Argonaut 1973

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Date Subjects
January 23rd, 1973 ASUI-Entertainment Committee; ASUI-Senate; Athletics; Big Sky Conference; Bookstore, Student; Black Student Union; Registration; Sex; Sports Car Association (club); Student code of conduct; Basketball
January 26th, 1973 ASUI; Bookstore, Student; Crime; Exchange students; Faculty council; Basketball; The Perch; Religion; ASUI
January 29th, 1973 ASUI; Athletics; Campus club; Faculty council; Dormitories; Idaho Student Lobby; Rose, Alan; ASUI; White Pine Hall (Co-ed)
February 2nd, 1973 Athletics; Idaho Student Lobby; Parking; Rose, Alan; Sex; Tenure; University of Idaho - Finances
February 6th, 1973 Bias against women faculty; Housing; Navy ROTC; ASUI-Elections; University of Idaho - Finances; University of Idaho Board of Regents
February 9th, 1973 ASUI-Entertainment Committee; Black Students; College of Engineering; Married students; Parachute club; Sigma Chi; Kibbie Dome; Gays; Railroad crossing
February 13th, 1973 Bilingual programs; Food Services; Gays; Religion; Tenure
February 16th, 1973 Art and Architecture, College of; Faculty council; Hazing; KUOI; Campus planning; Housing; Stillinger Trust Housing; ASUI-Elections; Sex; Women Students
February 23rd, 1973 Alcohol; ASUI-Elections; Housing; Religion; ASUI-Communications Board; Educational consulting service; Racial discrimination; Basketball
February 27th, 1973 Housing; Stillinger Trust Housing; Drugs; Wrestling
March 2nd, 1973 French Language House; Jazz concerts; Dairy Bar; ASUI-Elections; Dance; University of Idaho - Finances; Rose, Alan; Student code of conduct; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.
March 6th, 1973 Alpha Phi Omega; Faculty council; Gays; Crime; Sports Car Association (club); Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Basketball; Women Students
March 9th, 1973 Campus chest; Performing Arts center; Golf course; Housing; Dormitories; Dogs; Women faculty; Faculty council; Railroad crossing; Religion; Ballet folk; Swimming; Track; University of Idaho - Finances; Vandaleers
March 13th, 1973 ASUI; R.O.T.C.; Rose, Alan; Soccer; Water polo
March 28th, 1973 Borah Symposium; Crime; Women's swimming; Crime; Sports Car Association (club); Tenure
March 30th, 1973 Chess; Drugs; Faculty council; Borah Symposium; Tennis; Art on campus; Railroad crossing; Athletics; Soccer; Tenure
April 3rd, 1973 Borah Symposium; Housing; Rose, Alan
April 6th, 1973 French Language House; University of Idaho - Finances; University of Idaho - Finances; Athletics; Soccer; Tenure; Track; University of Idaho Board of Regents
April 10th, 1973 Athletics; Knecht, Edward; Gem of the Mountains; Smoking; Fees; Fees; MARAT/SADE; Student union building; Tennis; Baseball
April 13th, 1973 Athletics; Faculty council; Religion; Dance; Phi Delta Theta
April 17th, 1973 Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Financial aid
April 20th, 1973 Faculty council; Rose, Alan
April 24th, 1973 Athletics; Bookstore, Student; Career planning and placement center; Kites; Stillinger Trust Housing; Tennis; Baseball
April 27th, 1973 Observatory; Student health center; Talisman house; Theatre Arts Department
May 1st, 1973 Alumni; Sigma Chi; Physical plant; Softball
May 4th, 1973 ASUI-Senate; Crime; Martin, Boyd A.; Golf team; Track; Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Sports Car Association (club)
May 8th, 1973 Alcohol; ASUI-Senate; French Language House; Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Track
September 6th, 1973
September 11th, 1973 French Language House; Palouse Empire Mall; Student union building; Football
September 14th, 1973 Minorities
September 18th, 1973 Iiams, Carlton; Smith, H. Sidwell; Minorities; Reid, Rolland; Football; Baseball
September 21st, 1973 New stadium 1973-; Football
September 25th, 1973 Tenure
September 28th, 1973 Tenure
October 2nd, 1973 Performing Arts center; Football
October 5th, 1973 Tenure; Soccer; Swimming
October 9th, 1973 The Crucible; Fencing; Football
October 12th, 1973 Parking; Talisman house; Tenure; Track - Cross country; University of Idaho - Research; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Vandalettes
October 16th, 1973 Free University; Talisman house; Football
October 19th, 1973 The Crucible; Tenure; Women's volleyball team
October 23rd, 1973 Soccer; Football
October 26th, 1973 Women's field hockey; Volleyball
October 30th, 1973 Alumni Association; Shreeve, Jeanne M.; Muslim students; College of Law; Football
November 2nd, 1973 ASUI-Senate; Homecoming; Football
November 6th, 1973 Free University; Idaho Student Lobby; White Pine Hall (Co-ed); Skiing; Soccer; Football
November 9th, 1973 ASUI; Women's center; Tenure
November 13th, 1973 KUOI; Signs; White Pine Hall (Co-ed); Football; Wrestling
November 16th, 1973 ASUI-Constitution-Amendments and Revision; Housing; College of Law; Tenure; Women
November 27th, 1973 KUOI; Football; Dance
November 30th, 1973 Soccer; Tenure; Women's volleyball team
December 4th, 1973 Athletics; Football - Coaching staff; Jazz concerts; Vandal Hall; Basketball; Wrestling
December 7th, 1973 Athletic Board; Athletics; Knecht, Edward; University of Idaho Board of Regents; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Argonaut; Athletic Board; Basketball; Athletics; Jones, Howard; Tenure; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.
December 11th, 1973 Athletics; Green, Leon; Football; Skiing; Hagberg, Ole Gabriel (1873-1898); University of Idaho Board of Regents; Basketball
December 14th, 1973 Dormitories; ASUI-Senate; ASUI; Tenure; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Basketball