Argonaut 1992

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Date Subjects
January 14th, 1992 The 5 Keys to Excellence; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; Ricks, Marvin; Basketball, Women's games; College Bowl Tournament, UI; Faculty secretary; Vandalism; Adams, Douglas Q; Non-Credit classes; Bookstore, Student; Student alumni relation board; Kelly, Gretchen; University of Idaho research funding; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Basketball; Women's track team
January 17th, 1992 Whitney, Andre; Watson, Deon; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; UI Land Purchase; Schwantes, Carlos; Smoking; Multicultural workshop; Moslemi, Ali; Basketball
January 21st, 1992 Graduate and Professional students Association; Social security taxes; Student health center; New York city tour; Shared leave policy; Smoking; Basketball; Basketball, Women's; Weight room
January 24th, 1992 Smith, Krista; Budget -; Irene Ryan scholarship competition; 'We The People: The Politics of Oppression'; Racism; Snow ball fights causing trouble; Womack, Carter; Simmons, Rozlyn; Tennis; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 28th, 1992 Art exhibit; Fees; Orrod, Magnus; Poetry workshop; R.O.T.C. - ceremonies; Snowball fight; Tennis; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
January 31st, 1992 Malone, Terrell; Career fair; Condoms on campus; Track; Irene Ryan scholarship competition; Music festival; Zirker, Daniel; Kole, Andre; Pre-paid tuition; Gustavel, Michael; Moregan, Antoinete; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 4th, 1992 American with disabilities act (ADA); Whitney, Andre; Electrical improvement; Escort service; Tennis; Track; Northwest drama conference; Kappa Sigma; UI Enrichment program; Telecommunications program; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Water - improvements
February 7th, 1992 Navy ROTC; Students international association; Northwest drama conference; American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU); Pre-paid tuition; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 11th, 1992 Borah Symposium; Navy ROTC; Residence requirement; Tennis; Track; Northwest drama conference; Skinner, Lynn; The Perch; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 14th, 1992 Accidents; Engineering building addition; Teacher evaluation; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Career Service center; Hadley, Mark; Basketball, Women's; Track; Basketball; Women's center programs
February 18th, 1992 Army ROTC; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; R.O.T.C. - competitions; Graduate and Professional students Association; Hoyt, Jonathan; Huber, James; Child care services; Basketball, Women's; Track; Basketball
February 21st, 1992 Kuehihau, Brenda; Art exhibit; International programs; Lionel Hampton/Chevron Jazz festival; De Rivera, Paquito; Matsui, Keiko and Kazu; Ski team; Tennis; Basketball; UI Jazz band; Basketball, Women's
February 25th, 1992 The Love Talker' - Play; UI Enrichment program; Basketball, Women's games; Adventure education facility; Lionel Hampton Hall of Fame award; Fees; Dance festivals; Tennis; Out-Of-State tuition; 'Stick in the Spoke'; Burns, Ariana; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
February 28th, 1992 Almquist lecture; Amnesty International; Sullivan, J.Kirk; Competitions - Advertising; Neal, Kelli; Track; Moot court; Fees; Rape victim advice; Doss, Erice; Anderson, Scott; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Women's center programs
March 3rd, 1992 Literary magazine; Borah Symposium; Alumni ski week; Ricks, Marvin; Dance festivals; O'Brien, Dan; Women's Tennis; Animal rights; Gandi, Sunanda; Mathews, Laurie; Summer start program; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
March 6th, 1992 ASUI-Productions; Track; Baseball club; Fees; Tennis; National Aeronautic and Space Agency Regional Teacher Resource Center; Parking permits; Society for Conservation Biology; Basketball; Women's center programs
