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January 15th, 2002 Godwin extends administrative leave: Schneider, Chin both out at least for another 30 days; Campus reacts to attacks: 9-11 tops year’s best stories; College students flocking to new courses about Sept. 11, terrorism; Top stories reflect year of conflict; UI can help pay for an escape (p3); Farmers review new burning policy (p4); The new semester brings a new season for Chilean exchange student (p4); Facing AIDS: UI English staffer deals with life and the disease (p5)
9/11; Terrorism; Study abroad; Burn policy; International travels; AIDS
January 18th, 2002 Hoover announces cut depth; Grand gestures: Animated ASUI president gets excited about student issues; Junior approaches degree with style; UI, WSU celebrate civil rights (p3); Religion put Moscow on the map (p4); Government hopes Disney magic will shorten airport lines (p6); Ashcroft releases photos of suspected suicidal martyrs (p7); The man behind the music: UI’s own ‘music man’ does it his way (p9); Wine in France and how I made it (p9); Culture shock: Nobody’s rude anymore (p9); Holiday movies leave mark on college audiences (p10)
Civil rights celebrations; Disney; 9/11; Music; International travels; Movies
January 29th, 2002 UI senior carries Olympic torch in Spokane; Swisher to start semester with breakfast; West Park may get ax to save $2 million; Wright knows how to use the ‘Systems’; Innocence Project sponsors lecture by attorney (p2);  BookPeople: a Moscow icon for almost 25 years: Owner Bob Greene recalls downtown’s history (p3); True blue: Casting call drums up applicants (p9); Bush to try to sustain war support (p6); Trial begins for Dartmouth murder (p6); A story of revenge: Reynold’s ‘Count’ avenges literally unjust films (p8)
Olympics; Innocence Project; Blue Man Group; Dartmouth; Count of Monte Cristo
February 1st, 2002 Budget cuts disclosed; Things get slick for Errol Aguilera: UI senior to compete in the bobsled in Olympics; Radio free Moscow holds open meeting; Chess, politics are Anderson’s game; UI celebrates Black History Month with “Roots and Rites” (p2); Student fought cancer (p3); Liberals on the rise among freshman (p4); Tanners flock to salons despite cancer dangers (p4); Get on the bus: ‘Other’ artists seek out the Northwest (p7); Promoter says Lewis wanted $300,000 for Tyson’s alleged bite (p10)
Budget cuts; Olympics bobsledding; Black History Month; Cancer; Mike Tyson
February 5th, 2002 Gunderson takes architecture position; Vandal card may get boost; ASUI rallies for students involvement; Ed major ready to get her feet wet; Middle East students return following Sept. 11 (p2); UI Outdoor Club reaches highest summit in South America: Three men out of a group of seven reach top, only one returns home early (p3); ‘Alien’ becomes scarier than ever (p6)
Architecture; Education; 9/11; South America; Movies
February 8th, 2002 Letters and Science may cut spending $2.8 million to make budget; Crisis hotline is still here; A civil action: Elliott in second year of engineering program; UI hosting RHA regional conference; Chocolate doesn’t just taste good (p3); Former Enron CEO says he knew of improper deals (p4); A cool cat survives three-week sea saga (p4); ‘Overwhelming’ ceremony expected for Games (p10)
Budget cuts; Kitten survival; Olympic games
February 12nd, 2002 Trail withdraws Vandal card bill from legislature; Majors fair set for Thursday; Decorative fireplace lit in SUB; L-O-V-E: Just what’s the big deal?; Institute aims to study race, identity (p3); Stock dumping shows execs knew of woes (p4); UI close to GEMStar certification (p4); Christian wrote book on kissing (p5); ‘Damage’ falls short with Arnold in the lead (p7); Skillet to play SUB ballroom Thursday (p9); Vandals top 49ers over the weekend (p11)
Love; Valentine’s Day; Skillet; Basketball; Movies
February 15th, 2002 College dispels rumors; A matter of Faith: Christians begin Lent with Ash Wednesday; UI student featured in national magazine; Russian cosmonauts coming to Moscow (p2); Motivator Martin extolls ‘The Power of One’ (p3); Time to bootify your rear for summer beach bumming (p4); A closer look at Oscar: Academy Award nomination surprises can be found beneath the surface (p7); First winter god for Croatian team (p10); U.S. hopes to add to snowboard conquests (p10); Olympic hockey now serious (p11)
Religion; Olympics; Oscars; Astronauts
