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May 2nd, 1997 Faculty, staff search for hope: Want answers for financial woes; Swapping goods: Students get a head start on textbook buying; Senate ends semester with recruitment discussion; Rising health care costs aggravate no pay raise (p4); Common law court clerk and son charged with forging documents (p4)
Senate; Healthcare costs; Forgery; Football; Hickey
May 6th, 1997 UI takes second in contest; Landlord gives advice on deposit returns; Upset faculty want change: Say a standard test should be used for hiring; Bloomsday '97—the history continues (p3); Sullivan leads UI golfers in Big West championships (p10)
Bloomsday; ATO; UI athletes; Football; Golf
May 9th, 1997 - The Year in Pictures The Year in pictures: As the year comes to a close, The Argonaut takes a look back on the people and events we remember; 1997 Engineering design exhibition (p5); Greek life (p6)
Campus plaza; Photographs
May 13th, 1997 - Exam week extra Is Metal dead?: Hibernating? Does anyone care? (2); More coffee, hon?: Decades after diner boom, Mystique still holds (p4)
Exam; Music; Coffee
June 4th, 1997 Storm shocks Moscow residents: Tornado alley pays the Northwest a visit; Hoover names Ul provost;
Summer session;University of Idaho - Staff appointment;
June 11th, 1997 Scholars be gone: Kappa Delta's coming to town; UI Environmental team takes second; Portland band returns to Moscow (p4); Real massacre is ancient history (p6); Department benches UI team (p7)
Environmental Team; Band, Music, Oklahoma City Bombing; Native Americans
June 18th, 1997 New convenience store opens; Banner program upgrade coming this fall; Moose loose in Moscow; Family of slain woman sues families, county, school district (p2); Clowning around in the Kibbie Dome (p3)
Moose; Fidela Tomchak; Healthy meals; Kibbie Dome; Circus
April 25th, 1997 Student-trained horses for sale tomorrow: WSU, UI students work together in program; Summer sessions, programs expand; Scholarships for single parents: Applications due in two weeks; Senate discusses athletics, money (p3); UI students return from NASA (p4)
Senate; NASA; Theft; Football; Basketball
June 25th, 1997 Summer construction projects abound: Life Science building nearly finished; UI/ISU form cooperative campus; Japanese students experience Moscow (p3); UI's Mt. Loga climbers face life-threatening conditions (p4)
Construction; International students; mountain climbers; life-threatening conditions
July 2nd, 1997 Life science south building cathes fire; Idaho Repetory Theatre, entertainment for everyone; Even if you don't salute it, don't burn it (p6); Assistin in suicide 101: Volunteers (wantedfor interns gain real life experience) (p7);
Fire; Theater; America; Volunteers; Suicide
July 9th, 1997 Chemicals pollute Paradise Creek; Life Science building cleanup; Mars mission icing on Americas cake (p8); When death is the only cure (p8)
Chemicals pollution; Animals; Mars mission; Cancer; Death
July 16th, 1997 False alarm; Athletes get green light to work; The drive to learn more; Sword swallower calls Moscow home (p3); No fire, but the park was smoking (p5)
False alarm; Athletes work during school year; Brad Byers; Tyson
July 23rd, 1997 Kibbie Dome sees fresh paint; UI enrollment expected to hold steady; Market turns 20; Creek Clean-up; UI participates in Project Nova (p2); Seahawks training camp back in Palouse (p5)
Kibbie Dome; Project Nova; Skaters
July 30th, 1997 Local swimmers go to UI to cool off; Vandal cards no good for football games; UI welcomes the Taiwan Youth Orchestra; Hewlett-Packard donates computer equipment; Potato fungus found in Eastern Idaho fields (p2); Former UI quarterback starting for Seahawks (p3); Discrimination, a subtlety (p6)
Hewlett-Packard; Potato fungus; Seahawks; Primus
August 1st, 1997- Freshman Orientation Issue Student profiles (p6); Music lovers take notes: UI hosts world'class azz Festival annually (p9); Living groups: The UI community covers a wide variety of living arrangements to suit anyones taste (p10)
Freshmen; Music; Living groups; Sports
April 29th, 1997 Cyclist killed on Moscow-Pullman Highway; International week adds color to UI; Student falls 24 feet from balcony; Habib Symposium brings world environmental issues home (p3); Defense says someone wore Diaz's shoes for killing (p4)