March 10th, 1992 Registration - Procedure; Art exhibit; Track; Financial aid - advise; Brink Hall; Kappa Sigma; Men's Tennis; Outdoor program; Parking permits; Basketball, Women's; Basketball
March 13th, 1992 Scholarship endowments; Wray, Gleanne; Scholarships; Logging competitions; Tennis; Parking policy; Housing; Abu-Amr, Zaid; Basketball
March 24th, 1992 Library; Shreeve, Jeanne M.; Baseball club; Landowners workshop; Tennis; Housing; Tree maintenance on campus; Basketball
March 27th, 1992 Gem of the Mountains; Budget-Higher Education; Aviation Pilot School; Football team; Women's Tennis; Greek leadership conference; Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats; Golf; Hayes, Johanna; Campbell, Alton; Rugby; Tennis
March 31st, 1992 (Ronald) McNair Scholars summer program; D'Alessio, Charles; Rugby; ASUI-Senate; Baseball club; Honors convention; Tennis
April 3rd, 1992 Borah Symposium; Family weekend; Art exhibit; Gem of the Mountains; Columbus Exhibit; Phi Beta Sigma; Sexual assault awareness week; Track; Cycling team (Vandal Velo); Zarcu, Christian; Petkewich, Emily; Tutoring and academic assistant center; Women's Tennis
April 7th, 1992 Borah Symposium; Baseball club; Map exhibit; Women's Tennis; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Career Service center; Sexual assault awareness week; Wood Products Academy
April 10th, 1992 Lambda Sigma Iota; D'Alessio, Charles; Davis, Darrick; Football - Coaching staff; Forgery change - Student; Human factor program; International week; Sororities; Religion on campus; Football; Watson, Brad; McConville, Michael James
April 14th, 1992 Alcohol; D'Alessio, Charles; Watson, Deon; Lightfoot, Orlando; School of Music; Exchange students; Track; Peek, James; Putman Competition (Math); Von Blumroder, Patricia; Green, Mike; Miller, Lisa
April 17th, 1992 Lone Star' - Play; Bus system; ASUI-Senate; Logging competitions; Men's Tennis; Track; Natural Resources week; 'How it hangs'; Registration; Graduate and Professional students Association; Branen, A. Larry; Senior sendoff; Rock Climbing competition; Football; Student insurance
April 21st, 1992 Art exhibit; Bicycles; Morgan, Jack I. And Frances; Endowments; Football team; Track; Tennis; Library; 'Angel Look Homeward' - play; Playwriting workshop; Registration; Anderson, Janice Capel; Football; Falone, Julie
April 24th, 1992 'Angel Look Homeward' - play; Baseball club; Grants; Degeneres, Ellen; Wiley, William R.; Dance performance; Greek week; Anthropology lab; Poetry reading; Graduate and Professional students Association; Football; Hersch, James; College of Law; Gould, Stephen; Reierson, Daryl
April 29th, 1992 Theatre productions; International week; Tennis; Bukvich, Dan; Track; Rouyer, Al; Gray, Earl E.; Football; Hardy, Julene; Spenke, Jonathan
May 1st, 1992 Borah Symposium; Rock, Richard; Drummer, Dancers and dreamers; Early Childhood Learning center; Tennis; Track; Rogers, Kenny; Career Service center; Gould, Stephen; Horowitz, David; Baker, Douglas; Northwest Women in Science - Book; Basketball
May 5th, 1992 College of Law; Tennis; Advertising competition; Groshong, Mat; Dunn, Kasey; Track; Rape incident; Women's rush; Classes offered; Spaulding, Peter; Summer session
May 8th, 1992 Integrated pest management; Alumni hall of fame; ASUI-Reserve fund; Athletes, senior; Basketball, Women's; Hockey; ASUI-Senate; Prichard Art Gallery; Giese, David F.; Idaho Forester; Registration - Procedure; Football; Basketball; Idaho repertory theatre; Recycling
August 21st, 1992
August 25th, 1992 Anderson, Amy; Argonaut; Bus system; Jordan, Jeff; Murphy, Yo; Sirmon, John; Idaho repertory theatre; Classes offered; Concerts; Football team; Registration; Crime; Student leadership conference retreat; Women's rush
August 28th, 1992 'The Taming of the Shrew'; Athletic director; Johansen, Harley; Schnug, Jody; Jankowski, Pitor; Rudzitis, Gundars; Machils, Gray; Park Service project; Vandal card (I.D. card); Hamlett, William C.
