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The Argonaut - January 12th, 1993 Assistant professor. Research grants (pg 2, c0) | ASUI president. Attorney general position vacancy (pg 1, c0) | Basketball player. Photo (pg 4, c0) | Coffeehouse (pg 18, c0) | Coffeehouse. Photo (pg 18, c0) | Former attorney general (pg 1, c0) | Lady Vandals (pg 11, c0) | Lady Vandals (pg 13, c0) | Poetry book (pg 16, c0) | Ricks, Marvin (pg 4, c0) | Survey (pg 1, c0) | UI vs. Central Washington (pg 11, c0) | UI vs. Whitman (pg 11, c0) | University of Idaho vs. Sacramento State. Photo (pg 11, c0) | Vacancy (pg 1, c0) | Varsity team - Big Island invitational (pg 12, c0) | Varsity team - Real Dairy classic (pg 15, c0) | Varsity team vs. Gonzaga University (pg 14, c0) | Varsity team vs. Seattle University (pg 14, c0)
Wichman, Holly; Rock, J. Richard; Lightfoot, Orlando; ASUI-Productions; Dozier-Jarvis-Jensen quartet; Talboy, Thomas; Lady Vandals; Lady Vandals; 'Natural Selections'; Ricks, Marvin; Non-Traditional student programs; Basketball; Attorney general position; Baseball; Basketball; Baseball;
The Argonaut - January 15th, 1993 'Let Freedom Ring Free' speech forum (pg 1, c0) | Basketball coach (pg 7, c0) | Campus Police center (pg 2, c0) | Campus police officer (pg 2, c0) | Exhibit (pg 11, c0) | Football player. To play in senior bowl (pg 9, c0) | From Sub to Silver Mountain, Schweitzer (pg 10, c0) | Photo (pg 1, c0) | Professor (pg 1, c0) | Women's track team (pg 9, c0)
Let Freedom Ring Free' speech forum; Eustachy, Larry; Campus Police center; Kershisnik, David; 'Prayer Drums and First Canvases'; Robinson, Jeff; Ski bus; Idaho Institute for Materials and Advanced processes (IMAP); Froes, Sam; Woodall, Dave; Women's track team;
The Argonaut - January 29th, 1993 Committee hearings in ballroom (pg 1, c0) | Hispanic students discuss rights (pg 3, c0) | Jennifer Clary seeks perfect game. Photo (pg 10, c0) | New officers take over (pg 4, c0) | U of I hosts weekend meet. Photo (pg 11, c0) | Violence on Palouse (pg 1, c0)
Discrimination; Minorities; Basketball, Women's; Interfraternity council; Women's track; Crime;
The Argonaut - February 2nd, 1993 Beat Sacramento, Weber, Northern Arizona. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Fund conservative group? (pg 1, c0) | Idaho ends 3-1in home meet (pg 11, c0) | Idaho law review published since 1931 (pg 4, c0) | Show slides from India (pg 13, c0) | Various exercises available (pg 14, c0)
Basketball, Women's; ASUI; KUOI; Women's track; College of Law; International Friendship Association; Kibbie Dome; Memorial gymnasium;
The Argonaut - February 5th, 1993 $11.240 from NCAA Alcohol Awareness (pg 1, c0) | Artist DJ dies of AIDS (pg 1, c0) | Fire in recycling room. Photo (pg 1, c0) | Greeks and alcohol (pg 4, c0) | Kibbie Dome games begin (pg 11, c0) | Malicious damage to vehicles (pg 2, c0) | New officers for 1993 (pg 3, c0) | Rick Wilson, Point guard. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Vandals at home with state rivals (pg 9, c0)
Alcohol; KUOI; Wallace complex; Alcohol; Tennis; Crime; Pan-Hellenic council; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 12th, 1993 Begin critical series tonight. Photo (pg 11, c0) | Begin Montana road trip. Photo (pg 10, c0) | Chauncey McBride, forward. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Dizzie Gillespie will be missed (pg 4, c0) | Lack of evidence in rape case (pg 1, c0) | Orlando Lightfoot in Sports Illus. (pg 11, c0) | Roses and restaurants. Photo (pg 12, c0)
Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Jazz festival; Crime; Basketball; City of Moscow businesses;
The Argonaut - February 16th, 1993 Basement to be remodeled. Photo (pg 3, c0) | Dan O'Brien highlight of dome meet (pg 11, c0) | Drop pair at home. Photo (pg 10, c0) | Fundamentalists picket gay dance (pg 1, c0) | Jazz festival schedule (pg 13, c0) | Several awards at Northwest Drama conference (pg 14, c0) | Student number now reaches 10,988, 2.8% over last spring (pg 1, c0) | Take 3rd place at Wenatchee meet (pg 12, c0) | University of Idaho vs. University of Montana. Beat vandals 68-65. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Varsity team vs. Montana State College. Vandal win 65-63. Photo (pg 9, c0)
