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January 17th, 1995 KUOI finally gets a power boost; Smith bolts for UTAH state job: UW assistant to head Vandals; Tort claim questions physicians abilityClinton assails GOP plan to gut service program (p2); Students still awaiting new vandal card release (p3); Idaho volleyball reaching new heights (p20)
KUOI; Clinton; UTAH state; Vandal Card; Volleyball
January 20th, 1995 Union construction moving slowly: Campus copy center now open, Credit union on the way; Parking enforcers not hiding in the bushes; MLK III warns crowd of America's errors; Study finds women die faster from AIDS (p2); Baker adds new blood to Bad religion: Veteran band bad religion rocks into 1990s (p10); Annual Jazz festival announces performers (p11); ASUI productions plan spring events: Sci-fi, alpha experience, highlight ASUI spring productions (p12); Rice gives opponents double-dose (p15);
Union construction; Copy center; Parking; ASUI; Bad religion; King, Martin Luther, Jr III; AIDS
January 24th, 1995 Childhood center awaiting playlofts; Frats burglarized over break; UI faces fines for violating labor laws; Japanese stock market drops amid quake fears (p5); Living legend calls it quits (p10); ASUI concerts tries for big time bands (p10); Creative healing is at your finger tips: International women's association meeting covers massage (p13); Eagles scratch out win over Vandals (p15);
Childhood center; Labor laws; ASUI; Basketball; Fraternaties; earthquakes in Japan
January 27th, 1995 Wilson to meet with the board of education; Demands for student services increasing; Faculty council fights for benefits; Sigma phi epsilon moves to UI (p2); No more lines at UI pharmacy (p3); UI hydrogeology professor offers aquifer insight (p12); Vandals play sloppy; Weber state romps (p13); Tormey wastes no time as new head coach (p14); Vandals hope to axe jacks (p15);
Board of Education; Student Services; Phi SIgma; UI professor; UI pharmacy; Basketball
January 31st, 1995 Kappa Sorority house vandalized; GSA still pushing for stipend increase; Coop. E.D. sends coordinator to Boise; UI scientists study apple flavor (p3); ACM presentation looks at 'history of computing' (p3); UI duo rated one of America's top college acts (p6); UI course addresses diversity (p7); Native American art on display (p17); WSU presents modern fable of India (p17); NAU, Weber, no match for Idaho women: Vandals pick up first weekend sweep in two years (p18); Winless streak over for UI (p19); Tormey forsees bright future for Vandal football (p20);
Kappa; Stipend; Boise; Football; Apple; India; Basketball
February 3rd, 1995 Mayor calls for prayer; Engineering expansion plans approved; Pay, benefits for profs still an issue: Survey finds discrepancy worse than previously believed; Advertising students enter competition; Team Idaho unifies Greeks (p3); Student receives photo of dead body; Csomic dust gives clue to formation of universe: Visiting professor talks about optical properties of microscopic material (p6); Wolves found dead in Idaho (p14); Tormey snags 16 players - 13 freshmen (p15); Cravens dreams of conference championship (p15);
Mayor; Expansion; Professors; Survey; Greeks; Universe; Football; Basketball
February 7th, 1995 Kibbie remodeling options explained; Sheikh pushing child care sponsorship; STD's at UI on par with national average; Greeks learn leadership skills at order of omega conference; A conversation about our forests with Dr. David Adams (p3); Clinton draws distinction between reputation and character (p6); Sawyer Brown returns to Kibbie dome (p11); Boston gives name to the game (p11); Writing center offers help for all students (p12); Vandals play re-run vs. UM, then upset MSU (p14); 1994-95 season has been a tale of two halves (p15);
Kibbie Dome; Child care; Greeks; Forests; Clinton; Writing center; Basketball
February 10th, 1995 Throw your TV to the weather channel; Student athlete identified in alleged rape; Residence halls gear up for special events; Ban on illegal-immigrant college students blocked (p2); Grand jury recommends decriminilization of pot (p2); Natural pesticides extracted from common canola plant (p3); Moscow politics offered on-line (p3); Qualex responds to dead body photo (p3); Child care bill becoming a hot topic (p6); White house goes on the offensive on faster nomination (p7); gun deaths continue to rise across the nation (p8); Grossman visits vandal cafe (p12); Virtual reality offers glimpse of the future (p13); Enjoy a realm of exotic foods (p14); Vandals make annual trek through southren Idaho (p18); Skorpik bids for all-conference honors (p18);
