Argonaut 1988

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Date Subjects
January 12th, 1988 Skaug, Bruce; Gudy, Brad; ASUI-Clubs; ASUI-Committees; ASUI-Senate; Ballenger, Jenniffer; Basketball, Women's team; Bookstore, Student; Computer literacy; Dormitories; Friesz, John; Greek system; Centennial celebration -; Student financial aid; Off-campus housing; Boiler; ASUI; Paradise Creek Journal; Athletics; Basketball
January 15th, 1988 Army ROTC; ASUI-Senate; Brown, Gary; Centennial celebration -; English courses 103 and 104 - enrollment problems; Prichard Art Gallery; Basketball, Women's games; Spring registration; Registration - Procedure; Basketball
January 19th, 1988 ASUI-Budget; Student union building; Bowling team; Dormitories; Long, Brian; Library; Basketball, Women's games; Art exhibits; Basketball
January 22nd, 1988 Buckle-up week'; Alpha Tau Omega; Jackson, Andrew; Basketball, Women's games; Beitelspacher, Ron; Centennial celebration -; Outdoor program; Outdoor program; Parking; State Board of Education; University of Idaho research funding; Basketball
January 26th, 1988 ASUI-Senate; Basketball, Women's games; Core curriculum; Track; Centennial celebration -; Curry, Stephanie; State Board of Education; Bell, Terrell; University of Idaho research funding; Basketball
January 29th, 1988 Buckle-up week'; Basketball, Women's games; Petersen, Keith; Kenworthy organ; KUOI; Moscow Mardi Gras; KUID-TV; Gibb, Richard; State Board of Education; Basketball; University of Idaho research funding
February 2nd, 1988 Army ROTC; Erickson, Jon; ASUI-Senate; Davis, Cass; Firearms - Policy of; Metzler, Karma; Moscow Mardi Gras; Instructional television on cable 8; Gem of the Mountains; Basketball; Bell, Terrell; Basketball, Women's games; Basketball
February 5th, 1988 Alcohol consumption - Students; Gilbertson, Keith; Bowling team; Track; Computer sciences, Department of; Basketball, Women's games; Explore Idaho program (High School relation program); Football players; Alcohol consumption - Students; Escort service; Sexual health week; U. The national College newspaper; Basketball; Geiger, Joseph
February 9th, 1988 Farmhouse fraternity; Basketball; Basketball, Women's games; Career planning and placement center; Track; Hungerford, Delores; Ogbeide, George; Explore Idaho program (High School relation program); Seniro lance; Sexual health week; Soccer; SOAR (Student Opportunity for Academic Renewal); Basketball; Willis Sweet Hall
February 12th, 1988 Gudy, Brad; Basketball, Women's games; Basketball, Women's games; Beitelspacher, Ron; Borah Symposium; Belnap, Bill; Moscow Mardi Gras; Moscow Mardi Gras; Navy ROTC; Outdoor program; Outdoor program; Blood drive; Bowling team; College Republicans; Weight room; State Board of Education; Tennis; University of Idaho research funding; Basketball; Yoder, Amos
February 16th, 1988 Office of International Trade and Development; Centennial celebration -; Kibbie, William; Communication, School of (Department of); Women's law caucus; Sexual health week; Tennis; Track; Basketball
February 19th, 1988 Burkhartsmeier, Amy; Track; Bomb threats; Prichard Art Gallery; Basketball, Women's games; Moscow Mardi Gras; Panttaja, Micki; Foreign Language and Literature Department; Army ROTC; Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA); State Board of Education; University of Idaho research funding; Basketball
February 23rd, 1988 Idaho. Senate - Legislation; Track; Hampton, Lionel; Hampton, Lionel; Women's Tennis; ASUI-Communication Coordinator; Moscow Mardi Gras; Moscow Mardi Gras; ASUI-Senate; Duncombe, Sydney; Moscow Mardi Gras parade; Basketball, Women's; Track; Jazz festival; Student financial aid
