Argonaut 1984

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Date Subjects
January 10th, 1984 Leclaire, Tom; Baseball club; Basketball, Women's team; Budget - State Funding formula; Zakrajsek, Dorothy; Wenders, Jack; Electrical Engineering- registration for labs; Learning resource center; Swimming; Gibb, Richard; Rose, Alan; Registration - Televised course availability; Ridenbaugh Hall; Student financial aid; Summer Sun; Basketball, Women's; University of Idaho - Research; Basketball
January 13th, 1984 ASUI lobbyist; Raese, Mary Ann; Westerwelle, Mary; Basketball, Women's team; Basketball, Women's team; Grebner, Marythea; Gibb, Richard; Proposed recreation area - ski area; Spring registration; Tamarack Ski area; Basketball
January 17th, 1984 Pace, Lois; Found Money Fund of Idaho (FMFI); Track; Swimming; ASUI lobbyist; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 20th, 1984 Admission requirements and regulations; Core curriculum; Byers, Roland O.; Tamarack Ski area; Teacher evaluation
January 23rd, 1984 ASUI-Senate; Kaus, Paul; McQuillen, Charles; University of Idaho Foundation; College Bowl Team; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Fees; WAMI program; WOI program; Fees
January 27th, 1984 Basketball, Women's team; Ecton, Kathy; Seman, Steve; Skiing; Swimming; Per-registration; Hobart, Ken; Ski team; Basketball; Fees; Fees
January 31st, 1984 Edmonds, Kris; Milhollin, Dianne; Skiing; American Festival Ballet; Hobart, Ken; Basketball, Women's; Fees; Fees
February 3rd, 1984 Billingsley, William A.; In-State tuition; State Board of Education; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 7th, 1984 Reitz, Pete; Basketball, Women's team; Campus lighting; Joe Vandal -Neon-Sign; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); Dormitories; Miller, Rocky; Basketball, Women's; Track; WAMI program; WOI program
February 10th, 1984 Basketball, Women's team; Faculty evaluation by students; Women's Tennis; Basketball; Laughton, Jack
February 14th, 1984 Bush, Colann (Corky); ASUI-Committee; Cheer leaders; Exchange students; In-State tuition; North Idaho peacemakers; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 17th, 1984 Basketball, Women's team; In-State tuition; KUOI; Women's Tennis; Rape; Teacher evaluation
February 21st, 1984 Dunn, Krista; Faculty - salary; Fugato, Robert; Grady, Michael Theodore; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 24th, 1984 Crang, Sherrie; The Diversity; In-State tuition; Returning students; Moscow Mardi Gras parade; Basketball; Women's swimming
February 28th, 1984 Jones, Doug; ASUI lobbyist; Track; Gem of the Mountains; Women's track; Nightline; Spanish American War statue; Spanish American War (Hagberg and Draper monument); Basketball, Women's; Moscow Mardi Gras parade; Basketball
March 2nd, 1984 Jones, Doug; ASUI lobbyist; Basketball, Women's team; Blank, Robert H.; Summer school; The Diversity; Grade point averages; Trumbo, Bill; In-State tuition; Jazz festival; Sears, Forrest; Basketball; Dobratz, Patti Jo; Women's volleyball
March 6th, 1984 Jones, Doug; ASUI lobbyist; Shreeve, Jeanne M.; Men's Tennis; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); Jazz festival; Basketball, Women's
March 9th, 1984 College Bowl Team; 10 year development plan; Wray, George; ASUI lobbyist; In-State tuition; Men's Tennis; Basketball
March 20th, 1984 Jones, Doug; ASUI lobbyist; Alpha Phi; Dailey, Steve; In-State tuition; Swimming; Basketball, Women's; Religious studies; University Dance Theatre
March 23rd, 1984 Borah Symposium; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Track; Washington Idaho Symphony; Women's track team
March 27th, 1984 Baggaley, Robert; Track; In-State tuition; Women's Tennis; KUID-TV; State Board of Education; Borah Symposium
March 30th, 1984 Jones, Doug; ASUI-Budget; Faculty council; In-State tuition; KUID-FM; Men's Tennis; Weight room - overcrowding; Borah Symposium; Borah Symposium; Moscow Volunteer Fire Department; University Gallery
April 3rd, 1984 Jones, Doug; Baseball club; College of Mines and Earth Resources; McDadden, Mary Key; Track; Mining and Mineral resources research institute (MMRRI); KUID-FM; Golf course; Outdoor program; R.O.T.C. - military maneuvers; ASUI-Senate; Student evaluation of teaching programs and teachers; Upward bound program
April 6th, 1984 Track; Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, dept. of; Jones, Doug; Faculty council; Baseball club; Idaho Geological survey; Idaho state appropriations to higher education; Marching band; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Idaho Quests
April 10th, 1984 Track; Amnesty International; Leclaire, Tom; ASUI-Elections; Samuelson, Everett V.; McFarland, Ronald; Faculty council; Baseball club; Men's Tennis; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Senate
April 13th, 1984 Jones, Doug; ASUI-Elections; Commencement speaker; Vincenti, Sheldon; Bell, Thomas O.; Johansen, Harley; Faculty - morale; Rodoe team; Scott, Margaret; Women's Tennis; Men's Tennis; Natural Resources week; Parents' weekend; Ski team; ASUI-Elections; Residence Hall Association; ASUI-Senate; Brady, Jon; University language and cultural club
April 17th, 1984 ASUI-Senate; Disability Awareness week; Rolland, Seigfried; Fees; Computer sciences, Department of; Long Range Planning - University of Idaho; Women's Tennis; Men's Tennis; Per-registration; Gibb, Richard; Basketball; Sexual harassment