Weather; Student athletes; Residence halls; Immigrants; pot; Canola plant; Child care; Guns; Vandal cafe; Exotic foods; Basketball; trekking
February 14th, 1995 Proposal hopes to unify campus; Professors attend leadership conference; pennies lost, pennies found; UI acquires sweet avenue property (p3); Student enrollment breaks record again (p3); Pre-paid phone card use growing on campuses (p5); Universities will pay grads that can't find jobs (p6); Mines dean elected to national academy (p6); Vandals stay in Big sky postseason hunt (p16);
Campus; Professors; Pennies; Student enrollment; dean; Basketball
February 17th, 1995 Board ameds students' rights: New alcohol policy required amendment; ASUI senate votes 'no' on child care bill; students design 3-D technology from scratch; Alleged computer hacker known as 'condor' captured (p2); College republicans get the boot (p2); Sexuality seminar roils Catholic college campus (p2); GAMMA hopes to curb alcohol abuse among Greeks (p3); Upcoming Kibbie center closures (p3); Single university system bill introduced to Idaho senate (p5); Senate fails UI students (p7); Men to play in memorial instead of Dome (p15); Nikora backhands Big sky tennis foes (p16); Wimer defies the norm, acheives success (p17);
Student rights; Alcohol policy; Child care bill; College republicans; Greeks; Idaho senate; Basketball; Tennis
February 22nd, 1995 Park village recieves needed repairs: University hopes to build new housing; Lesbians, gays protest harrasment of student; No rape charge filed agaisnt UI athlete; Clinton seeks to restructure Student aid with new budget plan (p2); Behind the scenes at the Jazz festival (p2); Student leaders discuss proposed university center (p6); Road to postseason bumpy for UI (p15); Vandals extend streak, teach eagles lesson (p17);
Park Village; Housing and residence life; lesbians; rape cahrge; Clinton; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Basketball
February 24th, 1995 All that Jazz Annual festival features world's great musicians:Hampton gives glimpse of his past; Twenty-three windows broken by vandals over the weekend; Faculty council votes for new minor: English department looking to create MFA program; IOWA case may change child abuse definition (p2); New york cops must take gun refresher course after shooting (p2); College of law offering free tax assistance (p3); Agricultural products join petroleum in plastic production (p3); Delta sigma phi fraternity faces two year alcohol probation (p6); Jazz-great signs seven-album contract (p6); Hampton, UI musicians dazzle audience (p10); Ellis, Mussolini, international musicians perform (p10); Student volunteers improve spring valley (p13); Vandals get jacked in flagstaff, 71-66 (p15); Leslie lifts UI to 76-75 win (p16);
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; English department; Child abuse; New York cops; College of Law; agricultural products; Delta Sigma Phi; Ellis; Mussolini; international musicians; Basketball
February 28th, 1995 Professor stabs student in bar; Alpha Kappa Lambda camps out for YWCA; JAZZ festival recieves national coverage; Law student chooses wheat field over big city (p3); Former GSU coach sues university (p5); Moose killed at UA after second attack (p6); Hampton and friends end festival with marvelous music (p12); All-star concert fast-paced as always (p13); Vandal-5 knock off wild cats (p14); Spike plays role as vandal team shrink (p16);
Professor stabs Student; Alpha Kappa; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Former GSU coach; Lionel Hampton; All-star concert; Basketball
March 3rd, 1995 Faculty council votes for MFA program; Congress looks to cut student aid; Three fraternities placead on one-month Alcohol Probation; Changes hit greek system; Court hears arguments in campus religion case (p2); Supreme court rules mistaken searches ok; UI to host Big sky track championship (p15); As spring hits, Vandal golfers hit the links: men's team travels to sacremento this weekend (p15); UI winning streak upto 3, MSU, UM up next (p17);
Faculty Council; student aid; Fraternities; Religion; Supreme court; Track championship; Basketball
