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The Argonaut - January 20th, 1978 'The alternative station' (pg 6, c0) | All goes well in dome. Photo on p.1 (pg 3, c0) | Correction to previous report (pg 3, c4) | Depends on good GPA (pg 3, c0) | NCAA investigates U 0f I team (pg 1, c0) | President of U of I. Ups and downs with press. Photos (pg 1, c0) | Stereo after 4 years of struggle (pg 14, c0) | Various Christian organizational (pg 11, c0) | Various issues at forums (pg 3, c0) | Varsity team vs. Washington State College. Score: 67-69 (pg 8, c0) | Women's athletics (pg 14, c0)
KUID-FM; Registration; Campus news. Communication department. Newspaper; Financial aid; Basketball; Gibb, Richard; KUOI; Religion; Women; Basketball; Women;
The Argonaut - January 24th, 1978 ASUI behind in dues payment (pg 1, c0) | Exciting first class. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Lots of room to park (pg 5, c0) | President of U of I. Candid at press conference (pg 3, c1)
Idaho Student Association; Theatre Arts Department; Parking; Gibb, Richard;
The Argonaut - February 7th, 1978 ASUI breaks with ISA, won't pay dues (pg 1, c0) | Enrollment down a little (pg 3, c0) | Men, women do well in home meet (pg 8, c0) | University of Idaho vs. University of Montana. Score: 68-81 (pg 8, c0)
Idaho Student Association; Free University; Swimming; Basketball;
The Argonaut - January 27th, 1978 ASUI won't pay back dues (pg 0, c4) | ASUI-Who's who in the ASUI (pg 3, c0) | Harlem Glove Trotters here. Photo (pg 15, c0) | Locker rooms, office delayed (pg 2, c0) | Many committees, few applications (pg 1, c0) | Now repaired, concert on February 3. Photo (pg 9, c0)
Idaho Student Association; ASUI-Who's who in the ASUI; Basketball; Kibbie Dome; Faculty council; Theatre organ - University auditorium;
The Argonaut - February 10th, 1978 Garden Lounge: drink sensibly (pg 11, c0) | Nick Gier explains aims (pg 1, c0) | President of U of I. Speaks on KUID (pg 5, c0) | Roger Wallins explains aims (pg 1, c0) | Story behind ASUI and ISA (pg 6, c0) | Travel, new experience offered (pg 14, c0)
Alcohol; American Federation of Teachers; Gibb, Richard; American Association of University Professors; Idaho Student Association; Exchange students;
The Argonaut - February 14th, 1978 campus security: locks, keys, etc. (pg 1, c0) | Increase defended by vice president (pg 2, c0) | Men, women lose games (pg 14, c0) | Photos of washrooms of local bar (pg 8, c0) | University working on problems (pg 1, c0) | Varsity team vs. Idaho State College. Idaho loses 71-73. Photo (pg 12, c0)
Crime; Fees; Swimming; City of Moscow businesses; Handicapped; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 17th, 1978 Consider campus security motion (pg 16, c0) | Lose to Spokane Community College. Photo (pg 10, c0) | Photo of wet snow on campus (pg 1, c0) | Renovation proposed (pg 6, c0) | Sex role symposium planned (pg 7, c0)
Faculty council; Gymnastics; Weather; Arboretum; Sex;
The Argonaut - February 21st, 1978 Beat BSU 67-54 (pg 9, c0) | Lose to CWSU and University of Montana (pg 8, c5) | Regents' policy defines (pg 1, c0) | Stresses self-help (pg 12, c0) | Varsity team vs. Boise State University. Score: 61-69 (pg 9, c0) | Varsity team vs. Idaho State College. UI loses again, 72-77 (pg 9, c0) | WSU 87, University of Idaho 53 (pg 8, c0)
Basketball, Women's; Swimming; Alcohol; Student counseling center; Basketball; Women's swimming;
The Argonaut - February 24th, 1978 Accreditation (pg 7, c0) | Retires after summer session (pg 11, c3) | UI owns $1M in South African stocks (pg 1, c0)
Accreditation; Green, Leon; University of Idaho - Finances;
