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January 16th, 1998 Borah Hall takes another dive; Candlelight march set for Tuesday; Website takes crack at campus waste, fraud; Fatal shooting declared justifiable homicide (p2); Kennewick man dies mysteriously in WSU Dormitory (p2); Bits of culture needed for educational kits (p3); University to honor Martin Luther King today (p4); Ten compete Wednesday for Miss U of I title (p5); SUB Art gallery unveils nightmarish exhibit (p8)
Water leak; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Auditing services; Shooting; Crime; International travels; Greek life; Miss U of I; Archives; Art
January 21st, 1998 Fire causes minimal damage to Moscow home: Residents praise fire department for avoiding water damage; Student Health helps smokers quit; Housing list goes online; War hero tells his tale (p3); Poets from Prague visit the Vox (p8)
Fire department; Smoking; Martin Luther King Jr.; Vernon Baker; Poetry
January 23rd, 1998 Students march in honor of King; Does college living mean unhealthy living?: Student Health provides nutrition program; Man faces trial on federal murder charge (p2); UI welcomes new director of Multicultural Affairs: Small office has big plans, Walker say (p3); Fight insomnia with net games: A web review by Amy Sanderson (p10)
Martin Luther King Jr.; Nutrition program; Crime; Multicultural affairs; Internet
January 27th, 1998 Involvement Fair brings students, clubs together; Representation wanted: Senate grapples with reaching off-campus students; A safe choice full of sadness: Humane Society euthanizes wolf hybrid (p3); Idaho fighting court system prejudiced against women (p4); Conservationist say proposal undermines water quality (p5); Great nature photos are a snap: Bird photography in Idaho (p8)
Involvement fair; ASUI Senate; Humane Society; Women’s rights; Water quality; Nature
January 30th, 1998 Students may lose federal loan money: Proposed elimination of Perkins loans could cost UI students up to $2 million; Location hurts Student Involvement Fair; E-mail afoul: Eagle server goes down, gets back up; Alumni raise funds to resurrect tradition: $40,000 needed to bring chimes back (p3); UI film club to host festival this April (p8); Good movies you shouldn’t watch with your parents (p9)
Financial aid; Involvement fair; Internet server; Film club; Movies
February 3rd, 1998 Pedestrians, drivers confused over crosswalk laws; Recycling outreach needs volunteers, donations; Residence Hall Association retreats for new ideas: Hall presidents, Executive Board take time to discuss improving programs (p3); Students in Idaho facing more debt: Fees eight times higher today than 20 years ago (p5); Violent Femmes Hit Walla Walla (p8); Warhol works join Prichard exhibit (p11)
Road laws; Recycling; RHA; Tuition
February 6th, 1998 Supreme Court Justice to speak at UI Tuesday: O’Connor expected to pack the house; Plagiarism policy gives teachers more teeth; UI still working to keep freshmen in school; ASUI agrees to buy outdoor campus phones (p3); Cruise the world at the IFA International Afternoon (p8)
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; Plagiarism; International celebrations
February 10th, 1998 Idaho wants spirit banners, too: Banners are subject of debate under Idaho law; UI, WSU celebrate Black History Month: African-American culture honored throughout February; O’Connor speak today (p3); Former instructor, WSU settle discrimination lawsuit (p3); UI student receives education of a lifetime (p4); Committee axes bill setting aside funds for talented students (p7)
Team spirit; Black History Month; Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; Discrimination; Paramilitary crisis; Gifted-and-talented student program funding
February 13rd, 1998 O’Connor brings a bit of D.C. to Moscow: Supreme Court Justice speaks on the role of federalism; GSA takes nominations for executive board; Feds seeks dismissal of manslaughter charge against FBI sniper (p2); Make sure Cupid’s got condoms, not just chocolates: American Social Health Association urges protected sex this Valentine’s Day (p3); Judd jumps to high success, bar none (p12)
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; FBI sniper; Valentine’s Day; Track and Field; Hockey