Death; Environmental issues; Title IX; Athletic scholarships; Tennis; Football; Track and Field; Basketball
August 22nd, 1997 New policy allows professors to drop student no-show; 'back to the basics...': focus for rush is off alcohol, greeks say; ROTC selects all-female chain of command; Employee turnover hurts sheriff's office (p2); Moscow man shoots wife, then himself (p2); Most in Idaho disappointed by decision against prosecuting federal agents (p2); Robert Surles outdoorsman, teacher, friend: Spanish professor touched many, will be missed (p8)
Death; Sheriff's office; Residence halls; Professor dies
August 29th, 1997 University budget cuts ignite controversry: Faculty members upset with the solutions offered; Crime on campus centers around alcohol violations, theft; Car burglaries, book bag theft continue to plague campus; Four people killed in Washington storm (p2); New commission to set high school exiting standard (p3); Phony ads promise free financial aid, rip students off (p4)
University Budget; Cromis on campus; Rape; Death; Phony ads; Senators
September 3rd, 1997 Horizon Airlines creates turbulence by cancelling route; PBS 'goes the distance' with college education; Flights between Pullman-Moscow and Boise stop two days fater UI Homecoming; Halogen lamps pose fire threat (p3); Bride pays with life for 'sullying' family honor in Egypt (p5)
Horizon airlines; Lamps; Fire threat; Honor killing
September 5th, 1997 Tailgate parties return to UI football games: Moscow police on the look out for drunk drivers, underage drinking; Women's Center represents timeline of history; Sweet Avenue site remediated, ready to build; Workers prove critics wrong and get a raise (p6); Sampras, Seahawks prove anything is possible (p13)
Football, Drunk driving; Women’s Center; Workers
September 9th, 1997 Tailgating brings new problems; Space constraints pose problems: University Commons floor plans don't exclude student media; UI Foundation reports donor increase; Marriage counseling clinic offered at UI (p3); Oregon coast art scene more than just seascapes (p11)
Tailgating; Kibbie Dome; Country; Petroleum taxes
September 12th, 1997 SUB makes changes, draws in students; Mighty Mighty Bosstones to play UI; SUB 'On the Edge' winners; Blood-Alcohol level reduced, no change in arrests made; Pedestrian safety at heart of skating rules reminder (p2); Local Sociologist Searches for Kooskia Internees (p5); WSU needs more diversity, less talk (p6); Hempfest hits Missoula (p9); Idaho to resume interstate rivalry (p13)
Blood-alcohol level; Skating; Art; Sociologist; Koosia Internees; WSU; Hemp; Football; Basketball
September 16th, 1997 Pedestrian safe gained in lost parking; Evaluations undergo scrutiny; Law officers brace for trouble at Rage concert (p4); Recent grant allows UI nerve research to continue (p6); Idaho shuts out Idaho state 43-0: First back-to-back shut out since 1942 (p15)
Parking problem; Rage concert; Seinfield; Ellen; Football; Basketball
September 19th, 1997 Garbage overflows on greek row: Shared dumpsters need to be emptied more often, fraternity members say; Englsh professor reveals provocative writings (p4); Ancient rivalries die hard (p14)
Garbage; English professor; Provocative writing; Low-cost student care; Death
August 26th, 1997 New Student Traditions Night hosted at President Hoover's house; No longer in the dark; Minimum wage to increase Monday; History of statue all heart, not stone (p3); What does ASUI Senate face this year? (p5); Ghosts of Ruby Ridge continue to haunt (p9)
Student traditions; Statue; Palousesafest; ASUI Senate; Ruby Ridge; Sports; Football; Basketball
January 14th, 1997 Financial aid deadline fast approaching: Forms should be mailed by end of month, director says; Local man leaps to death; Faculty petition against GPA changes; Clinton asks to delay harrassment suit (p8); D'Amato Nazi gold shipped to Spain (p9); Player finds deafness an advantage in b-ball court (p20)
Financial aid; Death; Clinton harrassment suit; Nazi; Basketball; Football
January 17th, 1997 Council Reconsiders positition on grading policy: UI president calls for general faculty meeting; Students begin MLK celebrations; Two Senate seats, other ASUI positions open for students to get involved; Health center helps students kick the habit (p4); Financial aid and frustration both begin with 'F' (p6); Universities forge students; foundries forge slugs (p6); NCAA vote passes, affects Idaho athletes (p8);