February 20th, 2002 Jazz Fest boosts local economy; Rec Center opens today: East end will open later; Some acts just can’t be missed; Program offers outdoor therapy for troubled youth (p3); UI revamps core curriculum (p3); Texas A&M tries new tactic to attract minorities (p4); Bush travels to ‘axis of evil’ (p5); Rosie takes on gay adoption ban (p5); Festival veteran brings the beat (p7); Jazz Fest offers diverse opportunities for all (p7); Senior sizzle: UI tops Cal State 65-53: The magic of Senior night (p9)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; International travels; Basketball; Senior Night
January 23rd, 2002 Honoring the Dream; King's speech still resonates; Task force awards local human rights champions; This is more than the average tune-up (p3); Human-cloning debate has its roots in abortion movement (p4); Military begins process of transporting American Taliban back to U.S. (p5); FBI arrives at Enron’s headquarters (p5); Turn on your heartlight to India.Arie (p8)
Martin Luther King Jr.; Green transportation; Human cloning; Military; Enron; India.Arie
February 22nd, 2002 Commons approaches capacity this week; Jazz Festival volunteers combine work and fun; WSU student dies in crash on Washington highway (p2); MPD offers $15k reward (p3); Kidnapped reporter is dead (p4); UC-San Diego study find seven hours to be optimal sleep period (p5); Israel announces buffer zones (p5); Family affair: Pizzarellis bring sounds from the past and present to jazz festival (p7); Monheit finds her sound ‘over the rainbow’ (p7); The world in his hands: Stewart has a strong future in throwing (p9); Russia threatens to leave games (p10)
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Car crash; Bank robbery; Winter Olympics
February 26th, 2002 Eating Disorder Awareness Week: There is Hope: Eating disorder sufferers can find help on campus; Students work late to clean up after festival; Students, UCC remodel money frozen; Food supply vulnerable to terrorists (p3); Minorities learn laws of jazz and nation (p4); It’s time to stop: There are many methods and sources of help to kick the habit (p5); The Vagina Monologues are redefining V-Day (p7); Jazz Fest doesn’t end on a blue note: Festival concert pays tribute to Candoli (p7); ‘Gator,’ Fabian and Mikami swing at clinic (p7); ‘Hamp’s Boogie Woogie’: Jazz greats bring a party to the Kibbie Dome during the 2002 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival (p8); Williams charged with manslaughter (p12)
Eating disorder awareness week; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Murder
March 1st, 2002 Musics fees will increase; Downtown to liven after five; Student drinking less than previously perceived; Cosmonauts visit UI (p2); Media coverage of Sept. 11 topic at lecture (p2); Spotting a problem (p3); Schools take action to prevent identity theft (p5); EPA official resigns, cites frustrations with power lobbyists (p5); United States focuses on women in war (p5); Coaster promises to detect date-rape drugs (p6); Israel attacks Palestinian refugee camps (p6); Grammys: All that glitters is gold (p8);  Business etiquette tips (p19) [Career Expo List starts on page 13]
September 11; Identity theft; Mardi Gras; Fitness challenge; Grammys; Drugs
March 5th, 2002 Biology department awarded grant: $10.2 million may help find cure for the common cold; Program rewards exercise; Paddock ready for the great outdoors; NYU may house Giuliani library (p3); Fair is fine compared to the dark side of tanning beds (p3); Women shaped our history (p4); Nine U.S. soldiers killed in battle (p5); A cloned house pet (p5); Schools seek to bridge tenure gap (p6); Eating disorders linked to other problems (p6); Renegades of funk: The Motet turn on ‘Electric Americubafrican Groove’ (p8)
Tanning; Women’s History Month; Eating disorder; Clones; The Motet
March 8th, 2002 Iron Woman: International grad student to enter endurance competition; Cuts hit physics less; UI may offer in-house dental to students; General is a major for everything; Businesses celebrate National Nutrition Month (p2); Today Moscow, tomorrow the world: Pinkham to compete in Miss Indian pageants (p3); Hart’s parents still await justice, offer reward (p3); Look out students, that ‘latte’ is more like ‘fat-te’ (p4); Break-in prompts new security measures, inspections (p5)
Nutrition; Miss Indian; Murder; Justice; Security
