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The Argonaut - October 5th, 1999 Censorship (pg 1, c1)
The Argonaut - October 12th, 1999 Brown, Madge (pg 2, c3) | Matches (pg 22, c5)
Brown, Madge; Tennis;
October 15th, 1999 Facelift planned for Residence halls; Military stages coup in Pakistan; UI film stuednt to produce adult movie; US fuels nuclear arms race (p4); Vandals to meet Indians saturday (p6); WSU takes Volleyball version of the battles to the palouse (p6); Wilt chamberlain found dead after heart attack (p6); Dalai Lama diverse festival-goers (p9);
Residence halls; Pakistan; Ui student produces adult film; nuclear arms; Football; Volleyball; Wilt Chamberlain; Dalai Lama
October 22nd, 1999 Vandal Homecoming 1999: Students unite in Vandal Pride: Vandal alumni return to "bring on the millenium" with Idaho spirit; You think you're smart, huh?; UI alum returns for book signing; Pacifica news, the exception to the rulers (p4); Series Preview, Braves and Yanks: Atlanta and New York battle for the "team of the Decade" title (p5); Defense lets down in Idaho's loss to Utah state (p5); Dole's departure frames rest of GOP contest (p6); NBA goes ahead with marijuana testing (p7);
Homecoming; Alumni; MLB; Soccer; GOP; NBA; Marijuana testing
October 26th, 1999 GAP finds opposition on UI campus; Student Activities pro-mote campus events; US culture influences eating cultures; Vandal Homecoming 1999 (p3); Vandals out in front: Idaho uses 31-3 route of Utah state to take control of the Big west (p5); Vandals even out week-end with win and loss (p5); Little city tattos move to Moscow (p7);
GAP; US culture; Homecoming; Football; Volleyball; Little city tattos; Football
October 19th, 1999 UI ag days panel focuses on global economy and Idaho agricultute; 7.0 quake rocks Cali; pro-life group to visit UI campus; Millennium Daze with Airport craze (p4); Americans must allow the right to opinion (p4); Power houses humble Vandals (p6); Small movie houses rare (p9);
Global economy; Millennium daze; right to opnion; Volleyball; Small movies
October 29th, 1999 ASUI deadline vastly approaching; Keeping UI healthy for 11 years; Tri Delta collects cash instead of candy; Homecoming, a valuable tradition (p3); Sometihng has to change this weekend: Vandals face NMSU in key big west matchu[p (p4);
ASUI; Keeping UI healthy; Tri Delta; Homecoming
November 2nd, 1999 Students protest low funding: Idaho students for education Week, ASUI participates in rally to capitol; Investigation continues in EgyptAir jetliner crash; Election day to fill three Moscow city council seats: Candidates addressed issues at forum thursday; What is the WTO and why should i care? (p4); Human rights are not just China's problems (p4); Political status quo challenged in 1999 (p5); Vandals end season with winning record (p6); NMSU aggies run wild on Vandals: the 42-14 loss by the vandals leaves the door wide open for the big west championship (p6);
Students protest; ASUI; EgyptAir; Moscow City Council; Human rates; Political status quo; Soccer; Football
November 5th, 1999 Shipyard Shooting: Two killed, Two injured in Seattle shooting; President Hoover requires more time to consider game invitation; Jury begins deliberating gay violence case (p3); Dome expansion underway: Design phase contracts awarded for UI Kibbie center expansion project (p5);
Shipyard shooting; President Hoover; gay violence case; Dome expanison
November 9th, 1999 Microsoft ruled a Monopoly: Experts, Judge's harsh wording may hasten settlement talks; Child injured in crash dies: Truck driver pleads innocent to vehicular manslaughter following tragic collision; Nearly 100 arrested at fraternity party; Idaho makes bid for BWC title: Welsh's return sparks Vandals to win against 'pack (p5); Vandals losing streak reacehs five (p5); Agassi takes Paris open title (p6);
Microsoft; Crash; Manslaughter; Frat party; Football; Volletyball
November 12nd, 1999 Holiday bus gives students more options; UI students square off at college Bowl; Governor considering tobacco windfall for college buildings; Microsoft annual meeting upbeat despite judge's monopoly finding; Human rights not just the United States' problem (p5); Galloway to the Seahawks rescue? (p6); Girl duo coming to beasely (p8); Nude dancing takes center staging at Supreme court (p9);
Holiday bus; College Bowl; Tobacco windfall; Human rights; Seahawks; Nude dancing; Supreme court