Faculty meeting; MLK celebrations; ASUI positions; Health center; Financial aid, University; Idaho athlete; Basketball
January 22nd, 1997 Advisor gives tips on financial forms; Governor's new holdback proposal cuts into university; Associate professors' salaries hit bottom; NASA selects UI engineering students: Team to use "Apollo 13" airplanes (p3); Middle-ground options abound in Jones case (p4); Media botches Ebonics debate (p8)
Financial Forms, Holdback proposal, Associate professors' salaries; NASA; UI engoneering students; Basketball, Jones case,
January 24th, 1997 Ul student seeks state board intervention; Core credits miscalculated on grade mailers; New service fraternity joins campus: Alpha Phi Omega returns to university after seven-year absence; Hebron agreement shows Netanyahu supports peace process (p7); Vandals raked by Aggie scoring machine (p8); Vandal women persevere (p9)
State border intervention; Fraternity, flowers; Hebron agreement; Basketball
January 28th, 1997 Pullman residents get caution on water: Moscow, Pullman water safe, but can pick up contaminants; Regents approve fee increase for fall: Officials target summer1998 for University Commons groundbreaking; Forum, discusses local flooding, water quality: Panelist predicts more Moscow floods; Nature Conservancy leases Moscow Mountain parcel: Next step: management planning; Clinton, bankers meet with bank regulator (p6); Recruit who brought sex scandal to light leaves Army (p7); Congress remains skeptical on UN reform (p7); South leads UI Tennis into bright future (p13)
Water; fee increase; Local flooding; Nature Conservancy; Chipman trail; Clinton; Sex scandal; Basketball; Football
January 31st, 1997 Council amends changes to grading system: General faulty to give input next week; Daniels resigns from senate: Student leaders trek to Boise; Yellowstone wolf author to speak in Moscow; Student residents needed at the fire department (p3); Joe comes home to the Dome (p8)
Grading system; Senate; Student residents; Basketball
February 4th, 1997 Declining elk herds prompt new hunting regulations; Last public hearing is today is Orofino; Speaker to give insight on China's human rights; Dining for scholars program provides ethnic fare; Moscow nursing home gets blue ribbon for idea (p4); UI cadets go All-Pro (p5); Groups prepare for Sexual Assault Awareness Week (p6) ; Marine corps papers back Gulf veterans' claims' of chemical exposure (p6); Idaho women's four game win streak comes to end (p12)
Hunting regulations; China's human rights; Nursing home; UI cadets; Sexual awareness weekend; Basketball
February 7th, 1997 "The Real World'' Mohammed inspires diversity; Council changes international admission requirements; Micron recruits employees from Ul; Tiananmen Square leader speaks on China (p4); Fund teachers, not prisoners (p6); : NIC: a Vandal satellite for college hoops (p7); Ul men take three-game win streak on road (p9)
Diversity; international admission requirements; Tiananmen square; China; teachers; Basketball
February 11th 1997 Meeting fails to stir enough faculty: Council's final decision on replacing grades remains unchanged; Video moves students to tears: Black History Month raises awareness of multiculturalism; Forestry students help plan college's future; Lecture features former national science adviser: Renowned physicist to address science, politics (p3); Senate considers funding rape survey: Also takes on alcohol policy, course repeats and Ul license plates (p4); Legislators plan to cut more education funds (p5); Vandal women split at home, beat Cal-Poly (p10)
Replacing grades; Black History Month; Forestry students; National science adviser; Rape survey; Education funds; Hello Walk; Basketball
February 14th, 1997 Local club has big plans; Interfraternity Council passes alcohol policy; Senate gives money for campus rape study; Heavy traffic moves commons project forward (p4); It's time for the Vandal Indoor Invitational (p8)
Alcohol policy; Rape study; Home educators; Commons project; Basketball; Track and Field
