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November 4th, 1994 ASUI candidates sling mud: Presidential race marked by round of bugging and back stabbing; UI biodiesel research recognized nationally; Women’s Center debates Prop. Two; Forum discusses HJR 16 (p6); Blood drive slated for next week (p7); Arizona Democrat promises gay marriages (p8); Eight annual Tubaween kills Barney (p14)
ASUI candidate; Proposition two; HJR 16; Blood drive: LGBTQ rights; Tubaween/ Halloween
November 15th, 1994 ASUI candidates tied to ‘network’; Police have suspect in attack; Presidential hopefuls begin blasting; ‘Drug money’ has new meaning: Cocaine sticks to three quarters of all paper bills in Los Angeles (p2); California city may make concealed weapon permits easier to get (p2); Wedding bells rang at half-time (p6); Challis girl honored (p6); Melvins on cutting edge of rock (p19); ‘Coming to America’ (p22)
ASUI candidates; Crime; Weapon permits; Wedding; Scholarship; National Children’s Book week; Melvins; Circle of Knots; Bedheads; International travels
November 11th, 1994 Faculty backs GSA on fee waivers: Tuition waivers would require an additional $1.25 million in funding; Native American feast end heritage month; Argument ends in arrest for UI student; Class presents computer overview (p3); New Women’s studies minor offered (p3); Mexicans angered by Prop. 187 (p5); College votes to fly Old Glory (p7); Cellist brings power to upcoming recitals (p12); Four-wheelers face limited access (p16)
GSA; Tuition; Native American Heritage month; Crime; Computer education; Greek life; Women’s studies minor; Proposition 187; American Flag debate; Music performance; Outdoor activities; National Children’s Book week
November 8th, 1994 Police looking for battery suspect; Anti-gay initiative debated in forum; ASUI heats up over Prop. One; Balck residents angered by reaction to false story (p2); French Canada debates taboo subject: World War II (p3); Simpson case spotlights dating abuse problems (p6); ‘Federation’ is fun, uplifting (p12); Don’t cry for Diego, Argentina (p12)
Crime; LGBTQ rights; Proposition One; False crime; WWII; OJ Simpson; Science Fiction; International Travel
November 18th, 1994 ASUI takes steps to impeach Marble; Fee payment delayed for MLK Jr. Day; Zinser mails check, new contract; Lasers determine waste content (p2); CD-ROMs produced here on campus (p2); Irish Prime Minister Reynolds resigns (p3); Stanford commissions New Guinea carvers for sculpture garden (p5); TKE runs to Boise St. Jude Hospital (p5); ASUI elections voided (p5); Mansion piece of local history: Local museum being restored (p8); Celebrate World AIDS day (p9)
ASUI presidency; John Marble; MLK Jr. Day; Laser technology; CDs come to campus; Irish Prime Minister resigns; Greek life; Garden architecture; McConnell Mansion; World AIDS Day
December 2nd, 1994 Wilson wins; Panel discusses ‘dangers and joys of sex’; NPR looking for sex talkers; UNICEF sells cards to help kids (p2); Tattoos on the Palouse (p10); ’Stanton’s Garage’ energetic, fun (p12) Wilderness stewardship starts with us (p13)
ASUI elections; Intersourse discussion; UNICEF; Tattoos; Stanton’s Garage; Wilderness
November 29th, 1994 Teacher evaluations available to students; Earth Resources building nears completion; Student Union food court delayed again; Elections to be held again tomorrow; Islamic militant attack on the increase against intellectuals: Free speech, democracy threatened in the Mid-East (p2); Assault suspect arrested (p5); Professors fear hard times ahead: Republican takeover of congress seen as ominous (p6); Celtic celebration comes to the Palouse (p11); NAFTA important to foreign business majors (p11); Task Force plans to educate Palouse (p14)
Teacher Evaluations; Earth Resources building; ASUI elections; Islamic military; Crime; Professors politics; International celebrations; NAFTA; HIV education
December 9th, 1994 Marble leaves ASUI with honor; Outgoing senators say goodbye; Bookswap offers better returns; ‘The number you have reached…’; Winter activities damaging arboretum (p2); Non-traditional families happy, too (p2); New university center under consideration (p6); Agents not charged in Weaver case (p6); Students display BFA thesis exhibition (p10); Old habits are hard to quit (p12); Russia not exploiting, oppressive monster (p13); Fall in quicksand, make new friends (p14); Czajka places first out of 1200 runners (p16)
ASUI presidency; John Mrable; ASUI senators; Bookswaps; University center Weaver case; Smoking tobacco; International travels; Outdoor activities; Track and Field
December 6th, 1994 Woman with AIDS speaks out; Prof panel discusses salvage logging; Facilities Management protects evergreens; Congressional abortion tide turns: Republican takeover of Congress seen as ominous for abortion rights advocates (p2); Just one UI student serving in AmeriCorps (p5) [Holiday gift guide starts on page 17]
AIDS; Environmental awareness; Abortion; AmeriCorps; Holiday gift guide
