Homecoming; Football
October 6th, 1967 Homecoming; Campus Union party
October 10th, 1967 Athletic faculty, proposed; King and I; Homecoming; Track - Cross country; Mortar Board; Football; Student bill of rights
October 13th, 1967 ASUI-Student judicial council; Football - Freshman; Football - Freshman; Mortar Board
October 17th, 1967 Waldron, Harvey M.; Mix, Gale; Canada Day; Vietnam conflict; Wrestling; Track - Cross country; Football
October 20th, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Committee for the Peaceful Solution of World Conflicts; Dad's day (Father's day)`; Draft protest march; King and I; Pi Kappa Alpha; Football team; Performing Arts center; Ski club
October 24th, 1967 Committee for the Peaceful Solution of World Conflicts; Dad's day (Father's day)`; King and I; Vietnam conflict; Ski club; Football
October 27th, 1967 LeRoy, Dave; ASUI-Executive Board; Gripe week; McClure, James A.; Northwest Woodwind quartet; Student bill of rights
October 31st, 1967 Dad's day (Father's day)`; King and I; Wallace complex; Church, Sen. Frank; Football; Dad's day (Father's day)`
November 3rd, 1967 Mix, Gale; King and I; Church, Sen. Frank; Art exhibits
November 7th, 1967 Church, Sen. Frank; King and I; Vettrus, Dean; Hahn, Richard; Wallace complex; Art exhibits; Football
November 10th, 1967 ASUI-Executive Board; Vietnam war
November 14th, 1967 Bowling team; Twelfth Night (William Shakespeare; Drugs; Faculty council - campus affairs committee; Track - Cross country; Art exhibits; Art exhibits
November 17th, 1967 Administration building (1892-1906); Gault Hall fire - 1956; Twelfth Night (William Shakespeare; Student bill of rights; The Idaho Argonaut
November 21st, 1967 Committee for the Peaceful Solution of World Conflicts
November 28th, 1967 The Boor'; Veterinary Science club; Twelfth Night (William Shakespeare; Bullock, Earl; Hiaring, Phil; Mortar Board
December 1st, 1967 The Boor'; Mortar Board
December 5th, 1967 Committee for the Peaceful Solution of World Conflicts; Drugs; Students charged in courts
December 8th, 1967 Educational Improvement Committee, A.S.U.I.; Teacher evaluation
December 12th, 1967 Suicide; Fees; Students charged in courts
December 15th, 1967 Student housing