March 12nd, 2002 ISA works on future of education; Gimme a break: It’s not too late to make cheap, fun plans for Spring Break; Vice provost gives advising tips; Lecturer to discuss weather on other planets (p2); Women enrich our heritage and culture (p3); Arafat freed from house arrest (p5); Robin Williams returns to stand-up and takes on some darker roles (p8); Vandals defend tourney title (p10)
March Madness; Women’s History Month; Spring break; Baseball; Basketball; Robin Williams
March 15th, 2002 Shaking things up: Major restructuring calls for merger of colleges, programs; Reallocation of some student fees will offset utility costs; Beepers bring safety (p3); Israel continues Paletinian offensive as U.S. envoy arrives in Mideast (p4); Examination of Laramie hate killing puts town back on TV (p5)
Safety; Middle East; Basketball; Hate killings; Tennis
January 25th, 2002 Northwest carpenters lobby students for contract; Leadership seminars planned; UI student will follow her parents’ example with a career in architecture; Lindh says he understands charges: access to legal counsel becomes case’s first issue; Creatine should be used with caution (p3); Vegan’s comes to downtown (p3); Pressplay and MusicNet offer a legal way to download songs (p8); Sega brings hard hitting action to the Xbox (p10)
Northwest carpenters; Lindh trial; Drugs; Vegans; Music downloading websites; Xbox
April 5th, 2002 Speaker recalls Chavez; This student knows a lot more than one-liners; Arid weather brings higher pollen count (p3); Kilbourne to lecture on ads (p3); Spigot taps into bluegrass, rock ‘n’ roll hybrid (p6); Disney strikes out with corny ‘Rookie’ (p8); Vandal Taxi may have some competition: New trolley, running on biodiesel, begins a one-week test run (p18); Co-op hall is best of both worlds (p18); Moscow may be small, but it has a strong spirit: Moscow’s history as eclectic as its people (p20) [Housing guide start on page 13]
Ceasar Chavez; Disney; Music; Housing and residence life; History
April 9th, 2002 ASUI budget will increase for the next fiscal year; Joe Zeller is up to the task; Coming home to the Kibbie: Vandal football returns to the dome for ‘02; UI students join mock United Nations; Students vandalize dorms (p3); Sucked into EverQuest world, man kills himself (p5); Tensions mount between U.S., Israel (p5)
Football; Suicide; Israel; Vandalism
March 26th, 2002 Constitution waits approval; A run to remember: 5K run will help fund scholarships for Sept 11 victims’ families; Week celebrates workers’ rights, life of Chavez; Nation’s most endangered national parks ranked (p3); Leaving the house isn’t necessary for a fun and exciting Spring Break (p5)
9/11; Workers’ rights; Ceasar Chavez; National Parks; Spring break; Basketball
April 12th, 2002 Swisher, senators resign; Senators admit to flag theft; University prepares disciplinary measures; Hammock appointed as new Greek adviser (p3); A healthy diet can be cheap, too (p3); Women’s golf prepares for conference tournament (p7); Princeton baseball team snaps 11 - year slump against Rutgers (p8)
Greek life; Diet; Golf; Baseball; Track and Field
April 16th, 2002 Students ready to run: Rally encourages write-in candidates for ASUI election; ASUI starts to rebuild; Accused could face Greek implications as well; Week celebrates youthful curiosity (p4); Thousands show support for Israel (p5); Acoustic splendor after hours: Coeur d’Alene native Kovatch to kick off Alive After Five (p7); Eating cheap in Moscow, Italian style (p8); Testing the water: Vandal water polo team hosts its first tourney (p9)
Greek life; Music; Cheap eats; Water polo
April 19th, 2002 Miner resigns, becomes fifth to leave office; Uebelher takes over as president: Nunez named vice president, Vaughn now pro tem; UI cleared in most allegations; She’ll take this degree on the rocks; GSA numbers nearly quadruple at weekly meeting (p3); Makin Island Music warms up the SUB Ballroom (p5); Reducing calories will improve diet (p6); Evans spans dance genres, is inspired by nature (p11)
University presidency; LGBTQ; Gay Straight alliance; Traditional island music; Dance
April 23rd, 2002 Borah Symposium 2002: Organization sows the seeds of the future; Local economy getting back on track; We’ve got the whole world…: Day encourages students think globally, act locally; Alaskans know the drill (p3); 33 arrested during protest against U.S. foreign policy (p5); Princeton spreads ecophilia (p5); French kiss: Love is a cruel game in stage’s ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses’ (p7); Vandals prepare for rule changes (p10)
Farming; Protests; Earth Day; NCAA
