Argonaut 1979

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Date Subjects
January 16th, 1979 Basketball, Women's; KUID-FM; Gibb, Richard; Continuing education; Crime; Basketball; Time capsules
January 19th, 1979 ASUI-Senate; Student union building; Skiing; Student union building; Bookstore, Student; Registration; Kibbie Dome; Library
January 23rd, 1979 Weather; Borah Symposium; Housing; Weather; ASUI-Senate; Track; Basketball
January 26th, 1979 Housing; City of Moscow businesses; Gibb, Richard; Faculty council; Art and Architecture, Dept. of
January 30th, 1979 Women; Swimming; Basketball, Women's; Parking; Basketball
February 2nd, 1979 KUOI; Armstrong, Terry; Faculty council
February 6th, 1979 Women's gymnastics; Johnston, Lawrence; KUID-TV; Swimming; Basketball, Women's
February 9th, 1979 Gays; Crime; Meat lab; Women's track; Rugby; College of Law; Kibbie Dome; Weather; ASUI-Senate; KUOI
February 13th, 1979 KUOI; Crime; Basketball, Women's; Crime; Basketball; Buildings and grounds; Gymnastics; Basketball; Pinball
February 16th, 1979 KUOI; Stevenson, Elizabeth; Crime; Rape; Women
February 20th, 1979 Bicycles; KUID-FM; Basketball, Women's; Student union building; Art and Architecture, Dept. of; City of Moscow businesses; Skiing; Graduate Art studio (GAS house); Foreign students; Track; Swimming
February 23rd, 1979 Dogs; Continuing education; Crime; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Crime
March 2nd, 1979 Handicapped; Crime; Student union building; Bicycles; KUID-TV; Borah Symposium; Memorial gymnasium; Track; Basketball; University of Idaho Board of Regents
March 6th, 1979 University of Idaho Board of Regents; Basketball, Women's; Borah Symposium; Baseball
March 9th, 1979 Kibbie Dome; Fraternities; Sororities; Borah Symposium; Power outage; Bowling; Ballet folk; City of Moscow; Church, Sen. Frank; Crime
March 13th, 1979 Gymnastics; Baseball; Athletics; Rugby; Ballet folk; Soccer
March 16th, 1979 ASUI-Communications Board; Clark, Pat; Memorial gymnasium; Continuing education
March 27th, 1979 Crime; Baseball; Time capsules; Track; Outdoor program; Vandaleers; Women's Tennis; Tennis
March 30th, 1979 Fees; Faculty council; College of Engineering; Greek week; Continuing education; Women's Tennis; Women's track
April 3rd, 1979 Women's Tennis; Continuing education; Crime; Rugby; Air Force ROTC; Martin Institute; Bicycles; Baseball; ASUI
April 6th, 1979 Minorities; Athletics; Gem of the Mountains; Bowling; Older students; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Housing; Baseball
April 10th, 1979 Women's Tennis; Rape; Track; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Ballet folk; Rugby
April 13th, 1979 Gays; Minorities; Tenure; Marijuana; Baseball
April 17th, 1979 Minorities; Baseball; Foreign language contest - Cosmopolitan club; Crime; ASUI-Elections; College of Forestry; Football; Women's Tennis; Golf; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Women's Tennis; Parents' weekend; Track; Outdoor program; Tennis
April 20th, 1979 Women's Tennis; KUID-TV; Football - Coaching staff; Ballet folk; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Parents' weekend; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Parents' weekend
April 24th, 1979 Student union building; Women's track; Women's center; ASUI-Elections; Rugby; Crime; Parents' weekend; Track; Baseball; Rugby
April 27th, 1979 Faculty council; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Minorities; ASUI-Budget; ASUI-Elections; Gem of the Mountains
May 1st, 1979 Ballet folk; Police; Track; University year for action (UYA); Minorities; Women's Tennis; Tennis; Gem of the Mountains; Women's track
May 4th, 1979
May 8th, 1979 Tennis
May 11st, 1979
August 28th, 1979 ASUI-Budget; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Alcohol; Library; Continuing education; Police; Faculty council; City of Moscow businesses; Minorities; Financial aid; Women's center; Identification cards; KUOI; Football; University of Idaho - Administration; Crime; Track - Cross country; Fees
August 31st, 1979 ASUI-Senate; Career planning and placement center; Football; KUOI; White Pine Hall (Co-ed); Dance theater; Crime
September 4th, 1979 Gays; Dance theater; Football
September 7th, 1979 Foreign students; ASUI-Senate; Long distance running
September 11th, 1979 KUOI; Football; Baseball
September 14th, 1979 ASUI-Senate; City of Moscow businesses; Ballet folk; Gem of the Mountains; KUOI
September 18th, 1979 KUOI; Football
September 21st, 1979 Dormitories; Dogs; Art and Architecture, College of; Parking; Handicapped; Volleyball; ASUI-Senate; Crime; Student counseling center; Women's field hockey; University of Idaho - Administration; Track - Cross country; Faculty council; Legal aid clinic
September 25th, 1979 Volleyball; Rugby; Police; Track - Cross country; Rugby; Women's center; Football
September 28th, 1979 Bicycles; ASUI-Budget; Bookstore, Student; Ballet folk; Faculty council; Crime
October 2nd, 1979 Kibbie Dome; Track - Cross country; ASUI-Elections; Football
October 5th, 1979 Student union building; Kibbie Dome; ASUI-Senate; Gibb, Richard; Rats; Bookstore, Student; Saturday classes
October 9th, 1979 Track - Cross country; College of Forestry; Women's volleyball; Women's field hockey; Football
October 12th, 1979 ASUI-Budget; University of Idaho Board of Regents; Art and Architecture, College of; Homecoming; Crime; Nightline
October 16th, 1979 Argonaut; Soccer; Bicycles; Ballet folk; Football; Volleyball; Track - Cross country
October 19th, 1979 ASUI-Senate; Homecoming; Business and Economics, College of; Dormitories; Homecoming
October 23rd, 1979 Women's field hockey; Foreign students; Crime; Police; Track - Cross country; Homecoming; Rugby; College of Engineering; Dogs; Football; Track - Cross country
October 26th, 1979 Crime; Continuing education; Faculty council; Library; Outdoor program; Football
October 30th, 1979 Turkey Trot; Campus planning; Crime; Ghosts; Hartung Theatre; Track - Cross country; Ballet folk; Football; Outdoor program
November 2nd, 1979 Faculty council; Crime; Business and Economics, College of; Student firefighter; Art and Architecture, College of; Fires; City of Moscow; Women's field hockey; Crime
November 6th, 1979 Women's field hockey; Football; Track - Cross country
November 9th, 1979 Crime; ASUI-Elections; Siems, Peter
November 13th, 1979 Women's field hockey; ASUI-Elections; Foreign students; ASUI-Elections; Football
November 16th, 1979 Faculty council; Foreign students; Foreign students; Rats
November 27th, 1979 Dormitories; ASUI-Elections; Rowe, Galen; Women's field hockey; Football; Track - Cross country
November 30th, 1979 Faculty council; Track - Cross country; Minorities; ASUI-Entertainment Committee; KUID-TV; University of Idaho Board of Regents
December 4th, 1979 Basketball, Women's; Foreign students; Kibbie Dome; ASUI-Officers; Basketball; Basketball, Women's
December 7th, 1979 Vandaleers; Football; Handicapped
December 11th, 1979 Student union building; Basketball, Women's
December 14th, 1979 Basketball, Women's; Argonaut; Skiing; Gem of the Mountains; ASUI-Senate; Bird, Kenton; Tenure; Continuing education