Wallace complex; Track - University of Idaho; Basketball, Women's; Gays; Jazz festival; Theatre Arts Department; Registration; Hockey; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 19th, 1993 Billie Jean King coming to University of Idaho (pg 9, c0) | Car bomb, equipment damaged (pg 3, c0) | Giants of jazz to swing. Photos (pg 12, c0) | Heber charged with 2nd degree murder (pg 1, c0) | Local bigots demand death for gays (pg 11, c0) | Looking for a new management' (pg 2, c0) | UI begins tourney drive (pg 10, c0) | Under hazing sanctions (pg 3, c0) | Varsity team defeat Sacramento state 76-71 (pg 9, c0)
Tennis; Crime; Jazz festival; Crime; Gays; Bookstore, Student; Basketball, Women's; Phi Delta Theta; Basketball;
The Argonaut - February 23rd, 1993 'Treat of A music lifetime'. Photo (pg 12, c0) | Delays motion on discrimination against gays (pg 1, c0) | Faculty council delays motion on (pg 1, c0) | Idaho dominates McDonalds meet (pg 11, c0) | UI vs. Eastern Washington State. Idaho wins 82-81 (pg 9, c0) | University of Idaho vs. Eastern Washington University. Vandals win 82-80. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Useful and therapeutic study (pg 3, c0)
Jazz festival; Faculty council; Discrimination; Track - University of Idaho; Basketball, Women's; Basketball; Recreation course;
The Argonaut - March 2nd, 1993 ASUI president drops gay referendum (pg 1, c0) | Beat Northern Arizona 59-44; beat Weber state 61-60 (pg 10, c0) | Japanese visit University of Idaho. Photos (pg 3, c0) | New bike route to be built (pg 2, c0) | Performers give great jazz. Photos (pg 12, c0) | Plans for Mardi Gras (pg 11, c0) | President drops referendum on gays (pg 1, c0) | Second pipe bomb explodes here (pg 1, c0) | Team off to Flagstaff, Arizona (pg 9, c0) | U of I vs. Weber State. Idaho loses 63-75. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Women's history month (pg 11, c0)
Gays; Basketball, Women's; Foreign students; Bicycles; Jazz festival; Mardi Gras; ASUI-Senate; Crime; Track - University of Idaho; Basketball; Women;
The Argonaut - March 12th, 1993 Big sky tourney continues. Photo (pg 6, c0) | Mountain bikes get stolen often (pg 1, c0) | Mountain bikes stolen, cops on bike (pg 1, c0) | Orlando Lightfoot, 6' 7' (pg 6, c0) | Plan to have campus cops on bikes (pg 1, c0) | To go to Bozeman for next game. Photo (pg 7, c0) | Two Idahoans take 1st place in Arizona (pg 7, c0) | Young students learn self-esteem (pg 9, c0)
Basketball; Crime; Bicycles; Basketball; Police; Basketball, Women's; Track - University of Idaho; Early Childhood Learning center;
The Argonaut - March 23rd, 1993 Engineering jobs becoming scarce (pg 1, c0) | Lightfood most valuable player. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Lose 57-43 to Montana State (pg 0, c0) | Lose four games at coast (pg 11, c0) | Mountain bike competition on weekend (pg 9, c0) | Runners do well at Richland meet (pg 11, c0) | Text of gay-bashing flier printed (pg 6, c0)
Graduates; Basketball; Basketball, Women's; Baseball; Bicycles; Track - University of Idaho; Gays;
The Argonaut - March 26th, 1993 All set for new season. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Bikers to Boise for charity (pg 4, c0) | False alarm, thefts, bombs? (pg 1, c0) | Head demoted, new plans afoot (pg 1, c0) | NCAA tournament continues. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Old-timers remember 55 year old victory over Oregon. Photo (pg 8, c0) | Photo of new library clock tower (pg 1, c0) | Rain wipes out games all over (pg 10, c0) | Too many false alarms this semester (pg 1, c0)
Golf course; Bicycles; Crime; Physical plant; Basketball; Library; Baseball; Fire alarms;
The Argonaut - March 30th, 1993 Banquet for Big Sky champs. Photo (pg 7, c0) | Bicycle rodeo a big success (pg 8, c0) | Hope to exceed 375 units this year (pg 1, c0) | Lose to WSU 9-0 (pg 7, c0) | Recall of Richard Rock dropped (pg 2, c0) | Varsity team vs. EWCE (EWSC). Vandals lose 2, win 1 (pg 8, c0)
Basketball; Bicycles; Blood drive; Women's Tennis; ASUI-Officers; Baseball;
The Argonaut - April 1st, 1993 1994 budget released (pg 2, c0) | 8 suspects in smoke, pipe bomb case (pg 20, c0) | Cosmonaut, April Fool's day issue (pg 1, c1) | Men's team heads to California. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Off to Boise for doubleheader (pg 10, c0) | Parking committee's recommendation will be ready soon (pg 20, c0) | To perform for family weekend (pg 13, c0) | To Washington State invitational at WSU (pg 9, c0) | U of I team 2nd in WSU meet (pg 11, c0)
ASUI-Budget; Crime; Argonaut; Tennis; Baseball; Parking; Vocalese (Singing group); Women's track; Bicycles;
The Argonaut - April 6th, 1993 Four coach candidates reduces to 2 (pg 7, c0) | Fraternity member accused of date rape (pg 1, c0) | Now there are 40 spots for handicapped (pg 2, c0) | Six UI women qualify at WSU meet (pg 8, c0)