November 16th, 1999 Geography makes the word go 'round; Future scholars visit Idaho campus; Architecture students create living space by burying thoroughfare; Law enforcement agencies brace for Y2K; Greeks must move forward in order to stay on top (p4); Men win, women defeated in exhibition (p6);
Geography; Future scholars; Architecture students; Greeks; Basetball
November 19th, 1999 A definite alternative; Cochran victorious; Idaho VS Boise: Another Vandal tradition: Beating Boise state; Broncos may be tough to buck: Boise state and its high power offense come to the palouse with a four game winning streak (p6); HBO pays tribute to 'Citizen Kane' (p9);
Vandal tradition; Football; HBO; Citizen Kane
November 30th, 1999 Hastings opens its doors to Moscow: Multi-media superstore comes to the palouse bringing selection, competition; Vandal football makes the move to Sun Belt; America should stop WTO, preserve democracy (p3); Vandal bowl hopes slip away : Broncos soundly beat Idaho 45-14 to gain humanitarian bowl berth (p5);
Hastings; Multi-media super store; Vandal Football; WTO; College Bowl; Football
December 3rd, 1999 Moscow mayor eager to cooperate with students; Retired university dean dies at 73; Visiting state governer dragged; Tear gas fired on demonstrators; Battle in Seattle: The shot heard round the world (p4); Whooping gun control (p6); Vandals stoop tp Sun belt (p8);
Moscow mayor; Retired university dean; State governer; tear gas; battle in Seattle; Gun control; Football
December 7th, 1999 Christmas for kids tree; Local activists rally at Friendship Square; ASUI election turnout; Vandal Athletics, A chat with Mike Bohn; KSU avoids Vandal upset bid: lady Vandals lead at half but can't put away Wildcats (p6); hacker causes delay of new DVD machiens (p10); Blondie sues record company in dispute (p10);
Christmas tree; Local activists; ASUI election; Basketball; Hacker
December 10th, 1999 Jazz fest scheduled for February; New ASUI officers sworn in; Moscow braces for Y2K problems; Former president donates $300,000; Finals, Don't stress or succumb to devilish temptations (p5); school zero tolerance rules out of control (p6); tormey flees to Nevada (p7); What would make a good stocking stuffer this year? (p12);
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; ASUI officers; Y2K problems; Former president; temptations; Football
January 20th, 1999 Search for hendricks turns up nothing; A trip down victory lane; James Madison U adopts alcohol tattle-tale policy; NATO threatens Yugoslavia's leaders; INEEL tests how storms destroy buildings; Vandal Football gives much deserved rewards (p5); Idaho women split two in california (p5);
Search for Hendricks; Victorius vandals; Alcohol policy; NATO threatens Yugoslavia; Football; Basketball
January 22nd, 1999 New film series asks racial questions; Gettin' Jiggy wit' it; Clinton's state of union speech blend of scolding and wishing; Olympic officials resigns in Scandal; Delta's dank dungeon; Albion's have problems in Africa; Democracy causes drinking (p2); Idaho squashes Nevada on rise to top (p6); Superbowl XXXIII - Respect the name of the game (p7);
New film series; Clinton Adminstration; Olympic scandal; Problems in Africa; Drinking issues; Basketball; Super Bowl; NFL
January 26th, 1999 UI and seven schools unite for Grants;The weekend warriors; Crisis line seeks Volunteers; It had to happen... The impeachment story; United states adminstration wants missile defense system; UI extends win streak to five (p7); NBA season gets underway with change (p7); Stanford humiliates Cougar men 94-45 (p8);Electric super bowl excites football fans (p8);
Schools unite for grants; Volunteers; Impeachment story; US wants Missile defense system; Basketball; NBA; NFL; Super Bowl
January 29th, 1999 Celebration of a dream tonight; A piece of history; Insuranace cards confuse UI students; Washington state opens pet loss support line; Air force leases Idaho range for $10; Students rob to avoid working; Nebraska student denied because of hair length; Universities expanding Overseas study (p2); Vandal women return home to beat Tigers: Freshman dominated start-ing line-up works for UI as they prepare for BSU (p5);
Celebration of a dream; Insurance cards; Nebraska student denied oppurtunity because of his hair; Overseas study; Basetball
February 2nd, 1999 President Clinton: High crimes or Misdemeanors?; Financial aid deadline approaching; Nightwatch security provider not for sissies; Low attendance at MLK night; Man claims to be bigfoot in famous 1967 film (p2); Broncos edge out UI women at the wire (p5); Vandals beat BSU (p5);