The Argonaut - February 28th, 1978 Beat Eastern Oregon State College 63-41m Northwest Naz. 71-76 (pg 6, c5) | Beat Whitman 54-0; Pendleton 4-0 (pg 6, c0) | Food services - Cinnamon rolls every Tuesdays and Thursdays (pg 2, c0) | Varsity team vs. Northern Arizona University. Idaho 72, NAU 79 (pg 6, c0) | Varsity team vs. Weber State University. UI 69, Weber 86 (pg 6, c0)
Basketball, Women's; Rugby; Student union building; Basketball;
The Argonaut - March 3rd, 1978 Campus chief may resign (pg 1, c4) | Will not replace golf professional (pg 1, c0)
Police; Golf course;
The Argonaut - March 7th, 1978 'Hotbox of problems' (pg 1, c0) | Beat Gonzaga 79-53; Whitwirth 81-64 (pg 6, c0) | Opinion survey under way (pg 4, c0) | Search for new dean continues (pg 5, c0) | University of Idaho finishes 4th in Northwest-Pacific meet (pg 7, c0) | University of Idaho vs. Washington State University. University of Idaho wins 8-1 (pg 6, c0) | Varsity team vs. Washington State University. Idaho loses 0-3, 6-9 (pg 11, c0)
Idaho Student Association; Basketball, Women's; Library; College of Law; Swimming; Tennis; Baseball;
The Argonaut - March 10th, 1978 All 10 members qualify for regional (pg 11, c0) | Faculty council rejects inter-U studies (pg 6, c0) | Regents revoke student control (pg 1, c0) | Symposium on roles, etc. (pg 16, c0) | Whitewater program planned. Photo (pg 11, c0)
Gymnastics; Women; KUOI; Women; Outdoor program;
The Argonaut - March 14th, 1978 No wins in Georgia meet (pg 6, c0) | No wins in Seattle regional meet (pg 6, c0) | Regent defend takeover (pg 1, c0)
Women's swimming; Swimming; KUOI;
The Argonaut - January 31st, 1978 Athletics aid considered for women (pg 2, c0) | Women win, men lose at Missoula (pg 6, c0)
Women; Swimming;
The Argonaut - March 17th, 1978 All about rugby and Idaho's team (pg 13, c0) | ASUI delays takeover resolution (pg 3, c0) | Idaho PBS coordinator explains (pg 5, c0) | KUOI armband distributed (pg 11, c0) | New policy won't change much. Portrait (pg 2, c0) | Professor of Agricultural education. Dies of gunshot wound. Portrait (pg 1, c0) | Student volunteer operators wanted (pg 6, c0)
Rugby; KUOI; Lawrence, John A.; KUOI;
The Argonaut - March 28th, 1978 ASUI roundup (pg 2, c0) | Doug Wilson groups distribute fundamentalist newspaper (pg 4, c3) | Executive director explains problem (pg 1, c0) | Professor of Agricultural education. Accident or suicide? Portrait (pg 3, c0) | Road trip nets mostly wins (pg 6, c0) | Trees planted by presidents. Photo (pg 10, c0) | Warm, Sunny; juggler on lawn. Photo (pg 1, c0)
ASUI roundup; Religion; Idaho Student Association; Lawrence, John A.; Tennis; Campus landmarks; Weather;
The Argonaut - March 31st, 1978 Art student paint designs on and in dome (pg 2, c0) | New law exempts from secrecy rules (pg 5, c0) | Regents to raise fees (pg 2, c0) | Shakespeare books from Folger library on display (pg 13, c2) | Warm; woman gets dunked. Photos (pg 1, c0)
Kibbie Dome; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Dormitories; Fees; Library; Weather;
The Argonaut - April 4th, 1978 Back from national tour (pg 6, c0) | Defeat Spokane 22-0. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Dye and suds in fountain costly joke (pg 5, c0) | Idaho and place in Spokane tourney (pg 9, c0) | Most of elk herd sold. Photo (pg 1, c0) | Nor-Pac games continue (pg 8, c0) | Story of senator and symposium (pg 3, c0) | Trouble between ASUI president and senate (pg 1, c0)
Ballet folk; Rugby; Campus landmarks; Rugby; Department of Veterinary Science; Baseball; Borah, William E.; ASUI;
