Argonaut 1987

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August 25th, 1987 Aquaculture major; Computer; ASUI-Budget; ASUI-Elections; Basketball; Big Sky Athletic Conference; Bookstore, Student; Bouillon, Rick; College Bowl Team; Loughton, S. Jack; Drinking policy - campus; Early Childhood Learning center; Student union building; Student union building; Student financial aid; Pi Kappa Alpha House; Former Football player; Gem of the Mountains; Ghosts; Hadl, John; Hartung Theatre; Honors program; Kibbie Dome; Long, Brian; College of Engineering; Outdoor program; Women's volleyball team; Rockafellers; ASUI-Productions; Gibb, Richard; Dormitories; American Festival Ballet; Football; Learning resource center
August 28th, 1987 Computer enrichment class; Counseling department accreditation; Financial aid - Audit; Football team; Campus Water system; Karate; Friends unlimited; Enrollment; University of Idaho research funding; McKinney, David
September 1st, 1987
September 4th, 1987
September 8th, 1987
September 11th, 1987 Drinking age - Idaho; Centennial celebration -; Greek system; Handicapped students - Campus accessibilities - modifications; Summer theater; Lecture notes program; Miniconferences; Water skiing; Rugby; Watt, James; Hayes, Randy; Student loans; Collins, Albert
September 15th, 1987 Amnesty International; Centennial project; Prichard Art Gallery; ASUI-Senators; Career planning and placement center; ASUI - Communication Operations Manager; Pope John Paul II; Track - Cross country
September 18th, 1987 Moscon; Army ROTC; ASUI-Senate; Watt, James; R.O.T.C. - All services; Streaking; Hobo Spider; Track - Cross country
September 22nd, 1987 Moscon; Campus Christian Center; Campus Crusade for Christ; Greeks; Nutrition; Peace Corps; Weight lifting; Football; Alumni Association; Wellness program
September 25th, 1987 Centennial project; ASUI-Senate; Campus Christian Center; Campus lighting; Student financial aid; Gem of the Mountains; Chemistry -research; Greek system; Centennial celebration -; Martial arts; Palouse Latch Media Fair; Washington Idaho Symphony; Redford, Robert
September 29th, 1987 Shreeve, Jeanne M.; Easting disorders; Women's volleyball; Microelectronic research center; Gem of the Mountains
October 2nd, 1987 Alcohol policy; Army ROTC; ASUI-handbook; Easting disorders; GDI week; Bureau of Mines; Administration building (1907-; Book Debate; Parking; Easting disorders; American Festival Ballet
October 6th, 1987 Art and Architecture, College of; Brown, Charlie; Foreign students; Kappa Sigma; Resident advisors; American Festival Ballet; Soccer; Waters, Norman
October 9th, 1987 Dose, David; Domestic violence; Parking permits; Collette Theatre; Soccer; Theophilus Tower; Whitman Hall; Women's center
October 13th, 1987 Campus Water system; Judicial council - ASUI; KUOI; Navy ROTC; Marching band; ASUI; Steiner, Randy; Football; Student health center
October 16th, 1987 Alcohol policy; Campus Water system; Idaho Supreme court; ASUI-Senators; ASUI; Homecoming; Student health Insurance; Theatre Arts Department; Football; Women's center
October 20th, 1987 Alcohol Awareness week; Birnbach, Lisa; Campus lighting; Foreign students; Homecoming; Campus Water system; Women's volleyball
October 23rd, 1987 Alcohol Awareness week; ASUI-Productions; Bowling team; Faculty council; Department of Journalism; Extension service; Student counseling center; Handicapped students - Campus accessibilities - modifications; University Dance Theatre; ASUI-Senate; State Board of Education; Washington Idaho Symphony
October 27th, 1987 American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU); Student counseling center; Theophilus Tower; ASUI-Productions; National Endowment for the Arts; Campus Christian Center; Women's volleyball team; Paradise Creek Journal; Tech Degrees - Boise State University
October 30th, 1987 ASUI; ASUI-Senate; Moscow community theater; Campus lighting; Centennial project; Prichard Art Gallery; International trade and development office; Kronos quartet; Bookstore, Student; Soccer
November 3rd, 1987 Fraternity rush; Alcohol consumption - Students; Car Accidents; Enrollment; Exercise and physiology lab; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); African Students Association; Kronos quartet; Hazardous waste disposal; Soccer
November 6th, 1987 Collette Theatre productions; ASUI-Senate; Centennial project; Car Accidents; Writer in residence; Neely, Marjorie; Rugby; Centennial celebration -; Student loans
November 10th, 1987 Men's rush; Anthropology, Dept of; Cat-O-Graphics; Business and Economics, College of; National Endowment for the Arts; Peace Corps; Research royalties; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Football
November 13th, 1987 Collette Theatre productions; White, Gino; Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources; ASUI-Productions; Geography awareness week; Track - Cross country; KUOI; Bookstore, Student; Public Relations Student society of America (PRSSA); Library
November 17th, 1987 Delta, Gamma; ASUI-Elections; College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Science; Agricultural Economics and Applied statistics, Dept. of; Microelectronic research center; GDI week; Turkey Trot; Washington Idaho Symphony
November 20th, 1987 Sanders, Ernest; GDI week; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Orchestra; Outdoor program; ASUI-Elections; Search and Rescue organizations; College of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Science; Football; Business and Economics, College of
December 1st, 1987 Escort service; Foreign students; Farrar, C.S.; Petersen, Keith; Basketball, Women's; Yoder, Amos; Vice president of finance and development; Football
December 4th, 1987 AIDS (Auto-immune Deficiency Syndrome) policy; Theophilus Tower; Escort service; Intramural wrestling; University forest; Caucasion Chalk Circle (Play); Vice president of finance and development; Student financial aid; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Navy ROTC
December 8th, 1987 Air Force ROTC - Angel flight; Basketball; Centennial celebration -; College Bowl Team; Intramural sports program; Caucasion Chalk Circle (Play); Sexual health week; Student financial aid; Basketball, Women's; Soccer; Western Undergraduate Exchange Program
December 11th, 1987 Argonaut; Bowling team; Caucasion Chalk Circle (Play); Theophilus Tower; Fees; Foreign students; Hurreiz, Sayyid; International trade and development office; Remedial courses; Panttaja, Micki; Student health Insurance; Basketball, Women's; Basketball