Argonaut 1985

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Date Subjects
January 8th, 1985 Gentry, N. Dale; Simmons, George; ASUI-Senators; Ledesma, Steve; Blank, Robert H.; Bell, Thomas O.; Fees; Diving team; Track; Basketball, Women's; University of Idaho research funding; Basketball
January 11th, 1985 Admission requirements and regulations; Rauch, John; Enrollment; Gregory, Larry; Lange, David; University Gallery; Barnes, Jim; Dobratz, Patti Jo
January 15th, 1985 Accreditation; Christmas break controversy; State Board of Education; Swimming team; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Women's swimming
January 18th, 1985 Basketball, Women's team; Bicycles; Faculty - morale; Buxton, Kenneth; Skinner, Lynn; Eroschenko, Victor P.; Jazz festival; Basketball
January 22nd, 1985 Abortion-Student reactions and Experiences; Voxman, Bill; Atwoos, Roy Allen; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 25th, 1985 Fenton, Innam; Conley, Cort; Early Childhood Learning center; Brockman, Bruce; Theatre - production and direction; Student advisory services; Track; Basketball, Women's; University Press of Idaho; Basketball
January 29th, 1985 Ledesma, Steve; Track; Minorities; Moscow School District - Cooperation with University f Idaho; American Festival Ballet; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 1st, 1985 Alternatives to violence; Christmas break controversy; Selting, Leigh; Faculty council; Larson, Rhonda; Track
February 5th, 1985 SANE (National committee for a Sane Nuclear policy; Seismograph system; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 8th, 1985 KUID TV - Staff; Oleson, Ella L.; City of Moscow historic buildings; Wasserstrom, Richard
February 12th, 1985 Merriman, Sam; Handicapped children early education program; Idaho dance ensemble; Law Library; University center; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 15th, 1985 Library - Staff; Translation (Brain Fiel); Pace, Lois; Track; Part-time faculty; Basketball; Gay People Alliance
February 19th, 1985 Behrens, Robin Kay; Translation (Brain Fiel); Rodoe team; Schilafly, Phyllis; Palouse peace prize; College Bowl Team; Basketball
February 22nd, 1985 ASUI-Budget; Translation (Brain Fiel); Drinking age - Idaho; Learning resource center; Track; Per-registration; Moscow Mardi Gras parade; Basketball, Women's; Jazz festival; Basketball
February 26th, 1985 Track; Moscow Mardi Gras parade; Jazz festival
March 1st, 1985 ASUI-Budget; Translation (Brain Fiel); Elderhostel program; Basketball, Women's team; Jazz festival
March 5th, 1985 American Association of University Women; Basketball, Women's team; Borah Symposium; Fees; Basketball
March 8th, 1985 Core curriculum; Library - Special Collections; Faculty council; Basketball, Women's; Baseball
March 19th, 1985 Basketball; Borah Symposium; Tutu, Leah; General studies program (Undergraduate degree program; Basketball, Women's; Outdoor program
March 22nd, 1985 Borah Symposium; Tutu, Leah; Prichard Art Gallery; Parking committee; Silver and Gold days; Basketball, Women's; University of Idaho Foundation; University of Idaho Foundation; Tung, Mary
March 26th, 1985 Abbey, Edward; Critical program appropriation to insure accreditation); Women's swimming; Fees; State Board of Education; Borah Symposium; Rodeo; Spanish American War statue; Salary equity appropriation (Faculty); Women's swimming
March 29th, 1985 Abbey, Edward; Borah Symposium; Idaho dance ensemble; De La Cueva, Anna
April 2nd, 1985 Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions
April 5th, 1985 Church of Jesus Christ Christians; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Rabassa, Gregory; Football; Butler, Richard
April 9th, 1985 ASUI-Productions; Faculty - morale; Track; Women's track; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); ASUI-Elections; University Gallery; Silver and Gold days
April 12th, 1985 Berg, Chris; ASUI-Budget; Conley, Cort; Prichard Art Gallery; Baseball club; KRFA-FM (Radio station 1984-); Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; KUID-FM; ASUI-Elections; Kellogg, Dave
April 16th, 1985 Minorities; Aryan Nations church in Idaho; Berg, Chris; Baseball club; Natural Resources week; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Senior awards; The Idaho Argonaut; Butler, Richard
April 19th, 1985 Fees; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Track; Faculty council
April 23rd, 1985 Fees; Targhee hall; Track; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); Wilson, Doug; Society of Telecommunications Students
April 26th, 1985 Broadway (George Abbott); University of Idaho Foundation
April 30th, 1985 Career planning and placement center; National Endowment for the Arts; Track; Broadway (George Abbott)
May 4th, 1985 Renaissance fair; Students for suicide tablets; Athletics
May 10th, 1985 Juneau ice field program; KUOI - Staff; Phozone - staff; The Idaho Argonaut
June 10th, 1985 Track; Critical program appropriation to insure accreditation); Special Olympics; State Board of Education
June 20th, 1985 Summer theater; Cross, Bert; KRFA radio - staff; KUID TV - Staff; Goodspeed, Nancy; Prichard Art Gallery; Parking permits; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; The Idaho Argonaut; Drugs; Enrollment; Sevall, Jim; Centennial celebration -; Dobratz, Patti Jo
June 27th, 1985 ASUI-Committee; University of Idaho Board of Regents
July 3rd, 1985 Administration building (1907-; Tuition; Five-Year plan (University of Idaho); Summer theater; Parking permits; State Board of Education; Quest program