March 7th, 1995 Professor to stand trail for stabbing; McConnell hall gets facelift, connection to network: Dormitry will be first to meet federal guidelines (p3); Joint services ball brings together university military (p5); ECC child care debate not over: decision likely to be reached wednesday (p6); Open Mike goes Greek (p12); Big sky powers Griz and Bobcats too much for UI (p14); Vandals race to third place finish (p14); Road losses give UI sixth seed in BSC tourney (p15);
Professor; McConnell; Dormitry; University military; Child care; Greek; Basketball; Track and Field
March 10th, 1995 Instate student fees may rise 67$; Harrasment debated in residence hall forum; Faculty pay rises will wait one more year; Idaho legislature approves public school funidng (p2); Senate meeting cancelled, ECC bill postponed (p2); Zinser reflects on her past, looks to future of UI (p3); Engineering student bugels his way to fame (p13); Bobcats end Vandals season (p15); Womes's basketball a growing fad across U.S (p15);
Student fees; Harassment; Faculty pay; School funding; Senate; ZInser; Basketball
March 14th, 1995 Greeks advocate safe spring break; Fish and wild life backs down from search; Gem photo shoot gives oppurtunity for memories; Minority student express concerns in video (p3); prof pleads not guilty to stabbing charges (p6); Student trying to get non-traditional student voices heard (p7); KJ leads the way, expecting more wins (p16); Liske lives the life of a football junkie (p17); Wildcats and Grizzlies win Big sky (p19);
Greeks; Fish and Wildlife; Gem photo; Non traditional student concerns; Basketball; Football
March 17th, 1995 ECC recieves 'long awaited' funding from ASUI; preventive medicine draws attention of local medical community; Summer programs have something for everyone under sun; Greeks spend time with elementary students: Children and volunteers both benefit from 'Adopt-a-school' (p3); Changes in drop/add, repeating courses policy recommended (p5); Kappa vandal comes forward (p5); Tennis team aces Purdue, Nevada (p11); Late start doesn't stop Twining's success (p12);
ASUI; preventive medicine; Summer Programs; Greeks; Course policy; Kappa; Golf; Tennis
April 4th, 1995 Rents for family housing may go up: Housing officials puzzled by lack of student response; Officials discuss possible parking problem; RHA officers chosen for leadership opprtunities; Argonaut ad staff wins natinoal awards (p2); Students enjoy new scholars' residence (p5); Republican education cuts could face presidential veto (p6); Gunmen fire on Pakistani crowd (p8); Pow wow unites native Americans (p10); Annual spring drills kick off today (p15); Golfers finish 15th in tough Hawaii field (p15);
Housing and residence life; Parking; RHA officers; Education cuts; pakistani gunmen; Native Americans; Football; Golf
April 7th, 1995 Petition to oust Zinser circulates the country: Zinser looks at other oppurtunity; Students accuse local church of being a cult; Financial aid program offers help finding jobs; Research institute receives possible million dolar grant (p3); Our multicultural campus makes the grade (p9); Mens tennis dismantles lewis-clark state: Bradbury leads vandals to 5-2 trouncing of NAIA school (p16); UI club baseball suffers fall out (p17)';
ZInser; local church; financial aid program; research institute; Tennis; Baseball
April 11st, 1995 Impact on Health assistance still unclear; Beeper availability delayed untill thursday; candidate forum gets small attention from students; Nobel laureate Smith describes his DNA search (p3); Stanford's speech code overturned by state supreme court (p9); UI professor wis writing award (p17); Tormey pleased with effort: Players get first live action in spring scrimmage (p18); UI's phillips sets championship goals (p22); Vandal women knock off Griz (p23);
Health assistance; Beeper availability; Candidate forum; Nobel Laureate smith; Stanford's speech code; Football; Tennis
April 14th, 1995 Borah Symposium Addresses population, peace, conflict; ASUI election results; Half of latah medicaid births from students: some UI students not paying bills for hospital service; Annual competition pits Greeks angainst Greeks; Latah county sheriff recall petition effort fails (p5); National forest offers weekend weekend getaways (p12); Vandal football provides Stepping-stone (p14);
ASUI; medicaid births; Greeks; Latah county sheriffs; Football
