Argonaut 1978

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Date Subjects
January 17th, 1978 Athletic director; Campus news. Communication department. Newspaper; Ballet folk; Golf course; ASUI; Troxel, Ed; R.O.T.C.; Belnap, Bill; Foreign students; Bookstore, Student; Parking; Troxel, Ed; Homecoming; Davitch, Jerry; Basketball; Food Services
January 20th, 1978 KUID-FM; Registration; Campus news. Communication department. Newspaper; Financial aid; Basketball; Gibb, Richard; KUOI; Religion; Women; Basketball; Women
January 24th, 1978 Idaho Student Association; Theatre Arts Department; Parking; Gibb, Richard
January 27th, 1978 Idaho Student Association; ASUI-Who's who in the ASUI; Basketball; Kibbie Dome; Faculty council; Theatre organ - University auditorium
January 31st, 1978 Women; Swimming
February 3rd, 1978 Campus lighting; Crime; Department of Physics; Gibb, Richard; Basketball
February 7th, 1978 Idaho Student Association; Free University; Swimming; Basketball
February 10th, 1978 Alcohol; American Federation of Teachers; Gibb, Richard; American Association of University Professors; Idaho Student Association; Exchange students
February 14th, 1978 Crime; Fees; Swimming; City of Moscow businesses; Handicapped; Basketball
February 17th, 1978 Faculty council; Gymnastics; Weather; Arboretum; Sex
February 21st, 1978 Basketball, Women's; Swimming; Alcohol; Student counseling center; Basketball; Women's swimming
February 24th, 1978 Accreditation; Green, Leon; University of Idaho - Finances
February 28th, 1978 Basketball, Women's; Rugby; Student union building; Basketball
March 3rd, 1978 Police; Golf course
March 7th, 1978 Idaho Student Association; Basketball, Women's; Library; College of Law; Swimming; Tennis; Baseball
March 10th, 1978 Gymnastics; Women; KUOI; Women; Outdoor program
March 14th, 1978 Women's swimming; Swimming; KUOI
March 17th, 1978 Rugby; KUOI; Lawrence, John A.; KUOI
March 28th, 1978 ASUI roundup; Religion; Idaho Student Association; Lawrence, John A.; Tennis; Campus landmarks; Weather
March 31st, 1978 Kibbie Dome; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Dormitories; Fees; Library; Weather
April 4th, 1978 Ballet folk; Rugby; Campus landmarks; Rugby; Department of Veterinary Science; Baseball; Borah, William E.; ASUI
April 7th, 1978 Grades; Tenure; Marijuana; Borah Symposium; Women's Tennis; Housing; Dormitories; Tennis
April 11th, 1978 Handicapped; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Track; Borah Symposium; Gays; Idaho Student Association; Police; Faculty council; Tennis
April 14th, 1978 Kappa Sigma; Faculty council; Student union building; Kibbie Dome; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Library; City of Moscow businesses; Debate team; ASUI-Senate; Borah Symposium
April 18th, 1978 Women; Turtle Derby; Gibb, Richard; Coonrad, Robert W.; Greek week; Parking; Foreign students; Tennis
April 21st, 1978 Minorities; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Entertainment Committee; Pound lecture in the humanities; ASUI-Budget; Women
April 24th, 1978 Food Services; Ballet folk; Pound lecture in the humanities; Chewing tobacco; ASUI-Elections; Tennis; Track; Women's track
April 28th, 1978 Women; ASUI-Elections; College of Letters and Science; Scholarships; Pound lecture in the humanities; Wallace complex; Marijuana; ASUI-Budget
May 2nd, 1978 Crime; Pound lecture in the humanities; Minorities; Faculty council; Tennis; Fees
May 5th, 1978 Literary magazine; Mines and Mucker contest; School of Music; Faculty council; Marijuana; Coonrad, Robert W.; GDI week; GDI week; University of Idaho Board of Regents; ASUI-Senate; White Pine Hall (Co-ed); Dormitories; Marijuana
May 9th, 1978 Women; Golf course; White Pine Hall (Co-ed); Dormitories; Dormitories; Women's track; Budweiser College Superstars Competition; Canoe race; Tennis; Faculty council
May 12th, 1978 Faculty council; Police; Handicapped; Pinball; Alcohol; Campus, views of; Gibb, Richard; ASUI; Library; Baseball; ASUI-Senate