Clinton Adminstration; Financial aid deadline; attendance at MLK night; Night watch security provider; Basketball
February 5th, 1999 Non-traditional student appointed to ASUI senate; Will corporate donors dictate policy?; Jury rules web sites amounted to threats; Mines dedicates new computer labs; Washington's use of tobacco windfall closely watched by states; North Korea 'unpredictable' (p2); Recruits bolster future of Vandal football (p5); Tennis trio looks to tear of California (p5);
ASUI Senate; Jury rules; North Korea; Washington's tobacco laws; Football; Tennis
February 9th, 1999 UI buys Elmwood Apartments; Berkeley students try to bring back affirmative action; Marriage hurt by living together first; UI downs North Texas: Vandals on a roll as they face New Mexico state back-to-back (p5); Six-year-boy racks up snowmobiling trophies (p5);
Elm wood apartments; Berekeley students; Marriage hurt by living togehter first; Basketball; Snowmobiling trophies
February 12nd, 1999 Condom awareness pops up at UI; Dartmouth to end single-sex Greek system; Arrows of eros; Moscow fire cheif resigns after Complaints; One third of Americans Sexually dysfunctional (p2); Tosi, IDaho men hold off New Mexico (p5); Shakespeare and Ryan dominate academy award nominations (p8);
Condom awareness; Greel system; Baketball; Academy award nominations
February 17th, 1999 ASUI senate looks over off-campus representation; Jazz fest needs volunteers; Dartmouth students protest decision; UI Collaborates to create CdA education center; New Unix Servers up; Vandal man Spank not so mean Green 85-66 (p5); Who really cares about Mike Tyson (p5);
ASUI Senate; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Dartmouth Students; Basketball; Boxing; Mike Tyson
February 19th, 1999 Campus voices speak on Clinton's acquittal; Parking commitee to hold annual forum; GSA opens election nominations; Boise criminologist studies chemical basis of affection; Mrs.Clinton promises 'careful thought' on Senate run (p2); Lewinsky saga a subtly weakened presidency? (p2); Study says Indians twice as likely to be victims (p3); Ski teams heads down hill (p5); UI costume design graduate honored internationally (p6); Canadian go hard on Viagra (p8);
Clinton Adminstration; Parking commitee; GSA election nomination; Lewinsky; Ski team; American Indians; UI costume design graduate; Canadian government
February 23rd, 1999 The cream of the crop, the fest rose to the top (p2); Welcome to the Lionel Hampton Jazz fest (p3); Brian Bromberg brings his bass to Moscow (p6); Hampton constant in changing Jazz fest (p5); Local restaurents ready for the big crowds (p12);
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Brian Bromberg; Local restaurents before Jazz fest
January 12nd, 1999 Vandals shock nation: Idaho brings home bowl victory, bad rap; CA police raid alleged brothel offering college Co-eds; Under grad Vandals capture Humanitarian bowl win (p6);
Vandals are the Home bowl champions; Football; Vandals on top; vandals shock the nation
February 26th, 1999 UI invaded by Jazz lovers: Long lines, Punk kids plague students; Rewards offered for information on Hendrick; Student support services offers extra boost for U of I students; American war criminal resurfaces in Kosovo (p4); Vandals gunning for Broncos on Sunday (p5); UI club baseball already swinging in early spring (p5);
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Student support services; American war criminal in Kosovo; Basketball; Baseball
March 2nd, 1999 New nudity ordinance moves forward; Lionel Hampton crosses cultures in Lapwai; New steakhouse sets up next to the Garden; Republicans love some presidential lies (p4); Women's hoops wraps up season with split (p5); Vandals kick Broncos in final regular seaosn game (p5); Four days of Jazz fest (p7);
New nudity; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; New steakhouse; Republicans; Basketball; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
March 5th, 1999 University of Idaho fees keep going up; WSU fraternity member to be charged with rape; University leaders meet for lunch; Vandals hoops start new season in Reno (p5); UI women win over pacific: Woolf's lucky arm moves Vandals into Friday's semi-finals (p5);
University of Idaho fees; WSU fraternity member to be charged; University leaders meet; Basketball
