Argonaut 1989

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Date Subjects
January 10th, 1989 Kagi, Tina; Explore Idaho program (High School relation program); Consensual relationship policy; Marriott Corp; Smith, John L.; Football team; Mathematics class; Under 21 clubs; Food Services; Scholarships; Bruns, Susan; Selection of university president 1988-89; Jazz for two; Turner, Helen Jean (Holly); Hubbard, John Willard; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 13th, 1989 Campus lighting; Early Childhood Learning center; Japanese trade delegation; Minorities; Outdoor program; Talking With; Fire alarms; Basketball; Wrestling club
January 17th, 1989 'Speak Out' (Readings of minority women writers); Centennial celebration Contributions; Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp.; Steel house; Centennial celebration -; Nike Hoop Shoot-Out; 'Racism is a social disease'; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Gem of the Mountains; Employment service - Irregular help; Rugby; Selection of university president 1988-89; Ski team; Paradise Creek Journal; Basketball; Visa credit cards - University of Idaho
January 20th, 1989 National Endowment for the Arts; Lehmer, Sheri; Second city touring company; Food Services; Tutoring and academic assistant center; Idaho state intercollegiate legislature; ASUI-Senate; Student union building; Scanning electronic microscope; Self-defense seminar; Soccer club; Student financial aid; 'Mostly Moscow'
January 24th, 1989 Baseball club; Centennial celebration -; Students for support of Central America; Fees; Drugs; Tree maintenance on campus; Baseball; Basketball; Basketball, Women's
January 27th, 1989 Tutoring and academic assistant center; Basketball, Women's team; Carillon; Charter - UI resigning; Collette Theatre; Mardi Gras; Track; University Post office; Selection of university president 1988-89; Star trek fest; Steriod use; Blue Bucket; Historical - Semicentinnail; Basketball
January 31st, 1989 Centennial celebration -; Centennial celebration -; American Festival Ballet; Theatre set designing; Japanese interaction program; Basketball, Women's team; Tennis; Proposal 42 (NCAA requirements); Rotary club young artists' competition; Selection of university president 1988-89; Track; Anderson, David; Volleyball club
February 3rd, 1989 ASUI-Productions; Consensual relationship policy; Date rape; Federal Communication commission; Golf team; Library theft; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Basketball, Women's; Students in support of Central America; Blue Bucket; Basketball
February 7th, 1989 Ceramics display; Child care directory; Second city touring company; Damage - campus buildings; Mardi Gras; Centennial celebration -; Nike Hoop Shoot-Out; AIDS Awareness; Hilbert, Tom; Rodeo club; Selection of university president 1988-89; Borah Symposium; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 10th, 1989 Tutoring and academic assistant center; Bown, Raymond; Basketball, Women's team; 'A Centennial Concert; Library expansion; Mardi Gras; ASUI-Senate; National Rifle Association; Football; Selection of university president 1988-89; Snowball fight; Zinser, Elisabeth; Research agreement
February 14th, 1989 Smith, Riley; Basketball, Women's team; Fugato, Robert; Mardi Gras; Phone-A-Thon fund drive; Selection of university president 1988-89; Ski trip (Outdoor program); Choate-Deeds, Caryn; Student support services; Borah Symposium; Tennis; Upward bound program; Basketball
February 17th, 1989 Bookstore, Student; Drunk driving accident; Dormitories; Mardi Gras; Little sister rush; Track; Mardi Gras; Nike Hoop Shoot-Out; Selection of university president 1988-89; Zinser, Elisabeth; Amacher, Ryan; Basketball
February 21st, 1989 Nash, Larenzo; College savings plan (Tax-deductible); Jazz festival; Track; Pacific Radio News system; Mardi Gras; Selection of university president 1988-89; Basketball
February 24th, 1989 Budget-Idaho legislature allowance to; Rodeo club; Marriott Corp; Jazz festival; Talking With; University center; Ski team; Jazz for two; Track; Zinser, Elisabeth; Basketball