September 1st, 1992 Alpha Xi Delta; Moeller, Brad; Career Service center; Student health center; Hanks, Amie
September 4th, 1992 Alcohol; Art exhibit; Early Childhood Learning center; Family housing; Crime; 'Choices'; Outdoor program; Panttaja, Micki; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Morris, Tony; Track; Football
September 8th, 1992 Alice in Chains' (Musician); Registration; Computer laboratory; Dickinson, John; O'Brien, Dan; Feuling, Toby; Zinser, Elisabeth; Housing; Library construction; Computer Store; Palouse Parachute club phase II; Athletic director; Roundtable discussions; Hole, Susannah; Women's volleyball; Women's volleyball; Football
September 11th, 1992 Bicycles; College Republicans; Football team; Grants; Animal rights; Art exhibit; Registration fees; Art exhibit; Engerbretson, Eric; Women's volleyball; Football
September 15th, 1992 Alums in Idaho Falls; Campus security; Class attendance; Nighttime assistance; St. Augustine's Catholic center; Women's volleyball; Football; University of Idaho recycling program; Young Democrats
September 18th, 1992 Registration; Amateur Radio club; Liske, Pete A.; Truck Dog; Dad's weekend; College of Engineering; Nussmeier, Doug; Women's volleyball; Mortar Board; POW/MIA recognition ceremony; Student counseling center; Skipping class; Gootblatt, Ellen; Sheikh, Amtul Mannan S.; AIDS Awareness; Football
September 22nd, 1992 Truck Dog; Dad's weekend; Fashions at; Fashion design; Shenandoah, Joanne; One percent tax initiative; Scholarships; 'Mostly Moscow'; Women's volleyball; Football
September 25th, 1992 Bus system; Alpha Xi Delta; Enrollment; Marching band; Women's volleyball; Gootblatt, Ellen; Puckett, Jessica
September 29th, 1992 One percent tax initiative; Vanguard; One percent tax initiative; Ramsey, Noah; Libertarian party poll; Women's volleyball; Mr. Creek contest; Shenandoah, Joanne; Talisman house; Radioactive waste disposal; Talisman house
October 2nd, 1992 One percent tax initiative; Adventure education facility; Engineering program 9 Boise state branch); Fiction writing workshop; GDI week; Gideons (Bible hand-out); Intramural sports; Political rallies; Women's volleyball; Political croups; Idaho Student Lobby; Football; McEwen, Heather
October 6th, 1992 Cheer leaders; Palouse Journal; 'Danny and the Deep Blue Sea'; Heber, Megan; Teacher evaluation
October 9th, 1992 You Can't Take It With You; Gray, John O.; Heber, Megan; Slate, Robyn; Johnson, Ahmani; 'Jail and Bail'; Homecoming - events; Homecoming - Traditions; Crime; Allan, Charles 'Chas'; Gibb, Richard; Idaho Forester; Homecoming; Architecture, Dept of; O'Hagan, John; University of Idaho magazine (Alumni magazine); Van Haverbeke, Brittany; Wicks, Nancy
October 13th, 1992 Talboy, Thomas; Peer advisors; Machils, Gray; Murphy, Yo; Women's volleyball; You Can't Take It With You; 'Danny and the Deep Blue Sea'; Debate - Political; Doohan, James ('Scotty' - Star Trek); Football
October 16th, 1992 Accidents; Chamber Music Series; Disabled, devices; Track - Cross country; Buxton, Kenneth; McIntosh, Beth; Colson, Dennis; You Can't Take It With You; Business club; Beta Theta Pi; Crime
