Argonaut 1990

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Date Subjects
January 16th, 1990 Accreditation; Basketball, Women's games; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Zeller, Robert; 'How Mississippi really burned'; Computer laboratory; Date rape; Funding increase (Proposal from Governor); IBM lab builder; Irene Ryan scholarship competition; Marriage of Bette and Boo; President's house manager; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sex discrimination; Sexual assault; Vandal Cafe; Basketball
January 19th, 1990 Basketball, Women's games; History of UI; Business Incubator; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Vending machine; Shidler, John; International lunch and learn seminars; Library expansion; Nutritional counseling; Spring registration; Basketball
January 23rd, 1990 Drugs; 'Speak Out' (Readings of minority women writers); Basketball, Women's games; Civil rights lecture; Zeller, Robert; 'How Mississippi really burned'; El Salvador - Academic freedom; Women's center; Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment; Racism; Wassmuth, Bill; Basketball
January 26th, 1990 McCray, Doreen; Auditorium chamber music series; Band fest; Budget - - Request to legislature; Zeller, Robert; Da Capo Chamber Music Series; El Salvador - Academic freedom; Financial aid - applications; Mathematics and Statistics Assistance center; Track; Basketball; Weight room
January 30th, 1990 Alcohol policy; Idaho Student Lobby; Track; Parking proposals; Basketball; Basketball, Women's
February 2nd, 1990 A.D.and J.E. Davis student investigation program; Art auction; Audit - by Idaho State Board of Education; Track; Blue Ribbon Committee; Investment program; Women's Tennis; ASUI-Senate; Recycling; Sister Andrea Nenzel; Slide show 'A Day in the Life'; Snowball fight; Basketball, Women's
February 6th, 1990 Alcohol policy; Aquaculture lab; 'Mind over Manipulation'; Schwantes, Carlos; Tennis; Residence Hall Association; Fellows, Bob; Track; Basketball; Basketball, Women's
February 9th, 1990 ASUI-Senate; Audit - by Idaho State Board of Education; Basketball, Women's games; El Salvador - Academic freedom; Saul, William; Financial aid fraud; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Tennis; National Girls and Women Sports Day; West, Dennis; R.O.T.C. - All services; Student counseling center; Basketball
February 13th, 1990 Basketball, Women's games; International lunch and learn seminars; Library expansion and renovation; Tennis; West, Dennis; Basketball
February 16th, 1990 Basketball, Women's games; Mardi Gras; Marriott Corp; Food Services; Fees; Mardi Gras; Concerts; Track; Mortar Board; Pan-Hellenic residence; West, Dennis; Residence Hall Association; Vandal Cafe; Basketball
February 20th, 1990 Basketball, Women's games; Graduate and Professional students Association; Track; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Basketball
February 23rd, 1990 Art exhibit; Smith, Todd; 'Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe'; Engineering outreach program (Video outreach); Marriott Corp; Food Services; Health product vending machines; Fees; Fees; Track; Art exhibit; ASUI-Senate; Centennial celebration Contributions; Basketball; Videotape course work
February 27th, 1990 Asbestos abatement; Campus Crusade for Christ; Prime time; Marriott Corp; Food Services; Study space; Study space; Outdoor program; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
March 2nd, 1990 Track; Perspectives; Interfraternity council; Fees; Graduate and Professional students Association; Alcohol policy; Obiter Dictum; ASUI-Senate; Outdoor program offerings; Recycling
March 6th, 1990 Asbestos abatement; Nash, Larenzo; Track; Drugs; Women's history month; Foreign language week; Graduate and Professional students Association; Fees; Obiter Dictum; Mathematics and Statistics Assistance center; Golden Key; 'Orgasmo Adulto Escapes from the Zoo'; Food Services; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
March 9th, 1990 Basketball, Women's team; Marriott Corp; Marriott Corp; Alcohol policy; Little sister rush; Men's Tennis; Track; Surles, Bob; Food Services; Weight room; Fees
March 13th, 1990 ASUI-Budget; Basketball, Women's team; Track; ASUI; Fees; Basketball; Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
March 16th, 1990 Farrar, C.S.; Cartoons - Argonaut; Credit Union; Marriott Corp; Theta Chi; Health videos; ASUI-Senate; Meetings - Use of UI property; Pool tournament; Food Services; Music festival; Photography exhibit; Tennis; Basketball; Women's outdoor track
