Argonaut 1986

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Date Subjects
January 14th, 1986 Habib, Philip; University of Idaho - History; Drinking age - Idaho; Petersen, Keith; Fees; Yarber, Eric; Men's rush; Erickson, Dennis; Life Science building - addition; Gibb, Richard; Symms, Steve; Ray, Tana; Craig, Larry; Trail, Mike; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 17th, 1986 McGrew, Netra; The Idaho Argonaut; Fisher, Jim; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Parking permits; Intramural sports; Spring registration; Fees; Basketball
January 21st, 1986 Prichard Art Gallery; In-State tuition; Swimming; Symms, Steve; Student health center; Watchous, Pam; Craig, Larry; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 24th, 1986 Coombs, Don; Drinking age - Idaho; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Chancellor system
January 28th, 1986 Art galleries - Ridenbaugh hall; Collette Theatre productions; Tuition; Lee, Gary; Foreign study; Track - Cross country; Swimming; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 31st, 1986 Westerwelle, Mary; Budget cutback; Vandalism; Dream Appreciation group; Drinking age - Idaho; Drinking age - Idaho; Foreign study; Track; Basketball
February 4th, 1986 Budget cutback; Shuller, Gunther; College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Science; Guest speaker; Sexual harassment on campus; Eckhardt, W.L. 'Lee'; Williamson, Mark; Buchanan, Jesse E.; Basketball, Women's; Track; Basketball
February 7th, 1986 Budget cutback; Drinking age - Idaho; Geography Department; Caspi, Yigal; Syversen, Kris; Tennis; Criminal justice program
February 11th, 1986 Fritz, Marlene; Men's Tennis; Swimming; Faculty council - Student representatives; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 14th, 1986 McGrew, Netra; Stalick, Tom; Tuition; Moscow Mardi Gras; Weiser, Jeanette Buffington; Moscow Mardi Gras parade
February 18th, 1986 Collette Theatre productions; Campus Christian Center; Blank, Robert H.; Student union building; Student union building; Rouyer, Al; Hager, Wayne; Basketball, Women's; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh music annex; Basketball; Copeland, Anne
February 21st, 1986 Giese, David; Deskines, Susan; Drinking age - Idaho; Prichard Art Gallery; Moscow Mardi Gras; Lottery - Proposed for Idaho state; Andrus, Cecil; Moscow Mardi Gras parade
February 25th, 1986 Chancellor system; Hironaka, Minoku; Track - Cross country; Swimming; Moscow Mardi Gras; Gem of the Mountains; Moscow Mardi Gras parade; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 28th, 1986 Rennie, Jim; Haskins, Matt; Hoke, Mark; Noel, Teddy; Halley's comet; Hands Across American project; Student union building; Gillespie, Dizzy; Reeves, Dianne; Fees; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); Parking permits; Palouse peace prize; Miller, Maynard M.; Hampton, Lionel; Jazz festival; Vandalism
March 4th, 1986 Indoor clean air act; Peace corps - Volunteers; Peace Corps; Hampton, Lionel; Hampton, Lionel; Tuition; Bathe, Clair; Basketball
March 7th, 1986 Tuition; Student financial aid; In-State tuition; Basketball
March 18th, 1986 Habib, Philip; Habib, Philip; Admission requirements and regulations; Moscon; Tuition; Borah Symposium; Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Williams, Gary; Hartung Theatre; Trumbo, Bill; Lottery - Proposed for Idaho state; Parking permits; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Triathalon
March 21st, 1986 Borah Symposium; Raese, Mary Ann; Conley, Cort; English department; Williams, Gary; Financial exigency; Drinking age - Idaho; Women's track; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club); In-State tuition; Rodeo; Borah Symposium; Golf; University Dance Theatre; Vietnam war memorial (UI memorial)