December 13rd, 1994 Students harassed by university; Engineering building to open next fall; Financial aid made even easier; Residence halls help spread holiday cheer with donations (p5); Beware of the chocolate overdose warning light… (p5); Native carvers create sculptures (p5)
Student harassment; Engineering; Financial aid; Holidays; Nutrition; Sculptures
December 16th, 1994 Atwood named new Comm director; Child care availability low in Moscow; Child care standard worst in nation; Health Services advises caution (p3); He keeps giving and giving… (p3); Outdoor program teaches avalanche avoidance (p12); Cheerleading squad off to nationals (p15)
Child care; Health services; Leonard Halland; Outdoor Programs; Cheerleading
January 11th, 1994 City of Moscow presses charges: SAEs, Betas enter Alford pleas to misdemeanor counts of underage alcohol consumption; Idaho executes inmate for first time in 37 years (p2); Internet expands to meet student needs (p4); Financial aid causes big problems, lines (p5); They must think all customers are mindless idiots (p7); Quilt artistry showcased in center: Karen Hagen combines talent and quilting techniques into art (p10); Andrus appoints McCall native Writer-in-Residence (p10); Die hard fans wait all night for Sawyer Brown (p11)
Criminal Justice; Alcohol; Execution; Financial Aid problems; Quilt artistry, Native writer-in-residence; Sawyer Brown; International films
January 14th, 1994 Union board argues space use; Cade King resigns senate Tuesday; Grinch steals electronics from residence halls (p3); Braille now available in Moscow (p4); Police seek info about 1969 murder (p5); Leroy to run for U.S. Congress (p6); University animal research regressive (p7); Art details horror: A graphic tale of an artist journey through childhood physical, sexual abuse (p10); If we forget the dream, what was the point of waking up? (p12); Mysterious structures enhance trip (p17); Basketball issue (p19) [Special sports: Basketball issue starts on page 19]
Politics; Crime; Basketball special; Religion; Human Rights Day; Outdoors
January 18th, 1994 Oregon twins know the real Harding; Edward R. Murrow stamp debuts Friday (p3); Earthquake rocked California (p3); Marble travels to Boise, will meet with legislators (p4); Provost to be found through D.C. search agency (p4); Phi Kappa Tau party a violation of new policies (p5); Skydivers assemble for nationals: Student travels to Florida to attend National Collegiate Skydiving Championships (p12); Ladies set school record (p14)
Tonya Harding; Edward R Murrow; John Marble Earthquake; Greek life Skydiving; Politics; Basketball
January 21st, 1994 Marble requests ASUI fee increase; O’Brien cited by city; Incubator welcomes three new companies (p3); Eastland made presence known in governor’s race (p3); Alcohol poisoning: French Hall resident takes trip to Gritman after party (p4); Professors should remember student wallets (p6); Catch a Falling Moon tattoo downtown (p8); Silver Mountain’s ski runs offer it all ((ski-p2)); Sleigh rides offer romantic experience (ski-p4); Herman jazzes up ASUI Coffeehouse performances (p9); Jason fearful of chrome dudes (p10);T and T head to Winter Olympics (p11); Trinidad, Tobago has first winter sport ever to compete in 1994 (p11); Paper trails link Harding to Kerrigan attack as ex-hubby is arrested (p14)
John Marble; Tonya Harding; Religion; Politics; Winter guide; Winter Olympics; Bobsledding; Criminal Justice; Dear Jason
January 25th, 1994 Prankster falls through window; Possible ISU med school planning starts; Greeks attempt self-patrolling (p3); Clark passes responsibilities to Dupuy (p3); Task force seeks fair education for all (p3); Brown sparks crowd of 5,300 (p7); CLass gives new perspective on Vietnam War (p8); Faculty, students display art in Moscow galleries: Ridenbaugh hosts striking student art (p9); The Joy Luck Club depicts Chinese-American experience (p9)
Medical school; Greek life; Military duties; Vietnam War; Sawyer Brown; Art; Chinese-American
January 28th, 1994 Bites taken at Shark Athletic Club: Tassler sentenced to five years in prison for illegal activities; Marble to pass Senate code of ethics; Fraternity sign causes problems: Sigma Nu’s fraternity sign was taken from it’s rightful home, members believe Theta Chi took it (p3); GSA wants excellence in teaching (p5); Greeks plan leadership conference (p5); Wilkins’ sense of humor stays up (p6); Alcohol abuse UI way of life (p9); Pianos bashed by music majors (p11); Roses, candy just don’t cut it anymore (p11); Rub-a-dub-dub in a rental tub (p14); Vietnam comes home again (p14); Vocal duo to take stage in Vandal Cafe tonight (p15); Knowledge, not ignorance, is bliss (p19)
Illegal activities; John Marble; Greek life; Religion; Music; Shark Athletics Club; Dear Jason
February 1st, 1994 Tie burning permit put on hold: Division of Environmental Quality says burning application incomplete; Harvey retires after 27 years with WWP; Students dedicated to Forestry College magazine (p3); Boise tops list of places to move (p5); ‘Take charge of your life’: Financial sessions for women helpful, deadline today (p6); Abortion unsolvable issue (p7); Is Jesus the only son of God? (p8); Historical society displays valentines (p11)