April 18th, 1995 Election turn-out: ASUI or students to blame?; New student loan program under attack; Law enforcers have bone to pick with campus dogs; Children must receive 11 shots by age two (p3); Kids aren't only ones that need immunization (p3); Students mobilize for 25th anniversary of Earth day (p5); Court debates endangered species act (p7); Homework goes high tech (p10); STD and AIDS awareness important in the 90's (p11); Idaho basketball rich in coaching success (p19); Running bacls dominate second scrimmage (p22); Vandal tennis squad finds little success in Ogden over weekend (p23);
ASUI; new student loan; Court; Homework; STD and AIDS; Basketball; Football; Tennis
April 21st, 1995 Proposed fee increase cut sharply; ECC receives natinoal accreditation; Scholarship money to be granted; Local coalition takes central American issues to heart (p5); Hybrid-powered car 'Charges into future: Elelctric cars return to prominence after after years of obscurity (p6); UI graduate opens guitar studio (p12); SArb lets students mingle with alumni (p17); Kramer tells of pigskin career: Former NFL and Idaho player talks to Argonaut (p23); Men's tennis crushes EWU, prepares for BSU (p23); Womn's golf team finishes of on fire (p24);
ECC; Scholarship money; Hybrid-powered car; SArb; Football; Tennis; Golf
April 25th, 1995 New health benefits offered to UI employees;Students recognized for achievment at awards cermony; Students' families gather in Moscow for Parents' weekend; Interview with visiting scientist yields insight on life (p3); Kempthrone discusses first 100 days of congress (p4); New program uses bonds to finance student loans (p5); New college accused of inflating SAT score (p5); High altitude can't stop Vandals (p14); Vandal women finish sixth in Big Sky (p16);
Helath benefits; Parent’s weekend; Kempthrone; Student loans; SAT; Football; Basketball
April 28th, 1995 President Wilson kissing pigs; International student policy may change: Compliance with federal regulations requiring insurance insurance at issue; Turtle derby raises 500$ for local charity; Advertising students succeed in selling Neon to ad professionals (p3); Micron responds to letter from Wilson (p3); Free agency nabs three vandals (p14); New Zealand native crashes Big Sky (p14);
ASUI; International students; Advertising students; Micron; Football; Tennis
March 28th, 1995 Health insurance may be required for enrollment; Delta Sigma Phi receives two-year probation; Residence halls kick offspring with 'Fling'; Coeur d'Alene tribe to cash in on national lottery (p3); Purchase of drug Paraphernalia ruled illegal (p4);Students plan day of action to protest financial aid cuts (p5); Lawmaker seeks to regulate 'darkside' of internet (p6); Speaking with giants (p8); Idaho track leaves competition in the dust (p13); Vandals get hit with a backhand then improve (p13); Idaho finishes second at invitational (p14); Rice, May named state's top athletes (p16);
Health insurance; Delta Sigma Phi; Residence halls; Drugs; paraphernalia; Financial aid; Internet; Tennis; Track and Field
May 2nd, 1995 GSA meets with ASUI to 'heal rift' over fees; paper prices increasing dramatically: Students advised to compare prices before buying; Renaissance fair does away with garbage cans; Universities get their fill of hunger strikes (p4); Ivy league student poses for playboy on impulse, as study break (p6); Silver and Gold get defensive: Split squad allows only two scores in final scrimmage (p13); Vandals finish third in big sky championships (p15); Puckett finding success after volleyball (p16);
ASUI; Paper prices; Garbage cans; IVY league student; Football; Tennis; Volleyball
May 5th, 1995 Forum addresses faculty, staff concerns; UI trying to contain retirement costs; Faculty council elects chair; GSA impeachment of secretary unsuccessful; Legacy at Kent state lives on 25 years later (p4); Jacksonville state shooting often forgotten (p4); Gina Grant case sparks national debate (p6); UI spikers qualify for U.S teams (p17); Hay produces success on limited time (p18);
Faculty and staff concerns; retirement costs; Faculty Council; Kent state; Jacksonville state shooting; GIna Grant case; Volleyball; Track and Field; High Jump
May 9th, 1995 Area pets need Commited owners; Search for college dean nearing end: College of Forest, Wildfire and range sciences narrows choice to four; Faculty to receive surprise pay raises next year; Stanford blends its own blend of 'Cardinal Coffee' (p6); Tormey pleased with defense (p17); Vandal men shine in Pullman (p19);