March 27th, 1990 Census questionnaires; Foreign students; Library expansion and renovation; Fees; Ross, Jackie; Women's outdoor track
March 30th, 1990 Mark Twain on Tour'; Borah Symposium; Art exhibit; Argent, Phillip; Callister, Jane; Goettsche, John H.; Abortion-Student relations and Experiences; Vice president for student affairs; Business Incubator; Fees; Flag washing; Marriott Corp; Food Services; Fees; Davis, Kermit; Outdoor track; Nutrition fair; Giese, David
April 3rd, 1990 Borah Symposium; ASUI-Budget; Financial aid fraud; Student Bar Association; Rugby; Baseball club; Graduate and Professional students Association; ASUI-Budget; Hemingway program; Track; Mineral technology center; Flag washing; Giese, David; Soccer club; 'Mostly Moscow'
April 6th, 1990 Borah Symposium; Assault on students; Beattie, Ann; Eustachy, Larry; Smith, Riley; ASUI-Senate; Registration - Procedure; Family weekend; Inauguration - Zinser; International week; Ensemble Alcatraz; Peace Corps; Giese, David; Psychic (on KUOI); Bowling team, Women's; Kappa Alpha Theta; Recycling; Summer fest (outdoor concert); Surveillance activities; Whitewater festival
April 10th, 1990 ASUI-Senate; Baseball club; Honor code - Law school; Women's Tennis; Residence Hall Association; Track; Inauguration - Zinser; 'The Clouds'; Giese, David; Dormitories
April 13th, 1990 Green peace past, Present, and future'; Art exhibit; Vincent, Peter; Isakson, Al; Blood drive; Environmental awareness; Friends unlimited; Baseball club; Graduate and Professional students Association; Greek week; Women's Tennis; ASUI-Senate; Golf; Outdoor track; Giese, David; KUOI; Childs, Christopher; Graduate and Professional students Association
April 17th, 1990 Green peace past, Present, and future'; Earth Day; University of Idaho - Research; Women's Tennis; Track; Opportunities unlimited, Inc; Soccer matches; Student Bar Association; Summer session; Bladholm, John
April 20th, 1990 Registration - Procedure; 'Celebrations'; Marriott Corp; Targhee hall; Alcohol policy; ASUI-Senate; Tennis; Men's Tennis; 'A view from the Bridge'; ASUI; Outdoor program; Track; Track
April 24th, 1990 Assault on students; Fees; Friesz, John; Track; Summer session; ASUI-Senate; Telescope - NASA; Tennis
April 27th, 1990 Assault on students; Pena, David; Campus safety; Art exhibit; Art exhibit; Basketball; Escort service; Graduate and Professional students Association; Golf; Alcohol policy; Impeachment; Mardi Gras; 'A view from the Bridge'; Lambda Chi Alpha
May 1st, 1990 Godwin, W. Harold (Hal); Residence Hall Association; ASUI-Senate; Summer session; Game fair (Role-playing); Health product vending machines; Golf; Women's Tennis; Track; Parking proposals; 'A view from the Bridge'; Canadian program; Vice president for student affairs
May 4th, 1990 Baseball club; Tennis; Concerts; Study space; Outdoor program; Parking proposals; Registration - Procedure; Soccer matches; Student Bar Association; Track; University of Idaho Summer Institutes
May 8th, 1990 Tennis; Marriott Corp; Baseball club; Study space; Track; Housing; Teacher evaluation; Vice president for University relations and Development; Peterson, Harry L.; Williams, Patrick
May 11th, 1990 Simmons, George; ASUI-Productions; Campus recreation; Summer theater; International soccer team matches; Library expansion and renovation; Golf; Frogness, Matt; Test anxiety
August 28th, 1990 911 Emergency System; Alcohol policy; Smith, Riley; Budget request to board of regents; Student union building; O'Brien, Dan; Fire - Tennis shed; Football team; Fraternity rush; Friesz, John; Housing shortage; Housing shortage; Bails, Don; Financial aid office; Pan-Hellenic residence; Parking proposals; Power system; Rust, John; KUOI; Chandran, Fair; Shafer, Bruce Tate; Shafer, Bruce Tate; Dafoe, George; Student union building; University of Idaho - Expansion; Geiger, Joseph; Women's rush; Women's volleyball
August 31st, 1990 Student union building; Simmons, George; Disability program; Dutch Elm disease; Fall registration; Forestry plaza; National Endowment for the Arts; Outdoor program; Fraternities; ASUI-Senators; Pulliman, Brain; Football; Video yearbook; Women's volleyball
September 4th, 1990 Engineering students; Mardi Gras; Women's volleyball; ASUI-Senate; Delta Tau Delta; Pugmire, Rance; Sports information directory; Tennis; Football; Vandal card (Pre-purchase food cards); Peterson, Harry L.