Basketball; Rape; Parking; Women's track;
The Argonaut - April 9th, 1993 A night on patrol with Moscow officer (pg 4, c0) | East Africa victim of arms race (pg 1, c0) | Joe Cravens, not Hugh Watson chosen, Vandal fans protest (pg 9, c0) | Knifing, thefts, rape charge dropped (pg 2, c0) | New buildings, more students few places to park (pg 1, c0) | Photo of student using 1 of 2 catalog terminals still working (pg 1, c0) | Third of students, but pay 3 times as much (pg 1, c0) | Tree planted for retiring Sub manager (pg 3, c0)
Police; Borah Symposium; Basketball; Crime; Parking; Library; Non-resident students; Vettrus, Dean;
The Argonaut - March 5th, 1993 King and other here. Photos (pg 11, c0) | Non-resident and law fees rose most (pg 1, c0) | Now in renovated Information center (pg 3, c0) | Overview of season so far (pg 9, c0) | Students rate services 'Average' (pg 1, c0) | Two finalists for new director (pg 2, c0) | Varsity team. Survey of games this season (pg 9, c0)
Tennis; Fees; Police; Basketball, Women's; ASUI; Student union building; Basketball;
The Argonaut - April 13th, 1993 First scrimmage of the season (pg 9, c0) | Great variety of events slated (pg 14, c0) | Near Kendrick, 35 bands this year (pg 12, c0) | New coach, Joe Cravens to recruit (pg 9, c0) | Price award for best research (pg 3, c0) | Rates up 13% next semester! (pg 1, c0) | Results of invitational at Boise (pg 10, c0) | Two players not returning (pg 9, c0) | Used textbook maybe swapped (pg 4, c0) | What to do about gay bashing (pg 1, c0)
Football; All campus week; Green stock; Basketball; Graduate and Professional students Association; Dormitories; Track - University of Idaho; Basketball, Women's; Bookstore, Student; Gays;
The Argonaut - April 16th, 1993 Battery, BB shots, thefts, etc? (pg 1, c0) | How to defeat anti-gay initiative (pg 1, c0) | Idaho Greeks win awards (pg 3, c0) | Race begins with debates (pg 1, c0) | Students show their talents (pg 16, c0) | Tenth Palouse triathlon Sunday (pg 13, c0) | Three players change minds, stay on (pg 11, c0) | Wind Henderson new member. Photo (pg 11, c0)
Crime; Gays; Greek week; ASUI-Senate; School of Music; Track - University of Idaho; Basketball; Football;
The Argonaut - April 23rd, 1993 Five new, two old faces (pg 1, c0) | It's easy to study abroad (pg 4, c0) | Kayakers at Riggins, Idaho (pg 13, c0) | Many gripes about rise in rents (pg 2, c0) | New faces on defensive line. Photo (pg 11, c0) | Niren Lall is one of Idaho's finest. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Thirteen to Des Moines for relays (pg 10, c0)
ASUI-Elections; Exchange students; Outdoor program; Housing; Football; Tennis; Women's track;
The Argonaut - April 27th, 1993 'Makin' it in the mud' (pg 5, c0) | A volunteer in Mali, Africa (pg 4, c0) | All running backs here next year (pg 9, c0) | Condom sales rise at health center. Photo (pg 12, c0) | Defensive player of the year goes to Denver. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Drake Relays good experience (pg 9, c0) | Final scrimmage of the year (pg 10, c0) | Former Yugoslavia and Israel discussed (pg 1, c0) | Forty one new members inducted (pg 2, c0) | Full accreditation from AACSB (pg 1, c0) | High rents criticized at meeting (pg 8, c0) | Match for equal rights (pg 3, c0) | Music and Mud near Kendrick. Photos (pg 12, c0) | Spring spike-off successful (pg 10, c0)
Green stock; Peace Corps; Football; Sex; Football; Women's track; Football; International week; Phi Beta Kappa; Business and Economics, College of; Housing; Gays; Green stock; Volleyball;
The Argonaut - April 30th, 1993 All booths must be approved, no more than 135 permitted, no room for any more (pg 12, c0) | Bans discrimination against gays (pg 1, c0) | Faculty council bans discrimination against gays and lesbians (pg 0, c0) | Festival costly to promoters (pg 5, c0) | Great players in Silver and Gold scrimmage. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Head coach picks Ray Jones for assistant (pg 9, c0) | Instructor in Chemistry. Retires, will be greatly missed by students (pg 3, c0) | Mali experience, part 2 (pg 4, c0) | Nancy Wicks, Player of year, to Olympics trails (pg 9, c0) | Pipe bombings at UI, WSU not related (pg 1, c0)
Renaissance fair; Faculty council; Gays; Green stock; Football; Basketball; Juve, Henry; Peace Corps; Women's volleyball; Crime;