August 29th, 1978 Arboretum; University of Idaho Board of Regents; University of Idaho Board of Regents; ASUI-Budget; Faculty council; Department of Veterinary Science; Green, Leon; Alcohol; Department of Physical Education; Affirmative action; Football; University of Idaho - Administration; Student union building; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Fees; Department of Physical Education; Library; City of Moscow businesses; School of Music; Zakrajsek, Dorothy; Monson, Don; Ballet folk; Police; Marching band; Gem of the Mountains; Administration building (1907-; Women's center; City of Moscow businesses; Parking; College of Mines and Earth Resources; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Water; Theatre Arts Department; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Food Services
September 1st, 1978 KUOI; ASUI-Budget; Registration; Bicycles; Fees; ASUI-Senate; Outdoor program; Parking; Food Services; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)
September 5th, 1978 Handicapped; ASUI-Senate; Legal aid clinic; Weather; Football
September 8th, 1978 Women's field hockey; City of Moscow businesses; University of Idaho - Finances; Golf course; Women; Student health center; Library; Fees; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Weather; Fees; Football
September 12th, 1978 Faculty council; Nightline; ASUI-Entertainment Committee; Football; Continuing education; Women's volleyball
September 15th, 1978 Food Services; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Women; Handicapped; Gibb, Richard
September 19th, 1978 Kibbie Dome; Minorities; Parking; Gibb, Richard; Scholarships; Soccer; Football
September 22nd, 1978 Food Services; ASUI-Senate; Faculty council; Department of Geology; College of Forestry
September 26th, 1978 Student union building; Fees; Police; Football
September 29th, 1978 Student health center; Alcohol
October 3rd, 1978 Fugato, Robert; Women's field hockey; Crime; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Soccer; Football
October 6th, 1978 Long distance running; Bush, Colann (Corky); ASUI-Senate; Campus lighting; Weather; Homecoming; KUID-TV; Women's field hockey
October 10th, 1978 Soccer; Registration; City of Moscow businesses; Gibb, Richard; Football; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Women's field hockey
October 13th, 1978 Crime; ASUI-Senate; Track - Cross country; Football team; Police; Women; Crime
October 17th, 1978 Long distance running; Women's field hockey; Football; Women's volleyball; Track - Cross country
October 20th, 1978 Carnival (Music); Handicapped; ASUI-Senate; Crime; Women; Homecoming; Crime; Business and Economics, College of; Foreign students
October 24th, 1978 Rugby; Soccer; KUOI; Minorities; Crime; Homecoming; Football
October 27th, 1978 Homecoming; Davitch, Jerry; University museum; Football - Coaching staff; Women's field hockey; Women; KUID-TV; Dormitories; Homecoming; Rose, Alan; City of Moscow businesses; Long distance running; Memorial gymnasium
October 31st, 1978 Rugby; Homecoming; Rugby; Minorities; Football
November 3rd, 1978 Gibb, Richard; ASUI-Elections; Women's volleyball
November 7th, 1978 Soccer; Housing; Football
November 10th, 1978 ASUI-Elections; University of Idaho Board of Regents; ASUI-Elections; Veterans; Business and Economics, College of; KUID-FM; Alcohol
November 14th, 1978 Basketball, Women's; Crime; Swimming; Basketball; Crime
November 17th, 1978 Crime; Gibb, Richard; ASUI-Elections; KUOI; ASUI-Senate
November 28th, 1978 Living History Museum (Proposed); Women's volleyball; ASUI-Elections; Kibbie Dome; Administration building (1907-; Armstrong, Terry; Football; Basketball; Women's volleyball
December 1st, 1978 Faculty council; Physical plant; Basketball; University of Idaho Board of Regents
December 5th, 1978 Basketball, Women's; Gem of the Mountains; Outdoor program; Basketball
December 8th, 1978 ASUI-Senate; Faculty council
December 12th, 1978 Kibbie Dome
December 15th, 1978 ASUI-Senate; Faculty council; Basketball, Women's; KUOI