February 18th, 1998 Career Fair held today in Student Union Ballroom; Psychologist speaks on eating disorders; University enrollment number up over last spring; ASUI, Sarb sponsor pop can pull tab philanthropy: Tabs help cancer patient’s mother stay with her during treatments (p3); Former UI student still charged with murder in infant death (p4); Legislator wants to ban ndate rape drug GHB before it gets around (p4); Trekker across both poles meets Moscow children (p5)
Career Fair; Eating disorders; Cancer; Murder; Date rape drugs; Explorer
February 20th, 1998 SEAC rallies to save wilderness areas; Professor files discrimination suit against university; Open forum discusses parking woes; Students march to protest military buildup in Iraq; Annex plays Moscow on way home (p9); Modest Mouse plays Pullman: A band review by Mike Last (p10)
SEAC; Discrimination; Parking; Military in Iraq; Annex; Modest Mouse
February 24th, 1998 - Special Jazz Fest Issue Welcome to the 1998 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival (p3); The man behind the scenes (p7); Dee Daniels returns for seventh year (p10); Jazz-loving visitors means big business for Moscow (p16)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
February 27th, 1998 Jazz Festival turns campus into carnival; Computer problems remain a mystery; Telephone scam reported in Moscow: Police say to report suspicious calls; Soul Food sells out: RAACE raises funds by selling jambalaya, gumbo (p3); SEAC cleans up Arboretum (p4)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Computer problems; Telephone scams; RAACE; SEAC
March 3rd, 1998 - Sharing the Music Job Fair hits Pullman: UI, WSU join to bring in more than 75 employers; University chosen for Internet2; Jury impasse leads to mistrial in murder case (p3); “Giants of Jazz” wraps up successful festival (p10); Paddling is a good cabin fever reliever (p13)
Job fair; Internet; Murder case; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Outdoor activities
January 13rd, 1998 Parking Committee provides top 10 for tickets: Ignorance of rules no excuse for fine; Service group succeeds with Giving Tree: Three families, 14 children have merrier Christmas; Say yes to more money: Act fast to meet federal deadlines; Head butting trees does not make you “cool” (p7)
Parking regulations; Christmas; Taxes; Skiing
March 24th, 1998 Thieves pocket projector; Bookstore surveys students and faculty; Rate increase proposed for Residence Halls; UI students charged in kidnapping (p3); A black-founder fraternity: Five new members inducted into Phi Beta Sigma (p4); Digital art display at Prichard (p10)
Housing rates; Kidnapping; Greek life; Art
March 27th, 1998 Ding dong. Copenhagen calling: Smokeless tobacco producer hands out free samples to Greeks, Student Health outraged; Vandal Friday welcomes would-be freshman: More than 800 high school seniors expected to attend; Campus buildings evaluated for historic significance (p4); Women’s history: silent voices revealed: BSU professor records the stories of women living in the West (p5); El Nino spawns good early fishing season (p17)
Tobacco; New students; Historical review; Women’s history; Fishing season
March 31st, 1998 Graduate student elections end today; Pop tab philanthropy pulls in 70 pounds; Queer: It doesn’t just mean ‘strange’ anymore; Architecture students identify buildings for UI historic district: U-Hut, other doomed buildings on list (p4); The Suicide Machines prove relatively harmless (p11); AIDS lectures offer double-dose of tragedy and inspiration (p12)
LGBTQ; Historical review; The Suicide Machines; AIDS
April 3rd, 1998 Peterson wins presidency in GSA election; Bill Chipman Palouse Trail opens Saturday; Siddhartha, Tibet, and birthday cake: Peace and suffering go hand-in-hand on National Day without Violence; Stranger Neighbor packs punch with CD debut (p8); Dancing, food, ad fun at IndiaFest ‘98 (p8)
National Day Without Violence; Stranger Neighbor; IndiaFest
March 6th, 1998 Fee increase proposed: University administrators welcome student feedback; Police respond to animal abuse report: UI student not likely to be charged, police say; UI professor explores women’s history (p3); Liftkit levies new position as house band for CJ’s (p8)
fee increase; Animal abuse; Women’s history; Liftki