February 28th, 1989 Arrests, student; Basketball, Women's team; Building Fund proposal; Exchange program - Students; Exchange program - Students; Jazz festival; Men's Tennis; Track; Student financial aid; 'Orphans'; Rugby; Hajib, Said; Touch troupe (Dance group); Zinser, Elisabeth; Basketball; Wrestling club
March 6th, 1989
March 7th, 1989 Assistant dean of students; Basketball, Women's team; Bookstore, Student; Bookstore, Student; Cheer leaders; College Bowl Team; Marriott Corp; Hazing; Track; Soviet rock groups; Zinser, Elisabeth; Basketball
March 10th, 1989 Anti-Racism march; Fitch, James; Censorship presentation; Student Bar Association; Faculty council; Zinser, Elisabeth; Scientific Misconduct policy
March 21st, 1989 Basketball, Women's team; Twist, Xythel; Borah Symposium; Baseball club; Track; Sesquicentennial time capsule; Basketball
March 24th, 1989 Smart, Steve; Borah, William E.; Borah Symposium; Borah Symposium; Divestment; Drugs; ASUI-Senate; Rugby; Students in support of Central America; Tennis
March 28th, 1989 Smart, Steve; Borah Symposium; ASUI-Operating budget; Golf course; ASUI-Senate; Tennis tournament; Outdoor program; Triathalon; Cook, Dave; Summer session; Women's track team; Rugby
March 31st, 1989 Norum, Deborah; Smart, Steve; Baseball club; Charity fund raising; Borah Symposium; Doctor Auntie; Stonewater rapture; Computer viruses; Consensual relationship policy; Rodoe team; ASUI-Senate; Fees; Parking survey; Cabaret; ASUI; Volleyball team
April 4th, 1989 Aryan Nations church in Idaho; Gem of the Mountains; Building Fund proposal; Soccer club; Charity fund raising; O'Brien, Dan; GDI week; Greek week; Julliard school; Cabaret; Zinser, Elisabeth; Residence Hall Association; Morgan, Robert
April 7th, 1989 CIA activities; Smart, Steve; Date rape; Drinking age - Idaho; Track; Tennis; Volleyball club; Fees
April 11th, 1989 Borah Symposium Documentary; Charity fund raising; GDI week; Golf course; Drinking age - Idaho; Greek week; Fees; Master of Fine Arts candidates; Track; Parents' weekend; Rugby; Tennis; Wilderness Research lecture
April 14th, 1989 ASUI-General Operating Budget; Hirschi, Mel; Blue Key -Talent show; Carter, Dorothy; Choral concert; Stonewater rapture; Consensual relationship policy; O'Brien, Dan; Cochnauer, Tiajuana; GDI week; Greek week; Honors convention; Living Geography fair; Beiser, Mike; Vandal sculpture; Piano trio; Dr. Auntie; Prichard Art Gallery; Kappa Alpha Theta; Renaissance fair; Rugby; Sex discrimination complaints; Fees; Tennis; Centennial celebration -; Steckler, Rick
April 18th, 1989 Egerton, Ted; Body building; Computer chips; Earth first (Environmental group); Steel house; Library computerization; Men's Tennis; Track; Triathalon; Student loans; Students against racism; Blue Bucket; Centennial celebration -; Centennial celebration -; Steckler, Rick; Phi Delta Theta
April 21st, 1989 ASUI-Productions; Baseball club; Foreman, Dave; Syringa: Idaho reflections; Logger sports team; Tennis; Lyons, Warren; Cabaret; Fees; Scholar's dorm; Student Art Association; Triathalon; KUOI
April 25th, 1989 Whitesel, Marie H.; Food Services; Intramural sports; Seeger, Leinaala; Women's Tennis; Men's Tennis; Track; R.O.T.C. - military maneuvers; Student Art Association; Walk for racial equality
April 28th, 1989 McCurry, Craig; Bomb threats; Dormitories; Marriott Corp; Golf team; Intramural softball; Tennis; Parking survey; Touch troupe (Dance group)
May 2nd, 1989 Scholarships and grants; Smart, Steve; Marriott Corp; Intramural championships; Women's Tennis; Track; Art galleries - Ridenbaugh music annex; Architecture, Dept of; Students concerned about money (SCAM); Rugby; Football
May 5th, 1989 Sports Highlights; ASUI-Elections; Check cashing policy; Marriott Corp; Marriott Corp; Intramural officials; Renaissance fair; Selection of university president 1988-89; 'Mostly Moscow'; Students concerned about money (SCAM); Tennis; Vandaleers reunion concert; Basketball