September 7th, 1990 19th Hole Snake Bar; Bike path; Second city touring company; Communication board; Cecil, Roger; Graduate and Professional students Association; Idaho Student Intercollegiate legislature; Parking history; Parking policy; Parking problems on campus and proposed solutions; Crazy 8's (Band); Kappa Alpha Theta; Recycling; Parking policy; Football
September 11th, 1990 Alcohol policy; ASUI-Productions; Theatre productions; Gelletly, Dr. Susan; Women's volleyball; Sigma Nu; Parking expansion; Beta Theta Pi; Kibbie Dome; Football
September 14th, 1990 Art exhibit; Douglass, Jeniffer; Reedy, Alice; ASUI-Senate; Concerts; Deans; Farrar, C.S.; Martin Institute for peace studies and conflict resolutions; Keller, Mike; Alpha Tau Omega; Women's volleyball; Business Incubator; Juggling club; Housing; Recycling; Coonrad, Robert W.; Dafoe, geroge; Baseball club; Football
September 18th, 1990 Greeks; Governor's cup scholarship; Student advisory services; Women's volleyball; Mediators; National Pow-Mia Day; Graham Hall; Student counseling center; Thompson, Karen
September 21st, 1990 Budget -; Gem of the Mountains; Chamber Music Series; GDI week; Hepatitus Immunization; Incompletes policy; Joe Vandal; Women's volleyball; Parking forum; Shanghai quartet; POW/MIA recognition ceremony; Greeks; ASUI-Elections; Student health center; Football; Visiting writers series; Gilder, Gary
September 25th, 1990 R.O.T.C.; Child care services; Coffee House - SAUI; Dunn, Kasey; Rent increases; Women's center; Women's volleyball; Protest - Involvement of Persian gulf; Chandran, Fair; Football
September 28th, 1990 Loveliest Afternoon of the Year' - play; Smith, Riley; Campus safety; KUOI; Game fair (Role-playing); Library expansion; Women's volleyball; KUOI; Theatre Arts Department; 'Nine People Dancing to Good Country Music'; Women's volleyball; Parking; Recycling; Morril Hall; Football
October 2nd, 1990 Loveliest Afternoon of the Year' - play; Composer Awards; Concerts; Concerts; Sigma Chi; International soccer team matches; Women's volleyball; Parking policy; 'Nine People Dancing to Good Country Music'; Gibb, Richard; Queen's tea - Homecoming; KUOI; Paint The Palouse; ASUI-Elections; Soccer matches; Track - Cross country; Yoder, Amos; Football
October 5th, 1990 Housing shortage; Environmental science-en-act - club; 'Thin Blue Line'; Graduate and Professional students Association; Women's volleyball; Gem of the Mountains; Outing club; Recycling; Renfrew lecture series; Traffic flow - football games; Football
October 9th, 1990 Hoff, Chris; Rugby; Track attack; Women's volleyball; Track - Cross country; National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week; 'Hot L Baltimore'; Student financial aid; Student voter registration week; 'Mostly Moscow'; Football
October 12th, 1990 Student Bar Association; Midnight with the Vandals; Homecoming - events; Dirt Fisherman (Band); Smith, John L.; Communication, School of (Department of); Homecoming - events; Homecoming dance; Football; Women's volleyball; Media center - Services; Narrios, Bernardo; College of Mines; Dharma Bums (Band); Rugby; Greeks; Campus safety; Student advisory services; Football; Puckett, Jessica
October 16th, 1990 Campus thefts; Scholarships; Midnight with the Vandals; Center for Business Development and Research; Nolan, Steve; Nussmeier, Doug; Global warming grant; Homecoming - events; International lunch and learn seminars; KUOI; Women's volleyball; Parking permits; Football team; Soccer matches; Marks, Stephan; Art expenditures, Idaho; Track - Cross country; Vandaleers; Football; Water contamination; Student financial aid
October 19th, 1990 Best Colleges and Universities ranking; Censorship; 'Commotion in Motion'; Communication, School of (Department of); Gem of the Mountains; Kappa Alpha Theta; Scholarship research center; Sheikh, Amtul Mannan S.; Football; University of Idaho - Grants received; Student financial aid
October 23rd, 1990 Campus thefts; Yingyi, Cao; Jazz festival; Residence Hall Association; Women's volleyball; Tennis; AIDS Awareness; University of Idaho - Research; Art and Architecture, College of; Soccer matches; Landscape Architecture Department; Anderson, Scott; Football; Cloud, Joseph G.