March 25th, 1986 Borah Symposium; Floyd, Tim; Drinking age - Idaho; Summer school; Learn and Earn program (for summer session); Administration building (1907-; Borah Symposium; Graduate Art exhibit; Basketball, Women's team
March 28th, 1986 ASUI-Budget; Borah Symposium; Tenured faculty - job elimination; Brother Jed; Women's volleyball; North Idaho; State of North Idaho; Andrus, Cecil
April 1st, 1986 ASUI-Budget; Women's track; North Idaho; Craig, Larry
April 4th, 1986 ASUI-Budget; Faculty council; Pace, Lois; Powell, Jody; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; University Post office; University Gallery; Silver and Gold days; Broenneke, Jerry; Craig, Larry; Wylie, Lawrence
April 7th, 1986 ASUI-Elections; Crime of the heat, Beth Henley; Prichard Art Gallery; Madame Butterfly (Puccini); Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Track; Women's track; Parents' weekend; Men's rugby (Blue Mountain Rugby club)
April 10th, 1986 Linville, Larry; Levanger, Jenifer; Gore, Suzanne; Raese, Mary Ann; Westerwelle, Mary; Bush, Pate; Crime of the heat, Beth Henley; Parking; Gora Euzkadi (Up with the Basque country club); Moscow - Pullman recreation corridor; Morgan, Barbara; Natural Resources week; Administration building (1907-; ASUI-Elections; Madame Butterfly (Puccini); Morotta, Kenny; Whitewater festival
April 15th, 1986 Reilly, Terry; Bush, Pate; Faculty council; Environmental learning center (Moscow Public Schools); Heikkinen, Michael; Auld, Dick L.; Park, Yin Y.; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Moscow - Pullman recreation corridor; Administration building (1907-; Parents' weekend; State Board of Education; Kuhre, Bill; Frome, Michael
April 18th, 1986 Asbestos repairs to buildings on campus; ASUI-Communications Board; Mercy, Leanne; Vietnam war memorial (UI memorial); Fees; Baseball club; Greek week; KUOI; Palouse triathlon; Paul Winter consort
April 22nd, 1986 ASUI-Budget; KUOI radio station - staff; Dormitories; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Track; Women's track; Palouse triathlon; Mogul, Susan; Husa, Karel; Momaday, N.Scott; Volleyball team; Women's volleyball team
April 25th, 1986 Golf course; Environmental learning center (Moscow Public Schools); Faculty council; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Administration building (1907-; Plant and Soil Science club; KUOI radio station - staff; Soderlund, Peter Sparling
April 29th, 1986 American summer studies institute; 'Oklahoma'; Long, Cynthia; Women's track; Freund, Jane; Arboretum - (Shattuck Arboretum addition); Golf
May 2nd, 1986 ADD (Mother Against Drunk Driving); Yarber, Eric; KUOI radio station - staff; Villarial-Price, Risellen; Soderlund, Peter Sparling; Faculty council; Rape
May 6th, 1986 Amnesty International; KUOI; The Idaho Argonaut; 'Oklahoma'; Linehan, Scott; Van Deusen, Janet Marie; Baseball club; Track; Renaissance fair; Petersen, Charlie F.; White, Ernest H.; Andrus, Cecil; Loughton, S. Jack; Hegsted, David M.
May 9th, 1986 Gifts to University of Idaho; ASUI-Budget; Kellerman, Brian W.; College of Agriculture - Research; Dormitories; Summer theater; Keller, Mike; Centennial celebration -; Swimming team; Landscape Architecture Department
June 9th, 1986 Dormitories; Summer theater; KUOI; Villarial-Price, Risellen; Track; Asbestos repairs to buildings on campus; Dobratz, Patti Jo; Track - Cross country
June 19th, 1986 Fees; Asbestos repairs to buildings on campus; Coombs, Don
June 26th, 1986 White, Gino; University of Idaho - History; Petersen, Keith; Learn and Earn program (for summer session); Frome, Michael
July 10th, 1986 Fluhrer, Roy; Fantasticks; Watson, Bill; Moscow Arts Commission Community band; Church, Sen. Frank; Trail, Mike
July 17th, 1986
July 24th, 1986 Goff, Ann; Branen, A. Larry; Nixon, Grace Virginia; Grace v. Nixon English endowment; Arms and the Man (George Bernard Shaw)