The Argonaut - February 3rd, 1978 Dark spots still exist (pg 1, c0) | Fines and jail deter shoplifters (pg 2, c0) | Laser physics taught at University of Idaho (pg 3, c0) | President of U of I. Kidnapped, pays ransom to charity. Photo (pg 1, c0) | UI vs. Gonzaga University. Score:72-91 (pg 9, c1)
Campus lighting; Crime; Department of Physics; Gibb, Richard; Basketball;
The Argonaut - April 18th, 1978 More women students than ever (pg 2, c3) | Photo on p.1 (pg 2, c3) | President of U of I. Administrative changes (pg 1, c0) | Resigns as vice-president, returns to history (pg 1, c0) | Revived after fives years (pg 2, c1) | Some lots still empty (pg 3, c4) | U of I responds to lawsuits (pg 1, c0) | Vandals continue winning (pg 6, c1)
Women; Turtle Derby; Gibb, Richard; Coonrad, Robert W.; Greek week; Parking; Foreign students; Tennis;
The Argonaut - April 21st, 1978 ASUI denies MECHA funds (pg 1, c0) | Candidates' positions (pg 10, c0) | Losses total $34.000 (pg 1, c0) | Pound's daughter opens lectures (pg 2, c0) | President's vetoes, no reason why (pg 1, c4) | Title IX review completed (pg 3, c0)
Minorities; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Entertainment Committee; Pound lecture in the humanities; ASUI-Budget; Women;
The Argonaut - April 24th, 1978 Cafeteria complaints encouraged (pg 3, c0) | Fund raiser scheduled (pg 6, c0) | Marshall McLuhan to speak (pg 2, c0) | Nauseating to clean up messes (pg 3, c0) | Portraits and positions (pg 1, c0) | Second in Weber invitational (pg 9, c0) | Set new marks in Seattle meet (pg 9, c0) | Win first track meet ever (pg 9, c0)
Food Services; Ballet folk; Pound lecture in the humanities; Chewing tobacco; ASUI-Elections; Tennis; Track - University of Idaho; Women's track;
The Argonaut - April 28th, 1978 Athletes honored at banquet (pg 7, c0) | Election results, DeMeyer at top (pg 1, c0) | Elizabeth Stevenson acting dean (pg 1, c0) | List of wards and honors (pg 5, c0) | McLuhan disappoints audience. Photo (pg 2, c0) | New carpeting in hallways (pg 3, c1) | Practical advice to users (pg 3, c0) | Senate overrides budget veto (pg 1, c0)
Women; ASUI-Elections; College of Letters and Science; Scholarships; Pound lecture in the humanities; Wallace complex; Marijuana; ASUI-Budget;
The Argonaut - April 7th, 1978 'In Progress' grade established (pg 5, c0) | Faculty secretary updates manual (pg 3, c0) | Herbicide can cause damage, death (pg 1, c0) | Human right theme this year (pg 1, c0) | Lose 2-7 to Montana State University (pg 11, c0) | Many new apartments in Moscow. Photo (pg 6, c0) | No deposit refund to ex-dormice. (pg 5, c0) | Tourney at University of Idaho despite bad weather (pg 10, c0)
Grades; Tenure; Marijuana; Borah Symposium; Women's Tennis; Housing; Dormitories; Tennis;
The Argonaut - May 2nd, 1978 Crank letter annoy parents, U of I (pg 1, c0) | Letter: Mcluhan stunning bore (pg 4, c0) | Native American woman sues university (pg 3, c0) | Routine meeting (pg 3, c0) | Second in Husky invitational, Seattle (pg 6, c0) | Will rise again (pg 1, c0)
Crime; Pound lecture in the humanities; Minorities; Faculty council; Tennis; Fees;
The Argonaut - May 9th, 1978 AAUW president speaks on issues (pg 5, c0) | Driving range shifted back. Photo (pg 2, c0) | History of UI's first co-ed residence (pg 11, c0) | History of White Pine Hall (Co-ed) (pg 11, c0) | Party areas for residents (pg 2, c0) | Seven quality for Bozeman regional (pg 0, c0) | U of I wins 1st national championship (pg 1, c0) | UI concrete canoes do well in races (pg 7, c0) | University of Idaho wins big sky; 13th in 14 years (pg 6, c0) | Withdrawal policy for 500- levels (pg 3, c0)
Women; Golf course; White Pine Hall (Co-ed); Dormitories; Dormitories; Women's track; Budweiser College Superstars Competition; Canoe race; Tennis; Faculty council;