February 26th, 1988 Air Force ROTC; Baseball club; Idaho. Senate - Legislation; University Dance Theatre; CERES International Women's Fraternity; Foreign language week; Hampton, Lionel; Outdoor program; Willis Sweet Hall; Jazz festival; Peace Corps; Intramural sports; ASUI-Senate; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
March 1st, 1988 ASUI-Budget; Basketball, Women's team; Baseball club; Centennial celebration -; Idaho college republican state convention; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Handicapped students - Campus accessibilities - modifications; Jazz festival; Basketball; 'As Is'
March 4th, 1988 Basketball; Track; Foreign Language and Literature Department; Everson, Jenny; Fees; Conferences and Enrichment program; College of Letters and Science; Kearney, Robert; Centennial celebration -; Parents' weekend; Park, Jim; College Bowl Team; KUID-TV; College of Education; State Board of Education; Art exhibits; 'As Is'
March 8th, 1988 Alcohol Awareness week; Learning resource center; ASUI-Budget; Women's track; Palouse triathlon; Smith, Jaune Quick-To-See; Rodeo; Russell, George; Intramural sports; 'As Is'; Basketball, Women's
March 22nd, 1988 Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); Department of Mathematics; Baseball club; Honors program; Michel, Elinor; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Smith, Jaune Quick-To-See; Reid, James; ASUI-Senate; Soccer; Ware, Willis
March 25th, 1988 Borah Symposium; Women's track; Idaho. Senate - Legislation; Central America Week; Prichard Art Gallery; Department of Mathematics; Idaho educational adventures; Palouse triathlon; Paradise Creek Journal; Track; Golf; Tennis
March 29th, 1988 Borah Symposium; Women's track; Golf; Women's track; Phi Gamma Delta; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh hall; Centennial celebration -; Idaho heritage tour; Idaho Sports Award banquet; Rodoe team; Women's Tennis; Army ROTC; Central America Week; 'As Is'; Ware, Willis; Phi Beta Kappa
April 1st, 1988 Borah Symposium; ASUI-Budget; Baseball club; Women's Tennis; Men's Tennis; Perraud, Louis; Architecture, Dept of; Women's center
April 5th, 1988 Collette Theatre productions; Alpha Tau Omega; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Senate; Delta, Gamma; Computer Software; Firearms - Policy of; Rodoe team; Men's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Navy ROTC; African Students Association; Kappa Sigma; Football; Track
April 8th, 1988 Blue key; Armstrong, Terry; Centennial celebration -; Honors program; Petersen, Keith; KUOI; Centennial celebration -; Arboretum; Idaho state intercollegiate legislature; Operas; Women's Tennis; Women's Tennis; Gibb, Richard; ASUI-Senate; Parents' weekend; Silver and Gold days; Found Money Fund of Idaho (FMFI); Centennial project; Phi Delta Theta; University of Idaho - Established
April 12th, 1988 Track; ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Elections; Petersen, Keith; Baseball club; International week; Women's Tennis; Outdoor program; Summer session; Soccer; Phi Delta Theta; Women's track team
April 15th, 1988 Awards assembly; Women's track team; Neely, Marjorie; Fees; Baseball club; Greek week; ASUI-Senate; ASUI-Elections; Steele, James; Lucas, James R. 'Doc'; State Board of Education; Alpha Gamma Delta
April 19th, 1988 Floyd, Tim; Fees; Firearms - Policy of; Firearms - Policy of; Whitman Hall; Greek week; Idaho educational adventures; Idaho state intercollegiate legislature; Women's Tennis; Men's Tennis; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh hall; Kerby, Darrell C.; Women's track team; Amnesty International; Lucas, James R. 'Doc'; State Board of Education; Rugby
April 22nd, 1988 College of Mines and Earth Resources; College of Law; Prichard Art Gallery; Fees; Baseball club; Summer session; International week; Women's Tennis; Palouse triathlon; Date rape awareness week; Renaissance fair; Tennis; State Board of Education; Track