April 26th, 2002 Borah Symposium 2002: Speakers elevate awareness; Dogs poisoned in park; Muslim students show the other side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through display; A&F shirts considered distasteful by many; Native Plant Society plans nature hike (p2); ASUI candidates discuss plans: Some cite GSA flag incident as motivation for running, emphasize diversity in policy (p3); Strange wants to ‘Unify the U of I’ (p4); Saturday of service: Students volunteer to help out the community (p5); Former UI professor Alfred C. Dunn dies at 92 (p7); Student DJ sets his sights high in the hip-hop world (p8) [ Best of UI 2002 starts on page 11]
Animal poisoning; Gay Straight alliance; LGBTQ; Community service; Best of UI 2002
April 30th, 2002 New perspectives: Administrators, students look at diversity issues through new lenses; Latah County files charges; The Oscars of UI: Golden Joe awards presented Saturday at the Kenworthy; New monologues examine programs; UI names three fellows to promote humanities (p4); New humanities fellows to explore place, imagination (p4); Student-worker coalitions aim to raise labor standards (p5)
Students charged in courts;
May 3rd, 2002 GAO offers diversity; New senators fill the void: Diversification wins at the ballot box, Arnold and six fresh faces fall out the ASUI Senate; Kilbourne attacks body images in ads; The popcorn is scarier than the movies (p3); The Spider-Man primer: Things you should know (p5)
Diversity; Body image; Popcorn; Spiderman
May 7th, 2002 Unify the U of I canceled; Fiesta on the fifth: Campus groups celebrate their heritage and the Meican victory in 18th century invasion; Former senators appear through attorneys; NASA fellowship awarded to UI scientist (p2); The gentle giant: Local trainer gets ready to compete with the ‘big boys’ (p3); Idaho governor again holds back higher ed (p4); Marquete program prepares students for complex world (p4); Church of the Nativity standoff continues: Negotiators fall short of deal (p5); Egg donor program searches for participants (p5); ‘Spider-man’ spins gold at the box office as it swings into theaters (p8); MTV, The bad and ugly of family life is now cool (p8)
Diversity; NASA; Fitness; Egg donors; Spiderman; MTV
March 29th, 2002 Arabs issue Israel an ultimatum; Debating over style: Dress questions motives for patriotism, draws fire; Go to the prom you never went to in high school; UM students charged after drowning (p3); Experts say smallpox a smallpox a very real threat (p4); U.S. plans to seek death penalty against alleged Sept. 11 terrorist (p5); Study of teens links TV viewing to possible future aggression (p5); Are they crazy?: DDD goes straight to their brain, and it’s scary (p8); What dreams may come Dancers Drummers and Dreamers stands the test of time (p8)
9/11; Crime; Smallpox; Biological warfare; Dancers, Drummers, and Dreamers
May 10th, 2002- Graduation special Ed major moves from graded to grader, at age 20; Senate sets year’s agenda; Hoover is physically fit, optimistic about future; Beware summer love and loss (p3); Diversity finds way into discussion (p3); Movie etiquette from one who knows (p7); More than just music: jazz has stories to tell: There’s history and controversy in your own backyard: Sandpoint resident recalls Alabama’s first black radio station (p8); A little piece of Heaven: White Pine Drive offers a celestial scenic escape (p9) [Spring graduates start on page 11]
Diversity; Movies; Jazz; Radio station; Beautiful trips; Spring Graduates
May 29th, 2002 It’s a ghost town: Local businesses, summer students, residents feel the lag when UI students leave town; University employees laid off: 31 positions eliminated, 28 effective end of June; UI to expand wireless Internet access over the summer; Illegal movie downloading vexes Hollywood as activity increases (p3); Eminem’s fans offer impressive websites (p3); Evidence shows Chandra Levy was murdered, authorities says (p4)
Summer; Illegal activities; Murder
June 12nd, 2002 UI researcher accused of owning child pornography; ‘Free shopping’ is a hit; Diverse dialogues:Weekly meeting promotes understanding among UI students; Former senators finish jail time; Police raid wrong U. Maryland dorm room in drug bust (p4)
Scandal; Crime; Diversity; Drugs
June 26th, 2002 When faith and trust disagree: Local Catholics hold onto eliefs, but begin to question leadership; Anti-gay group come to UI: area organizations plan counter-protest; Diocese leaders address clergy problems; Bees, wasp out in full force this summer; Indian cuisine to spice up Moscow (p3)