Pets in Latah county; Search for college dean; Faculty pay; coffee in Stanford; Football; Track and Field
May 12nd, 1995 President Zinser bids adieu to Idaho; Micron, UI relationship remains strong; General catalogs no longer free due to rising paper costs: Information to be available on the internet next year; College of Agriculture loses state personnel funding (p3); Davidson pre-med student dissect literacy works (p7); Parks and rec gearing up for summer repairs (p14); Vandals prepare for European vacation (p17); Kamangirira heads UI-Zimbabwe connection (p19);
president Zinser; Micron, UI relationship; General catalogs; College of Agriculture funding; Parks and Rec; Basketball; Track and Field
August 25th, 1995 Coughlan sues school, fraternaties after fall; Rush '95 brings new crop of students to campus; Job hunting made easier with new placement programs; Bill decides to take one last adventure with UI (p3); Theta Chi extends 'helping hand' (p5); Vandal card will soon double as calling card (p6); Bell nixes pay delay (p9); Moscow, UI attract foreign students (p11); House republicans vow to end direct student loans (p14); Vandal coaching staff untested; (p22); Mills, Phillips named pre-season All Americans (p24); New equipment puts needs of students first (p28);
Coughlan sues school; Job hunting: Theta Chi; Vandal Card; Foreign students; House republicans about student loans; Football; New equipment
August 29th, 1995 Student breaks back in fall from PE building; Food court to open next week, behind schedule; Home repair loans available in Idaho; McConnell hall a prototype of future dormitories (p3); Adminstrators back plan to align courses, calenders (p3); Craig to be involved in Ruby ridge hearings (p5); Democrats may focus on Craig, Chenoweth in '96 Congressional elction (p5); Oil, gas groups Contribute heavily to Idaho politicians (p8); Clinton visits Idaho briefly (p8); Israel arrests militants (p9); Forestry department announces new major (p10); Judge rules Washington sex predator law unconstitutional (p10); High expectations abound for young vandals: Idaho still picked to win conference despite loss of four starters from last year's 31-3 team (p24); Vandals primed for gridiron kickoff: Idaho to open '95 campaign against Oregon state saturday (p25); Vandal men win Big sky track championship (p28);
Food court; McConnell Hall; Clinton; Israel militants; Idaho politics; 96 Congessional election; Ruby ridge hearings; Forestry department; Washington sex predator law; Volleyball; Football; Track and Field
March 31st, 1995 Health Insurance debate continues in Idaho legislatature: Perception of students at Gritman less than favorable; BSU engineering students come to scope out UI; Residence halls face rate increases; No change in Moscow bong status, despite recent ban (p3); Sigma Phi epsilon joins UI greek community (p5); Safety alarms to be available on campus (p6); Modern feminist movement cast from Victorian mold (p8); Track team plamning for championships (p13);
Health insurance; BSU; Residence halls; Bong in Moscow; Greek community; Track team; Feminist movement
September 12nd, 1995 Faculty and staff discuss selection of president; Video teleconferencing connects Idaho schools; Newly accredited dietetics program provides experience; Campus noise creates problems in Moscow (p3); Batt still waiting to hear from feds, but prosepcts good (p5); Vandal Volleyball moves to 6-2 (p14); A new game for armchair quarterbacks (p16); Broncos throttle USU, Cougs drop Griz (p17);
President selection; dietetics program; Noise on campus; Volleyball; Football
September 15th, 1995 Student union food court now feeding students; Olympics raise money for American cancer society; Windows 95 gets 'strange launch' at UI computer store; Up with people stay with Greeks (p4); Albertson's charged with manslaughter in store death (p8); Clinton adminstration finalizes response to Batt dumping offer (p9); Idaho makes home debut Sat. in Dome: Divison II Sonoma state makes trek to palouse after 50-point drubbing two weeks ago; Vandals expected to score and score often (p14);
Food court; Olympics; American Cancer Society; Clinton Adminstration; Football