April 20th, 1984 Leclaire, Tom; Bowling team; Army ROTC; Department of Psychology; Oliver, Ron; McDevitt, Eileen; Women's Tennis; Men's Tennis; Track; Off-campus housing; Gibb, Richard; Football; Phi Delta Theta
April 24th, 1984 Marquette, Karen; ASUI-Communications Board; Core curriculum; Library - Special Collections; Faculty - morale; Faculty council; Baseball club; Rodoe team; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Track; Louie, Esther; Trail, Mike
April 27th, 1984 ASUI-Senate; Department of Home Economics; Faculty - morale; Fees; Baseball club; Golf; Long Range Planning - University of Idaho; Women's Tennis; Track; Per-registration; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); Renaissance fair; University of Idaho and Washington State University cooperation
May 1st, 1984 Vincenti, Sheldon; Fees; Men's Tennis; Track; Gibb, Richard; Football; State Board of Education; Student financial aid; Women's volleyball; University of Idaho and Washington State University cooperation
May 4th, 1984 Larrison, Earl; ASUI-Attorney General; Commencement; Culp, Clyde; Faculty - salary; Halland, Leonard; Baseball club; Women's Tennis; Men's Tennis; Track; Final examinations - study skills; Golf; Army ROTC; Benson, Holly
August 28th, 1984 College Bowl Team; Accreditation; Leclaire, Tom; Vincenti, Sheldon; University Gallery; Drinking age - Idaho; Student union building; Computer Store; Life Science building - addition; Idaho Forester; University Gallery
August 31st, 1984 Faculty council; Issues and forums; Learning resource center; Summer school
September 4th, 1984 Armstrong, Terry; Banned books week
September 7th, 1984 Women's volleyball; Dickow, Robert; University of Idaho centennial celebration
September 11th, 1984 Vanderpool, John; Lindberg, Gary; KUID-FM; Linehan, Scott; Swagerty, William; KRFA-FM (Radio station 1984-)
September 14th, 1984 Prichard Art Gallery; Women's volleyball; West, Dennis; Rodeo club; Student code of conduct; Paudler, Pam
September 18th, 1984 Computer crime - UI; Crime; Boise Resident Instructional center; Goodspeed, Nancy; Women's volleyball; SANE (National committee for a Sane Nuclear policy; Track - Cross country
September 21st, 1984 Alternatives to violence; Moscon; Campus Democrats; College Republican National Committee
September 25th, 1984 Moscon; Giese, David; Swagerty, William; Honors program; Women's volleyball; Residence Hall Association; Hagberg, Ole Gabriel (1873-1898); Football
September 28th, 1984 Frazier, Zane; Phelps, Bob; Hall, Bill; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh music annex; Women's volleyball; The Idaho Argonaut; Wong, Andre; Frazier, Jenny
October 2nd, 1984 Beaudry, Janet; Little Fox (Lillian Hellman); Women's volleyball; The Idaho Argonaut; Worsley, Jim; Football; Annual fund
October 5th, 1984 Hill, Frank; Borah Symposium; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh music annex; Pace, Lois; The Idaho Argonaut
October 9th, 1984 Sororities; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Women's volleyball; Fall-out shelters - on campus; Craig, Larry; Football
October 12th, 1984 Hill, Frank; Selting, Leigh; Palmer, Brain
October 16th, 1984 Prichard Art Gallery; Women's volleyball; Homecoming; Student health Insurance; Vandal Oktoberfest
October 19th, 1984
October 23rd, 1984 Little Fox (Lillian Hellman); Football; Neely, Kelly
October 26th, 1984 Hill, Frank; Dirks, John; Western Computer Consortium
October 30th, 1984 Bruneel, Tire Warehouse Fire; Women's volleyball; Moscow Volunteer Fire Department; Football
November 2nd, 1984 Aggie Days; Bruneel, Tire Warehouse Fire; Track - Cross country; SANE (National committee for a Sane Nuclear policy; Moscow Volunteer Fire Department
November 6th, 1984 Career planning and placement center; Fast for a world harvest; Women's volleyball; Barnes, Jim; University Gallery
November 9th, 1984 ASUI-Elections; Drinking age - Idaho; Prichard Art Gallery; Fall-out shelters - on campus; Fast for a world harvest; Women's volleyball
November 13th, 1984 Drinking age - Idaho; Stock, Molly; Pace, Lois; Women's volleyball; Swimming; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Elections; Soccer; Football
November 16th, 1984 The Idaho Argonaut; ASUI-Elections
November 27th, 1984 Women's volleyball; Outdoor program; Police; Theatre - production and direction; Football; Women's volleyball team
November 30th, 1984 Admission requirements and regulations; Alumni Awards for Excellence (Senior awards); Childs, Frank; Church of Jesus Christ Christians; 'Midsummer's Night Dream'; Minorities; Butler, Richard
December 4th, 1984 Admission requirements and regulations; Boyd and Grace Martin Institute of Human Behavior; Church of Jesus Christ Christians; Swimming; Minorities; Basketball; Butler, Richard
December 7th, 1984 Bowling team; College Bowl Team; 'Midsummer's Night Dream'; National School Exchange program; ASUI-Senators; Suicide; Root, Richard Reed; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
December 11th, 1984 Rauch, John; Freund, Jane; ASUI lobbyist; Bell, Thomas O.; Swimming; Basketball, Women's team
December 14th, 1984 Skaug, Bruce; Raese, Mary Ann; Student for America; Laught, Colette; Mohr, Elizabeth; American Festival Ballet; Spanish American War statue; Washburn, Bud