The Argonaut - May 4th, 1993 Farewell tea for women (pg 14, c0) | Getting ready for Big Sky championships (pg 11, c0) | Great fun, diversion from reality. Photos (pg 1, c0) | Great fun, diversion from reality. Photos (pg 12, c0) | It was a busy year for political events (pg 4, c0) | Large number of fire alarms annoy students trying to study for finals (pg 1, c0) | Lineup of players (pg 9, c0) | No winner in final scrimmage. Photo (pg 9, c0) | Noise and dust of construction will soon be over (pg 1, c0)
International Friendship Association; Women's track; Renaissance fair; Renaissance fair; ASUI; Fire alarms; Football; Library;
The Argonaut - May 7th, 1993 A history of the past semester (pg 4, c0) | Anonymity assured in HIV testing (pg 7, c0) | Bicycle path between Moscow and Pullman seriously considered (pg 1, c0) | Dead week brings out party animals (pg 1, c0) | Future of paper is in committee (pg 1, c1) | Housing costs increase despite protests (pg 4, c0) | Idaho basketball gets back on top. Review of past year (pg 12, c0) | Now 250 fewer parking spaces (pg 5, c0) | Past year was rollercoaster for Idaho (pg 14, c0) | Student tells about checkbook scam (pg 9, c0) | To be featured on CBS 'Sunday Morning' (pg 1, c0) | Vandals achieve 'Sky high' hopes. Photo (pg 13, c0) | Will host Eastern Washington University this weekend, past year reviewed (pg 14, c0)
ASUI; Student health center; Bicycles; Crime; Argonaut; Housing; Basketball; Parking; Basketball, Women's; Crime; Jazz festival; Football; Track - University of Idaho;
The Argonaut - February 9th, 1993 Bengals, Broncos rout Idaho. Photo (pg 13, c0) | Both men and women do well in dome (pg 12, c0) | Home brew easy to make and drink (pg 15, c0) | Mainframe 5 years behind, may crash (pg 1, c0) | Need safe routes through Moscow (pg 2, c0) | Removes student from Dome board (pg 1, c0) | Right to privacy this year's issue (pg 5, c0) | Vandals do well at EWU meet (pg 14, c0)
Basketball, Women's; Tennis; Alcohol; Computers; Bicycles; Faculty council; Moot court; Women's track;
The Argonaut - February 26th, 1993 Currently 5th in conference. Photo (pg 10, c0) | Hampton and others play. Photos (pg 14, c0) | Hope to ride to the top (pg 3, c0) | Student defender approved (pg 1, c0) | Vandals lead league, Slim. Photos (pg 10, c0) | Very few apply for jobs at U of I (pg 1, c0)
Basketball, Women's; Jazz festival; Rodeo club; ASUI-Senate; Basketball; Minorities;
The Argonaut - March 9th, 1993 Battery with intent to commit felony (pg 1, c0) | Murder charge reduced to manslaughter (pg 1, c0) | Repercussions of recent bombing (pg 3, c0) | Workshop on women's finances (pg 3, c0)
Crime; Crime; Crime; Women;
The Argonaut - April 20th, 1993 'Dances, drummers, and dreamers'. Photo (pg 17, c0) | Candidates address issues; ballot (pg 9, c0) | How the team play (pg 13, c0) | Increase resident 10%, non-resident 55%! (pg 1, c0) | New simpler forms to fill out (pg 2, c0) | Open house, arrowhead production (pg 17, c0) | Professor, foreign students speak (pg 1, c0) | Success despite rain. Photo (pg 13, c0) | Tara Hamilton is very good. Photo (pg 15, c0) | To Big Sky tourney at Boise (pg 13, c0) | Track - University of Idaho (pg 16, c0)
Dance theater; ASUI-Elections; Football; Fees; Financial aid; Anthropology lab; International week; Track - University of Idaho; Women's track; Tennis; Track - University of Idaho;
January 19th, 1993 UI football player arrested in melee at night club Xenon; Problems with purging plagues some students; University cuts back due to cut in budget; Pro-lifers march for human rights and peace (p2); Day in the life of law student gives insight (p3); Asian donor needed for Adam Hamman (p6); Native Americans perform historic dances (p10); Jazz greats toot trumpets at Feb. festival (p10)
Crime; Xenon; Budget; Pro-life; Law student; Organ donation; Native American culture; Jazz
January 22nd, 1993 Student reports she was sexually assaulted at UI fraternity party; Committee seeks protection from discrimination for sexual preference: ASUI President and former Attorney General come head to head again; No gun found in football player’s car after incident at Xenon (p2); Greeks honored with awards for leadership development (p3); UI tennis ready to swing into action (p11); Controversial artist performs about masculine, feminine identity (p13); Key-note speaker addresses problems of humanity (p15)
Sexual Assault; Greek life; Xenon; Tennis; Performance; Health; Humanity