April 7th, 1998 Robert Kennedy Jr. to speak at Borah Conference: Planetary stewardship topic of discussion; Silver and Gold Celebration honors retiring professor; Stuff your face with marshmallows, it’s spring!: Residence Halls celebrate Spring Fling (p4); The buzz on the Mosquitones (p12)
Planetary stewardship; Spring Fling; Mosquitones
April 10th, 1998 Kempthorne launches gubernatorial campaign from UI: Senator announces $500,000 grant for computer science; GSA awards outstanding service; Saturday of Service aims to clean up Moscow; Nominations for ASUI Senate open; SUB Gallery highlights graduate works (p8); Pearl Jam to play Missoula this summer (p9); NFL prepares for draft (p13)
Computer Science; GSA; Art; Pearl Jam; NFL
April 14th, 1998 This is only a drill; Hepatitis A case reported in Food Court; Contest awards local artist for recycled art; SEAC urges administration to switch to tree-free paper; ‘Lorax’ speaks for the teens (p3); Laura’s Tea and Treasure to host musical gems (p10)
Hepatitis A; Art; SEAC; Musical talents
April 17th, 1998 Students campaign against binge drinking: Downing tht beer may not be the best way to go, health students say; Former Idaho governor promotes compromise for ‘Planetary Stewardship’: Andrus says smile and carry a big stick; Sexual assault survivor tells her story (p3); Sexual Assault Awareness Month (p8-9)
Alcohol; Planetary stewardship; Sexual assault awareness
April 21st, 1998 T-shirts, marchers help break the silence; Styrofoam cups raise questions: Manufacturer says eco-friendly, recycling center says shameful; Help needed to return creek to paradise; Kennedy discusses environmental destiny at symposium (p3); Renaissance Fair celebrates silver anniversary (p6)
Styrofoam; Robert Kennedy Jr.; Renaissance Fair
April 24th, 1998 Moscow fire department looking for volunteers; ASUI candidates take stand; Convocation honors outstanding students today: Classes will not be canceled; Special Olympics games open at UI tomorrow (p3); Students explore the ‘why nots’ of date rape (p3); Greek classic hits Hartung stage (p10); Ron Pearson to juggle jokes and shiny things (p10)
Fire department; Convocation; Special Olympics; Sexual assault awareness; Greek plays; Ron Pearson
April 28th, 1998 Tidyman’s hosts waste dump; QSA shows UI how love makes a family; Vietnam vets hope to heal the pain by bringing Wall to Moscow; Pets abandoned by students pose problem in summer (p3); Statistics belie public perception of youth crime increasing (p3); Rock rodeo to reward climbers for cleanup (p11)
QSA; Vietnam; Pet abandonment; Crime; Rodeo
May 1st, 1998 Campus walkway no-no for drivers; ASUI meeting heats up; Take tests without stress: Workshop helps eliminate those pre-test jitters; Art students head to New York (p3); Bugs in Amber: More Northwest rock ‘n roll (p8)
ASUI; Test taking; Art; Bugs in Ambe
May 5th, 1998 Tree-free or not tree-free? Senate considers question; Student Media breaks from ASUI Senate: debates new bylaws; WSU weekend riot injuries 23 police, 18 students (p3); Years of Renaissance (p9); Riggins rodeo rounds up rednecks (p10)
Styrofoam; ASUI; Riot; Rodeo
May 8th, 1998 Good Luck on Finals!; Resolutions in review: ASUI Senate makes final remarks (p2); UI plans campaign to bring students to Martin Stadium (p2); Law made against rape drug (p2); Reshaping the Canon: Jusifying playboy (p6)
Martin Stadium; Drug laws; Playboy
March 10th, 1998 UI team joins NASA Reduced Gravity Program; Senate launches off-campus e-mail list; Appellate court upholds sentence in Moscow murders (p2); March marks National Women’s History Month: Departments plan activities remembering women’s accomplishments (p4); Judge denies motion to suppress evidence (p5); Mardi Gras 1998 (p10); Fantastic fiddlers to play SUB (p12)
NASA; E-mail; Murder case; Women’s History Month; Mardi Gras; International celebrations
March 13rd, 1998 State Senate considers juvenile crime bill; Crews clean streets, check dorm rooms over break: Maintenance will walk through, check for damage; Overflow of artwork stuffs SUB (p6); It’s spring break all over the place (p7)
Crime bill; Clean up; Art; Spring break
June 12nd, 1998 Just no cure for Summer School blues; Idaho’s great outdoors awaits you (p2)
Summer school; Outdoor activities; The Simpsons