January 15th, 1999 UI student missing since sunday morning; Downtown movie theater follows fate of Micro; 1998 hottest year on record according to NASA; Idaho stuednts mark MLK day, remember recent crimes; Idaho downs Titans in home BWC win (p5); McGwire's home run ballsells for $3.05 million (p6);
UI student missing; Down town movie theater; 1998 marked as the hottest year; NASA; MLK Day; Basketball; McGwire's home run ball
March 30th, 1999 Sheikh proposes new ASUI budget; Police foil attack on U.S embassy in Moscow; Survey says Americans support U.S in airstrikes; Puerto Rican statehood activists won't give up; Former student leader returns to France (p2); UI in bed with credit card companies (p4); Fastpitch softball just getting off the ground (p5); Orioles defeat Cuba 3-2 in 11 innings (p5); Vandal men's tennis gets burned in california (p5);
New ASUI budget; U.S embassy in Moscow; Puerto Rican state hood; Credit card services; Softball; Baseball; Tennis
April 1st, 1999 New alcoHall opens on UI campus; Study shows no UI grads get jobs; "Crapwater" not unhealthy, says university of Idaho professor; The chapel of love hits the big time; ASUI creates academic crutch; Man dies waiting at Student Health; Basketball to make permanent 'stamp' on Vandal merchandise (p3); Angels in America descends upon Moscow (p4);
AlocHall; Crapwater; ASUI; basketbll; Angelsin America
April 6th, 1999 Targhee gets axed, residents not happy, U of I diabetes support group proposed; Michigan state univ. wants other schools to help punish revelers; Smuggled video adds strength to atroocity claims; Theme halls are not a good idea (p4); IdahoTrack faces still, cold competition at WSU; UI falls short against Aggies, drop 3-11 (p5); FBI investigating secret locker room tapes (p6);
Diabetes at U of I; Michigan state university; Theme halls; Track and Field; Tennis; FBI
April 9th, 1999 Joe Vandal's days are numbered; Plenty of questions, few answers; The U.S miscalculated on Kosovo: The speaker say there's no easy way out; Residence hall Association submits resolutionto students; New Clinton initiative threatens targets campus hate crimes (p3); Idaho football straps on the pads for spring season (p6); Vandals three deep in quarterback slot (p6);
Joe Vandal; U.S in Kosovo; Residence Hall Association; Clinton Adminstration; Football
March 9th, 1999 Pegasus slow, Y2K approaching, Computer services working; Marilyn Howard says state funds drying up; Classic dept. offers a lecture on high culture; Smoking trends in the United states; Sweatshop debate rages at universities nationwide; Vandal women sent packing by Gauchos (p5); Hollywood appears to have Cruel intentinos (p7);
Y2K approaching; State funds; Smoking in USA; Basketball; Hollywood
April 13rd, 1999 Business profs offer cash back on course; Confidence part of womens' self-defense; Off campus lab looking for monitor;ASUI forum is less than lively; Vandals have trio of talent at runningback, even without thomas (p5); Keanu plays dumb in Matrix, does great (p7); Koch steps down for Mr.Judge judy (p8);
Business profs; Womens' self defense; Football; Keanu Reeves; Matrix; Koch
April 16th, 1999 Three dollar increase approved for concerts; ASUI funds spring barbecue today; Biotech building still in the works; Clinton likely to activate guard, reserve troops; Does media encourage sexual assault (p4); Vandals men's Tennis smash Bulldogs 6-1 (p6); Women's golf outpaces competition in Spring invitational (p6);
Concerts; ASUI barbecue; Clinton Adminstration; Sexual Assault; Tennis; Golf
April 20th, 1999 Plastic beer bottles befuddle recyclers; Students pitch in to Paint the palouse; Neanderthals and man mated; Honors Convocation this Friday; UI men's Golf takes second at Inland challenge (p5); Offense dominates football's second scrimmage (p5); Former Boise state athlete named to hall of fame (p6);
Plastic beer bottles; students paint palouse; Golf; Football; BSU
April 23rd, 1999 Board approves fee raise; Second forum discusses NATO's options;Joe Vandal alive and well; Bomb squad called in for Pullman bus; Two assaults in the last week; Faculty approve of Hoover adminstration (p2); Blame should rest on the Killers (p4); Wells still shining early life highlights (p5); Former DC comics writer dies at age 85 (p7);
Fee raise; NATO; Joe Vandal; Bomb squad; Hoover adminstration; Baseball; DC comic writer