The Argonaut - May 12th, 1978 Amends promotion, Graduate level policies (pg 3, c0) | Chief campus cop resigns (pg 1, c0) | Curb cuts, ramps, etc., plans (pg 11, c1) | Essay on the game. Photo (pg 14, c0) | No containers at all now in dorm! (pg 1, c0) | Photographic supplement (16p) (pg 0, c0) | President of U of I. Some higher administrative posts not yet filled (pg 2, c0) | Semester deemed productive (pg 3, c0) | Survey: Lounge uncomfortable, etc. (pg 11, c0) | Varsity team vs. Seattle University. Split: 4-2. 1-3 (pg 8, c0) | Veto on fee increase delayed (pg 1, c0)
Faculty council; Police; Handicapped; Pinball; Alcohol; Campus, views of; Gibb, Richard; ASUI; Library; Baseball; ASUI-Senate;
The Argonaut - September 1st, 1978 'Not professional, just good' (pg 5, c0) | $31.000 carryover from previous year (pg 2, c0) | 6,400 enrolled in dome. Photo (pg 1, c0) | Bikes in buildings are safety hazards (pg 12, c0) | Hearing held on increase (pg 1, c0) | Oppose most of $29 fee increase (pg 1, c0) | Slide shows every Wednesday (pg 9, c0) | Some lots are rarely filled (pg 8, c0) | Wallace cafeteria opens for service (pg 3, c0) | Win 2 of 5 international awards (pg 12, c1)
KUOI; ASUI-Budget; Registration; Bicycles; Fees; ASUI-Senate; Outdoor program; Parking; Food Services; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE);
The Argonaut - September 5th, 1978 Contract let for curb cuts, etc. (pg 1, c0) | Mitchell resigns, now 4 vacancies (pg 3, c0) | Opens at College of Law (pg 2, c0) | Photo of a student and dog in sunshine. Photo (pg 1, c0) | Two players speak out. Portraits (pg 9, c0)
Handicapped; ASUI-Senate; Legal aid clinic; Weather; Football;
The Argonaut - September 8th, 1978 All about filed hockey (pg 10, c0) | Complete list of restaurants and their offerings (pg 14, c0) | Contingency budgets released (pg 1, c0) | Driving range moved back, no charge (pg 2, c0) | Gibb studies exempt salaries (pg 6, c0) | Insurance costs and availability (pg 6, c0) | Milo Nelson editor of Wilson Bulletin (pg 15, c0) | Only 10 appear in hearings (pg 3, c0) | Postpone decision on $29.00 increase (pg 1, c0) | Rain for three days!. Photo (pg 1, c0) | Regents postpone decision on $29 (pg 1, c0) | Season begins. Schedule (pg 8, c0)
Women's field hockey; City of Moscow businesses; University of Idaho - Finances; Golf course; Women; Student health center; Library; Fees; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Weather; Fees; Football;
The Argonaut - September 12th, 1978 Business options for foreign languages? (pg 12, c0) | How Nightline works (pg 0, c0) | No money for this fall (pg 11, c0) | University of Idaho vs. San Jose State. Idaho loses 14-31 (pg 9, c0) | Various night courses offered (pg 2, c0) | Women's volleyball (pg 10, c0)
Faculty council; Nightline; ASUI-Entertainment Committee; Football; Continuing education; Women's volleyball;
The Argonaut - April 11th, 1978 $38.000 for improved access (pg 11, c0) | Dorm rates up, other fees delayed (pg 1, c0) | Finish second at Cheney meet (pg 8, c0) | First speaker on human rights (pg 1, c0) | Friday blue jean day for gays (pg 4, c0) | ISA future is in doubt (pg 2, c0) | Moscow chief happy with campus cops (pg 5, c0) | Student evaluations poor measure (pg 3, c0) | Win Inland Empire crown. Photos (pg 9, c0)
Handicapped; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Track - University of Idaho; Borah Symposium; Gays; Idaho Student Association; Police; Faculty council; Tennis;
The Argonaut - September 15th, 1978 Cafeteria almost finished (pg 1, c0) | Dr. J.P. Munson resigns (pg 5, c0) | No solution to exempt salaries (pg 5, c0) | Photo of curb cuts underway (pg 3, c0) | President of U of I. Plans reshuffle of higher-ups (pg 1, c0)
