Argonaut 1993

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Date Subjects
January 12th, 1993 Wichman, Holly; Rock, J. Richard; Lightfoot, Orlando; ASUI-Productions; Dozier-Jarvis-Jensen quartet; Talboy, Thomas; Lady Vandals; Lady Vandals; 'Natural Selections'; Ricks, Marvin; Non-Traditional student programs; Basketball; Attorney general position; Baseball; Basketball; Baseball
January 15th, 1993 Let Freedom Ring Free' speech forum; Eustachy, Larry; Campus Police center; Kershisnik, David; 'Prayer Drums and First Canvases'; Robinson, Jeff; Ski bus; Idaho Institute for Materials and Advanced processes (IMAP); Froes, Sam; Woodall, Dave; Women's track team
January 19th, 1993
January 22nd, 1993
January 26th, 1993
January 29th, 1993 Discrimination; Minorities; Basketball, Women's; Interfraternity council; Women's track; Crime
February 2nd, 1993 Basketball, Women's; ASUI; KUOI; Women's track; College of Law; International Friendship Association; Kibbie Dome; Memorial gymnasium
February 5th, 1993 Alcohol; KUOI; Wallace complex; Alcohol; Tennis; Crime; Pan-Hellenic council; Basketball
February 9th, 1993 Basketball, Women's; Tennis; Alcohol; Computers; Bicycles; Faculty council; Moot court; Women's track
February 12th, 1993 Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Jazz festival; Crime; Basketball; City of Moscow businesses
February 16th, 1993 Wallace complex; Track; Basketball, Women's; Gays; Jazz festival; Theatre Arts Department; Registration; Hockey; Basketball
February 19th, 1993 Tennis; Crime; Jazz festival; Crime; Gays; Bookstore, Student; Basketball, Women's; Phi Delta Theta; Basketball
February 23rd, 1993 Jazz festival; Faculty council; Discrimination; Track; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Recreation course
February 26th, 1993 Basketball, Women's; Jazz festival; Rodeo club; ASUI-Senate; Basketball; Minorities
March 2nd, 1993 Gays; Basketball, Women's; Foreign students; Bicycles; Jazz festival; Mardi Gras; ASUI-Senate; Crime; Track; Basketball; Women
March 5th, 1993 Tennis; Fees; Police; Basketball, Women's; ASUI; Student union building; Basketball
March 9th, 1993 Crime; Crime; Crime; Women
March 12th, 1993 Basketball; Crime; Bicycles; Basketball; Police; Basketball, Women's; Track; Early Childhood Learning center
March 23rd, 1993 Graduates; Basketball; Basketball, Women's; Baseball; Bicycles; Track; Gays
March 26th, 1993 Golf course; Bicycles; Crime; Physical plant; Basketball; Library; Baseball; Fire alarms
March 30th, 1993 Basketball; Bicycles; Blood drive; Women's Tennis; ASUI-Officers; Baseball
April 1st, 1993 ASUI-Budget; Crime; Argonaut; Tennis; Baseball; Parking; Vocalese (Singing group); Women's track; Bicycles
April 6th, 1993 Basketball; Rape; Parking; Women's track
April 9th, 1993 Police; Borah Symposium; Basketball; Crime; Parking; Library; Non-resident students; Vettrus, Dean
April 13th, 1993 Football; All campus week; Green stock; Basketball; Graduate and Professional students Association; Dormitories; Track; Basketball, Women's; Bookstore, Student; Gays
April 16th, 1993 Crime; Gays; Greek week; ASUI-Senate; School of Music; Track; Basketball; Football
April 20th, 1993 Dance theater; ASUI-Elections; Football; Fees; Financial aid; Anthropology lab; International week; Track; Women's track; Tennis; Track
April 23rd, 1993 ASUI-Elections; Exchange students; Outdoor program; Housing; Football; Tennis; Women's track
April 27th, 1993 Green stock; Peace Corps; Football; Sex; Football; Women's track; Football; International week; Phi Beta Kappa; Business and Economics, College of; Housing; Gays; Green stock; Volleyball
April 30th, 1993 Renaissance fair; Faculty council; Gays; Green stock; Football; Basketball; Juve, Henry; Peace Corps; Women's volleyball; Crime
May 4th, 1993 International Friendship Association; Women's track; Renaissance fair; Renaissance fair; ASUI; Fire alarms; Football; Library
May 7th, 1993 ASUI; Student health center; Bicycles; Crime; Argonaut; Housing; Basketball; Parking; Basketball, Women's; Crime; Jazz festival; Football; Track
August 24th, 1993
August 27th, 1993
August 31st, 1993
September 3rd, 1993
September 7th, 1993
September 10th, 1993
September 14th, 1993
September 17th, 1993
September 21st, 1993
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September 28th, 1993
October 1st, 1993
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October 12nd, 1993
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October 22nd, 1993
October 26th, 1993
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