Argonaut 1991

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Date Subjects
January 15th, 1991 Basketball, Women's; Course offerings; Caldwell, Dr. Harry; Registration; Course offerings; Karlsson, Magnus; Teach-In (Gulf crisis); Gulf crisis; Basketball; Basketball, Women's; Weather
January 18th, 1991
January 22nd, 1991 King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Farmer, James; Muslim students; Gibb, Richard; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 25th, 1991 Borah Symposium; Students for Peace; Fees; Johnson, Michael; Basketball, Women's; Registration - late; ASUI-Senate; Rosenthal, Eldon; Farmer, James; Basketball
January 29th, 1991 Borah Symposium; Olsen, Lance; Tennis; Indoor track; Registration - late; Yoder, Amos; Kernen, Craig; Pfaff, Jason; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 1st, 1991 Afri-Sound (Band); Hazing; Boyd, Richard; Borah Symposium; Concerts; Holiday schedule; Housing shortage; Track; Middle east series; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Vanhaeverbeke, Guy; Student insurance; Prudhom, Jon; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Yellow Ribbon project
February 5th, 1991 Freeman, Sammie; Borah Symposium; Paradise Creek; Deluca, Tom; Residence Hall Association; Track; Database; Vanhaeverbeke, Guy; The Perch; Basketball; Basketball, Women's
February 8th, 1991 Aquaculture lab; Keller, Mike; Naggie's Dream (Band); Football; Decker, Sheri; Abraham, Ezra; Textbooks - Stolen; Basketball
February 12th, 1991 Schwantes, Mary; Brown, Ray; Harris, Gene; Tennis; Indoor track; University of Idaho - Grants received; Career Service center; Persian gulf war; Dietician; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Yellow Ribbon project
February 15th, 1991 Freeman, Sammie; De Mattia, Margaret; Gillespie, Dizzy; International Friendship Association; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Outdoor program offerings; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Student financial aid; Basketball, Women's
February 19th, 1991 Kappa Sigma; Renfrew hall; Gallant, Ken; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Benson, Betty; Benson, Betty; Fevar Stephan; Indoor track; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 22nd, 1991 Art exhibit; Art exhibit; Sievers, Dawn; Martin, Clifford; 'Project Pandemonium'; Commencement speaker; McClure, James A.; Kirkland, Larry; Recycling project; Fees; Track; KUID-TV; Tennis; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Pedestrian mall; Student alumni relation board; Student counseling center; Student financial aid; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 25th, 1991 Flabel, Steve
March 1st, 1991 Coffee House - SAUI; McGraw, Evelyn; Surface, Pat; Persian gulf teach-in; 'Artist Descending a Staircase'; Weddington, Sarah; Student financial aid
March 5th, 1991 Prichard Art Gallery; Borah Symposium; Hudson, Heather; Campus clean-up; Environmental Science club; Fees; Martin, Grace; Mardi Gras; Morril Hall; Offen, Karen; Indoor track; Basketball; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Women's center programs
March 8th, 1991 Mixon, Otis; UI Enrichment program; International student; Grading system; Fees; National Women's Day; 'How I spent my summer'; Degrees - proposed; Basketball
March 12th, 1991 'Contemporary Climates'; Perry, Michael; Idaho Student Lobby; Fees; Mardi Gras; Men's Tennis; Outdoor program offerings; Teaching jobs; Summer session; Basketball, Women's; Wetland Water Filter project
March 15th, 1991 Student awards; Summer study programs; Frisbee golf; Grading system; Sororities; Tennis; ASUI-Senate; Perry, Michael; ASUI-Senate
March 26th, 1991 Literary magazine; 'Greenhouse effects' research; 'Contemporary Climates'; Martin Institute for peace studies and conflict resolutions; Tennis; UI Enrichment program; Trent, Anthony; Machlis, Gary
March 29th, 1991 ASUI-coffeehouse series; ASUI-Senate; Borah Symposium; Cockburn, Alexander; Fukuyama, Frank; Allen, Diane; 'Contemporary Climates'; Debate - Press/Military; Baseball club; Honors convention; Tennis; McIntosh, Beth; Outdoor program offerings; Minorities; Student financial aid; Pals Karena; Women's center programs
April 2nd, 1991 Borah Symposium; ASUI-Senate; Discrimination; Women's Tennis; Golf; Track; Orrod, Magnus; Outdoor program; Career Service center
April 5th, 1991 Hazing; Blue Key -Talent show; Borah Symposium; ASUI-Senate; Comedy night; ASUI-Senate; Family weekend; Family weekend; Greek awards banquet; Greek week; Kappa Sigma; Fees; Hazing; Computer Services; Football; Forde, Merlene
