Argonaut 1969

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Date Subjects
January 7th, 1969 Budget -; Negro history course proposed; MaCklin, Hall M.; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Wrestling; Basketball; Weather
January 10th, 1969 Carter, Sherman F.; Budget -
January 31st, 1969 Budget -; Final exam schedule - student referendum; Student referendum; J.R. Simplot freshman design award; Weather; Hendren, Jerry; Wrestling; Basketball
February 4th, 1969 Final exam schedule - student referendum; Boone, Lalia; Football - Coaching staff; Weather
February 7th, 1969 Identification cards; Marousek, Gerald; Hendren, Jerry
February 11th, 1969 Borah Symposium; Barefoot in the Part; Basketball; Interdisplinary studies; Taylor ranch; Basketball, Women's; Swimming; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 14th, 1969 Whitney (Phelps E.) Rock collection; Associated Women Students; Final exam schedule - student referendum; Martin, Boyd A.; Jazz festival; Wrestling
February 18th, 1969 Neuman, Robert; Basketball; Ski team; Swimming; Wrestling; Swimming; Basketball
February 21st, 1969 Neuman, Robert; Habib, Philip; Associated Women Students; Campus Union party; Hahn, Richard; Campus chest; Craig, Larry; Basketball, Women's; Wrestling
February 25th, 1969 Neuman, Robert; Basketball; Rifle team; Student bill of rights
February 28th, 1969 Department of Music; Student bill of rights; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
March 4th, 1969 Model United Nations; Campus chest; Sports Car Association (club); Sigma Chi sweetheart; Swimming; Cross country skiing
March 6th, 1969 ASUI-Elections; Thielke, Ruben C.
March 11th, 1969 Faculty council; Borah Symposium; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Swimming
March 14th, 1969 Borah Symposium
March 18th, 1969 College Bowl, Intramural; Borah Symposium; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Baseball; Tennis; Tennis; Track
April 8th, 1969 Hatcher, Harlan; Baseball; Tennis; Basketball
April 11th, 1969 Idaho Student Government Association; Intercollegiate Knights; Rodeo
April 15th, 1969 KUOI; Baseball
April 18th, 1969 Drugs; R.O.T.C.; Blood drive; Tennis; Tennis
April 21st, 1969 Emphasis education week; Miss University of Idaho contest; Tennis; Tennis; Tennis; Baseball
April 25th, 1969 Administration building (1907-; ASUI-Attorney General; Faculty council; Mother's weekend; Klimko, Ronald; Miss University of Idaho contest; The Idaho Argonaut; Tennis; Track; Tennis; Baseball
April 29th, 1969 Freshman week; Miss University of Idaho contest; Craig, Larry; Baseball
May 3rd, 1969 Amython (Poetry supplement); Steffens, Walter; Sports Car Association (club)
May 6th, 1969 Beck, Shirley (Mrs. Richard); Kappa Kappa Gamma; Library; Model United Nations; Sports Car Association (club); Baseball; Tennis; Tennis; Baseball
May 9th, 1969 Air Force ROTC; ASUI; Navy ROTC; Outstanding College Athletes of America; Football; Tennis; Baseball
May 13th, 1969 Gifts to library; Football; Phi Beta Kappa; Intramural track; Athletic of the Year (Picked by the Argonaut); Sports Car Association (club); Tennis; Tennis; Tennis; Delta Delta Delta
May 16th, 1969 Craig, Larry
May 22nd, 1969 Baseball; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Tennis
September 9th, 1969 Black studies; Neale Stadium; Knecht, Edward; Performing Arts center; Campus traffic
September 12th, 1969 Black studies; Woodbury, George W.; Dormitories; Fraternities; Living groups; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sororities
September 16th, 1969 Black studies; Sports Car Association (club); Living groups; Football; Basketball
September 19th, 1969 Freshman week; Gault Hall
September 23rd, 1969 College Football Centennial - Queen; Student bill of rights; Football
September 26th, 1969 Football team; Sweet, Willis
September 30th, 1969 Football
October 3rd, 1969 Amython (Poetry supplement); ASUI-Attorney General
October 7th, 1969 Football
October 10th, 1969 Vietnam war; Theophilus Tower; Football; ASUI
October 14th, 1969 Golf tournaments; Vietnam war; Track - Cross country; Football; Women's volleyball team
October 17th, 1969 Football; ASUI
October 21st, 1969 Football
October 24th, 1969 Theophilus Tower; Homecoming; Student bill of rights
October 25th, 1969 Homecoming; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.
October 28th, 1969 Crime; Alpha Phi Omega; Football; Gifts to University of Idaho; Football; Homecoming; Football; University of Idaho Board of Regents
October 31st, 1969 Alumni Association; ASUI; Performing Arts center
November 4th, 1969 Student bill of rights
November 7th, 1969 Intramural Swimming; Merk, Larry
November 14th, 1969 Amython (Poetry supplement); Golf course; Turkey Trot; Vietnam war
November 18th, 1969 Vietnam war; Football
November 21st, 1969 Gifts to University of Idaho; Model United Nations
November 25th, 1969 Neale Stadium; Model United Nations; Model United Nations; Sports Car Association (club); Football
December 2nd, 1969 Habib, Philip; Gifts to University of Idaho
December 5th, 1969 Football; Wrestling; Basketball; Women's field hockey
December 9th, 1969 Phi Kappa Tau; Hendren, Jerry
December 12th, 1969 Interfraternity council; Interfraternity council
December 16th, 1969 Crime; Hendren, Jerry