August 29th, 1989 Alexander, Deron; Bookstore, Student; Smith, Kord; Found Money Fund of Idaho (FMFI); Fagerbakke, bill; Fees; Intramural Program; Financial aid office; Outdoor program offerings; Greek renovations; Football team; Gibb, Richard; Gibb, Richard; Skinner, Lynn; KUOI; Rugby; Scholar's dorm; Student advisory services; Student Bar Association; Student leadership program; Student loans; Food Services; Master of Business Administration program; Football team; Football; Vandal corner (Snack bar); Women's volleyball
September 1st, 1989 Aquaculture lab; Armstrong, Terry; Chamber Music Series; Former Football player; Student union building; Linehan, Scott; Student union building; Golf course; McGowan, Bill; Budget -; Registration - Procedure; Football; Basketball
September 5th, 1989 Armstrong, Terry; Fees; Basketball; Parents' weekend; Rubella outbreak; Gem of the Mountains; Student housing; Staff pay increases; Football
September 8th, 1989 Library computerization; Anchoring; Athletic honor roll; Computer chips; Dormitories; Football team; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); Hazing; Faculty Art exhibit (UI gallery); Power outage; College of Law Library; ASUI-Senate; Women's volleyball
September 12th, 1989 University Dining services; ASUI-Budget; ASUI-Productions; Vandalism; Greeks; Marriott Corp; Marriott Corp; Women's volleyball; Hammond, John; Kibbie Dome; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Olympics (SAE Olympics); Soccer; Football
September 15th, 1989 State Board of Education; Campus lighting; College Bowl Team; Kibbie Dome concessions; Krazy George; Women's volleyball; Whittaker, Lou; Wicks, Grace; 'My Memory Book 1925-1989' by Grace Wicks; Mia-Pow remembrance; Idaho Student Lobby; Football; Thompson, Karen; Track - Cross country
September 19th, 1989 University Dining services; ASUI-Productions; Campus Beautification project; Chamber Music Series; Lybrand, Jayne; Rugby; Idaho Student Lobby; Los Angeles Guitar Quartet; Pan-Hellenic residence; Soccer matches; Football; Scholarships
September 22nd, 1989 Baton-A-Thon; Lybrand, Jayne; Bretteville, Sheila Lavrant; Fees; Women's volleyball; Pan-Hellenic residence; Per-registration; Safety hazards; Track - Cross country; Zinser, Elisabeth; Football; Moore, Marianne
September 26th, 1989 Godwin, Peg; Drugs; Extremities (play); Food Services committee; Idaho Law review; Idaho Student Lobby; Outdoor program offerings; Carroll, Shaun; Women's volleyball; Track - Cross country; Mountain bike rodeo; KUOI; Student counseling center; Football; Moore, Marianne
September 29th, 1989 Baseball club; Business Incubator; Friesz, John; Student union building; Bretteville, Sheila Lavrant; Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); Football; College of Engineering; Track - Cross country; Fagg, Grant; Bookstore, Student; ASUI-Senate; Football team; Football
October 3rd, 1989 Centennial celebration Contributions; Business Incubator; Rust, John; Hampton, Lionel; Women's volleyball; Demaree, Rebekah; True west; TKE spike-off; Track - Cross country; Food Services
October 6th, 1989 ASUI lobbyist; Kagi, Tina; Drugs; Fall-out selters - on campus; Zimdars, Richard; Faculty council; Juggling club; Student Art Association; True west; Fees; Fees; Soccer matches; Spousal accommodation; Football; Vice president for student affairs; Volksmarche; Women's volleyball
October 10th, 1989 Godwin, W. Harold (Hal); Kagi, Tina; Outdoor program; Just kidding; Emergency landing - Football team; Football team; Financial exigency; GDI week; Golf course; Sprackland, Robert; Women's volleyball; Marriage of Bette and Boo; Paint The Palouse; Rugby; GDI week; Football
October 13th, 1989 Midnight with the Vandals; Halland, Leonard; Fire - Apartment house; Women's volleyball; Vice president for student affairs; GDI week; Marriage of Bette and Boo; Homecoming; R.O.T.C. - All services; Student union building; Drugs; Track - Cross country; Football; Wellness and you program