January 26th, 1993 Students circulate petition for recall election of Rock; After a month of conflict attorney general set filled; Researchers look user friendly equipment; Mock interviews prepare students for real thing (p2); Economic reform for Russia not in immediate future (p3); Rock climbing wall and other facilities to open soon (p7); Hot springs melt down winter stress (p10); Vandals make it seven straight on the run: Explosive first half does away with EWU (p11); Lady Vandals put the sting on Hornets (p12); Comedians cause cramps with crazy comedy (p13); Dancers skip Sunday pigskin to show skin (p14); Black History Month celebrated (p14)
Preparation for real world; Rock climbing; Winter; Sports; Laughter; Black History Month
August 24th, 1993 Alpha Phi pledge paralyzed after two-story fall Thursday; Low numbers result in sorority decolonization (p2); Bookstore extends hours to meet demand: First days of school most hectic to buy new books (p3); Student Health Services provide broad range of medical care for full, part time students (p3); ‘92-’93 UI crime follows national trend (p4); David Mucci: New SUB manager stresses interaction with students (p5); Three residence halls receive summer facelift (p5); Changing agriculture, changing lifestyles: Rapeseed delivers its unimaginable potential to the UI and the Palouse (p10); Fly Fishing for trout: Fishing in North Idaho is only a short fly-cast away (p10); Throwing Frisbee: The Ultimate way of life (p12)
Greek life; Bookstore; Student Health Service; Crime; Fishing; Frisbee
August 27th, 1993 Pledge’s accident provokes questioning into alcohol policies; Andrus pushes investigation; Student escapes car-train wreck with bruises (p2); Class enforces women’s self defense (p3); Alcohol stats: Flood of underage drinking hits Moscow, MIPs total 23 (p3); Campus child care moves to new building (p4); Environmental Science degree new at UI (p5); Senior killed in motorcycle accident, friends mourn (p6);  Rock pushes for UI Habitat for Humanity chapter (p7); EPA’s regulation slows million dollar clean-up (p8); Artists featured at Lewis-Clark Gallery (p18); Black Widows spinning rugby web after three years of play (p19); Huckleberries offer fine reward for day’s work (p24); UI Campus Recreation lists activities for fall (p30)
Greek life; Alcohol; Car accident; Womens' self defense; Child care; Environmental science; Death; EPA; Art; Rugby; Huckleberries
August 31st, 1993 ‘Lucky pennies’ add up to big bucks for UI; Two-years library project reaches completion Oct. 1 (p2); Wolves return to Idaho (p2); Earth First!ers found guilty (p3); Black Happy, Royball, Layne’s Driver pull shirts off for Peghead bash (p8); Lentilfest ‘93 a gas (p8); UI Students in Camouflage: Technology increases personal, environment safety (p13); SUB Underground bowling lanes ready to roll (p14)
Library; Wolves; Earth First!ers; Lentilfest; Technology; Bowling
September 3rd, 1993 Kempthorne enjoys return to Idaho; Greek advisor says no new policies (p2); MIPs keep police busy (p2); Class teaches rape defense strategies (p3); Scientists perform musical test: Physical Scientists explain meaning of life (p10); Men’s sex survey reveals who switches partners most (p10); Serious cyclists need safety (p11); Forest, Spruce grouse offer opportunity to get out of Dodge (p13); Idaho cuts down Lumberjacks (p15); UI volleyball team smashes Lewis-Clark (p16)
Greek life; Crime; Science; Cycling; Forests; Volleyball
September 7th, 1993 Randy Weaver: Government evidence lawyer’s dream, Weaver’s lawyer said;  Beitelspacher defends program cuts; Dirt Fishermen hook the crowd at the Combine last weekend (p10); Vandal Volleyball kicks season off at the Cougar Challenge (p11); Jean Grammar returns to Hammer and Cycle: Grammar and Lee expected to be tops in women’s and men’s competitions (p12)
Lawyer; Program cuts; Fishing; Volleyball; Bicycling
September 10th, 1993 State proposes to ban alcohol; Memo explain reasons for Idaho Union; Anthropology professor finds new Java man skull (p2); King delivers hazing address to Greeks (p3); Fraternities named in case (p4); Comedian combines alcohol message, humor (p4); Bumbershoot 1993 jammed food into mouths, music into ears (p15); Mtn. Biking at Silver Mountain (p17); Grizzlies in Idaho’s wilderness: Idaho needs rational decisions considering value of bears versus value of land (p17); Vandal Volleyball wins at home: Idaho defeats LCSC for 15th consecutive time in ten years (p19); Student wellness program offers step aerobic classes (p20); UI Hockey club to hit ice soon: Home games in Spokane free of charge to spectators (p21)
Alcohol; Anthropology; Greek life; Biking; Bears; Volleyball; Student wellness; Hockey