Food Services; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Women; Handicapped; Gibb, Richard;
The Argonaut - September 19th, 1978 May add locker rooms, $2.2m. Photo (pg 1, c0) | Minorities advisory services (pg 2, c0) | Most likely places to park (pg 11, c0) | President of U of I. Review vacancies before hiring (pg 3, c0) | Scholarships (pg 10, c0) | Season opens September 30 (pg 7, c0) | University of Idaho vs. Washington State University. Idaho 0, WSU 8 (pg 6, c0)
Kibbie Dome; Minorities; Parking; Gibb, Richard; Scholarships; Soccer; Football;
The Argonaut - April 14th, 1978 Drive senior out to lunch. Photo (pg 12, c0) | Evaluations need more study (pg 18, c0) | Food services - non-eater take customer space (pg 14, c0) | How student money was used for it (pg 13, c0) | Leno Seppi new president of board (pg 16, c0) | Letter on serious overcrowding (pg 5, c0) | Micro movie house sold. Photo (pg 1, c0) | No travel money, no more debates (pg 14, c0) | Upholds veto on funds for blacks (pg 2, c0) | US, UK good but not perfect (pg 1, c0)
Kappa Sigma; Faculty council; Student union building; Kibbie Dome; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Library; City of Moscow businesses; Debate team; ASUI-Senate; Borah Symposium;
The Argonaut - October 3rd, 1978 Academic vice-president. New VP speaks about job. Portrait (pg 3, c0) | Beat Southern Oregon state College 2-1 (pg 8, c0) | Check bouncing: the consequences (pg 1, c0) | Less sectionalism in board now. Portrait (pg 2, c0) | Team wins 2, Loses 1 (pg 8, c0) | UI vs. Northern Arizona University. Idaho loses 29-34. Photos (pg 9, c0)
Fugato, Robert; Women's field hockey; Crime; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Soccer; Football;
The Argonaut - October 6th, 1978 Alan Walker to run to Boise. Photo (pg 14, c0) | Assistant dean of Student Advisory Services. Idaho outstanding women of year (pg 5, c0) | Closed door session to continue (pg 7, c0) | Creek houses pay for new lighting (pg 3, c0) | Indian summer, student on bench. Photo (pg 1, c0) | Variety of activities offered (pg 2, c0) | Various fall programs offered (pg 10, c0) | Washington State University wins 2-1 (pg 9, c0)
Long distance running; Bush, Colann (Corky); ASUI-Senate; Campus lighting; Weather; Homecoming; KUID-TV; Women's field hockey;
The Argonaut - September 22nd, 1978 A reporter dines in new cafeteria (pg 11, c0) | Fills vacancies, $13.000 for Gem (pg 1, c0) | Foreign language + business degree approved (pg 14, c0) | Peter Isaacson, Paleontologist (pg 17, c0) | Small fire in wood lab. Put out (pg 6, c0)
Food Services; ASUI-Senate; Faculty council; Department of Geology; College of Forestry;
The Argonaut - October 10th, 1978 Beat EWSU 3-0, NIC wins 4-0. Photo (pg 6, c0) | Fewer this year, 7,636 enrolled (pg 1, c0) | Poor food at Moscow Mule (pg 10, c0) | President of U of I. Three regents rate President Gibb (pg 2, c0) | University of Idaho vs. University of Nevada - Las Vegas. Lose 53-14 (pg 7, c0) | Veterinary program with Washington and Oregon (pg 1, c0) | Wins 3, lose 1 at BSU meet (pg 6, c0)
Soccer; Registration; City of Moscow businesses; Gibb, Richard; Football; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Women's field hockey;
The Argonaut - October 13th, 1978 Bounced checks and the banks (pg 11, c0) | Committee to study food services (pg 4, c0) | Idaho team 4th of 20 in Washington meet (pg 7, c0) | Kirk Allen interviewed. Portrait (pg 7, c0) | New campus cop: interview. Photo (pg 13, c0) | Pay equity promised by Jan 1979 (pg 1, c0) | Students pay for campus vandalism (pg 12, c0)
Crime; ASUI-Senate; Track - Cross country; Football team; Police; Women; Crime;