February 28th, 1997 Service group sponsors ugly contest: Humane Society needs help; 7 dogs to be euthanized today; Sorority women approve alcohol policy; Sports clubs become student friendly; Speaker refutes evolutionary claims on origin of life (p3); Consular officers warn traveling students: Many countries leave severe penalties for drug use (p4); The Argonaut: Journalism at its worst (p7); Senior duo lead Idaho women to post-season (p9)
Humane Society; Sorority women; Alcohol; Sport club; Refute evolutionary claims; Drug use; Trees; The Argonaut; Basketball
March 4th, 1997 Conference connects race, gender, law issues; Students face early registration purge; Pesticides found in water supplies; Senate hears from GEM, WSU students: President Dalton encourages student recruitment (p2); Democrats wish to ensure future by examining Clinton's past (p5); Idaho headed to Big West tourney: with a loss to New Mexico State on Saturday, the Vandals grabbed the second seed in the Eastern division of the Big West and will face Pacific in the opening round of the tournament (p7);
Race; Gender; Law; Registration; Pesticides; Water supply; Senate; Student recruiment; Tax; Democrats; Clinton; Basketball
March 7th, 1997 Mice in Admin: Faculty member ingests contaminated food; Ads spark love, sex discussion; University plans 9.8 percent fee hike: Campus hearing slated for Wednesday; Collision results in minor injuries (p2); Club volleyball team makes strides (p7); Guerrilla warfare breaks out in Moscow (p10)
Mice; Sex dicussion; Fee hike; Collision; Seminar; Basketball; Volleyball
March 11th, 1997 Auto traffic increases on walkway; 12 computers stolen from Forestry lab; AIDS medication gets state support; Internet vulnerable to abuse despite new policies (p5); Vandal women have a lot to look forward to (p11); Pacific earns the Big West bid in the NCAA tournament (p12)
Traffic; Theft; AIDS, Internet; Basketball
February 19th, 1997 Vandals give jazz Festival center stage: Students volunteer in exchange for tickets, alumni return for the music; Students seek Board of Education post: Bill in state Senate Ed Committee tomorrow; GPA rule change to begin fall '98 (p2); Vibraphone king Lionel Hampton- a brief history (p3); Ul date rape survey to target education (p4); UI considers cutting 57 more jobs (p4); Opinion Special: Sen. Kempthorne: US Senator, UI alum speaks on endangered species, Idaho politics, education (p8)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; GPA rule; Lionel Hampton; Date rape survey; Cutting jobs; Endangered species; Politics; Basketball; Track and Field
March 14th, 1997 Birth mother moves students to tears; Student arrested for trespassing in women's locker room; Senators balk at possible, regulation; Council considers automatic withdrawl for absent students(p2); Speaker tells history of women's sports (p4); Whittem brings toughness to UI tennis (p7); A battle for diversity (p10);
Speech; Sudent arrested; Senators; Withdrawl; Women's sports; Rugby, Basketball, Whittem; Tennis
March 25th, 1997 Finalists named in Provost search: Candidates to visit UI campus, extensions; Money available for InternationaI study: Deadline for Rotary international fellowships is next week; UI professor wins humanities award; Panel debates Hell's Canyon plan (p4); Paquin offers "Fresh Face" alternatives in bid to oust Chenoweth (p5); Kincaid brings talent to Vandal tennis (p8);
Provost; International study; Humanities award; National Nutrition Month; Hell's canyon, Election '98; Tennis; Basketball; Softball
March 28th, 1997 1997 legislative session 'brutal': Legislators disappointed with education bills; 'Take a hike' to raise Chipman trail finds; Internship fair matches students with employers; Council approves automatic drop: Non-attending students can be dropped after two weeks; Engineering students race into future (p3); Paquin part two: Technology is key to campaign reform, Idaho economy (p5); Idaho Athletic Department falls behind BSU and lSU, loses money (p8);
1997 Legislative session; Chipman trail funds; Engineering students; Track and Field; Idaho Athletic Department
April 1st, 1997- Argorot, Happy April Fool's Day Ghosts torment music students: Faculty Council scheduled to hear requests for equality today; New studies show Ramen noodles, burritos help fight cancer; Deer, elk to be introduced to Arboretum: Grey wolves to follow in November; Cats overrun the Admin building (p4); Administrator wins jobs for UI graduates in radio contest (p5); Officials rescind fee raise, cancel Commons project (p5); Family sues video co. for debilitating injury (p11)