September 14th, 1993 Zinser presents UI budget cuts; All-campus rally to oppose alcohol-free proposal; ‘Bomb Sniffer’: FAA offers $ .5 million for prototype that senses, identifies bombs (p2); Oregon artist donates 350-pounds bronze ‘Porky’ to housing project (p3); Earth First!ers found guilty (p4); University neglects old for new, South Hill Terrace residents say (p5); Shark Club has mouthful ready to hook new athletic members (p10); Student Health stops smoking: Eight sessions to help students stop smoking to begin Sept. 21 (p10); Xenon puts on cowboy boots (p11);  Go, Fight, Win!: UI cheerleaders pumping home crowds with spirit and Vandal style (p15)
Budget; Alcohol; Bombs; Art; Crime; Shark Club; Smoking Xenon; Cheerleaders
September 17th, 1993 Students react to proposed ban; Candlelight March displays student unity; Eighteen to represent UI at World Wilderness Congress (p2); Compromises political reality, activist says (p3); Zinser extends defense period two weeks for frats named in Coghlan Case (p4); Moscow Social Club offers food, drink, and music for grand opening (p8); Outdoor program offers variety of activities (p10); Science Fiction Convention will be held this weekend (p11); ‘Pac 10’ should promote sporting events, not women as sexual objects (p12)
Alcohol; World Wilderness Congress; Greek life; Moscow Social Club; Science Fiction Convention
September 21st, 1993 Idaho’s silent killer: UI student joins growing percentage of attempted suicides in Idaho; UI raises requirements for new students; Dope no big deal, says UI student (p3); Idaho education to be strong issue, Winder says (p3); Enough music to feed a cow (p8); Late season hunting for Big Elk (p9); Angie Mathison captures first ever cross country victory at Idaho Invite (p12); Grammar repeats H&C victory (p13)
Suicide; Weed; Education; Music; Hunting; Track and Field
September 24th, 1993 Mr. Greek: 19 compete for honor and title; Phi Kappa Tau, UI Interfraternity Council join others tightening alcohol; Thieves cancel math test: Prof finds tests missing, file erased and exam cancelled (p2); ROTC in action: Army, Air Force, Navy ROTC prepare for active service, careers (p3); Groups file suit against the Nez Perce National Forests (p4); What’s happening with fashion?: Campus fashion reflects trends (p8); Alaska climbing dangerous, fun (p11); Learn to swim classes offered (p12)
Greek life; Theft; Crime; ROTC; Nez Perce; Fashion; Climbing; Swimming
September 28th, 1993 IFC considers policy change; New girls on the block eager to get involved; Committee discusses new bike path (p4); Disc, The Ultimate way of life (p8); Fraternities battle in softball bonanza: 48-hour softball marathon, a player’s perspective (p12);  UI volleyball sweeps Montana, MSU (p12); Lacrosse teams forming: Men’s and women’s team members needed (p14); Dual in the Dome slated for Oct. 2 Kibbie Dome (p14)
Bike path; Frisbee; Greek life; Softball; Volleyball; Lacrosse; Sports
October 8th, 1993 Gault fire alarm not malicious; New SUB name reflects fresh image; Car chase tops crime list (p2); Greek system topic of board meeting (p3); Increasing life with wine (p10); INWARD to meet tonight (p13); Debunking handgun control myths, death and crime (p13); Stride for Gold a tradition (p14); He doesn’t sound (or play) like an Aussie (p16)
Car chase; Crime; Greek life; Wine; INWARD; Guns; Sports
October 12nd, 1993 Forum centers on positive aspects; ILA opposes Citizens’ anti-gay initiative; Coming Out Day celebrated (p2); WSU shows art (p8); Ex-Aryan nations member speaks peace (p8); Cray’s new album, shameless, sinful (p9); Symphony Orchestra debuts (p10); Vandals sour ISU homecoming (p11)
Anti-gay; Coming Out Day; Art; Ex-Aryan; Robert Cray; Music; Homecoming
October 15th, 1993 Board member presents modified alcohol policy; Rock handgun in possible code violation (p2); PETA representative to talk on the Palouse (p3); Senators present diversity bill (p4); SUB ballroom to sport 75 international flags (p4); Heber pleads involuntary manslaughter (p4); UI wants active role: Resolution describes new alcohol policies, campus reaction to Regena Coghlin accident (p5); Slide show portrays intense adventure (p15); G.T. Noah celebrates new album: Jump on the Wagon full of Thunder at Alley (p16); Lip synch promises embarrassment (p16)
Alcohol; Guns; PETA; Diversity; Megan Heber; Murder; Crime; Music