The Argonaut - October 17th, 1978 Alan Walker made it to Boise. (pg 4, c0) | Beat NW Nazarene 4-1, CWSU 1-0, WSU 3-2 (pg 6, c0) | University of Idaho vs. University of Montana. Idaho wins 34-30. Photo (pg 6, c0) | Various games, end 2nd in Pac-7 (pg 7, c0) | Women's team did well in Moscow and Spokane (pg 6, c0)
Long distance running; Women's field hockey; Football; Women's volleyball; Track - Cross country;
The Argonaut - October 20th, 1978 A show within a show. Photo (pg 14, c0) | All about campus curb cuts (pg 2, c0) | Approved $10.000 repair/reserve fund (pg 9, c0) | How locals heal with bad checks (pg 20, c0) | Pay equity questions and answers (pg 3, c0) | Queen. New way to choose queen and princess (pg 1, c0) | Seven parking permits stolen from unlocked cars (pg 20, c0) | Three dean finalists announced (pg 7, c0) | What they think about Americans (pg 17, c0)
Carnival (Music); Handicapped; ASUI-Senate; Crime; Women; Homecoming; Crime; Business and Economics, College of; Foreign students;
The Argonaut - October 24th, 1978 Beat Pendleton 36-0 (pg 11, c0) | Loss: CWSU 2-1; Win: WSU 1-0 (pg 11, c0) | Must rise from 50W to 100W. Photo (pg 3, c0) | Office reorganized, student mad (pg 1, c0) | Shoplifting in Moscow. Photo (pg 16, c0) | Sixteen bands of parade, dances, etc. (pg 9, c0) | UI vs. Montana State University. Lose 21-57 to nation's no.1 Photo (pg 10, c0)
Rugby; Soccer; KUOI; Minorities; Crime; Homecoming; Football;
The Argonaut - October 31st, 1978 'Dusty Lentils' do well at Boise (pg 9, c0) | Bill McGowen, 1938-1940 Agricultural Education. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Blue Mountain wins, loses.. (pg 9, c0) | Dean hasn't answered question yet (pg 2, c0) | University of Idaho vs. Weber State University. Wildcats whip Idaho 51-6. Photo (pg 8, c0)
Rugby; Homecoming; Rugby; Minorities; Football;
The Argonaut - November 7th, 1978 Idaho 5, Eastern Oregon college 1 (pg 6, c0) | Rental service criticized (pg 3, c0) | U of I s Boise State University. 'Vandal Shelled 48-10'. Photo (pg 6, c0)
Soccer; Housing; Football;
The Argonaut - November 14th, 1978 Australians 75, U of I 50.Photos (pg 6, c0) | House plant stolen from Kibbie (pg 11, c0) | University of Idaho 1st in Moscow relays (pg 6, c0) | Varsity team vs. Idaho State College. ISU 'no show', so loses game (pg 6, c0) | Woman held 5 hours at knife point (pg 2, c0)
Basketball, Women's; Crime; Swimming; Basketball; Crime;
The Argonaut - September 26th, 1978 Alarm, smoke, but no five (pg 1, c0) | Increase for turf in Kibbie Dome (pg 3, c0) | New campus cop hit and run victim (pg 1, c0) | University of Idaho vs. Wichita State University. Idaho loses 6-28 (pg 8, c0)
Student union building; Fees; Police; Football;
The Argonaut - November 17th, 1978 Moscow no longer entirely safe (pg 2, c0) | President of U of I. UI should consider in-state tuition (pg 10, c0) | Rick Howard elected president (pg 1, c0) | Sponsors honky tonk rockabilly bash (pg 1, c0) | VP breaks tie veto on Kibbie fee (pg 3, c0)
Crime; Gibb, Richard; ASUI-Elections; KUOI; ASUI-Senate;
The Argonaut - November 28th, 1978 'Potential good, says expert' (pg 12, c0) | End season with 24-20 record. Photo (pg 11, c0) | Howard resigns; personal reasons (pg 1, c0) | Need $1.7M for additions (pg 1, c0) | Photo of grand stairway (pg 1, c0) | Photo. 'Loves students, Idaho' (pg 3, c0) | U of I vs. Fresno State. Idaho loses 2-9. Photo (pg 13, c0) | University of Idaho vs. University of Minnesota. Idaho Losses 57-72 (pg 14, c0) | Vickie May wins honor. Photo (pg 11, c0)
Living History Museum (Proposed); Women's volleyball; ASUI-Elections; Kibbie Dome; Administration building (1907-; Armstrong, Terry; Football; Basketball; Women's volleyball;