April 27th, 1999 Admin annex to be extended: Construction of $10 million addition insummer 2020; Turtle Derby goes off with a hitch; Changes in termination police raise questions; UI students confused about Kosovo situation; College of Ed. hosts talk on violence; Toni, Beck anchor Idaho defensive line (p5); Los Mocosos flies into Student Union Building (p7);
Admin annex; Construction of $10 million; Kosovo situation; College of Education; Football; Student Union Building
April 30th, 1999 Didn't make it in four? Few do: Five years at UI the norm, not exception; UI among nation's most weird; Gay and Greek, always opposed?; Afgan women plead for help, claim western neglect; Women tell of 3-day ordeal in Kosovo (p2); Where are the tears for the Serbians? (p4); Line backers locked and loaded with speed (p5);
Gay and Greek; Afgan women; Kosovo; Serbians; Football
May 4th, 1999 Univ. of Idaho awards profs for excellence; University increases recruitment efforts; Engineering Expo demonstrates promise; Students hold surprise luncheon for prof; A message for all those SIxties radicals (p4);
UI professors; Recruitment offers; Engineering Expo; Surprise luncheon; sixties radicals
May 7th, 1999 Will the U of I be big and bad: Growth at any cost; A 'cultural shift' puts Greeks in the hot spot; Next year home games are away: Vandals move to Pullman; Sergi Brown to progress Argonaut into 2020 (p5); Monday night Boob tube in review (p7);
U of I big or bad; Cultural shift for Greeks; Football; Sergi Brown; Monday night Boob tube
June 2nd, 1999 New Argonaut crew, old sinister plot; WWF pro-Wrestler finds real danger; The sun is fun, but always dangerous; Moscow officials claim additional security unnecessary (p5); Kosovo price tag in the billions (p5); Who killed JFK? (p8); Thunder god returns (p9);
New argonaut crew; WWF pro-wrestler; Sun is fun; Security in Moscow; Kosovo price tag; JFK death; Thunder god
July 20th, 1999 Residence halls: laughter, friendship,fun; Bottles and cans, clap your hands; Rush'n attack: New class prepares for '99; The Kennedy curse: A tragedy of national proportions; Idaho's june jobless rate soars, scares analysts; Chenoweth aide arrested for stalking (p6); Perfect score achieved on Pac-Man in New Hampshire (p11);
Residence halls; The kenneddy curse; Job rate in Idaho; Chenoweth aide
March 23rd, 1999 Students speak out on fees; Profs to take survey on UI adminstration; Freshman callback needs volunteers; Local woman donates rare gems to GEM; Debate includes creationism; Human rights are not a politcal tool (p4); UI Baseball handed tough losses over break (p5);
Student fees; Survey on UI adminstration; Local women; Human rights; Baseball
March 26th, 1999 Vandal friday brings potential freshman to U of I campus early; Lecture discusses womens' programs; Becoming part of the system?; Vandal friday, Big on recruitment; Is president Liddy Dole what feminists need (p5); King hopes for continued success in school, golf (p7); Benigni wins big, jumps big and talks about the same (p10); Greek living is more than costume T-shirts and beer (p14);
Vandak Friday; Liddy Dole; Women's program; Track and Field; Hollywood; Greek life
August 27th, 1999 Andrea cooper on rape/depression; Students take time out from the sun; Excitement abounds over student recreation center; Group formed for diabetics; Teacher dies after being exposed to chemical (p2); Women's centers offers help to assault Victims (p3); Johnson shatters track's oldest record (p6); Mystery men are being themselves (p9);
rape and depression; Recreation Center; Diabetics; teacher death; Women’s Center; Johnson; Micheal Jordan
August 31st, 1999 Commons construction on schedule; A taste of turkey brings relief; Officials not sure booze curbs are working; Hoop Jumping, an international perspective (p4); Griffey leads AL in homers (p5); Shoup hall to have Open mic night (p7);
Commons construction; Taste of Turkey; Hoop jumping; Baseball; Open mic night
September 3rd, 1999 UI sorority still haunted by old ghosts; Wildfires char more than 200,000 acres in westren states; Students can challenge any course, get an early vacation; American democracy in crisis (p4); Governer's move may be turning point (p4); Athletes gather for second annual games (p5); One month left for the boys of summer (p6);
UI sorority; student can challenge over courses; American democracy; Idaho governor; Athletes; Baseball