July 24th, 1998 Remember the Alamo!; ESPN deems Corner Club best in the west; Topless on the town: End discrimination now! (p2); Beware of GHB on campus (p2); Stranger Neighbor in the hood (p2)
ESPN; Corner Club; GHB; Stranger Neighbor; International travels
August 3rd, 1998 Watch the ivy grow!; Events: Things are happening on Campus: What are you going to do?; Palousafest ‘98 (p5); UI welcomes women’s soccer into athletic program (p9)
Events; Palousafest; Soccer
August 21st, 1998 Palousafest ‘98; Residence Halls: The breakdown (p5); Skaters of Moscow unite! (p6); Watch out for GHB on campus (p7) The Argonaut welcomes Life in Hell (p12)
Palousafest; Skaters; GHB; Life in Hell
August 25th, 1998 Commons at ground zero; Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity ejected; HIgher learning at higher prices (p2); Authorities puzzled over KUOI theft (p4); Marijuana smoking may risk lung cancer like tobacco (p7); Palousafest delivers pre-class merriment (p15); String Cheese Incident and Leftover Salmon play Moscow (p16); Renown Buddist to enlighten Moscow masses (p17); Runner felt Kenyan blast first hand (p29)
Commons construction; Greek life; Tuition; Crime; Marijuana; Palousafest; String Cheese; Leftover Salmon; Zasep Tulku Rinpoche; Track and Field
August 28th, 1998 Gas prices are not higher, despite common belief; IFC takes away the bottle as Delta Sigs busted for Boise party; Construction leaves departments scattered; Crime Log for 8/21/98 to 8/25/98 (p2); Computer Services revamp (p5); “Think twice!” warns Humane Society (p6); Man-beast eludes believers: The search for Bigfoot (p7)
Gas prices; Greek life; Commons construction; Crime log; Computer Services; Humane Society; Bigfoot
September 1st, 1998 Modified cows make for clear view of seed research; Johnson and Gauss labs to merge; International students visit dunes fo Boyer; Local Greek chapters receive honors; Beneath CJ’s: The Underground makes room for grown ups (p9); Reviving a successful comedy (p9)
Research; Greek life; CJ’s; Movies
September 4th, 1998 Pegasus problems under control, for now; Two die in auto crash involving UI students; ROTC: Not as easy as it may seem; ASUI Senate fires up for new semester; Crime Log for 8/26/98 thru 8/31/98 (p2); Residence Halls awareness programs (p3) ; Wanna be in the movies? Bidding starts at $10,000 (p9); New book claims to reveal Anne Frank’s betrayer (p11); Disastrous performance leads to assault charge for rap star (p11)
Car incidents; ROTC; ASUI Senate; Crime log; Awareness programs; Movies; Anne Frank; Vincent Santiago
September 9th, 1998 Tower talks sex, hall involvement; ITS help lines not so long this year; Chenoweth declines UI debate; Cy Hopkins; Airbus gambles with new jet to challenge Boeing (p3); Curse and bless: Rev. Holley leaves his mark (p7); Elvis toilet seat: nothing off limits (p8)
Hall activities; ITS: Chenoweth; Cy Hopkins; Boeing; Reverend Holley; Elvis Presley
September 11st, 1998 Reshalls strip, rub for courting; Theta Chi gone for good?; Trinkets from far away; ‘Quit Tobacco’ program a success; Plant Science has new head (p3); Bands storm the Gorge by the HORDE (p7); The Big Red Rocker over there (p8)
Greek life; Tobacco; Plant science; Concerts; Furniture store
June 26th, 1998 Williams believes Idaho needs change; Monkey man falls from tree, bananas suspected
Helen Chenowith; Theater
September 15th, 1998 Cap burns to closing time: The Capricorn gutted by fire; A supreme debate at the U of I; Dutch Goose restaurant up for sale; UI soccer wins against NNC (p6); Chewbacca visits mecca of Moscow (p7)
Bar fire; Debate; Dutch Goose; Soccer; Sci-fi
September 18th, 1998 Has population explosion fizzled?; Gubernatorial candidate Huntley visits Moscow; Jury meeting on Clinton and Lewinsky; Student media takes on a whole new look; Want some gravy, fool!? (p6); 54: disco not nostalgia enough (p6)
Population; Gubernatorial; Student Media; Rapping; Movies; Disco
September 22nd, 1998 Armed Forces remember soldiers Missing in Action; GDI week comes to a comic close; UI prof sheds light on Islamic history; Alexie draws huge crowd, rave reviews (p7)
MIA; GDI week; Islamic history; Art
