Argonaut 1974

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Date Subjects
February 1st, 1974 Martin, Boyd A.; Skiing; Rees, Willis 'Bill'; Administration building (1907-; Weather; Maker, Robert; Tenure; Vandaleers; Alpha Kappa PSI
February 5th, 1974 The Perch; Gays; Kempthorne, Dirk; Alcohol; Green, Leon; Borah Symposium; Athletics; Tenure; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Veterans
February 8th, 1974 Alcohol; Mosmna, Roy; Borah Symposium; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Swimming
February 12th, 1974 Dairy Bar; Dairy Science, Department of; Computers; Basketball; Women's swimming
February 15th, 1974 Public Interest Research group; Commencement; Jazz festival; Track; Parking; Food stamps; Kempthorne, Dirk; Basketball, Women's; ASUI-Elections; Rees, Willis 'Bill'; New stadium 1973-; Tenure
February 22nd, 1974 Kempthorne, Dirk; Boise College; Drama, (Productions); Food stamps; Rees, Willis 'Bill'; Fires; Swimming; Basketball; Women's swimming
February 26th, 1974 College Bowl Team; Fencing; Free University; Tenure; Rape; Jones, Howard; Basketball
March 1st, 1974 Forensics; School of Music; Rees, Willis 'Bill'; Tenure; Boxing; Computer Services
March 5th, 1974 Commencement; Idaho Student Lobby; Mud football; Skiing
March 8th, 1974 Basketball; Commencement; Women's swimming; Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Tennis
March 12th, 1974 American Federation of Teachers; ASUI-Elections; Rees, Willis 'Bill'; Track
March 15th, 1974 Academic standards; Anderson, Wayne; Final examinations; Grades; KUOI; Ballet folk; ASUI-Elections; University of Idaho - Finances; Skiing
March 19th, 1974 Gays; ASUI-Senate; Student health center; Baseball; Kempthorne, Dirk; French Language House
March 26th, 1974
March 29th, 1974 Campus chest; Discrimination; Basketball; Marijuana; Day Care center; Performing Art center; Rees, Willis 'Bill'
April 2nd, 1974 Cross, Bert; Ballet folk; Baseball; Department of Journalism; KUID-TV; ASUI; Rees, Willis 'Bill'; University of Idaho - Finances; Women's swimming
April 5th, 1974 ASUI-Senate; Drugs; Faculty council; Marijuana; University of Idaho Board of Regents; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Campus chest; Fees; New stadium 1973-; Track; Women's center
April 9th, 1974 Argonaut; ASUI; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Track; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.; Baseball
April 12th, 1974 Faculty council; Academic standards; Grades; Performing Art center; Accreditation; Baseball; ASUI; Tennis
April 16th, 1974 Basketball, Women's Baseball; Minorities; Crime; Weather; Track; Student health center
April 19th, 1974 Baseball; Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Department of English; Golf course; Crime; Canoe race; Academic standards; Track; Performing Arts center; Black Students; Parents' weekend
April 23rd, 1974 Baseball; Food stamps; Rees, Willis 'Bill'; Eiguren, Roy; Black Students; Turtle Derby; Nader, Ralph; Track
April 26th, 1974 Faculty council; Minorities; Bed Race (Beds on wheels); Gays; Rodeo club; University of Idaho - History; Kempthorne, Dirk
April 30th, 1974 Debates; Minorities; College of Law; Baseball; Golf course
May 3rd, 1974 University of Idaho - History; Sieckmann, Everett F.; Dunn, Alfred; Bicycle race; Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Tenure; McCrery, Frank
May 7th, 1974 Pinball; Baseball; Elm street school; Black Students; Student union building; Blue Mountain Rock Festival; Tennis
May 10th, 1974 ASUI-Senate; Buxton, Kenneth; Dairy Science, Department of; Athletics; Gem of the Mountains; Drugs; Argonaut; Nightline; City of Moscow businesses; University of Idaho - History; Alpha Tau Omega; Chrysler, Russell; Hosack, Robert; Tennis; Track
May 14th, 1974 Black Students; Commencement; Coonrad, Robert W.; In-State tuition; Hartung, Dr. Ernest W.
September 1st, 1974
September 6th, 1974
September 10th, 1974 ASUI-Senate; Computer center; Free University; Law students; Marijuana; Parking; Foreign students; French Language House; Administration building (1907-; Student - Faculty ratio; Kibbie Dome
September 13rd, 1974
September 17th, 1974
September 20th, 1974
September 24th, 1974
September 27th, 1974
October 1st, 1974
October 4th, 1974
October 8th, 1974
October 11st, 1974
October 15th, 1974
October 18th, 1974
October 22nd, 1974
October 25th, 1974
October 28th, 1974
November 1st, 1974
November 5th, 1974
November 8th, 1974
November 12nd, 1974
November 15th, 1974
November 19th, 1974
November 22nd, 1974
November 26th, 1974
December 3rd, 1974
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December 13rd, 1974
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December 25th, 1974
December 29th, 1974