Environmental awareness; Forestry college; Women’s resources; Wishing Star Foundation; Abortion; Valentine’s Day
February 4th, 1994 Alumnus returns to lead chapter: Fred Kopke adds a little humor to the Beta Theta Pi house after a semester of ups and downs at the University of Idaho; Student Union name resolved; Minor caught with bottle of vodka in hand (p3); New senator prospects chosen by Marble (p3); WSU celebrates black history (p11); WSU brings Russian poet and Japanese photographer to present their many talents: Japanese photographer details thirty years of experience (p13); Grizzlies may return to Bitterroots (p14)
Greek life; John Marble; Tax guide; Shark Club; International exploration; African-American history celebrations; Alcohol and minors; Dear Jason; ROOTS
February 8th, 1994 Survey makes way to students; Peer advisors: $100,000 grant enables programs to get started with alcohol and drug education; RHA wins national recognition (p4); 4-H students make Boise trip (p4); Criminals want crime clean-up (p7); Triple overtime terminates ISU (p14)
Abortion; Tax guide; International Celebration; Crime; 4-H; Basketball
February 11th, 1994 Coghlan believed to be partyer; New alcohol awareness brings change; Students tell secrets of dating in Moscow (p10); Valentine Notes: From your loved one (p11);Wearables win women’s hearts not chocolate (p12); Child care center offers romance while fundraising (p12) [First headline front page has an editor’s note;]
Alcohol; Tax guide; Dating in Moscow; Valentine Wishes; Dear Jason
February 15th, 1994 Greeks brighten children’s lives; Hearts open, warm Moscow families; Country station fights to keep tower (p3); California tops list of states left behind (p4); Homosexuality not a choice (p6); Barger ‘welcomes’ students with art: Graphic artist works to create alternative to Ridenbaugh Hall (p8)
Greek life; Radio tower; Tax guide; LGBTQ; Art; African-American history month
February 18th, 1994 Work study increases to $1.1 million; Festival cause major traffic changes; Jazz festival fills up local lodging (p5); Artists seek adventurous performers (p10); International friends share worlds (p12); Clogs a blast from the past in shoe styles (p12); Off beaten path at Pete Ott lake: Through snow and unmarked roads, the group forged ahead (p14); Cheerleaders not all dumb blondes (p15)
Work study program; Tax guide; International celebrations; Preparations for Jazz festival; Dear Jason; Cheerleading
February 22nd, 1994 -Jazz Festival- The Acropolis Senate defines goals on retreat; Old Greek traditions come to life; Winter week: A time of campus unity and get togethers (p5); It’s natural to fear the unknown, like homosexual spiders (p7); No U.S. cash for foreign students (p8); Abort elderly for population control (p9); Chronicle of Hampton’s life a trek through jazz history (Jazz-p3); Herb Ellis- undisputed king of swing guitar (Jazz-p3); Artist offer clinics (Jazz-p7); Band in blue blows energetic jazz (Jazz-p13); NEw York voices prepare for premeier appearance: Young vocal jaz group makes debut at Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival All-Star concert Friday (Jazz-p14); He revolutionized jazz with bebopand bent horn: Many people would have thought a bent horn meant time to buy a new one, but his bent horn brought him fame (Jazz-p17); His ‘no rules’ ethics break boundaries (Jazz-p18); Leaders need to gain a vision, advisors say (Acro-p5); A day in the life of a sorority (Acro-p6) [Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 1994 special starts on page 21; The first issue of the Acropolis starts on page 41]
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Herb Ellis; Dizzy Gillespie; Brian Bromberg; Greek life; Tax guide; Winter week; LGBTQ; International rights; Population control; Arifican-American history month; Religion; The Acropolis
February 25th, 1994 Jazz Fest: Music fanatics take over campus, town in search of celebrities; Home economics more than cooking and sewing (p6); Shakespearean role reversal (p9); Women discuss possible minor (p9); Pete Ott Lake: Birds, fish and nature in general entertain Dave (p14)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Religion; Taxe guide; Home economics; Pete Ott Lake
March 8th, 1994 Batt steps up to plate, awaits pitch; Center survives funding threats;Greeks chosen for national service: National officials choose UI students to serve their respective fraternal organizations (p3); Students recognized for efforts (p5); Students start planning for summer: Summer job opportunities open up for college students across Northwest (p5); Greeks must control abuse, degrees of infraction irrelevant (p8); Women celebrated during March (p10)
Politics; Women’s center funding; Greek life; TRIO program; Summer job opportunities; Women’s month; International travels