September 25th, 1998 Argonaut exclusive: Enraged father takes on UI Greek System; The T.A.A.C. solves academic problems; UI women shouldn’t be afraid of the dark; GEM wants to use questionable tactics for promotion; Jazz great James Cotton makes his way to Washington State (p8)
Greek life; Tutoring programs; Safety; GEM; Jazz; James Cotton
September 29th, 1998 Coop Ed is all about interns; New biotech center going up on campus; University of Idaho receives Internet2 grant; Mogolian BBQ Express brings fresh taste to Moscow (p5); The slings and arrows of outrageous jokes (p5)
Interns; Biotech building; Internet; Mogolian BBQ
October 2nd, 1998 Homecoming competition actually competitive; Is impeachment next for the ASUI President; Chinese club reaches out; Student Union earns a star; Crime log (p3); Marilyn Manson still better than Hanson (p9)
Homecoming; Impeachment; Chinese club; Student Union; Crime log; Marilyn Manson
July 10th, 1998 Rendezvous in the park; The history of Rendezvous in the park; Out with the old, up with the new (p2); New Orleans: Jazz, Jambalaya and more (p2); The Argonaut Moscow Police Log (p2)
Rendezvous in the Park; Commons construction; Jazz; Police
October 16th, 1998 Micro movie House closes Sunday; Climber tells tale of Pakistan tower; Idaho reaching norm for vaccinations; UI Orchestra wrestles with Beethoven’s Seventh (p7); Get yourself caught up in the Squirrel Nut Zippers (p7)
Movie House; Pakistan; UI Orchestra; Squirrel Nut Zippers
October 20th, 1998 Marriott to erect espresso stand in Admin Building; UI students join nation in outrage; U.S. Secretary of agriculture visits UI roundtable.; Students bid farewell to Moscow tradition; Crime log for 10/12 to 10/15 (p3); Immigrant Suns shine on Moscow (p6)
Marriott; Crime; Crime log; Immigrant Suns
October 23rd, 1998-100 year Reunion Edition Bacharach finds career, not dates; There was only one Macklin; The true Argonaut Renaissance Man; Past editor lives lessons learned at Arg (p3); Big business vs. small business: another one bites the dust (p7); Comedians salute Pryor, history of humor (p7)
Bacharach; Macklin; Big business; Small business; Richard Pryor; 100 year edition
October 27th, 1998 Candidates debate role, future of education; Diwali festival celebrated; State Department dignitaries discuss issues at UI; McManus play yo be performed in Pullman (p7); Sexxy Boys put punk pox on Vox (p7); Hiking-fest at Idler’s Rest (p7); Mozart now getting credit for little known opera (p8)
Diwali festival; McManus play; Sexxy Boys; Mozart
October 30th, 1998 Marriott fleeces students; Sigma Chi, Kappa Delta carve pumpkins with kids; Rickards takes long shot for governor with anti-nuke message; Off-campus pc users face busy signals, empty Help Desk; Bunny Foot Charm and others play Pullman (p7); You won’t have to keep it clean at Tubaween (p7); Halloween Round-up (p7);New Vanilla Ice album likely to cause gagging (p8)
Marriott; Greek life; Bunny Foot Charm; Tubaween; Vanilla Ice; Halloween
October 6th, 1998-Career Expo/Guide directory Center to hold depression screening; Y2K monster defeated by Information Technology Services; Seiffert looks to unseat the S of S; MO college will not sanction gay group; Korean auto maker targets students (p17) [Career Expo/Guide starts on page 9]
Depression; Information technology services; LGBTQ rights; Career Expo
November 3rd, 1998 With no “big issue” low voter turnout expected; Do your duty: vote!; More than candidates on the ballot; GSA helps student; New store tie-dyes everything; Orpheus spoofs Greek myth at Hartung (p7)
Voting; GSA; Tie-dye store; Play at Hartung; The Chapel of Love
November 6th, 1998 UI embargo stops Coke machines at the border; How much Commons can I get for $1,000,000?; United Way programs in demand; Food Co-op prepares for larger facility; Creator of rocketry would have liked Glenn shuttle mission; Two sentenced in beating death (p2); Drunken M&M passes out (p3); Hard cider is popular once again (p3); Hondurans overwhelmed by hurricane disaster (p3); Meat Beat is pretty neat: an album review (p6); American comedian drugged, broke and lost in China (p6); India’s mythology-based serials losing out to soaps, horrors (p6)
Embargo; United Way programs; Commons; Crime; Hard cider; Hurricane disaster; Drew Carey; Cinema; Meat Beat Manifesto