April 9th, 1991 Borah Symposium; Track; Paradise Creek; Women's center; Women's Tennis
April 12th, 1991 Whole Noyse; International Friendship Association; Chamber Music Series; Chancellor system; Greeks; ASUI-Senate; Library expansion and renovation; International week; Track; Recycling; Registration; 'Drama Aid'; Football
April 16th, 1991 Art exhibit; Exchange program - Students; Passanante, Joy; Baseball club; Tennis; Track; Kappa Sigma
April 19th, 1991 ASUI-Senate; Brown, Travis; Hazing; Tennis; University Dining services; Kappa Sigma; Hagerott, Down Martin; Teaching forum; University of Idaho and Washington State University shuttle service
April 23rd, 1991 Basketball; Tennis; Class offerings; Baseball club; Fees; 'A? My Name is Alice'; Chancellor system; Football
April 26th, 1991 Chemistry explosion; Dormitories; Graduate school; Sororities; ASUI-Senate; 'A? My Name is Alice'; Football
April 30th, 1991 Navy ROTC; Golf; Women's Tennis; Track; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Baker, Bruce; Landscape Architecture Department; Football; Reynolds, Colleen; Teacher evaluation
May 3rd, 1991 Delta Tau Delta; Men's Tennis; KUOI radio station - staff; KUID-TV; Fleming, Babe; Textbook buyback
May 7th, 1991 Track; R.O.T.C.; Summer school; Human Rights March; Men's Tennis; Parking expansion; Vandaleers; Zinser, Elisabeth
May 10th, 1991 ASUI-Awards; Track; Financial vice president; Human Rights March; Mountaineering class; Gem of the Mountains; Basketball; Recycling; Sigma Alpha Epsilon
August 22nd, 1991 ASUI-Senate; Nussmeier, Doug; Pearce, Devon; Saffo, Will; KUOI; Housing shortage; Incompletes policy; International Friendship Association; KUOI; Men's rush; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Women's volleyball; Library expansion and renovation; Registration; Suicide; Student counseling center; Student honoraries; Student union building; Akhavan, Sharon 'Andrew' (Student); Track - Cross country; Football team; Roes, Christie
August 27th, 1991 Women's volleyball; Dormitories; Football team; Pranks; Memorial gymnasium; Early Childhood Learning center; Tangen-Foster, Jim; 'New student tradition night'; Student firefighter; Recycling; Student loans; Vandal card (I.D. card); Curtis, Bob; Water contamination
August 30th, 1991 Exchange program - Students; Fraternities; Valero, Art; Oliver, Charlie; Phi Beta Sigma; Housing; Business Incubator; Friesz, John; Registration; O'Hagan, John; Interfraternity council; Women's volleyball
September 3rd, 1991 Leonhardy, Frank; Washington, Marvin; Schlereth, Mark; Library expansion and renovation; KUOI; Power plant; Football team; Olsson, Kurt O.; Olden, Mark; Women's volleyball
September 6th, 1991 Frisbee golf; GDI week; Library expansion and renovation; Night watch; Office of cooperative education; Palouse region crisis line; Delahoyde, Dr. Michael; Student health Insurance; Dunlop, Pytt Andrew; Student support services; Dietician; Logging - Training
September 10th, 1991 Bus system; 'Teeter-A-Thon'; Football team; Exchange program - Students; Leadership skill retreat; Hazing; Women's volleyball; Football
September 13th, 1991 Art exhibit; GDI week; Martin Institute for peace studies and conflict resolutions; 'Sleestscks' (Band); POW/MIA recognition ceremony; Track - Cross country; Stoneman, Bill; Football; Volleyball team
September 17th, 1991 African American Student Association (AASA); Bicycles; Dad's day (Father's day)`; Smith, Shawen; Robinson, Jeff; GDI week; Women's volleyball; Track - Cross country; Fire - Apartment house; Salmon research; Student health center; Football; Water contamination
September 20th, 1991 Backyard wildlife habitat; Keiser, John; Track - Cross country; Exploring global issues, an intercultural perspective; Boise State University - President; Doyle, Thayne; Murphy, Yo; Leon, Minerva; Friends unlimited; Public Relations Student society of America (PRSSA); Legal advise; Women's volleyball; Teacher education; MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan); Outdoor program; Student health center; 'Mostly Moscow'; Track - Cross country; UI Enrichment program; Football
September 24th, 1991
September 27th, 1991 Budget request to board of regents; Exploring global issues, an intercultural perspective; FFA - Officers; Women's volleyball; Gibb, Richard; Racial diversity forum; Rape; Hyatt, Marci; Southwichk, Renae; Football; Hanks, Amie