The Argonaut - September 29th, 1978 Five psychologists on staff now (pg 13, c0) | Photo. 'Low Key' checks for containers (pg 1, c0)
Student health center; Alcohol;
The Argonaut - December 12th, 1978 Regents approve drive for funds (pg 2, c0)
Kibbie Dome;
The Argonaut - December 15th, 1978 Approve legislative liaison? (pg 14, c0) | Invite regents on layoff policy (pg 1, c0) | Lose 49-69 to WSU. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Wattage increase, programming (pg 13, c0)
ASUI-Senate; Faculty council; Basketball, Women's; KUOI;
The Argonaut - December 1st, 1978 Hiring, firing policies discussed (pg 1, c0) | Search for new director dropped (pg 1, c0) | Varsity team. Donald Newman new star. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Withdrawal policy, Kibbie fee, etc (pg 1, c0)
Faculty council; Physical plant; Basketball; University of Idaho Board of Regents;
The Argonaut - December 5th, 1978 Beat Northern Montana 70-68 at home (pg 8, c0) | Delays, but no problems (pg 2, c0) | Sew-it-yourself department open (pg 3, c0) | UI vs. College of Great Falls. Idaho wins 100-53 (pg 1, c0) | University of Idaho vs. University of British Columbia. Idaho wins 68-49. Photo (pg 1, c0)
Basketball, Women's; Gem of the Mountains; Outdoor program; Basketball;
The Argonaut - December 8th, 1978 Approve new heads for Arg. and KUOI-fm (pg 7, c0) | Faculty layoffs imminent (pg 1, c0)
ASUI-Senate; Faculty council;
The Argonaut - January 17th, 1978 Bill Belknap replaces L. Green (pg 9, c0) | Changes made (pg 6, c0) | Courses and classes offered (pg 12, c5) | Damage by snowmobiles, etc. (pg 15, c0) | Fee hike only half of what asked for (pg 1, c0) | Football coach. The Troxel Story, editorial (pg 4, c0) | How it works, etc. Photo (pg 0, c0) | Idaho Athletic director. Replaces Leon Green. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Nigerian sues for $134.00 damages (pg 1, c0) | No more faculty discounts (pg 2, c4) | Now financially self-support (pg 14, c3) | President forces resignation (pg 8, c3) | Queen. UI queen in Orange Bowl parade (pg 13, c1) | Replaces Ed Troxel as coach (pg 9, c2) | UI vs. Gonzaga University. Score: 39-53. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Vacation games disappointing (pg 7, c0) | Wallace remodel ready in spring (pg 16, c0)
Athletic director; Campus news. Communication department. Newspaper; Ballet folk; Golf course; ASUI; Troxel, Ed; R.O.T.C.; Belnap, Bill; Foreign students; Bookstore, Student; Parking; Troxel, Ed; Homecoming; Davitch, Jerry; Basketball; Food Services;
The Argonaut - May 5th, 1978 'Lagniappe' Photos, 12 pages insert (pg 0, c0) | Details of the contest (pg 9, c0) | Director William Billingsley steps down (pg 19, c0) | Discuss annual leave policy, etc. (pg 3, c0) | Idaho controls not successful (pg 2, c0) | Interview. Portrait (pg 18, c0) | More about the great bed race (pg 7, c0) | Photo of bed on wheels for race (pg 1, c0) | Raise athletic and graduate fees (pg 1, c0) | Six walk out over fee increase (pg 2, c0) | Story of the hall (pg 18, c0) | Story of White Pine Hall, 1st co-ed (pg 18, c0) | What to do if arrested (pg 5, c0)
Literary magazine; Mines and Mucker contest; School of Music; Faculty council; Marijuana; Coonrad, Robert W.; GDI week; GDI week; University of Idaho Board of Regents; ASUI-Senate; White Pine Hall (Co-ed); Dormitories; Marijuana;