April 26th, 1988 Army ROTC; Floyd, Tim; Tennis; Firearms - Policy of; Football team; Summer session; Track; International week; Palouse triathlon; 'She Stoops to Conquer'; The Idaho Argonaut; Art exhibits; Baseball club; Track
April 29th, 1988 ASUI-Communications Board; ASUI-Senate; Davis, Kermit; State Board of Education; The Idaho Argonaut; Swagerty, William; Fees; Renaissance fair; Women's Tennis; 'She Stoops to Conquer'; Student housing; 'As Is'; Library faculty award
May 3rd, 1988 Fishery resources; Women's Tennis; Alpha Tau Omega; Renaissance fair; College of Engineering; Soccer; Football; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh hall; Track; Women's track
May 6th, 1988 Anderson, Don; ASUI-Budget; Tennis; Boxing; Carlson, Herb; Gem of the Mountains; Kara, Frank; Kara, Ted; ASUI-Committee; Moore, Rae Ellen; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh hall; University judicial council; Wilkins, Pete
August 23rd, 1988 Army ROTC; ASUI-Finances; Golf course; Dormitories; Friesz, John; Lady Vandals stride for gold; Summer theater; Intramural sports; Football team; Libbey, Roger; Bookstore, Student; Parking permits; Pullman, C.L.; Gibb, Richard; Food Services; Student financial aid; Theatre tickets; Geiger, Joseph; State Board of Education; Women's volleyball team
August 26th, 1988 Floyd, Tim; Computer chips; Argonaut; Jackson, Jesse; Ombudsman; Microelectronic research center; Satellite uplink equipment; Women's volleyball team
August 30th, 1988 Hunter, Gary; Building program; Engineering outreach program (Video outreach); Found Money Fund of Idaho (FMFI); Gualt (Hall) Steak; Scholarships; Women's volleyball; Scholarships; Soccer
September 2nd, 1988 Advisor workshop; Football players; Library; Alpha Chi Omega; Women's volleyball; Theatre Arts Department; Parking
September 6th, 1988 ASUI-Productions; Deskines, Susan; College Republicans; Dance theater; Women's volleyball; Miss Idaho Rodeo (Contest); Leese, Julia; Food Services
September 9th, 1988 Campus Democrats; Financial aid management system; Physical plant; Centennial celebration -; Football; Visiting authors - Vern Rutsala; Women's volleyball team
September 13th, 1988 Physical plant; Commencement -centennial; International day; Rugby; Women's volleyball; University of Idaho - Grants received; University of Idaho - Grants received; Football
September 16th, 1988 Football players; 'Our Town'; Library; Schaid, Arnold; Arboretum; Walleyball; McCaffery, Anne; Theatre tickets; University of Idaho Foundation; Voter registration drive; Women's center; Women's volleyball team
September 20th, 1988 International lunch and learn seminars; Academic coordinator, UI Athletic Department; Hughs, Ed; Asbestos abatement; Centennial Art and Crafts fair; Centennial week; Debate, Presidential candidates; Art in action; Fraternities; R.O.T.C. - All services; Phi Gamma Delta; R.O.T.C. - All services; Rugby; State Board of Education; Track - Cross country; Women's volleyball; Women's volleyball; Football
September 23rd, 1988 Shetty, Kiran; Moscon; ASUI-Senate; Baseball club; Carter, Dorothy; University of Idaho Foundation; Homecoming of the century (Centennial Homecoming; Jazz concerts; KUOI; Lineley, Eversley 'Teddy'; Soccer; Potato packaging; Paradise Creek Journal; Tutoring and academic assistant center; Football; Women's volleyball team
September 27th, 1988 Drugs; Moscon; Art In Idaho's economy; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); Debate, Presidential candidates; Women's volleyball; National Collegiate Athletic Association Compliance review; Potato packaging; Football players; 'The Law and You'; Tennis; Football