October 26th, 1990 Collette Theatre productions; Henderson, Wind; Halloween Activities; Halloween Activities; Idaho chant; Women's volleyball; Hughett, Harvey; ASUI-Senate; Parking petition; Political Science Student Association; Eroschenko, Victor P.; KUOI; O'Neil, Charles; Student Bar Association
October 30th, 1990 Literary magazine; Anthropology lab; Movies; Livingston, Otis; Computer Services; Library; Residence Hall Association; Phi Gamma Delta; Women's volleyball; Political candidates; Soccer matches; Track - Cross country
November 2nd, 1990 Ag Day; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Computer viruses; KUOI; Fencing club; Dahlquist, Scott; Oliver, Charlie; Michell, Victoria; Halloween Activities; Halloween Activities; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Idaho Student Lobby; Charney, Dennis; Parking referendum; Giese, David; Registration - Procedure; ASUI-Senators; Rides - 'Share a Ride List'; Hazing; Benson, Betty; Outdoor program; Women's volleyball
November 6th, 1990 R.O.T.C.; Ag Day; Blood drive; Communication, School of (Department of); Davis Award; Slide imaging; Idaho Student Lobby; Pearce, Devon; ASUI-Productions; Health and nutrition fair; Korean war memorial; Knudsen, Diane; Safety awareness committee; Child development lab; Ultimate frisbee; Football; Women's volleyball
November 9th, 1990 Fool for Love' - Play; Assault on students; ASUI-Productions; ASUI-Senate; Edie Shaw and the Wolf Gang (Band); Faculty staff council; University judicial council; 'Unsatisfactory supper'; Falter, J. Michael; Hodge, Timothy R.; Hart, Cupid; Football; Women's center programs; Women's volleyball
November 13th, 1990 ASUI-Elections; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; International student exchange program; Intramural soccer; NASA Space Engineering Research center; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Aquaculture lab; Rapeseed oil research; Career Service center; Hodge, Timothy R.; Perry, Michael; Football; Vandaleers; Basketball; Thompson, Karen; Women's volleyball
November 16th, 1990 Run for Life' (Fundraiser); Asbestos; Basketball, Women's; Chamber Music Series; Prayer at commencement; Dormitories; Coonrad, Michael; ASUI-Elections; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Computer laboratory; Shade of difference; Football; Basketball
November 27th, 1990 Women's center programs; Residence Hall Association; Department of History; College Bowl, Intramural; International Friendship Association; KUOI; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ching, Yu; Basketball, Women's; Football; Basketball
November 30th, 1990 Art exhibit; Calendar adjustment; Smirnoff, Yakov; Student advisory services; KUOI; Thanksgiving vocation; Operation Idaho Neighbor; Protest - Involvement of Persian gulf; Snowball fight; Basketball, Women's; Football; Basketball
December 4th, 1990 Aquaculture lab; Thomas, Dene; 'Two Gentlemen of Verona'; Trees; Protest - Involvement of Persian gulf; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Basketball, Women's; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Football; Basketball; Young Artists Competition - Winners
December 7th, 1990 911 Emergency System; American Association of University Women; Eustachy, Larry; Campus shuttle service; College Bowl Tournament, UI; Concert - 'Joy of Christmas'; Study space; ASUI-Senate; Klontz, George 'Bill'; Department of History; Benson, Betty; Ching, Yu; University language and cultural association; Vandalism; Basketball; Basketball, Women's
December 11th, 1990 Perry, Leonard; KUOI radio station - staff; 'Jail and Bail'; Residence Hall Association; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Mardi Gras; Plant protection seminar; Boone, Lalia; Sound abound radio company (organization); Qiu, Mingjiang; Basketball, Women's
December 14th, 1990 Student financial aid; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Chapman, John S.; Persian gulf crisis; Basketball, Women's; Basketball