March 11th, 1994 Financial aid options may not be best; Student Lobbyist: Whiting asked to account for actions concerning Center; Spring break warning: Avoid foreign drug problems (p4); Fraternity opens doors to theater (p4); Indians given college aid (p4); Women not given equal chances (p8); Escort service brings safety (p9); Guatemalan prisoner speaks (p10); Wildlife refuges conserve rare animals (p11)
Financial aid; Spring break; Drugs; Communication; ASUI committee; Greek life; Native Americans; Women’s rights; Safety; Maria Pu; Wildlife refuge; Religion
March 22nd, 1994 Transfer exam changes in near future; Greeks to host high school visitation; Professor looks into hate-crimes (p3); Research agreement reached (p5); Volunteers help KUID-TV (p5);Attorneys claim Heber receiving improper treatment in Boise: Judge to hear motion in mid-April, may reduce sentence if Heber’s claims are true (p7); Men need their own center (p10); Women fight ultimate battle of equality (p13); Four-day celebration honors women in history (p14); UNO: World organization celebrates 50 years (p14); Olympic dream transcends to ‘98 (p17)
Transfer students; Greek life; Hate crimes; British Nuclear Fuels; Idaho research foundation; KUID-TV; Megan Heber; Religion; Women’s rights; Women’s history; United Nations Organization; Winter Olympics; Trinidad; Bobsledding; Water rights; International travels
March 25th, 1994 Housing costs increase again; SUB to house student groups; Dependence on drugs discussion (p3); Spring break uneventful (p4); Cyberspace takes off (p6); Water fight focus of Borah (p10); Concert ‘moshes’ audience (p10)
Housing costs; SUB; Drug discussion; Spring break crimes; Cyberspace; Religion; Rob Zombie; Water rights; Baseball; John Marble; Snowboarding
March 29th, 1994 South Hill upset by rent hike: Families, officials meet to discuss proposed increase for fall; Shooting injuries WSU student; Fee increase bring student input: Administrators hear response to proposed increases in fees, tuition (p3); Council to survey faculty on diversity (p4); WAMI: Magazine names program No. 1 in nation (p7); Wardrobe door opens at Admin: C.S. Lewis’ children’s story mingels fantasy, Christian themes (p12); Belizean explains peaceful home (p12)
Apartment rent increase; Xenon Shooting; Tuition increases; Diversity; Religion; Virtual Reality; Intramural sports; WWAMI; International travels
April 1st, 1994- April Fool's page Marble criticizes ASUI Senate; Organization protests Arizona project; Architects: Contest sponsored to redesign Seattle Commons (p3); Lawn display shows off Greeks (p6); Issues not skirted by fence (p8) [Page 16 is the April Fools page]
John Marble; Wildlife preservation; Architecture; Greek life; Equal rights; Dear Jason; Rugby club; Soccer; April Fools
April 5th, 1994 Shepard talks on wilderness; Chenoweth gains support in race for Congressional seat; Murder appeal heard this week; House holds bike race (p3); Residence Hall faces changes in Fall 1994 (p3); International feelings belong to all (p13); Adventures in Austria: Buses, groceries, police provide daily challenges (p14); International/ Family weekend: Photo program in Borah/ Parents visit college student for weekend (15) [April Fools day apology (p3); Parent’s Weekend Special page 7]
Wilderness; Congress; Murder: State of Idaho v. Marcus W. Mathews; Greek life; Golden Key National Honor Society; Parent’s weekend; International travels; International relationships; Logging; Tennis; Rugby club
April 8th, 1994 Marble flip-flops decision; Council surveys staff; Thief can cure cold, nothing else (p3); Imaginative teaching, learning earn grants (p3); UI adds diversity (p4); Alternatives to Violence: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (p5); Peer advisors teach down side of drugs (p6); Letter reveals past problems (p9); A day in the life at the University of Idaho (p15); Beasley hosts famous ballet (p19); International Bazaar: Friday’s activites in the SUB Ballroom give campus and students opportunites for diversity (p20) [Parent’s weekend special page 7]
John Marble; Burglary; New teaching; Diversity; Sexual Assault Awareness Month; Drug awareness; Parent’s weekend; Affordable housing; Ballet; International Celebration; Ice Cube; Religion
March 1st, 1994 Task force takes on campus safety; 208: Now required to make calls in-state (p3); Provost search continues (p3); Gilbert interns in D.C. office for Senator Craig (p4); Radio tower will stay on Paradise Ridge (p5); ‘Latah Legacy’: Journal features history of Palouse citizens during WWII (p12); Friday jazz concert laced with Dixieland (p13); The man is music (p15)
Campus safety; Telecommunications; Politics; World War 2 History; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Dixieland