October 1st, 1991 Keiser, John; Coalition for Central America; Brown, Peter T.; Fraternities; Phi Beta Sigma; ASUI-Senators; Women's volleyball; Off-Road vehicle presentation; Director of admission; Football
October 4th, 1991 Greeks; Delta Tau Delta; Political Science professors; Exploring global issues, an intercultural perspective; Juggling club; 'Millay'; 'Shadowy Waters'; Ski team; James, Peter; Architecture, Dept of; Track - Cross country; Women's volleyball
October 8th, 1991 ASUI-Senate; Greeks; Delta Tau Delta; Track - Cross country; Faculty women's club; Women's volleyball; Wetlands - UI; 'Mostly Moscow'; Students for peace and cannabis action network (CAN); Football
October 11th, 1991 Midnight with the Vandals; Taylor, Chris; Kagi, Tina; Track - Cross country; ASUI-Senate; Minorities; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Craig, Larry; Football; Women's volleyball
October 15th, 1991 Art galleries; Auditorium chamber music series; Congressmen visit campus; Exploring global issues, an intercultural perspective; Track - Cross country; Minorities; Saturday brass quintet; Shared leave policy; Minorities; Women's volleyball; Women's volleyball; Football
October 18th, 1991 Exploring global issues, an intercultural perspective; Football team; ASUI-Senate; PEPSI scholarship contest; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Rifle target shoot; 'Into the Streets'; Wicks, Grace; Women's volleyball
October 22nd, 1991 Guitar series; Dunn, Kasey; Homecoming - events; Track - Cross country; Mondahl, Scott; Wildfire; Outcomes assessment; Lyle, James; Women's volleyball; Football; Women's volleyball
October 25th, 1991 Women Students; Alumni Office - Activities; ASUI-Senate; Dance theater; Ala' Ilima-Daley, Elia; Hickman, buster; Greek system; Homecoming - Traditions; Homecoming; Football team; Coronado, Ben; Hilbert, Tom; Art and Architecture, College of; Pep Band; Reunions; Tenants association; Football; Vandal basketball fan club; McEwen, Heather; Women's volleyball
October 29th, 1991 Halloween Activities; Class offerings; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Smith, C. Shaw; Nelson, Denny; Halloween Activities; Theophilus Tower; Football; Turner, Jesse; Women's volleyball; Track - Cross country
November 1st, 1991 Hello Walk'; Miller, Robert; Martin, Boyd A.; Fisheries laboratory; Sugg, Tom; Residence Hall Association; Bobsledding, Olympic; Women's volleyball
November 5th, 1991 Auditorium chamber music series; Cultural diversity week; Persian gulf war; Ridge sting quartet; Hazing; Political concerns board; Smith, C. Shaw; Westol, Dave; Art exhibit; Brodwater, Alan Matthew; Women's volleyball; Porter, Dee; Women's sports
November 8th, 1991 Echohawk, Larry; Student housing; Charge, Doris Leader; Football; Women's volleyball
November 12th, 1991 ASUI-Candidate forum; Lightfoot, Orlando; Blood drive; Hunger banquet; 'A Day of Fasting'; Slide donation; Snowball fight; Basketball; Football
November 15th, 1991 AIDS Awareness; Track - Cross country; Basketball, Women's; ADD (Mother Against Drunk Driving); Student concerns forum; Tennis; Value Inns by Cavanaugh's; Women's volleyball; Football
November 19th, 1991 Have Boise State night; Art exhibit; Air Force ROTC; Track - Cross country; Dunn, Kasey; Peace Corps; ASUI-Elections; Basketball, Women's; Women's volleyball; Football
November 22nd, 1991 Have Boise State night; Cox, Mike; Basketball, Women's; Fossil beds; Construction bond; ASUI-Elections; Football; Basketball; Water - improvements
December 3rd, 1991 AIDS Awareness; Campus mail; Financial and quality control project; Basketball, Women's; 'The Beggar's Opera'; Bruce, Dan; Police liaison officer; Racist literature on campus; Basketball
December 6th, 1991 Basketball, Women's; National Center for Advanced Transportation Technology; Coalition for Central America; Basketball
December 10th, 1991 American Indian Science and Engineering society (AISES); Auxiliary service; Eisenbarth, Jeffery G.; Moeller, Kelly; Mathews, Scott; Basketball, Women's; Campus sculpture; Scholarships; Fall Semester 1991 events; Numbers, Joe; Idaho Student Lobby; Pan-Hellenic residence; Pearl Harbor commemoration; 'The Beggar's Opera'; Teacher evaluation; Basketball
December 13th, 1991 Crime; Vandaleers; Financial aid - applications; Trail, JoAnn; International Friendship Association; Library expansion and renovation; 'The Beggar's Opera'; Trees; Snow removal; Vincent, Bruce; Basketball, Women's; Basketball