October 19th, 1993- Health and Nutrition Fair Alcohol awareness week: Campus living groups band together to promote alternatives to drinking; Greeks return to former alcohol policy; Greeks contribute time, money to philanthropies (p3); Fair promotes ‘head to toe’ fitness (p7); Award-winning poet to read (p10); Film Festival to show Thursday (p10); Vandals continue winning ways (p12) [Health and Nutrition Fair special starts on page 7]
Alcohol Awareness; Greek life; Health and Wellness Fair; Poetry; Film Festival; Sports
October 22nd, 1993 PETA documents animal research; Today last day to register to vote in election; Vandal breaks into ASUI offices (p2); Costa Rican couple brings perspective to the Palouse (p4); Cochran vows against racism (p8); Health Fair a success (p10); U of I Chamber music series begins tonight (p10); Environmental park offers educational opportunities (p11); Deer meat or venison?: It all depends upon the methods of bringing it home, is it whole or quartered? (p11); The 1993 Vandal football team: Could they be the best team in Vandal history (p12)
PETA; Crime; Racism; Health Fair; Music; Environmental; Exotic meat; Football
October 26th, 1993 Idaho Recycling Week: Week commemorates increased awareness of waste disposal habits; Initiative offers all a vote on legislation; Moscow city elections to be held Nov. 2: Candidates offer past City Council experience, education to voters (p3); Play looks at birth (p9); Phoenix Dance Company delights Beasley crowd (p9); Peghead, Maybe not as pissed-off as Salad, but still has groovin’ horns to move feet (p10)
Recycling week; City elections; Plays; Phoenix Dance Company; Music
October 29th, 1993- Halloween special Alcohol, a community problem; UI lecturer discusses homosexuality; Angry WSU student with rifle stomrs UI fraternity, arrested (p2); Hall sponsors annual haunting (p11); Horrors give life to dead party (p12); Snaut to give Halloween treat (p13); How to avoid Grizzlies (p14); Jackson accepts coaching challenge at Idaho (p17) [Halloween Horror special section starts on page 9]
Alcohol; Homosexuality; Crime; Halloween; Avoiding bears; Coaching
November 2nd, 1993 Cultural Diversity Week: Artwork unveiled at opening ceremony of annual celebration of cultures; Greek advisor present at Beta party; Alpha Kappa Lambda takes campus by storm (p4); Credit available for Hawaii spring break (p5); Snaut too much for Moscow: Handful of people receive the Snaut experience on Halloween (p9); ‘Bump in the Night’ just right (p10); UI volleyball wins this weekend (p12); Vandals victorious in final road game (p12)
Culture Diversity Week; Greek life; Hawaii; Music; Xenon; Halloween; Volleyball
November 5th, 1993- Bar and Restaurant Guide New art reveals diversity; SUB vs IU: ASUI Senate offers students chance to vote on proposed name changed Nov. 17; Slasher incident falsified (p2); AGDs remember past, look to future: 35 years on campus gives sorority sense of mission (p3); Voters approve animal levy (p4); Finding the right choice of music: MTV might offer diverse music, but to find unique music take local CD shop (p10); Gambino’s cuisine, A little taste of Italy on the Palouse (p17); Lionel Hampton has musical line-up for this weekend (p20) [Bar and Restaurant Guide starts on page 11]
Art; Diversity; Crime; Greek life; MTV; Music; Bars and Restaurant; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
November 9th, 1993 Homecoming celebrates fall colors; Anti-gay intiative: Attorney General Echohawk declares ICA intiative unconstitutional; Concepts of acquaintance rape changed (p3); Community joins alcohol battle (p4); Historians search for inmates (p6); Police ask for help in search (p6); First annual jazz festival to play at WSU (p13); Cyclist to lecture about 10,000 mile African trip (p13); Modern Japanese dance at WSU’s Bryan Hall (p15); Basketball team gives up turkey for hope of championship (p18)
Homecoming; Anti-gay; Rape; Alcohol; History; Crime; Jazz Festival WSU; Cycling; International travels; Japanese culture; Basketball
October 1st, 1993 UI withdraws recognition of two fraternities, new sanctions imposed; Dr. Sam Ham calls UI professor heaven; Beta Theta Pi charter pulled (p2); Alcohol infractions up: After an eight day lull in campus alcohol infractions, two students cited (p3); Roasting in coffee freshness (p10); Cannabis Action Network on university campus: Group raises awareness of hemp’s medical, industrial benefits (p11); Ballet to perform at Beasley (p12); Fly fishing offers another way to bug fish: ‘A River Runs Through It’ sparks fly fishing boom in the Pacific Northwest region (p13); Sailing passion may turn to Olympic dream: UI Recreation graduate student sails in Adam’s Cup, possibly 1996 Olympics (p15); Club juggles fun, entertainment (p16)
