Argonaut 1968

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January 5th, 1968 Committee for the Peaceful Solution of World Conflicts; Fees; KUOI; Idaho Sports Award banquet; KUID-TV
January 9th, 1968 College Bowl Team; Library - Reclassification of books; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Vietnam symposium
January 11th, 1968 Alpha Kappa Lambda; Scheer, Robert; McNease, Y.C.; Vietnam symposium
February 2nd, 1968
February 6th, 1968
February 9th, 1968
February 13rd, 1968
February 16th, 1968
February 20th, 1968
February 23rd, 1968
February 27th, 1968
March 1st, 1968
March 5th, 1968
March 7th, 1968
March 12nd, 1968
March 15th, 1968
March 19th, 1968
April 2nd, 1968
April 5th, 1968
April 9th, 1968
April 12nd, 1968
April 16th, 1968
April 19th, 1968
April 23rd, 1968
April 26th, 1968
April 30th, 1968
May 3rd, 1968
May 7th, 1968
May 10th, 1968
May 14th, 1968
May 17th, 1968
September 10th, 1968 Enrollment; Men's rush; Pass-Fail option; College of Education; Reid, Rolland; ASUI-Program director; Football practices; Women's rush; Student Affairs office; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Library - Staff
September 13th, 1968 Alumni; Peterson, R.D.; Business Administration, College of; Peterson, Philip E.; Faculty constitution; Office of Development; Performing Art center; Key orientation; Enrollment; Student committee for equality in education; Theophilus, Donald Jr.; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Football
September 17th, 1968 ASUI-Executive Board; University museum; Foreign students; Idaho dramatics; Wildlife society; Library; Marshall scholarships; Women's health education building; Enrollment; Theophilus, Donald R.; School of Education; Football
September 20th, 1968 Bureau of Public Affairs Research; Football; Freshman orientation; McNease, Y.C.; Drugs; Student committee for equality in education; Marching band; Alumni Association; Valkyries
September 24th, 1968 Faculty council; Golf course; Scholarships; ASUI-Dramatics; Pass-Fail option; Homecoming; Scholarships; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); Football
September 27th, 1968 Sieckmann, Everett F.; ASUI-Executive Board; ASUI-Executive Board; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Campus Christian Center; Young Americans for Freedom; Central Placement Service; Theologies; Coed Capers; Department of Poultry; Development department; Gifts to University of Idaho; Homecoming - Schedule of events; Homecoming; Williams, Roy E.; Industrial Education Department; Shirley, Don; National Reactor Testing Station; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); Grimes, C.E.; Frazier, Joe; Student - Faculty committees; Student committee for equality in education; Literary magazine; Football; University Symphony orchestra
October 1st, 1968 Air Force ROTC; Alumni Board; Angel flight; ASUI-Student/Faculty committee; Coed Capers; Winner, H.A.; Draft (Military); Draft (Military); Faculty forum series; Student union building; Idaho center for Education in politics; Shirley, Don; Navy Corvettes; Agricultural Extension Service, UI; Arnold Air Society; Fraternity Sweetheart contests; Homecoming; Skog, Marie; Gem of the Mountains; Vandal Ski club
October 4th, 1968 Borah Symposium; Agricultural Extension Service, UI; Biggam, William R.; Idaho faculty forum; Idaho Sports Car club; Campus Union party; Terrell, W. Glenn; Faculty council; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Football
October 8th, 1968 'Hedda Gable' - Play; Church, Sen. Frank; Extension service; Sigma Alpha Iota; Faculty council; Armstrong, Sally; Football - Freshman; Air Force ROTC; Homecoming; Theologies; Football; Wells, Donald A.
October 11th, 1968 'Hedda Gable' - Play; Lonteig, Iver; Campus Union party; Central Placement Service; Jones, Frank C.; Lyle, James; Big Sky Conference; Performing Arts center; Graduate school; Harris, David; Homecoming - Schedule of events; Industrial Education building; College of Law; People to People Committee; College of Education; ASUI-Student judicial council; State Board of Education; Big Sky Conference; University museum; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Football; Utah Symphony
October 15th, 1968 Almquist lecture; Class officer elections; Class officer elections; Theophilus Tower; Tull, Clyde C. (Toppy); Football - Freshman; Connaughton, Charles A.; KUOI; Graduate studies program; Senior day; Marching band; Conscription opposition; 'Hedda Gable' - Play; Grimes, C.E.; Department of Physics; Track - Cross country
October 18th, 1968 Almquist lecture; Dad's day (Father's day)`; Class officers; Kirkwood, Mary; Senior day; Football; Track - Cross country; KUID-TV; College of Law; Philip Burton's drama quartet; Placement conference; Currie, Robert J.; Football; Veterans
October 22nd, 1968 Almquist lecture; Seawell, Thomas; Class officer elections; Dad of the year; Cosby, Bill; Ferdinand Roten Galleries exhibition; Football; Meats judging contest; 'Hedda Gable' - Play; Track - Cross country; Marchand, Leonard; Contor, Roger; Football
October 25th, 1968 Society of Sigma Xi; Marmes Man site; Debate - Political; Dad's day (Father's day)`; Class officers; Summer employment; Football statistics; Senior day; Senior day; Debate - Political; Computers replacing leadership; Basketball
October 29th, 1968
November 1st, 1968
November 5th, 1968 KUID-TV; Dad of the year; Shepard, Warren; Duffy, C.W. (Pat); Election night wake; Election poll; Engineering advisory council; Cosby, Bill; Johnson, J. Hugo; Football; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Track - Cross country; Ferguson, J. Homer; Alpha Kappa PSI; Gideonese, Dr. Harry D.; Basketball; Women's hockey games; Young Americans for Freedom
November 8th, 1968 Agricultural consulting meeting; Spangler, Richard J.; Engineering advisory council; Engineer's tie; Football - Freshman; Proctor, Raymon; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Agricultural Science building; Collins, Dr. Richard; Peace corps - Volunteers; Interfraternity council; Scholarships; Ski team; Gideonese, Dr. Harry D.; Troopers theatre tour; Football
November 12th, 1968 Chaves, Edmund; Football; Collins, Dr. Richard; Gideonese, Dr. Harry D.; Football; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Women's volleyball team
November 15th, 1968 KUOI; School of Forestry; Chapman, Donald W.; Gideonese, Dr. Harry D.
November 19th, 1968 KUOI; Football
November 22nd, 1968 Shreeve, Jeanne M.; Webbert, Charles A.; Library; Gifts to library; University Symphony orchestra; Baumgardner, Carl A.
November 26th, 1968 Women's field hockey
December 3rd, 1968 Faculty council; Idaho Soil Survey Technical Conference; College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Science; Crandall, James E.; Shepard, Anthony P.; Women's volleyball; Basketball
December 6th, 1968 Fletcher, Paul M.; Burlingame, Mildred; Basketball; Fletcher, Dr. Max E.; University telescope; Student judicial council
December 10th, 1968 Seelye, Donald W.; Basketball; Bauer, LeRoy; University wind ensemble; Student judicial council; Basketball
December 13th, 1968 Tyler, David
December 17th, 1968 Vandaleers; Faculty council; Basketball; Performing Arts center; Performing Arts center; Library; Holly Week; Student bill of rights; Richardson, Edward W.; Tovey, Frances; Basketball; Women's hours