September 19th, 1995 Bikes for babes' ride benefits toys for tots; Peace corps seeks volunteers on UI campus; Foreign war POW's, MIAs honored in economy; Local chapter receives national Alpha Kappa Lambda awards (p3); parking problems plague pedalers (p4); Clinton indicates support for Dole welfare plan (p7); Idaho trounces Sonoma in home opener (p15); vandal spikers take classic title (p15);
Bikes for Babes; Volunteers on campus; Alpha Kappa; Parking problems; Clinton Adminstration; Football; Volleyball
September 1st, 1995 Davis resigns as Greek advisor after six years; Taylor Avenue Children's center offers flexible Schedule; Majority of the students surveyed want new recreation center; Phi Gamma delta honored at summer conference (p5); Washington sheriff calls law unconstitutional,won't enforce it (p7); Ted Turner weighing a takeover bid from time warner (p8); Vietnamese-American leaders criticize governor's trade mission (p9); Idaho faces PAC-10's Oregon St. saturday (p15); Vandal spikers spell defense T-O-O-M-E-Y (p15); Volleyball opens season at USF tourney today: Young Idaho club opens up action against San Jose state, Sanfrancisco in round robin tournament (p18);
Greeks; Recreation Center; Phi Gamma Delta; Ted Turner; Vietnamese-American leaders; Football; Volleyball; Fraternities
September 22nd, 1995 ASUI senate discusses open positions; Faculty council votes for name change; Greeks teeter-tooter to raise money for cancer research; Monk eases students' spirits (p3); Clinton warns veto of Species act overhaul (p4); Vandals drops Zags, open Big sky tonight (p11); May back at Idaho after shot at NFl (p12);
ASUI; Faculty Council; Greeks; Clinton Adminstration; Volleyball; Football
September 26th, 1995 Budget cuts may affect service to students; UI professor in direct connection with Jupiter probe; Jim Rennie remembered through ASUI outdoor program; Sigma Chi raises money for kids (p3); Greeks play hard for Philanthropies (p3); Vandals open Big sky action in style (p17); UI Soccer club downs north Idaho (p19); Martin fills in for injured Agassi at Davis cup (21);
Budget cuts; ASUI; Sigma Chi; Greeks; Football; Soccer; Tennis
September 29th, 1995 Computer network gets new server; UI graduates satisfied with education overall; Americans know little about STDs; Senators prepared for floor fight on resumed navy dumping (p7); Taxes, timing, politics work against mariners in Olympia (p10); Turnout of 300 marks Africa night (p13); Undefeated Idaho state up next for UI (p16); mitchell gets defensive with UI opponents;
Computer networking; Senators and Navy dumping; STD; Africa Night; Football
October 3rd, 1995 Rain delays paint the palouse projects; Circle K teams with united way for fun run; Women, minorities gaining status, equality in U.S. military; Presidential candidates appear at cityvote forum (p3); Local Sigma Chi member wins national fraternity scholarship (p5); Vandals lose in-state battle to ISU (p11); Cougars win Palouse bragging rights (p11);
Palouse projects; Women, Minorities in U.S. Military; UI presidential candidate; Sigma Chi; Football; Volleyball
October 6th, 1995 ASUI welcomes new senators, appointees; Summer session important to students; First monday 1995 Celebrates public interest organizations; Vandals look to declaw Bobcats (p11);
ASUI; Summer sessions; Football
October 10th, 1995 Fun, Mud, Music make up GDI week; Faculty council plans to reveiw President applications; Flys infest new food court; pig caught kissing outside; Police still searching for evidence in student murder case (p3); Pi Beta Phi raises money for Philanthropy (p4); Perry cites 'red line' on russian role in Bosnia peace force (p5); Idaho crumbles in Bozeman to go 1-3 (p15); Idaho earns split on road, falls at Weber, beats NAU (p16);
UI president applications; Faculty Council; Food court; student murder case; Pi Beta Phi; NATO; Football; Volleyball
October 13rd, 1995 - Homecoming Homecoming '95 hits the campus; Theatre gets high definition network; Greeks advocate health issues, alcohol awareness (p3); New English class develops thought process (p4); ASUI senate breaks record (p8); Defense bill just a warm-up for abortion foes (p13); Eagles scream into Dome for homecoming (pB5);
Homecoming; Greeks; New English class; ASUI Senate
October 17th, 1995 Homecoming '95 concludes on campus; 1,250 e-mail accounts 'cracked' on computer; Baton rouge rally joins with 'Million man march' in D.C.(p3); Referendum seen as a public relations ploy by Saddam (p6); Hisaw leads Idaho to first big sky victory (p15); Midnight madness invades memorial gym (p15); UI extends winning streak to 41 (p16); Mariners could stay in Seattle afterall (p17);