The Argonaut - August 29th, 1978 $5.000 planning grant received (pg 9, c0) | Approve 14 new programs (pg 13, c0) | Approve new irrigation system, etc (pg 14, c0) | Cuts made without approval (pg 6, c0) | Degree requirements discussed (pg 21, c0) | Director visits vets in Brazil (pg 19, c0) | Discusses career at U of I (pg 31, c0) | Dorm 'Safe' for containers? (pg 8, c0) | Dorothy Zakrajsek new chairman (pg 34, c0) | Exempt salaries questioned (pg 40, c0) | Fall season ahead. Photo (pg 30, c0) | Five new positions announced (pg 38, c0) | Food services - Please share tables at lunchtime (pg 21, c0) | Hearings on fee increase first ever (pg 1, c0) | How $29 increase will be used (pg 2, c0) | Leon Green retires. Portrait (pg 31, c0) | May join a computer network (pg 11, c0) | Micro being remodeled. Photo (pg 27, c0) | More non-music majors offered (pg 42, c0) | Named to head Physical Education department (pg 34, c0) | New basketball coach. Portrait (pg 32, c0) | New dancers, dances, fall tours (pg 24, c0) | New head cop from Ketchum (pg 6, c0) | New van. Autumn tours (pg 26, c0) | No editor, so no Gem? Semiannual? (pg 1, c0) | Offices moved around (pg 1, c0) | Open to all campus women. Photos (pg 12, c0) | Paperback exchange: description (pg 27, c0) | Permits for sale (pg 18, c4) | Research project discussed (pg 35, c0) | Research projects discussed (pg 35, c0) | Seek site for wastewater tank (pg 21, c0) | Students expand theater themselves. Photos (pg 25, c0) | Three may resign soon. Portraits (pg 3, c0) | Truck accident delays remodeling (pg 36, c0)
Arboretum; University of Idaho Board of Regents; University of Idaho Board of Regents; ASUI-Budget; Faculty council; Department of Veterinary Science; Green, Leon; Alcohol; Department of Physical Education; Affirmative action; Football; University of Idaho - Administration; Student union building; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Fees; Department of Physical Education; Library; City of Moscow businesses; School of Music; Zakrajsek, Dorothy; Monson, Don; Ballet folk; Police; Marching band; Gem of the Mountains; Administration building (1907-; Women's center; City of Moscow businesses; Parking; College of Mines and Earth Resources; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Water; Theatre Arts Department; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Food Services;
The Argonaut - October 27th, 1978 'Happy days' this year's theme (pg 1, c0) | All about Jerry Davitch. Portrait (pg 24, c0) | Description of the museum (pg 23, c0) | Jerry Davitch. Portrait (pg 24, c0) | Lose 2-3 to WSU. Photo (pg 14, c0) | More women in Ag and Vet med (pg 25, c0) | New antenna, security concerns (pg 30, c0) | Nobody likes new carpet in Wallace (pg 2, c0) | Pajama parade. Photo (pg 10, c0) | Professor of French. Effective way to learn French. Portrait (pg 18, c0) | Several restaurants discussed (pg 22, c0) | Thirty students will run to Boise (pg 15, c0) | Weight room problem. Photo (pg 6, c0)
Homecoming; Davitch, Jerry; University museum; Football - Coaching staff; Women's field hockey; Women; KUID-TV; Dormitories; Homecoming; Rose, Alan; City of Moscow businesses; Long distance running; Memorial gymnasium;
The Argonaut - November 3rd, 1978 President of U of I. Responds to criticism. Photo (pg 1, c0) | President vetoes polling places bill (pg 18, c0) | Win 2, lose 3, end 3rd in Spokane. Photo (pg 17, c0)
Gibb, Richard; ASUI-Elections; Women's volleyball;
The Argonaut - November 10th, 1978 All about the candidates (pg 2, c0) | Discuss raise in fees, etc. (pg 1, c0) | Election posters torn down (pg 18, c0) | Lost WWII plaque found again (pg 16, c0) | McQuillen named dean (pg 1, c0) | Now plays 'adult contemporary' (pg 17, c0) | Photos 'Chugging!' (pg 14, c0)
ASUI-Elections; University of Idaho Board of Regents; ASUI-Elections; Veterans; Business and Economics, College of; KUID-FM; Alcohol;