November 10th, 1998 Classes released for Veterans’ Day; Alfred W. Bowers Lab open to public; Moscow’s premiere coffee house closes; It’s the TV that makes kids drink; Ventura to Minnesotans: Everything’s Fine; Bared breasts okay, dead man places in election (p2); Kings of Swing: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy comes to the Beasley (p6); Believe it or not, it is happening (p6); Magdalen Hsu-Li comes to the University (p6)
Veterans Day; Coffee house closure; Jesse Ventura; Maine laws; Big Daddy Voodoo; Ghosts; Magdalen Hsu-Li; The Chapel of Love
November 13rd, 1998 ASUI hopefuls debate issues; A lesson in manners; Police captain resigns because of drug use; Huntley continus school construction battle; Porgy and Bess a rhythmic whirligig (p7); Beck’s Mutations a gem for Beck fans (p7); Calobo: Inconsiderate, way too ‘jammy’ (p7)
Debate; Manners; Police captain; Plays
November 17th, 1998 Averitt urges UI students to vote; Educators grapple with ignorance; WSU hosts conference on alcohol and violence; Hitch a ride; Students in Indonesia riot, demand democracy; Idaho one win away from Big West crown (p5); Open mic poetry returns to Mickey’s (p6); Tales: Interstellar Memories is lost in space (p6)
Voting; Alcohol; Indonesia; Big West crown; Open mic night; The Chapel of Love
November 20th, 1998-Idaho vs. Boise State Game day 1998 Vandal Pride; U of I’s ITS is comparatively cool; Music students have more fun; The TAAC keeps student achievement high; Brian Setzer and Depeche Mode (p5); Meet Joe Black well done, but drawn out (p5); Vandals done with Dome, for now (p13)
Game Day; ITS; Music degree; TAAC; Brian Setzer; Depeche Mode; Movies; Kibbie Dome; Joel Thomas
December 1st, 1998 AIDS awareness at UI; Buy a date, help a kid; Sheikh wins, extended voting doesn’t help turnout; Alternative spring break is a chance to do good; Singapore prisoner vows to fight law; Legal battle over vasectomy performed by one-armed doctor heats up (p3); Banquet to show what hunger can be (p3); Bowl Bound: Vandals win thriller in Boise (p5); The Waterboy: Why is everyone paying money for this movie? (p6)
AIDS Awareness; Dating for cause; Singapore law; Legal medical case; Vandals; Movies
December 4th, 1998 Topless ruling taken with grain of salt at UI; Vigil tonight to protest cross-burning; Former Agriculture secretary innocent in corruption; University of Idaho professor has alternative for wheat farmers; Climbing wall offers high-rise thrills (p6); Vandals stomp Western Montana at home (p6)
Topless ruling; Protest; Agriculture; Wall climbing; Vandals
December 8th, 1998 Foreign TA’s to take English Test; Tree gives Christmas to disadvantaged kids; Media Board chair resigns; University Law students are asking for larger print quotas; Miss Piggy launches her own fragrance (p3); A book review: The Guide to Getting it On! (p7); Maxi Priest, others arrive for largest concert ever in Kenya (p7); Faculty Art and Architecture at the Prichard Gallery (p7)
Foregin teaching assistants; Christmas; Miss Piggy; Book review; Maxi Priest; Art; The Chapel of Love
October 9th, 1998 SEAC Week makes you think about our environment; Students released for Veterans Day; Susan Palmer quits UI Women’s Center; Administration clock going back to the bells; Crime Log for 10/2/98 to 10/5/98 (p2); Nots hits the spot: Celtic Nots play SUB ballroom (p6); The magic of pheasant hunting in Idaho (p6)
SEAC; Veterans Day; Administration clock; Crime log; Celtic Nots; Pheasant hunting
October 13rd, 1998 Skipping class: The official story; UI strives for voting attendance; Experiment from space returns to UI; Health/Nutrition Fair offers lifetime of fitness; Sweet Ave. project enters first phase; Professor sees a different world in Oman (p3); Third Eye Blind performing in Spokane (p7)
Skipping class; Health Fair; Nutrition fair; International travels; Third Blind Eye
December 11th, 1998 Sheikh sworn in as ASUI president; Moscow considers response to cross-burning incident; ASUI starts online used bookswap program; Arboretum director says new fence is for safety; Mormon missionary shot in leg in Argentina (p3); A cornucopia of crazy calamities (p11); FBI releases Sinatra information (p11); NSYNC Xmas CD: 2 kewl 4 U! (p11); Busboy found slain at Disney World (p11)
ASUI President Sheikh; Christmas; Crime; Frank Sinatra; NSYNC