April Fools' Day; Ghosts; Cats; Bigfoot; Lawsuit; Strangeness; Super Bowl
April 4th, 1997 Speaker argues for closer ties to China; AIDS quilt coming to Idaho (p2); Comet visible from Moscow (p3); Bruder takes Vandals into Big West (p7)
China; AIDS; Basketball; Track and Field; Architecture fees
April 8th, 1997 Students 'Paint the Palouse'; Jobs on the Net: Lecture to give on-line employment search ideas; Workshop to educate on loss, grief; University inaugurates 15th president (p3); April ushers in sexual assault awareness: Women's Center promotes education (p4); Paull brings journalism to Idaho: After 17 years of writing sports for the Idaho Stateman and numerous awards, Vandal Sports Information Director Becky Paull has again found success at her alma mater (p9)
Paint the Palouse; 15th president; Sexual assault awareness; Journalism; Basketball
April 11th, 1997 GSA breaks free; New core classes to offer variety; Senate moves toward restructure; Faculty reject plus/minus grading (p4); Leighing it on the line: Idaho's Claudia Leigh has found success outside Australia (p8)
GSA; Senate; Blood drive; Grading; Tennis
April 15th, 1997 Problems: communication, apathy: ASUI candidates address campus issues at forum; Community supported agriculture comes to Palouse; Registrar wants preregistration ideas: System can leave bitter aftertaste; International project reaches Moscow (p4); Bruder automatically qualifies for NCAAs, breaks UI records (p7);
Campus issues; Agriculture; ASUI elections; International project; Football; Basketball
February 21st, 1997 Jazz Festival swings into the weekend; Al Grey expresses regret on missing Jazz Festival; Vandals leaving mark on license plates (p3); Definition of rape undergoes scrutiny (p4); 13-year old killed in high-speed chase (p5); Ul appeals I-A rule (p10); International Friendship Association sprinkles culture, history on UI (p10)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; License plates; Student Achievement Awards; Rape; Death; Basketball; Stars wars; International Friendship Association
April 18th, 1997 Students rally agiainst violence: T-shirt display recognizes victims of assault; Voulteers needed to clean creek: Annual PCEI Paradise Creek cleanup tomorrow; Few students turn out to vote: Voters turn down senatorial district amendment; Group influences politics: League of Women Voters seeks new members (p3); Nationally acclaimed psychologist to do workshop (p4); Abuse awareness not just for men (p8)
Rally gainst violence; Voting; Politics; Women; Psychologist; Workshop; Abuse awareness; Golf; Football
April 22nd, 1997 Moms spend weekend on campus; Breaking barriers: Conference to promote multiculturalism; Kicking hazardous materials in the can: Volunteers needed for Saturday's waste collection effort; Local group provides pet placement (p3); Widening Internet access poses problems (p4); Police defuse bomb at Idaho TV station (p5); 4-year old dials 911 for mom (p5); Kemp, Sonics should whip Phoenix (p11)
Multiculturalism; Pet placement; Internet; Protest; Bomb; Basketball; Football
February 25th, 1997 Jazz Festival posts record attendance; Workers shed light on area homeless: Demand for men's shelter increases; increased exposure ignites festival; Hampton makes visit to Lapwai children: Indian club performs dances for musicians (p3); Controversial business sells entrance essays: $20 and a few minutes on-line could get you into law school (p5); Diversity: UI's perceived race problem is fault of public relations, not students (p6); Vandals beat Broncos at buzzer: With the time running out, Kelli Johnson hits a 6-foot jumper to lift the Vandals over Boise state (p9);
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Homeless; Hampton; Vaccination tips; Controversial business; Race problem; Basketball; Track and Field
September 23rd, 1997 To say we have not forgotten; UI sees increase in freshmen, slight drop overall; O'Brien, Baker among inductees to Idaho hall of fame (p3); Drug abuse program receives state funding (p6); Idaho turns game over to Central Florida (p14); Women's basketball Hall of Fame unveiled (p17)
