Argonaut 1970

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Date Subjects
January 6th, 1970 Gifts to University of Idaho; Crime; Basketball
January 9th, 1970 Orwick, John
January 27th, 1970 Gifts to University of Idaho; Orwick, John
January 30th, 1970 Students in bars, taverns, etc.; Forestry building; Cherrington, Virgil
February 3rd, 1970 Crime; Housing; Orwick, John; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Swimming; Wrestling; Basketball; Women's Gymnasium
February 6th, 1970 ASUI-Recreation board; Gifts to University of Idaho; Housing; Inland Empire Sports awards; Orwick, John; Theatre organ - University auditorium
February 10th, 1970 Amython (Poetry supplement); Dance; Handball; Law Library; Junior miss; Communication, School of (Department of); KUID-TV; Power plant; Dance; Swimming; Theatre organ - University auditorium; Basketball, Women's; KUID-FM; Wrestling; Basketball
February 13th, 1970 Athletics; Student bill of rights; Swimming
February 17th, 1970 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Theatre organ - University auditorium; Campus Affairs Committee; KUOI; Parachute club; Basketball; Wrestling
February 20th, 1970 Military Ball queen; Guass, Henry G.; Student bill of rights
February 24th, 1970 Library - WSU shuttle service; Art and Architecture, Building; Basketball, Women's
February 27th, 1970 Alpha Kappa PSI; ASUI-Executive Board; Enrollment; Martin, James W.; Student bill of rights
March 3rd, 1970 Bowling, Women's; ASUI-Executive Board; Pi Kappa Alpha; Student bill of rights; Basketball
March 6th, 1970 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; ASUI-Executive Board; Black studies; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Miss University of Idaho contest; Jones, Howard; Lambda Chi Alpha; Student bill of rights; Basketball
March 10th, 1970 Black studies; University museum; Library - WSU shuttle service; Library; Miss University of Idaho contest; Miss University of Idaho contest; Basketball
March 12th, 1970 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; College Bowl Team; Intercollegiate Knights; Skiing; ASUI-Elections; Pi Gamma Mu; Baseball; Vietnam war
March 17th, 1970 ASUI-Senate; College Bowl Team; Faculty appointments; Baseball
March 20th, 1970
April 3rd, 1970
April 7th, 1970
April 10th, 1970
April 14th, 1970 Amython (Poetry supplement); Kellogg, George A.; Library; Model United Nations; Tennis; Tennis; Football; Rodeo; Track
April 17th, 1970 ASUI - Departments; Student bill of rights; Baseball; Tennis
April 21st, 1970 Carousel (Music); Earth Day; Hendren, Jerry; Borah Symposium; Baseball; Tennis
April 24th, 1970 Borah Symposium; Alpha Lambda Delta; Performing Arts center; Buildings and grounds; Tennis; Baseball
April 28th, 1970 Martin, Boyd A.; Parents' weekend; Parents' weekend; Borah Symposium; Student bill of rights; Track; Baseball
May 1st, 1970 Gifts to University of Idaho; Phi Beta Kappa; Student bill of rights
May 5th, 1970 Intramural track; University of Idaho - Campus; Baseball; Tennis
May 8th, 1970 Kendrick, David; Kendrick, David; Crime; Vietnam war; Gifts to University of Idaho; Student bill of rights; Vietnam war; Tennis
May 12th, 1970 Theophilus, Donald Jr.; Forestry week; Frisbee throwing contest; Football; Delta Delta Delta; KUOI; Students; Athletes, top; Boone, Lalia; Baseball
May 15th, 1970
May 18th, 1970
May 22nd, 1970
May 25th, 1970
May 29th, 1970
October 2nd, 1970 New stadium (proposed); All Idaho week; Campus landmarks; Performing Arts center; Parking permits; Football team; Dairy Science building; Navy ROTC building; Track; Track - Cross country; Track
October 6th, 1970 Air Force ROTC; Performing Arts center; Swimming center; Student bill of rights; Football
October 9th, 1970 Football - Freshman; Homecoming; Golf; Intramural council; Orwick, John; Vietnam war; Rodeo club; Student bill of rights
October 13th, 1970 Vandaleers; Central Duplication Services; Football; Department of Veterinary Science; Campus traffic; Student advisory services; Football
October 16th, 1970 Campus traffic laws and regulations; Gem of the Mountains; Judo club; Student advisory services; Homecoming; Homecoming
October 20th, 1970 Billy Budd (Play); Football; Homecoming; KUOI; Church, Sen. Frank; Track - Cross country; Football
October 23rd, 1970 Billy Budd (Play); Homecoming; Football; Neale Stadium; University of Idaho - Logo; Marching band; Homecoming; Water polo
October 27th, 1970 Football; Gem of the Mountains; Football
October 30th, 1970 ASUI-Senate; Parachute club; Student counseling center; Track - Cross country
November 3rd, 1970 Campus landmarks; Crime; Model United Nations; Parachute club; Football; Women's Gymnasium
November 6th, 1970 Parking; Dance - Northwest District Dance Symposium
November 10th, 1970 Parking; Nightline; Swimming center; Track - Cross country; Turkey Trot; Football; Women's physical education building
November 13th, 1970 New stadium (proposed); ASUI-Senate; Graduate Art studio (GAS house); Registration; Rodeo club; Track - Cross country; Water polo; University of Idaho Board of Regents; University of Idaho Board of Regents
November 17th, 1970 KUOI; Football
November 20th, 1970 Moot court; U-Hut theatre
November 24th, 1970 Satellite sub
December 1st, 1970
December 4th, 1970 Parachute club; Ski team; Wrestling; Basketball
December 8th, 1970 Bowling; Killy, Jean-Claude; Basketball
December 11st, 1970
December 15th, 1970 Nightline; Parking; Parachute club; Locke, Mabel E.; Basketball