October 17th, 1989 Amnesty International; Robinson, Marilynne; Child care services; Early Childhood Learning center; Enrollment; Rugby; International soccer team matches; Residence Hall Association; Vice president for student affairs; Wu, Hongda Harry; Ski team; Track - Cross country; Football
October 20th, 1989 Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE); ASUI-Productions; Bowling; Wirk; Dirt Fisherman (Band); Idaho Student Lobby; ASUI-Senate; Vice president for student affairs; Rubella outbreak; Student Art Association; Student leader privileges; Track - Cross country; Football; Women's volleyball
October 24th, 1989 Greeks; Concerts; Environment committee; Idaho Student Lobby; International soccer team matches; Women's volleyball; Residence Hall Association; Track - Cross country; Football; Fees
October 27th, 1989 Communication, School of (Department of); Zinser, Elisabeth; Baseball, team; Homecoming - events; Dormitories; Art exhibit; Fish laboratory; Cecil, Roger; Friesz, John; Gem of the Mountains; Nelsen, Toni R.; Women's volleyball; ASUI-Senate; Non-Traditional student programs; Band; Dance concert; Arboretum; Gem of the Mountains; Outdoor program; Traditions; Homecoming; Kappa Alpha Theta; Rugby; Narrios, Bernardo; SADD (Student Against Driving Drunk); Student leader privileges; Shanander, Patricia; Track - Cross country; Oktubafest; Football
October 31st, 1989 Karp, Ivan; Centennial celebration -; Women's volleyball; Residence Hall Association; Palouse Turkey Run; Sabbatical leave; SOAR (Student Opportunity for Academic Renewal); Art, student; Textbook complaints; Track - Cross country; Football
November 3rd, 1989 Burning Stake' coffee house; Art exhibit; Major, Lynn; Early Childhood Learning center; Greek advisors; Latchkey program; Per-registration; Halloween Activities; Football; Women's volleyball; Zinser, Elisabeth
November 7th, 1989 Bown, Raymond; Business Incubator; White, Gino; ASUI-Candidates; Library expansion; Women's volleyball; Residence Hall Association; Minimum wage; Soviet visitors; Food Services; Football
November 10th, 1989 Basketball, Women's; Borah Symposium; Chocolate cake - Play; ASUI-Candidates; Baseball club; KUOI; Women's volleyball; Faculty council; Outdoor program; Strangest kind of romance; Snowball fight; Track - Cross country; Basketball
November 14th, 1989 Brother Music; ASUI-Candidates; Women's volleyball; Wrestling club; Friedman, Stanton T.; Chancellor system; Snowball fight; Biking presentation; Track - Cross country
November 17th, 1989 Airplane crash; Pena, David; Steel house; Voxman, Bill; Pens; Strangest kind of romance; ASUI-Elections; Chocolate cake - Play; Greeks; Snowball fight; Football
November 28th, 1989 Accidents; Kibbie Dome; Basketball, Women's; Joe Vandal; North Idaho Student Lobby; 'Death and Life of Sherlock Holms'; President's house manager; Proposed staff position; Snowball fight; Chaves-Boender, Terri; Grant, Julie; Football; Basketball
December 1st, 1989 Art exhibit; Basketball, Women's team; Christmas concert; Food Services; Smylie, Robert E.; Marathon - Sports; Faculty council; ASUI-Senate; Political concerns board; Paradise Creek Journal; Football
December 5th, 1989 Audit - Proposed internal; Environmental group; Food Services committee; Marathon - Sports; Residence Hall Association; 'Death and Life of Sherlock Holms'; President's house manager; ASUI-Senate; University of Idaho - Administration; Football; Wrestling club
December 8th, 1989 Audit - legislative; Basketball, Women's games; North Idaho Student Lobby; Study space; Projectionist - job description; Basketball
December 12th, 1989 Hunter, Gary; Andrus, Cecil D.; KUOI; Residence Hall Association; Memorial Scholarship; Student humanist association; Prayer at commencement; Basketball; ASUI-Productions; Basketball, Women's; Wrestling club
December 15th, 1989 ASUI-Officers; Borah Symposium Seminars; Almanza, Miquel; Smith, John L.; Alcohol policy; Per-registration; Photography exhibit; Prayer at commencement; Student humanist association; Sex discrimination; Basketball, Women's