April 12nd, 1994 Excellence: 17 teaching assistants honored for efforts; Graduate students’ research honored; Dimmer identified in Xenon shooting; Thomas to teach rape awareness (p3); Honoring students: Convocation speaker enlightens audience (p8); Who has the right to kill: International perspectives on death and imprisonment (p9); Rage of Spain hits US. plain (p10); Tobacco myths endanger users (p10); Hungarian people not like Europeans (p11)
Xenon Shooting; Sexual assault awareness; Religion; International views; International relations; Tobacco useage; International travels; Tennis; Track and Field; Golf
April 15th, 1994 Board raises tuition to $7000; Zinser chooses Yost as provost; Increased awareness goal of week (p3); Greeks shine (p4); Increased bicycle thefts leave owners searching for new activities (p4); Habitat for Humanity holds house tours (p6); Week of the Young child: The Early Childhood Center fights for a future (p13); Tiny Lives: collage of dark colors, emotions (p14); Big game hide in boondocks (p15); Horn hunting saves gene pool (p15); Convention makes geography history (p16)
Tuition increase; Sexual assault awareness; Greek life; Habitat for Humanity; Burglary; Kurt Cobain; Religion; Golf; Early Childhood center; Hunting; Art; Geography
April 19th, 1994 Candidates speak out on issues: 10 people run for seven open ASUI Senate seats tomorrow; Sexual assault awareness week: ASUI schedules events to analyze issues involved (p3); Homeless gain from UI program (p5); Homosexuals, Greek meet in open forum: Men, women describe their ‘coming-out’ experiences to help promote understanding (p6); New country faces adventures (p15) [Senior send-off special starts on page 11]
ASUI Senate; Sexual assault awareness; Homeless; LGBTQ; Greek life; International travels; Baseball; Track and Field
April 22nd, 1994 Election sees new, old results; Absentee win surprises ASUI; Dorm door vandalized with “super glue”; Election flaws shine through: Fall results questioned for accuracy, look to future for solutions (p3); Joyce’s cyberspace lecture shows hypertext ins, outs (p4); Five chosen for Hall of Fame (p5); Showing features professor’s story: Three local groups sponsor benefit showing of ‘Schindler’s List’ to educate communities about real WWII holocaust (p12); Alliance works for acceptance (p12); Take-offs optional; landing mandatory (p13)
ASUI Senate; Burglary; Cyberspace; UI Hall of fame; LGBTQ rights; WWII; Holocaust; Airplanes; Fishing; Sexual assault awareness
April 26th, 1994 Nixon Lose final battle in life; Graue gave all to students, education; Idaho celebrates Space Day 1994 (p3); Mock rape trial held: Residence halls sponsoer event to promote awareness of Idaho sexual assault laws (p6); Hemp Festival draws over 800 people: East City Park event aims to educate people on realities of hemp in the 90s (p7); Germany not just a fairytale land (p14); Special Olympics produces great joy (p18)
President Nixon; Professor Graue; Space Day; Sexual assault awareness; Hemp Festival; Interntational travel; Special Olympics
April 29th, 1994 Rupture causes big stink; Greeks rewarded for efforts: Chapters win awards for past year of work, achievement; Diversity results come through (p3); Fair offers nutrition, family fun (p14)
Greek life; Diversity; Renaissance Fair; Tennis
March 4th, 1994 Women’s Center may be victim; Non-residents could soon pay big bucks; Phi Kappa Tau suffers for policy violations (p3); Faculty Council argues alcohol policy recommendations (p4); Retreat results in changes for 1994 Fall Greek Rush (p6); Rights group battles initiative (p11); African group dances to WSU (p12)
Women’s center funding; Greek life; Alcohol; Out of state tuition; Religion; Human rights; LGBTQ rights; Dear Jason; Human rights; International celebrations
May 3rd, 1994 Beta Theta Pi regains charter; Biographer tells life story of book; Mules hit Bishop Trail (p4); Master’s exit project questions horrors (p17); Vacation different in Japan (p17); Statues in need of repair (p19)
Greek life; Biology Research; International Travel; Renaissance Fair; Performance art; Damaged statues; Tennis
June 8th, 1994 Students go ‘questing’ in all spectrums; Chapters pass test: Beta Theta Pi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon allowed in Rush; FFA students take over campus (p3); ‘94 Upward Bound offers opportunity (p4)
Idaho Quests; Greek life; Tennis; FFA Judging contests; Summer Programs; Farmer’s Market
June 15th, 1994 New students introduced to college life; Earth First!ers walk: Environmental activist march runs smoothly, with help of Forest Service; Poisoning stops (p3); Group places pride in environment (p3); Students make presentation to NASA, experts (p4); EchoHawk tells of ups, downs (p5); McConnell Mansion evokes nostalgia: Local mansion riah in history, great for afternoon visit (p9); Brown bag concert series begins today (p10); Festival Dance now accepting applications (p11)
4-H; New students; Earth First!ers walk; Poison control; Environmental awareness; NASA; EchoHawk, PETA; McConnell Mansion; Brown bag concert; Festival Dance and Performing Arts