Greek life; Alcohol; Coffee; Cannabis; Ballet; Fishing; Olympics; Juggling
November 12nd, 1993 Veterans Day remembers deaths; Hopkins, Smith grab Homecoming crowns; Indecent student gets police exposure (p2); Johnson’s design reflects student angle (p3); Enrichment Program offers new certificate (p6); FarmHouse, Builder of men (p7); Sixth Street bike path topic of public workshop Nov. 18 (p9); Last chance to see Ridenbaugh exhibition (p17); High beer prices don’t always spell quality (p20); There’s tons o’ gold in them thar hills! (p21)
Veterans Day; Homecoming; Drug and Alcohol rehab program; Greek life; Biking; Ridenbaugh; Gold
November 16th, 1993- ASUI/GPSA Student Elections Homecoming unhampered by snow; NAFTA finds overall support in Moscow; ‘Tour of Life’ draws slim crowd (p8); Jackson’s butt not worth $20 for hour show (p8); Blood Drive slated for today through Thursday (p13); LCSC features art: Native American art on display at Center for Art and History in Lewiston (p13); Perfect record chopped by Lumberjacks (p15); Homecoming, A time for Idaho spirit and reminiscence (p16) [ASUI/GPSA student elections special selection starts on page 9]
Homecoming; Alan Jackson; Blood drive; Art; Culture; Lumberjacks
November 19th, 1993 Marble shakes Sheikh by 70 votes; Bike thefts race through campus (p2); Council amends anti-discrimination policy (p3); 1% Initiative: Ron Rankin returns with a new hope for lowering property taxes in Idaho (p3); ROTC battalion best in West (p4); Student severely attacked (p4); Cockroaches bring insect appreciation (p4); McCall rest stop encourages safety (p5); Ridenbaugh exhibits student art (p11); Smokers try to go cold turkey for a day (p11); Charlie Brown no blockhead, trees need love (p14); Oregon falls on ice to Idaho (p17)
Crime; Theft; Taxes; ROTC; Insects; McCall; Art; Ridenbaugh; Smokers; Hockey
November 23rd, 1993 There is a big note that says, “Missing: Nov. 23 & 26, 1993”
November 30th, 1993 Heber receives 5-year sentence; New alcohol policy adopts revised penalties (p3); Rural areas compete for Idaho tourists (p3); Ed college re-accredited praised (p4); Chorale presents holiday music (p8); Next Generation trek-heads lost no more (p10); Women’s athletics receives grant: Lady Vandal Athletics awarded $9,500 from Sara Lee (p14)
Megan Heber; Crime; Alcohol; Star Trek; Lady Vandals
October 5th, 1993 Greeks pass new alcohol policy; Research program offers biomedical opportunities for minority students (p2); ASUI Senate approves funds for KUOI (p3); UI law school consultant runs for city council (p3); Student EMT’s juggle fighting fires, homework (p4); Racing cars makes grades (p4); ‘Salmon’ bridges the music gap (p8); Comedy Troupe: ‘The Best of Second City’ sets free laughter at University Auditorium Friday night (p8); A Pilgrim’s guide to feeding on elk meat (p9); Vandals cruise to sixth straight win (p11)
Greek life; Alcohol; KUOI; Racing cars; Music; Comedy; Elk meat; Volleyball
December 14th, 1993 There is a big note that says, “Missing: Dec. 14 & 17, 1993”
December 3rd, 1993 Weaver lawyer co-defends Coghlan; Rock overturns Union Board decision; Number of abandoned pets increases over break (p2); Be on lookout for stolen Levis (p4); Geology workshop offers practical experience (p4); Mansion dress up for holidays (p6); Palouse children invited to Christmas from McConnell Mansion era (p6); AIDs reaches across the world (p11); Snow in the mountains means skis on feet: Ski shops in Moscow offer wide variety of equipment for advanced to beginner (p16)
Crime; Abandoned pets; Geology; Christmas; McConnell Mansion; AIDS; Skiing
December 7th, 1993 Students outsmart GRE questions; Garbage prices pile up for new year; Educational Tech Fair offers new-age sights (p2); Good Samaritan: WSU student shot while offering roadside aid (p3); Avoid risks with inside decorations (p5); Cartel plays last show Dec. 17 (p10); Zappa’s Universe, still alive despite death (p11); Diverse art at Prichard Gallery (p12)
Educational Tech Fair; Crime; Music; Art
December 10th, 1993 Research takes back seat to teaching; Rock, Sheikh, senators bid fond farewell; Deerfield offers opportunity to study early American history, material culture (p2); Coghlan heads top stories of semester (p3); Toys-for-Tots plays Santa (p3); Celebrating Human Rights Day: University of Idaho Amnesty International Chapter brings awareness to students (p9); Photography exhibit in SUB (p14)
History; Coghlan; Toys-for-Tots; Human Rights Day; Art