September 30th, 1988 ASUI-Senate; Athletes (success); Gault Hall; Carter, Dorothy; Center for Strategic Research Environmental Laboratory; American Festival Ballet; Centennial celebration -; Schaid, Arnold; Jake, John; Centennial celebration -; Andrus, Cecil D.; Homecoming dance; International week; Centennial celebration -; Women's volleyball; Goodner, Roy; University of Idaho - Grants received; NASA grant; KUOI; Women's center; Plasma research; Food Services; R.O.T.C. scholarship; Satellite photo (Gift from Soviet Union); Alma Mater; 'Bourbon'; 'Laundry'; Centennial project; Football; University of Idaho - Grants received; Football; Colson, Dawn; Pi Kappa Alpha
October 4th, 1988 College Bowl Tournament, UI; Centennial celebration -; Ariyoshi, Hiroyuki; International seminars; Women's volleyball; Soccer matches; Montgomery, Eric F.; Football; Voter registration drive
October 7th, 1988 Phi Gamma Delta; Canadian Studies; Debate - Political; Minorities; Women's volleyball; ASUI-Senate; Ridenbaugh gallery exhibits; Satellite photo (Gift from Soviet Union); Journalist exchange; Football; Thayer, Debbie; Water contamination - Library
October 11th, 1988 Track - Cross country; Enrollment; Ariyoshi, Hiroyuki; Fees; Women's volleyball; Food Services; Soccer matches; Football
October 14th, 1988 Crime; Debate - Political; Women's volleyball; ASUI-Senate; Dormitories; Palouse Folk Society; Student Athletics Advisory council; Football; Chanticleer; Voter registration drive; Weight room
October 18th, 1988 Agricultural Extension, UI; Alcohol Awareness week; 'Our Town'; Beta Theta Pi; Midnight with the Vandals; Track - Cross country; Women's volleyball; Soccer club; Student support services; Date rape; Football
October 21st, 1988 Open Society Scholars Fund; ASUI-Senate; Movie night; National Lentil Day; Outdoor program; Debate - Political; Football; Women's volleyball team
October 25th, 1988 Centennial celebration -; Women's volleyball; Mathematics class; Inventions (Dance program); Food Services; Football
October 28th, 1988 Sharp, Lee A.; KUOI; ASUI-Senate; Core curriculum; Food Services; Rugby; Soccer club; Basketball; Asplund, Stacey; Women's volleyball team
November 1st, 1988 ASUI-Candidates; Marriott Corp; College of Engineering; Track - Cross country; Women's volleyball; Soccer matches; Food Services; SADD (Student Against Driving Drunk); St. Vincent Track member; Football team; Morgan, Kellie
November 4th, 1988 Lucky Ones' - Dramatic reading; 'Idaho's Nuclear Dilemma; Food Services; Rugby; ASUI-Senate; Football; Women's volleyball; Wrestling club
November 8th, 1988 ASUI-Scholarships; Films - merger of WSU and UI collections; Food Services; Rugby; Women's volleyball; Football team; Football
November 11th, 1988 Early Childhood Learning center; ASUI-Candidates; ASUI-Senate; College of Law; Non-Alcoholic bar; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Piano bash; Food Services; Football; Basketball; Women's volleyball; Wrestling club
November 15th, 1988 ASUI-Candidates; ASUI-Candidates; Child care services; Baysix; Biafra, Jello; Women's volleyball; 'Night of the Sub; Racquetball league; Snow ball fights causing trouble; Soccer matches; Football; Basketball
November 18th, 1988 Gem of the Mountains; Biafra, Jello; Food Services; ASUI-Elections; Soccer matches; Football
November 29th, 1988 Pink, James; Snowball fight; Fishbone - Musical group; Parking survey; Food Services; Basketball, Women's; Football; Basketball
December 2nd, 1988 Business and Economics, College of; Fitch, James; Van Pelt, Christy; Fishbone - Musical group; Marriott Corp; Mardi Gras; Voxman, Bill; ASUI-Senate; Model United Nations; Argonaut; 'Christmas Carol'; Scientific literacy; Selection of university president 1988-89; Cossu, Scott; Basketball, Women's; Football; Basketball