June 22nd, 1994 Football camp a huge ‘hit’: Players, coaches unite to learn new techniques for ‘94 season; Fellow enjoys new opportunity: Hameedmansoor to work with intelligent vehicle systems group (p2); Camp more than sour notes (p3); AT&T’s $100,000 donation improves UI (p4); Boise River Festival: Capital host to concerts, exhibits, hot air balloons (p7)
Football camp; Engineering Society; Lionel Hampton School of Music Summer camp; Donation; Boise River Festival
June 29th, 1994 Young cagers cram Kibbe; Making dreams come true on the Palouse; Argonaut, KHTR donate $640; Elderhostel offers academic program: Senior citizens gain in summer classes, events (p2); Agriculture brought to classroom (p3); 24 teachers go back to geography class: National Geographic Society, state sponsor geography continuing ed for Idaho teachers (p4); Landlord required to install detectors (p3); First Security Games coming: Entries still accepted for competition (p6); Photos depict creek woes (p7)
Basketball; Wishing Star Foundation; Summer Programs; Agriculture; National Geographic Society; Rental requirements; Sports; Environment
July 6th, 1994 Parking permit fees increase; Students will need new ID cards: Vandal cards not to be issued in the Kibbie Dome at registration; Engineering students gain fellowships (p2); Upward Bound offers exploration (p3); Teachers gather for Grace Nixon Institute (p3); ASUI Outdoor Program: Rental center has collection of information (p8)
Parking permits; ID cards; Engineering fellowships; Upward Bound; Grace Nixon Institute; Farmer’s Market: Rental center
July 13th, 1994 Concert wish fulfilled; Business adds to Idaho town; WSU canoe enjoys interesting journey (p2); School gives kids summer fun (p6); ‘LollaPalousa’ to welcome students (p8)
Michael Bolton; Children’s Wish; North Idaho logging communities; Canoe trip; St. Mary’s school; LollaPalousa
July 20th, 1994 One’s junk, another;s treasure: UI surplus sells excess equipment to farmers, school and students; Study Finds needs of employees; Comets crash into Jupiter: WSU observatory offers open house for viewing (p2); Engineering students build toward future (p3); Animals make better people than humans (p5); Moscow’s summer nights come alive (p6);Huckleberry season in Elk River (p6); ‘Lost in Yonkers’ produced myriad of feelings emotions (p7)
UI Surplus; Space; Engineering; Animal behavior; Moscow summer nightlife; Huckleberry season; Silver Mountain; Dixie Chicks
July 27th, 1994 Gibb Loses fight with cancer: Gibb remembered by friends, loved ones; UI, ISU to fight over programs (p2); Church opens new stake center: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints help open house for new center, offered pipe organ recitals from area artist (p3); World-wide group lifts spirits in Moscow Monday (p6)
Former UI President Richard D. Gibb; Medical programs; UI WAMI program; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Stake center; Up with People; “World in Motion”
May 6th, 1994 Top Stories on campus; Suicide on golf course; Financial aid changes coming up; Residence halls win (p6); Spain more than rumored dream land (p11); White water adventure: Daredevil rafters complete homework on river (p14); Campus recycling could save money, energy (p16)
Suicide; Megan Heber; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Financial aid; Spring Fling; International Travel; Fiddle Creek rapid; Recycling
August 3rd, 1994 ‘94 Rush numbers on average: Chapters face changes in Rush procedures, schedules; Feeding young children: Video presentation series teaches proper techniques, eating safety (p3); Transportation center gains grants for needed equipment (p4); Conference held in SUB (p4); Digging for answers to the past through today’s eyes (p7)
Greek life; Child nutrition; Transportation center; Early Childhood Education Conference; Anthropology
August 26th, 1994- Welcome Back Edition LollaPalousa ‘94: New festival welcomes students to UI with music, fun and games; Tuition and fees increase yet again; UI Greeks gearing up for fall semester: Sororities finish up Rush activities with Squeal Day: Betas and SAEs allowed to participate in Rush (p3) Parking permit prices increase (p4); Student Union construction pounding away: Construction planned to last until spring semester (p5); DOE holds nuclear waste hearing, public comments: 800 number available for additional remarks (p8); Students have access to information superhighway: Students sign up free e-mail address (p10); Scholarship database available (p11); Women’s Center packed with people who care (p14)
LollaPalousa; Tuition increase; Greek life; Parking permit; Student Union construction; Department of Energy; Scholarships; Women’s Center; Football; Volleyball
August 30th, 1994 More water testing on campus; Wilkins tort claim denied; UI, WSU students in separate car accidents; Frosh get early warning (p3); Kibbie weight room sporting new look: $70,000 equipment investment big recruiting tool, better working environment (p5); Moscow police trying proactive tactics: Department interested in setting up community watches (p6)