October 20th, 1992 ALEX (Automated Labor Exchange Machine); State Board of Education; Chamber Music Series; Job search seminar (Letters and Science); Women's volleyball; One percent tax initiative; Office of cooperative education; One percent tax initiative; Doohan, James ('Scotty' - Star Trek); Football; Women's center
October 23rd, 1992 Construction, Campus; Juxtavisions - Art at the Sub; Overstreet, Joe; Argonaut; Payada (Parents and Youth Drug Abuse in Latah County; Krasselt, Mindy
October 27th, 1992 Ag Day; Hammersley, Judy; Exchange students; Health fair; Hockey; Homecoming - Royalty; Halloween Activities; Women's volleyball; Navy ROTC; Office of cooperative education; Student wellness program; Crawford, Don; Benson, Betty; Student health service; 'Into the Streets'; 'Autumdance'
October 30th, 1992 Gillan, Doug; Midnight with the Vandals; Thompson, Bill; Larocco, Larry; Crime; Jefferson, Lauren; Andrus, Cecil D.; Halloween Activities; Lucas, James R. 'Doc'; Miller, Maynard M.; Health fair; One percent tax initiative; Ridenbaugh gallery exhibits; Take Back the Night; Halloween Activities; Stalings, Richard; 'Autumdance'; University of Idaho recycling program
November 3rd, 1992 Blood drive; Cultural diversity week; Gem of the Mountains; Women's volleyball; Midnight madness; One percent tax initiative; Student health fair; Football; Army ROTC
November 6th, 1992 McKeever, Kerry; Dunning, John; 'Literature and film of the Vietnam era'; Garrett, Duke; Hodgins, D'Wayne; Alpha Gamma RHO; Cultural diversity week; Cavani String quartet; Crime; Skit contest; Chilcote, Linda; Osler, Linda
November 10th, 1992 ASUI-Elections; Cavani String quartet; Borah Symposium Committee; Hockey; Women's volleyball; 'Black Joe's' (SEA shack); 'Black Joe's' (SEA shack); Crossing guard program; Snowball fight; Kumalo, Dumisani; Heber, Megan; Football; Porter, Dee
November 13th, 1992 ASUI-Elections; ASUI-Productions; Crime; Women's volleyball; 'Hear the Homeless'; Crawford, Don; Intermountain Affiliate College and University; Weddington, Sarah; Campbell, Chris; Bobsledding, Olympic
November 17th, 1992 ASUI-Officers; ASUI-Elections; Monger, Sam; Student International Association; Library; Women's volleyball; Musical theater dance class; College of Mines; Student health service; Outdoor program; McClure Hall; 'Three sisters'; Weddington, Sarah; Weddington, Sarah; Football; Cross country skiing
November 20th, 1992 Figment' (Science fiction and fantasy magazine); University roundtable; College of Mines and Earth Resources; Robinson, Jeff; Lady Vandals; Intermountain Affiliate College and University; ASUI-Elections
December 1st, 1992 KUID TV - Phonathon; Phillips, Leann; Women's volleyball; Financial aid - applications; Coffee House - SAUI; Pi Beta Phi; Football; Football; Basketball
December 4th, 1992 Beta Theta Pi; Buildings and grounds; College of Law; Crime; Library; Delta Tau Delta; Football - Big Sky All-American team; College of Letters and Science; Women's volleyball; Phi Delta Theta; Food Services; AIDS Awareness
December 8th, 1992 Amnesty International; Talboy, Thomas; Rock, J. Richard; Library; Final examinations; Lady Vandals; Hilbert, Tom; The Nutcracker (Ballet); Basketball; 'Three sisters'; Women's volleyball; Snow removal
December 11th, 1992 Faculty student handbook; Rock, J. Richard; Wilson, Ricky; ASUI-Productions; ASUI-Senate; KUOI; Coba, Dave; Basketball