September 8th, 1999 Comedy night comes to CJ's; Students get mixed messages on booze; Clinton slams GOP tax cuts; What's cookin' at the pita pit; Comets 3rd straight title (p5); Vandals start strong, dominate passing (p5); Rios falls to qualifier Escude (p6); The Basket takes#1 in Spokane (p7); Porn thrives as hollywood bemoans production (p8);
Comedy nights; GOP tax cuts; Clinton Adminstration; Pita Pit; WNBA; Basketball; The Basket; Porn
September 10th, 1999 Strong quake jolts Athens; UI to help 'Kick the habit; Body of missing Alzheimer's patient found; Current student seating at martin a bad deal; Let's stop the undeclared war on Iraq (p4); Mountain clubs joins the ranks (p5); Vandals win home opener (p6); U.S open resembles a mash unit (p7); Thoreau published over a century after his death (p10);
Quake in Athens; doby of missing patient; undeclared war on Iraq; Mountain biking; Volleyball; Tennis; U.S open
September 14th, 1999 Derby days raises money for the CMN; Bradley sees 'take off point' in March; Vandal streak reaches five games (p5); Americans sweep at U.S open: Agassi captures U.S open title, defeats Martin in 5 sets (p5); lady vandals soccer scores again (p6);
Derby days; Volleyball; Tennis; U.S open; Women's soccer
September 17th, 1999 Bring on the Cougs; A Vandal homecoming; Hoover and Sheikh eager; Beware gameday parking; End corporate dominance, Monsanto (p4); Americans should be held responsble for their actions (p4);
Homecoming; Cougs against the vandals; gameday parking; End corporate dominance; Americans
August 17th, 1999 Arts, live music, Palousafest; Taking a bite out of crime; Ui upgrades galore; Kansas rejects theory of evolution (p6); NAACP demands oppurtunities (p8); Few obstacles for '99 Vandals (p10); Students forced to raise cash to school lunch , Sports programs (p12);
Palousafest; Theory of evolution; NAACP; Football; sports program
September 21st, 1999 Vandals conquer palouse: A tale of two halves; After dark at the latah county fair; Alpha Phi takes trophy Watermelon Bust; Archeological dig nears completion; Mystery money pays for school (p4); americans need legalized weeed for recreation (p4); The birth of the newest van-fan (p5); Vandals chewed up by Grizzlies (p5); A cascadian volcanic experience (p7);
Football; Homecoming; Latah County Fair; legalized weed; Volleyball
September 24th, 1999 Pretty Boy to get head shaved; Idaho governor and first lady unhurt by strong tremor; Tye-dye everything has new location; Clinnton vetoes Republican tax bill (p2); Earth quake falls felt in Seattle (p3); Vandal bully bulldogs (p5); ABC getting $2 million for Super Bowl ads (p6);
head shaved; idaho governor and first lady; Clinton vetoes Republican tax bill; Earthquake felt in seattle; Volleyball; NFL; SUperbowl ads
September 28th, 1999 A 'sheer victory' for vandal fans: Before after; Drug offenders to ask Bush for pardons; Liquor board offers aid to Pullman; Waters slowly recede, floating coffins recided; Nike returns to roots to produce $25 shoes (p2); WWF meets America's Presidential politics (p4); Adventure 101, Kayaking: Outdoor program's workshops teach begininng enthusiasts (p5); UI takes a big step for requirement (p6);
Football; Bush; Liquor board; Nike; WF; Kayaking
October 1st, 1999 Expo brings oppurtunities; New club places Students in 'mock' UN; College equals Maturity? (p4); Poaching carries strict penalties (p5); The little grab that could (p6); U.S. players fire back in Ryder cup war of words (p6); SNL anniversary special tops big night for TV (p8);
Expo; students in mock UN; Golf; Ryder cup; SNL anniversary
October 8th, 1999 Some quality time with dad; Hangin' with the big boys; Support alternatives to violence this weekend; 48-hour teeter-tooter-a-thon to benefit St. Jude's; Former president presses for hearst Pardon (p3); Nuclear crisis demands major action (p4); Idaho vs Eagles in doubleheader (p6); Indians near sweep of Red Sox with 11-1 rout (6);
Quality Time with dad; Alternatives to violence; Nuclear crisis; Football; MLB; Red Sox
August 24th, 1999 Catch the cat killer, $3,500; Aggies go Greek; Expect long lines at book stores; Residence hall check in a smashing success (p2); Turkish rushes to find earthquake survivors (p3); ID living on budget as Olympics approach (p8); Volleyball team revved up for season (p15); Intermural sports make life a game (p17); Jones, Green blaze to fast times in 100 meter heats (p18);
Greeks; Residence halls; Turkish Earthquake survivors; Olympics; Volleyball; Track and Field