Water sampling; Car accidents; Freshman Early Warning System program; Kibbie Dome weight room; Police; LollaPalousa; Farmer’s Market; Football teams; Intramurals; Track and Field; Soccer; Baseball
September 2nd, 1994 UI housing makes changes; Festival peaceful, helped by late Rush; Students need to discipline card use; Gem yearbook looking for better sales; Health insurance and services benefit students: Health center receives 27,000 patient visits per year (p3); Police still searching for flasher (p4); Lace heritage displays (p14) [Volleyball season review starts on page 11]
UI housing; LollaPalousa; Greek life; Gem yearbook; Health insurance; Flashing incident; White water rafting; Fishing; Volleyball review; Spirit squad; Football review; Horse Era and Lace Heritage; McConnell Mansion
September 7th, 1994 WSU student’s harassment trial moved to Boise; Students ‘bridge’ academic, service gap; High-tech registration proves convenient; University yard sale coming up this weekend (p3); Two people struck by reckless riders (p5); Greeks learn to party, drink safely (p6)
Harassment; University yard sale; Bike riders; Greek life; Volleyball
September 9th, 1994 Comedian’s show cancelled; UI celebrating Wilderness week; ASUI starting book swap next semester; New director to lead UI Vandaleers (p5); Environmentalists oppose timber sale (p6); Wilderness Week celebrates big 30 (13); New rules affect bowhunters: New bowhunters must ake archery class before purchasing stamp (14)
LollaPalousa; Wilderness week; Vandalneers; Environmental awareness; Hunting
June 1st, 1994 Administration delays Rush; Wallis leaves $200,000 to university; UI gains new instruments (p3); Hunger: serious problem in Idaho, Montana (p4); Palouse Divide offers ‘get away’ (p7); Programs offer summer fun (p7); IFA sponsors wid flower walk (p8)
Greek life; Engineering; Hunger; Outdoor get away; Summer vacation
September 23rd, 1994 Mammoth bones attract attention; Career Fair attracts recruiters, students; State Board approves move to Big West: UI engineering program expansion in Boise also passes; Lesbians demonstrate for awareness at county fair (p2); Echohawk would be first Native American governor (p3); Police busy with MIPs (p6); Smart Sex: MTV presents AIDS and STD awareness with a new twist (p13); The Beastie Boys return (p16) [1994 Vandal Football Season starts on page 13]
Mammoth bones; Career Fair; LGBTQ right; Echohawk; Marijuana; Football season guide; Safe sex; Beastie Boys
September 27th, 1994 UI loses out-of-state: Number of new, non-resident freshmen enrolling drops by 23 percent- staggering tuition increases seen as the cause; Senate strikes back at Marble; Wheatland express free for students (p2); Diabetes clinics offered: Pullman Hospital hopes to curb complications (p2); Universites do part for planet (p3); Reflections of Finland (p10)
Tuition; John Marble; ASUI Senate; Wheatland Express; Diabetes clinics; Environmental awareness; Cattle (Ruminates) pregnancy tests; Campos history; Smoking; Engineering; International travels; Banned Books week
September 30th, 1994 Rally held to advocate HJR 16; Attorneys speak on violence case; NASC accreditation board to visit UI; UI seeks to improve cultural awareness (p2); ‘Embedded in chaos is simplicity’ (p3); Career fair brings in prospective employers (p5); Daltons liven up Vandal Cafe with ethnic music (p8)
HJR 16; Victims of crime; Legal affairs; NASC; Cultural awareness; Chaos theory; Career Fair; Cultural music; Banned Books week
September 13rd, 1994 Rwandan crisis hits close to home; Opposition to Prop 1 gaining steam: Group claims proposition undermines homosexual rights; Area youth get new ‘Friends’ (p7); A guide of Area restaurants (p11); Aboriginal Art opens Prichard Gallery (p12); Science ficition convention brings future to Moscow: Author Roger Zelazny and artist Gary Davis guesst of honor at MosCon XVI (p12); Nez Perce Fair site for country showdown (p15) [The restaurant guide starts on page 11]
Rwanda crisis; Proposition One; LGBTQ rights; Youth programs; Local restaurant guide; Cultural art; MosCon; Nez Perce Fair; Football; Golf
October 4th, 1994 Habitat walks for housing fund; Jones pleads guilty to charges; Support services welcomes students: New location provides better access for people with disabilities; Science class without the pain (p5); Virus making a comeback: Hantavirus risk can be minimized by cleaning, rodent control (p6); Senate bill approves $1.7 million for UI biotechnology (p7); Candlebox blasts out Beasley Coliseum (p12); Defense strikes again in 70-21 win (p16)
Habitat for Humanity; Michael Kyle Jones; Disability Services; Campus history; Science education; Hantavirus; Biotechnology; Candlebox; Football; Baseball
October 7th, 1994 Chenoweth wants local education: Polls on U.S. House campaigns show conflict; Local farmers get extension on land; UI hit with burglaries (p2); HJR 16 offers rights (p5); Wilson plays ‘Jail House Rock’ benefit (p9); Flaming Lips influential musicians (p9)
