Argonaut 1971

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Date Subjects
January 5th, 1971 Intramural wrestling; Moot court; Satellite sub; Crime
January 8th, 1971 ASUI-Senate; Day Care center; Fire - Satellite Sub; Satellite sub; KUOI; Bookstore, Student; Satellite sub; Basketball
January 12th, 1971 Kibbie Dome; Northwest passage training post; Basketball; Women's hours
January 15th, 1971 College of Law; 'HAM' radio
January 19th, 1971 Crime; Student union building; Wrestling; Basketball
February 5th, 1971 Bell, Harold; Bookstore, Student; Day Care center; Student housing; Tamarack Ski area; Army ROTC; Elk river (Band); Student bill of rights; Swimming; Basketball
February 9th, 1971 Kibbie Dome; Swimming; Wrestling; Basketball
February 12th, 1971 Orwick, John; R.O.T.C.; Women's health education building; Women's hours
February 16th, 1971 Borah Symposium; Carillon; Faculty - salary; Frykman, Marian; Food Services; Swimming; Basketball
February 19th, 1971 Faculty - salary; Swimming
February 23rd, 1971
February 26th, 1971 Borah Symposium; Student counseling center
March 2nd, 1971 Wrestling; Crime; Basketball; Peace Corps
March 5th, 1971 Indians of North America - University of Idaho; ASUI-Elections
March 10th, 1971 Basketball; Campus chest; Nightline; Parking; Alpha Tau Omega; ASUI-Elections; Swimming; Vandaleers
March 12th, 1971 Orwick, John; Crime; Fire safety; Jazz festival; 'Romeo and Juliet'
March 17th, 1971 Campus chest
March 19th, 1971 Drugs; Gem of the Mountains; 'Romeo and Juliet'; Armstrong, Terry
March 23rd, 1971 Art and Architecture, school of; Friends of distinction; Crow (Musical group); Student bill of rights; Basketball
March 26th, 1971 Golf; Raunio, Elmer K.
April 6th, 1971 Track; Golf; University of Idaho Board of Regents
April 9th, 1971 Vandaleers; Gem of the Mountains; Housing; Baseball; Alpha Tau Omega; Tennis
April 14th, 1971 ASUI-Budget; Baseball; College Bowl Team; Gem of the Mountains; Golf; Nightline; Pom-Pom girls; Tennis; The Idaho Argonaut
April 20th, 1971 Basketball; Golf; Parking; Baseball; Rodeo; Softball
April 23rd, 1971 ASUI-Senate; Bowling, Intramural; Pom-Pom girls; Baumgardner, Carl A.; Browne, Mike; Department of Physics; Tennis
April 27th, 1971 ASUI; Young Americans for Freedom; Soccer; Deer; Department of Physics; Baumgardner, Carl A.; Browne, Mike; Baseball; Women's hours
April 30th, 1971 Women Students; Baumgardner, Carl A.; Women Students
May 4th, 1971 ASUI-Budget; Frisbee throwing contest; Track; Baseball
May 7th, 1971 Drugs; Golf; Nightline; Buildings and grounds; The Idaho Argonaut; The Idaho Argonaut; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Women's hours
May 11th, 1971 Miss University of Idaho contest; Deer; Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Soccer
May 14th, 1971 Baseball; Buildings and grounds; Young Americans for Freedom; Intramural softball; Parking
May 19th, 1971 Carter, Sherman F.; ASUI-Budget; Young Americans for Freedom; Golf; Tennis; Student judicial council; The Idaho Argonaut
September 3rd, 1971 New stadium (proposed); ASUI-Communications Board; Fees; Food Services; White, Ronnie; Minorities; Registration; Football; Bicycles; Athletics; Vandal Hall
September 8th, 1971 Gem of the Mountains; Housing; KUID-TV; Soccer; Richardson, Thomas E.
September 10th, 1971 ASUI-Officers; KUOI; Mann, Mary Ruth
September 14th, 1971 ASUI; Athletics; Hays Hall; Football; Parking; College of Law; Water
September 17th, 1971 Athletics
September 21st, 1971 Parking; Soccer; Football
September 24th, 1971 ASUI-Senate; The Idaho Argonaut; Football team; Nightline; Alcohol; Athletics; Soccer
September 28th, 1971 Phi Gamma Delta; Soccer
October 1st, 1971 Intramural Tennis; Student union building; Parking; Track - Cross country
October 5th, 1971 Performing Arts center; Gem of the Mountains; KUOI; Library Hours; Water polo; Homecoming; Soccer; Football; University of Idaho Board of Regents
October 8th, 1971 Football; Rodeo; Athletics
October 12th, 1971 Housing; Homecoming; Library; Soccer; Football; University of Idaho Board of Regents
October 15th, 1971 Bookstore, Student; Soccer; Football
October 19th, 1971 KUOI; Library - holdings; Student loans; Ski club; Dean of women; Soccer; Student code of conduct; Football
October 22nd, 1971 Forestry building; Water; Minorities; Parking; Religious studies; Track - Cross country
October 26th, 1971 ASUI-Budget; Parking fines; Athletics; Soccer; Football
October 29th, 1971 Student union building; Lambda Chi Alpha
November 2nd, 1971 Academic Hearing board; Faculty council; Intramural volleyball; Photography contest; Athletics; Lambda Chi Alpha; Turkey Trot
November 5th, 1971 Lane, Mark; ASUI-Senate
November 9th, 1971 Dairy Bar; ASUI-Senate; Football
November 12th, 1971 Elk; Housing; All Idaho week
November 16th, 1971 Football; Women Students
November 19th, 1971 Faculty council; Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
November 22nd, 1971 Bomb threats; Financial aid; Interdisplinary studies; Ski club; University of Idaho Board of Regents
November 30th, 1971 Basketball; Chamber Music; Patriotism; Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?; Soccer; Student evaluations of teachers
December 3rd, 1971 Big Sky Conference; Day Care center; Idaho Student Lobby; Food Services; Wrestling
December 7th, 1971 Exchange students; Performing Arts center; Performing Arts center; Idaho Student Lobby; ASUI; Dance - Northwest District Dance Symposium; Graduate Art studio (GAS house); Basketball; Vandalism; Women's field hockey
December 10th, 1971 University of Idaho Board of Regents; French Language House; Housing; Parachute club; The Nutcracker (Ballet); Student advisory services; Basketball