July 11th, 1985 Everson, Jenny; Storm, Leo; Arboretum - (Shattuck Arboretum addition); Evans, John; American Festival Ballet; Moliere School for Wives; The lion in the Winter, James Goldman; Wait Until Dark, Freferick Knott; Golf course
July 18th, 1985 Administration building (1907-; Freshman summer start program; Idaho wildlife research institute; The lion in the Winter, James Goldman; Social security refunds to students; Dames at Sea
July 25th, 1985 ASUI-Budget; Engineering outreach program (Video outreach); Parking; Moliere School for Wives; SANE (National committee for a Sane Nuclear policy
August 26th, 1985 ASUI; Freund, Jane; ASUI-Committee; KRPL; KUID TV - Staff; Prichard Art Gallery; Women's rush
August 30th, 1985 Rafferty, Pat; ASUI-Senate; Hays, Johanna B.; Fall registration; Musical chair for Africa; Student union building
September 3rd, 1985 Bush, Colann (Corky); ASUI-Budget; Campus lighting; Campus Beautification project; Life Science building - addition
September 6th, 1985 St. Marie, Michael; Musical chair for Africa; University of Idaho - Investment in South Africa; Bradetich, Pam
September 10th, 1985 Blank, Robert H.; Student union building; Campus Beautification project; Rouyer, Al; Borah Symposium; Lambda Chi Alpha; Women's volleyball; University of Idaho - Five year plan; University of Idaho - Role and mission statement; Football; Arnheim, Rudolf
September 13th, 1985 Banned books week; Musical chair for Africa; Intramural sports program; KUOI; KUOI; Women's volleyball team; Bio-85 symposium
September 17th, 1985 Freund, Jane; Campus lighting; Musical chair for Africa; University of Idaho - History; Track - Cross country; Vietnam war memorial (UI memorial); Track - Cross country
September 20th, 1985 American Festival Ballet; Moscon; Gilbertson, Keith; Statewide plan for higher education; University of Idaho - Five year plan
September 24th, 1985 ASUI-Entertainment Committee; KRFA radio - staff; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); Outdoor program; Computer crime - UI; Football
September 27th, 1985 Moscon; Ahles, Marianne; Foreign Instructor; GDI week; GDI's (Independent students); Homecoming - Retrospective - 1960; Homecoming; Women's volleyball; Parking permits; The Idaho Argonaut; American Festival Ballet; Exchange students; David Memorial Carillon; Homecoming; Statewide plan for higher education; Curtis, Bob
October 1st, 1985 Summer school; Miller, Ray; Well Fargo Gamefield jogging course; GDI week; Joe Vandal; Gibb, Richard; Josie Vandal
October 4th, 1985 Administration building (1907-; Crime; Renfrew hall; Renfrew, Malcolm; Single University Chancellor system; Women's volleyball; Gant, Nellie
October 8th, 1985 ASUI lobbyist; Computer crime - UI; Institute for Pacific Northwest studies; Vietnam war memorial (UI memorial); Football
October 11th, 1985 American Festival Ballet; Renfrew, Malcolm; Tutoring service; Women's volleyball; Hanson, Julie; Renfrew, Malcolm; Track - Cross country
October 15th, 1985 Crime; Tuition; Androcles and the lion; Andres, Boris; Incompletes policy; Women's volleyball; Women's volleyball; Football; Vandalism
October 18th, 1985 Getting Out' by Marsha Norman; Outdoor rental program; Incompletes policy; In-State tuition
October 22nd, 1985 ASUI-Political concern committee; ASUI-Tutoring program; Track - Cross country; Women's volleyball; Women's volleyball; Football; Track - Cross country
October 25th, 1985 Getting Out' by Marsha Norman; Bomb threats; Rugby; Student depression
October 29th, 1985 ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Elections; Cheating; Drinking age - Idaho; Vandal gold wine
November 1st, 1985 ASUI-Budget; Statewide plan for higher education; Erickson, Dennis; Sister state agreement; Presidential Grove; Marching band; Craig, Larry; University Dance Theatre
November 5th, 1985 Army ROTC; Bright, Robert; ASUI-Budget; Swimming; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); University Dance Theatre; Shearer scholarship; Football; Craig, Larry
November 8th, 1985 ASUI-Budget; Sarton, May; Master's production company; ASUI-Elections; Hoiness, Todd; Library; Borah Symposium
November 12th, 1985 Armstrong, Terry; ASUI-Budget; Career planning and placement center; Foreign students; Swimming; Life Science building - addition; Rugby; Football
November 15th, 1985 Alcohol consumption - Students; ASUI-Elections; Theriault, Terry; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh music annex; Foreign students; KUOI; Gifts to University of Idaho; Tutoring service; Women's volleyball
November 19th, 1985 Golf course; Hendee, John; KUOI; Swimming; Ramsey Lewis Trio; Collette Theatre; Piano bash; ASUI-Elections; Women's volleyball
November 22nd, 1985 Collette Theatre productions; ASUI-Elections; Athletes, graduation rate; Statewide plan for higher education; Hendee, John; 'The Show-off'; Basketball, Women's team; Haun, Sheldon; Trail, Mike; Basketball
December 3rd, 1985 American Association of University Professors; Freund, Jane; Chinese professors on exchange; Prichard Art Gallery; Erickson, Dennis; Basketball, Women's; Arboretum; West, Joan; Football
December 6th, 1985 American Association of University Professors; Admission requirements and regulations; Gilbertson, Keith; Jones, Doug; Yarber, Eric; American Festival Ballet; Dormitories; The Idaho Argonaut; Rape; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Jordan, Robin; Neely, Kelly
December 10th, 1985 White, Gino; Bonifas, Barry; McFarland, Ronald; Library; Final examinations - study skills; Marching band; Bukvich, Dan; Skiing; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
December 13th, 1985 Centennial project; Gregg, Matt; 'The Show-off'; The Idaho Argonaut; 'Four of kind'; Swimming team; Wanliss, Desiree