Homecoming; Million man march; saddam's referendum; Iraq; Football; Volleyball; Basketball; Seattle mariners
October 20th, 1995 Health and nutrition fair graces Student union; Math and statastics department to divide; Senate turns down RHA, Darakjy steps down as lobbyist; BSU gets engineering school; Student representation returns to faculty Council (p3); GAMMA makes Greeks aware (p5); Idaho thumps NAIA warriors, hits road (p14); Vandals look for revenge against Griz (p15);
Student Union; Math and Stats department; Senate; BSU; Faculty Council; Greeks; Volleyball; Football
September 6th, 1995 Fire in silo sets off alarms in residence halls; KUOI to celebrate 50th anniversary in November; Sexual harassment tops student discrimination complaints; Fraternities help YWCA (p3); Clint Cook announces resignation from senate (p3); Beta Theta Pi fraternity wins awards (p4); Clinton meets with former Wyoming governer, ranchers (p5); Daughter says Defense ministry confirms father alive (p9); Roadrunners no match for vandals (p18); Big sky falters in week one (p19);
Alarms in residence halls; KUOI; Sexuak harassment tops student complaints; Clint Cook resignation; Beta Theta Pi; Clinton; Defense ministry; Football; Basketball
October 24th, 1995 Former senator honored at building dedication; Improvements move above ground at library plaza; Boise state engineering program decision 'purely political'; minor offenders provide major benefits (p6); Clinton calls for world wide crackdown on drug smugglers (p7); Vandals stop four-year skid, drop Griz (p14);
Former Senator; improvements at library plaza; BSU; Clinton Adminstration; Narcotics; Football
September 8th, 1995 ASUI board chair spends unauthorized funds; General education course numbers to be Standardized; Computer services offers helpful hints; ASUI senate funds one big party (p3); Agroforestry conference hosted by UI (p4); Boise state library expansion project ready for dedication (p5); Skansi's NFL experience helps Vandals (p12); Vandal men open season at Colarado St. (p13);
ASUI; General education; Computer Services; Agroforestry conference; Boise state library; Football; Golf
October 27th, 1995 Walkers 'take back the night' in the rain; Birge resigns from panhellenic president position; ASUI election may go on-line; Cuts possible for education programms (p6); Pranks plague KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA (p7); Attendace raises, but student numbers fall (p15); Weber looks to bring vandals back to reality (p17);
Walkers; Birge resigns; ASUI election; Cuts for educational programms; Attendance; Football
November 7th, 1995 Council candidates speak at forum; ISEP students want control of money over holidays; Hunt participates in white house conference on travel and tourism; WSU science, math fairtangle kids in the web (p3); Turkey, travelling on students' minds as fall break approaches (p3); Idahoans react to rabin assasination (p7); Vietnam to release, deport two jailed Americans (p9); Idaho clinches regular season crown: weekend sweep gives candals hosting rights for Big sky tournament Nov.17,18 (p19);
Council candidates; ISEP students; White house conference; Rabin assasination; Jailed Americans in Vietnam; Football
November 10th, 1995 Li pleads guilty to first, second degree murder; Tailgating dominates ASUI candidates Forum; Academic advising 'horrendus'?; Survey will measure drug, alcohol use by students (p3); UI chooses AT&T, vandal cards stay on hold (p4); Delegates discuss experiences as members of U.N. forum (p5); ASUI senate hosts open house as elections draw near (p7); Vandals hope to declaw Northern IOWA (p14); Idaho faces MSU, UM on road (p15);
Murder charges; ASUI candidates; Drug, alcohol use by students; ASUI Senate; Football
November 14th, 1995 Senior project sheds new light on old train; RHA to hold campus AIDS awareness week; Local employers provide spring, summer internship oppurtunities; UI alumnus still inventing 'doodads' (p4); UI kicker leads Vandals to win (p25); Regular season concludes with sweep in Montana (p26);
Senior projects; AIDS awareness week; UI alumnus; Football
November 17th, 1995 Kane selected as new ASUI president; Tesnohlidek, spers, Glenn, Jessup, Feldman, Darakjy, Averitt, and Egland to serve in other offices; Revised Journalism Curriculum yields new degree; ASUI sponsors 'social mixers'; Influenza a bug invades UI, Moscow (p4); Vandals to clash with mortal enemy BSU (p15);