Enrollment issue; Idaho Hall of Fame; Drug abuse program; Volleyball; Football; Basketball
November 18th, 1997 Thompson accepts position as director of Multicultural Affairs; Winter road conditions create driving hell: Doctor discusses importance of sleep for health; Last of the Argonaut as we know it (p6); Outdoor program heads to Banff (p8); Vandals finish strong against wolf pack: Team bounces back after 0-3 loss to Utah State (p12)
Director of Multicultural affairs; Sleep for health; ASUI candidates; Outdoor program, Volleyball; Basketball
October 24th, 1997 Flu shots available from Gritman, student health; Bus offers Lewiston airport shuttle; Seven arrested after drug bust: Moscow residents seek new connections; STD honor society comes out of hiding; Identities of 20th century women discovered (p4); UI finally has a PR campaign (p6); Idaho fights to keep Big West championship hopes alive (p13)
Flu shots; Drug bust; STD; Identities; 20th century women; PR campaign; Volleyball; Football; Basketball
November 11st, 1997 Concert raises money for Chipman trail; Students beg money for money to build a trail; Religion forum draws crowd; ESPN tapes discussions with UI athletes (p3); Medieval tunes await concert goers (p6)
Chipman trail; ESPN; Police brutality; Volleyball; Basketball
December 2nd, 1997 Saying good-bye to Mrs. Student Health; Student Media cuts budget to stay alive: KUOI, GEM, Argonaut in $51,000 hole; Prison expansion helps inmates to return to Idaho (p3); Care facility blames state for patient's fall (p4); Diversity at WSU still a goal, not a reality (p5)
Budget cut; Prison expansion; Diversity; Basketball; Football
October 7th, 1997 University channel shows six hours of pornography: UI's first and last porno; Greeks raise money to help children; What are the facts on out-of-state enrollment?; Freshman medical students give WAMI high marks (p4); Vandal defense ignites offensive attack (p11)
Pornography; Raising money; Monetary hurdle; Football; Volleyball
October 28th, 1997 Sewer backs up into students' dorm room: Damage costs estimated at under $10,000; Summit calls on Idaho to make commitment to its youth; Philanthropy feeds the hungry of Moscow; Roe V. Wade attorney recalls historic case (p3); Damage done to Life Science building restored: Room up and running after fire last June (p5);
sewer; Roe v. Wade; recreation facility; Life Science building restored; Football; Volleyball
October 3rd, 1997 State salaries neglected by Idaho Legislature; Student photos on web only with consent; New Women's Imaging Center deals with women's health (p5); Exposing a dammed Idaho (p7); Idaho looks to open Big West with 20th straight victory at home (p11)
State salaries; Idaho legislature; Sanitation classes; Women's health; Football; Basketball; Volleyball
October 10th, 1997- Special Homecoming Issue University of Idaho: Baptism by fire (p3); Homecoming a time for traditions (p4); 'Searcher of the Golden Fleece' continues its quest (p6); First Joe Vandal embraces tradition (p12); University life a different experience for foreigners (p20);
Fire; Homecoming; Golden fleece; Joe Vandal; Football
October 17th, 1997 Drag Show cancellation a mystery; Health fair proves to be a grand success; Texas Instruments donates engineering equipment to UI; Women's sports move toward equality (p3); Horizon Air quitting on the students at UI and WSU (p6); The story behind the drag (p10); Idaho to play in championship game one (p13)
Drag show; Donation; Equality; Horizon Air; Fungus
October 14th, 1997 Committee finds disparity between faculty gender numbers: Women aren't in the mainstream, some say; Father shakes 3-month-old baby to death: Shaking proven to cause blindness, brain damage; Students warned they are on the path to hell (p3); Idaho gets scare from Division II UC Davis (p11)
Death; Gender desparity; Nicaragua; Volleyball; Football
September 26th, 1997 Marriott food service almost up: Board faced with decision; Patrol puts student safety first; UI faculty salaries take a blow(p3); Educators now required to spill the beans on student drug use (p6); Military veterans face unique challenges as students (p6); Loukaitis convicted in Moses Lake slayings (p7); Cracking the stereotype: Skaters are not just punks (p10)
Patrol; Faculty salaries; Drug use; Military veterans; Moses Lake slayings; Skaters; Tennis; Football