U.S. congress; Burglary; Greek life; HJR 16; ASUI Senator Sean Wilson; Flaming Lips; Hunting season
October 11th, 1994 Vigil held to oppose Prop. One; Campus crime finds new ‘PAAL’; Northern Idaho tourism; WSU cuts budget (p2); Conference to discuss water needs (p5); An unassimilated race, ‘The Chinese’ (p10)
Proposition One; LGBTQ rights; Campus crime; Economics; WSU budget cuts; Water rights/ needs; International cultures
October 14th, 1994 NCAA turns down waiver request: UI formally invited to I-A; Candidates address student summit; UI may soon have more parking; Auction to support ‘No On One’ campaign (p2); Native American heritage month (p13); Hypnotist puts ‘em to sleep (p13); Latin Culture at festival (p14); Cool night, bright day for Rec. Club campers (p17); Geology field trip more than an experiment (p17); Students speak out on sports strikes (p21)
Athletic divisions; Student summit; Parking; Proposition One; Native American Heritage month; Magic show; International celebrations; Camping; Geology; Sports strikes
October 18th, 1994 UI professors lagging in pay; New senator to fill ASUI vacancy; Tourism boosts service industry; Bolivians exchange ideas, culture during UI visit (p2); Bra boost Palouse (p2); Celebrate ‘Dancegiving’ with Dance Theatre (p12)
Professors salary; ASUI Senate; Tourism; Cultural ideas; Wonderbra; Performance arts
October 21st, 1994 - Homecoming edition Homecoming tradition lives on; Domestic violence a problem on the Palouse; Finalists announced; Haiti still without premier (p2); Fossils found on future campus site (p3); Hansens to head Parade down Main: Orval, June to serve as 1994 Grand marshals (p 14); Food drive to help area residents, food banks (p16); The Argonaut  Story (p17); Mother Tongue built on faith (pB1); WSU Museum presents art of storytelling (pB1); Native American heritage month celebrated (pB2); Environmental clean-up is key (pB6); Rapid fire shooters (pB8) [Homecoming special starts on page 14]
Homecoming; Domestic violence; Living abroad; Geology; LGBTQ rights; Proposition One; Food drive; Music; WSU museum; Native American Heritage month; Environmental awareness; Hunting laws
October 25th, 1994 Homecoming!; Midterms serve as warning signal; Greek to propose rape education; Jobs in service, retail industry provide diversity; Clinton claims credit credit for improving economy (p2); Echohawk responds to criticism (p5); Crime Stats: UI students charged with possession (p5); Panel to debate Prop. One (p5); UI health fair enormous success (p14)
Homecoming; Midterm grades; Greek life; Sexual assault awareness; Tourism; President Clinton; Echohawk; Campus crime; Proposition One; Wonderbra; Health Fair
October 28th, 1994 Virus attacks favorite Net game; ASUI Candidates announce intentions; Batt tries to gain ground; Woman combat pilot dies in crash (p3); Small, floating bombs unnerve police (p3); Landfarming works to clean up future parking lot (p6); Illegal aliens charged with crime may face deportation (p6); Haunted houses, Jack-o-Laterns & other Halloween thrillers (p10); Twin sister hunt just for fun (p13)
Computer virus; ASUI candidates; President Clinton; Navy Combat pilot; Crime; Parking; LGBTQ rights; Halloween thrillers; Hunting
November 1st, 1994 Student crosses ocean for ‘French’ kiss; UI student runs for county commissioner; NCAA shoots down UI Pullman proposal: Request to play at WSU Martin Stadium denied; Bystander tackles gunman (p2); Gunman kills recycler for can of beer (p2); Orange Bowl has new home (p6); Sex study reveals young adults not promiscuous (p9); Bandung: an old town in an era of modernization (p14)
International love; Commissioner; NCAA; Shooting; Orange Bowl; Proposition One; Study; International Travel
September 16th, 1994 House conflict spurs meeting; Libraries voice concerns about Prop 1; On-campus employment interviews to begin soon (p4); White applicant claims bias (p4); Conservationists and forest industry debate wilderness: Panel discusses viability on more or less (p5); Latah county fair offers excitement: Fair will exhibit everything from quilts to giant pumpkins (p11); Dookie an album of slacker anthems (p13); Misadventures can end up loads of fun (p15)
Family housing; Proposition One; LGBTQ rights; Career Services; Racism; Conservation; Latah County Fair; Green Day; Camping trips; Bird season
September 20th, 1994 Cove-Mallard gridlock continues: Coalition files appeal to stop timber sales; Native Americans receive legal aid: Law students get temporary licenses to practice litigation in tribal courts; Fathers flock to UI for football, golf; Students sues college over roommate (p2); U.S. House votes to cap Pell grants: Plan limits the number of students who can receive financial aid as a temporary measure (p8); Just like Grandma’s, except bigger (p8); MosCon brings out sci-fi buffs (p15); Health Center offers tobacco classes (p15); UI to Celebrate Bell Day (p18)
Timber sales; Native Americans’ Football; Golf; Legal affairs; Financial aid; Gigantic apple pie; MosCon; Tobacco; Bell Day