New ASUI president; Revised journalism; Influenza; Football
November 28th, 1995 Engineering students take care of business; Oversold parking permits cause crowded campus lots; Student gives to the community; Ireland legalize divorce with close vote (p4); Norway's mysterey boy identified as German runaway (p6); Bulgarian looks to become all-American (p7); Idaho faces IOWA in NCAA tourney (p12); Vandals get lassoed by top-ranked cow boys (p12);
Engineering students; Parking permits; Divorce legalized in Ireland; Norway's mysterey boy; Football; Volleyball
December 1st, 1995 professor injured in pedestrian-auto accident; Budget battle affects student aid; New ASUI officers inaugurated next week; Sylvester's fills Moscow shopping void; UNICEF sells cards and gifts all around the world (p3); New core requirement proposed to expose diversity (p4); Jupiter probe flying silent approach (p5); UI spikers fall in NCAA tourney (p15); Zags drop Vandals in season debut (p15);
Professor injured; Budget battle; New ASUI officer; Jupiter probe; Volleyball; Basketball
December 5th, 1995 Awareness week shows risks, prevention of AIDS; Memory leaks, bad connections foul UI internet access; Safety and accessibility determine campus snow removal priorities; GAMMA goes to D.C (p3); FDA tries to reassure patients worried about drug (p5); Army bases preparing for possible deployment to Bosnia (p6); Idaho jail escapee captured at Texas motel (p8); Football season has ups,downs: Vandals reach Divison 1-AA playoffs despite early season struggles (p14); Vabdaks rally in second half, still fall at buzzer (p15);
AIDS; UI internet access; Safety on campus; GAMMA; Army bases; Football; Basketball
December 8th, 1995 Students split over controversial photos; ASUI inaugurates newly elected officials; Kane takes over from Wilson as president; Another pedistrian hit in Crosswalk near student union; National test for teachers not required (p4); WSU researchers detect breast cancer in 3-D (p4); Vaginal infections common on UI campus (p5); Vandals send huskies packing (p11);
New ASUI president; WSU Researchers detect breast cancer; Vaginal infections on campus; Basketball
December 12nd, 1995 Idaho to host IACURH conference for '96; Students caught in middle of Engineering transfer; Avoid Kibbie lines during registration; University selects Ombudsman to serve staff (p3); GTE donates money for Incubator Computer lab (p4); Medical experts try to prevent Ebola outbreak in Liberia (p5); Clinton vows to preserve guarantee to health care (p11); Tourney split earns Vandals 2nd place (p17); Vandals suffer 71-56 setback in Cedar City (p18); Kibbbie Dome Officials land new hoop arena (p19);
Student transfer; Kibbie Dome; Ebola outbreak in Liberia; Clinton Adminstration; Basketball
October 31st, 1995 Campus events entertain for halloween; Bogus news release names Sullivan as UI president; Lambda Chi joins national food drive; PCEI inagurates Palouse commuter van pool (p3); panel votes to subpenoa documents, question first lady's aide (p7); Vandals' road woes continue in Ogden (p15); Idaho truimphs, stays atop sky (p16);
Halloween on campus; Bogus news about UI; Lambda Chi; first lady's aide; Football; Volleyball
December 15th, 1995 Telin retires after 25 years at register post; Delta Sigma Phi wins awards at national convention; 4-H launches new holiday fund-raising program (p4); KAPPA Sigma nominated to national historic register (p6); After difficult year, U.S. Apple growers again in Japan (p7); Cougs squeak out victory at foul line (p17); Vandals looks for upset in border battle (p17); Canada kicks it NBA style (p21);
Delta Sigma Phi; KAPPA sigma nomination; Apple growers in Japan; Basketball; NBA
November 3rd, 1995 Fraternity, sorority carve pumpkins with kids; Food science professor to study cancer therapy: UI,WSU research will be funded by American cancer society; Peacemakers sought for Nez perce tribe mediation project; Larger number of students run for offices (p4); Clinton, GOP leaders discuss budget impasse (p4); Perry calls Okinawa rape aberration, apoligizes profusely (p5); Analysis; even successful peace talks may not help Clinton (p5); Vandals face tough road test at NAU (p14);
Halloween on campus; UI professor research about cancer; Clinton admistration about budget; Football