October 31st, 1997- Halloween Issue Greeks carve pumpkins with local kindergarteners; Exposure charge could cost $50,000 in fines; Safety beepers available at library (p4); Crappy clean up causes controversy, costs cash (p6); Student Recreation Center coverage included misinformation (p7); Vandals look to rebound against Eagles (p11)
Indecent exposure; Safety beepers; Women’s Center; Controversy; Track and Field; Football; Halloween
November 21st, 1997 Eight Greeks elected to nine open positions; Coghlan suit against Alpha Phi dropped; Need for parking, buildings may rise with enrollment; Speaker shares 'People to People' experience; Lakers cruise to undefeated record (p12);
Coglan suit; Alcohol; People to People experience; Message therapists; Football; Basketball; L.A Lakers
December 5th, 1997 UI employees can expect bonus money: May see more budget cuts next year; Collette comes down after 80 years; Change your password, computer services says; UI college of forestry wins NASA grant (p3); Rape and battery problem at UI (p6); UI defeats EWU, ugly or not (p12)
Collette; NASA grant; Rape and Battery; Basketball; Football
September 30th, 1997 Speaker tells how homophobia hurts us all; Senate tells summit no on Idaho Student Association; Decrease in enrollment affects rentals; Students receive over $3.7 million in scholarships from UI (p3); Father of Bill Gates gives $150,000 to handgun initiative (p7)
Homophobia; Idaho Student Association; Scholarships; Bill Gates; Catholic opposition
November 14th, 1997 Forum grills candidates for ASUI positions; Faculty Council to discuss shorter spring semesters; Vandal challenge shows Ul to Latin American students (p4); Celtic wave hits Moscow (p8); Spicy ballet visits Beasley (p9)
ASUI; Vandal Challenge; Latin American students; Celtic musicians; Ballet; Football; Basketball; Hockey
November 7th, 1997 Students say yes to Rec Center: 35.7 Percent of student body turns out to vote; Petition for ASUI Senate districts circulates campus; GEM recieves honor from Associate Collegiate Press (p4); Kenyan women: Same rights, different roles (p5); UI needs salary equity (p7); UI seeks revenge over Boise State (p11); The NBA changes faces (p12)
Recreation Center; ASUI Senate; Associate Collegiate Press; Rights; Volleyball; Basketball
November 4th, 1997 Panel discusses salary inequalities between genders; Students rally to address environmental issues: Environmental action coalition forming on campus; Internship fair takes place today in SUB; Student support services offers new scholarships to at-risk students (p4); UI vehicles do get tickets -- sometimes (p5); WSU zoologist 'digs' the dirty work (p5); Vandals shut down North Texas and New Mexico in quest for a conference title (p14)
Salary inequalities; Rally; Environmental issues; Scholarships; Tickets; Zoologist; Volleyball; Football
October 21st, 1997 Midterm grades available on web; Who pays for free T-shirts?; Rumors of tuberculosis is Moscow untrue; Scholarship remembers Ismat Sheikh (p3); Pow-wow to celebrate Native American Month (p5); Land board refuses money for public schools (p7)
Midterm grades; Tuberculosis rumors; Ismat Sheikh; Native American Month; Football; Volleyball; Basketball
December 9th, 1997 ASUI Senate hands wallet over to Committee; Survey says: more summer courses; First woman Supreme Court Justice to visit UI Law School; Engineering honor society feeds 17 families (p3); Service club collects toys, food for Moscow families (p5)
ASUI Senate; First woman Supreme Court Justice; Honor society; Service clubs; Baskeball; Football
December 12nd, 1997 Moscow home damaged by fire; GRE goes from pen and paper to computer; What's that smell?; Secretary for ASUI takes new UI position (p2); Grizzly issue polarizes Idaho (p4); Oregon prisioners should't make minimum wage (p5); New Prichard exhibit displays diversity (p7); Lady Vandal steal bragging rights from WSU (p8)
Fire; GRE; ASUI; Grizzly Bears; Christmas; Oregon Prisoners; Diversity; Basketball; Football
December 16th, 1997- Finals week issue Let there be light: Student health offers cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder (p2); When there's snow, there's cross-country (p7); Sun looks to Nagano, prays for funding (p8)
Fall semester; Skiing; Bobsledging; Football