Religion; Anti-gay group; Protest; International eats
April 2nd, 2002 UI student is psyched for her degree; Offensive language still plagues Idaho: Legislators slow to make place names appropriate; A taste of India: Students participate in mock marriage ceremony; UI/WSU conference to address terrorism issues (p2); Latest trend in exercise is high-temp yoga (p4); Ambassadors prepare for student arrival (p4); Israel continues retaliation (p5); Study finds race is factor in health care disparities (p5); Medical student arrested in porn crackdown (p5); Take your pick: Annual guitar festival offers many musical treats (p7)
International education; Exercise; Terrorism; Health; Crime; Music
August 27th, 2002 Code of conduct receives new look; UI increases enrollment, decreases in funds; Non-traditional students welcomed to UI; West Nile virus probably Idaho bound (p2); Students return to change, inconveniences in Moscow: Water shortage, public nudity and remodeling on Main Street spice things up (p3); FBI to search Florida building for more anthrax clues, leads on bio-terrorism (p3); Multicultural Affairs works in diverse ways (p3); UC Berkley sophomore runs for city council (p4); With exercise, healthy meals, students can avoid “Freshman 15” (p5); LSU live in fear of serial killers (p5); Scientist files ethics complaint against Justice Dept. in Anthrax investigation (p6); U. Alabama campus still reeling from fire, shooting (p6); Porno features Arizona State U. student body VP (p7); Russian space flight set to take off, with or without pop star (p8); Loopholes exist in Illinois underage drinking laws (p10); FBI to search Florida building for more clues in last year’s anthrax attacks (p12)
FBI; Anthrax attacks; Serial killers; Lance Bass
August 30th, 2002 Regional events fill Labor Day weekend; The new pulse of student insurance; Senate resignations allow for newcomers in ASUI; College savings plans fluctuate with erratic economic conditions (p3); Arab comic loses Jackie Mason gig (p4); Kidnapping suspect in critical condition at U. Utah hospital (p5); New housing will cater to diverse needs (p5); Germany accuses Moroccan of helping plan Sept. 11 attacks (p6); Student convicted of spreading AIDS virus gets jail time, community service (p6); Bumbershoot hits the Emerald City: Monster music festival features more than 2,500 artists (p9); A robot is in your future (p11); Wanna make a bet?: College betting on UI starts this weekend (p13)
Labor Day; Health insurance; Crime; 9/11; Robots; Gambling
September 4th, 2002 Two arrests made in murder case; Famed musician, Jazz Festival icon dies at age 94; UI addresses family housing concerns; Martinez brings diversity, change to ASUI; Recent Idaho law changes cause fewer infractions (p3); Bush administration preparing to make a case for war with Iraq (p5); Friends remember Lionel Hampton… (p8); Jazz Festival, memory of Hampton live on (p8)
Murder; Lionel Hampton; Diversity; Iraq War
September 6th, 2002 Women’s Center new location uncertain; Smaller crowd shows for ticket giveaway; Perch reopens with new changes, old favorites; Use of illegal drugs by young Americans on the rise (p3); Freshman classes force schools to crowd rooms (p4); Walker, Moscow Stranger (p7)
Women’s Center; Drugs; Crowd classroom; Movies
July 12nd, 2002 Circle of friends in the square; Soccer stars swarm the Palouse; Moscow residents protest anti-gay minister, promote understanding; Topless ordinance yet to be fully covered by council; Dems visit Moscow on statewide tour; Journalists discuss paying their dues (p2); Civil rights leaders visit UI (p2); Thespians come out to play (p3); Repertory Theatre to perform ‘Prelude to a kiss’ (p3); Houston ballerina heats up UI: Intense practice, passion are trademarks of camp instructor (p4); The sky’s the limit for Upward Bound student (p4)
Anti-gay protest; Journalism; Theatre; Ballet
September 10th, 2002 Counseling center offers free aid; Sept. 11, 2002; Equal rights group petitions for reversal of nudity ordinance; Mines dean takes over new college of science (p3); UI Outdoor Program celebrates 30 th birthday (p3); REquired meal plans have students confused, annoyed (p3); Moscow real estate flourishes in wake of hardships (p4); International student enrollment up at UI (p4); Sept. 11 pushes people to serve (p4)
September 11; 9/11; Education; Military
September 13rd, 2002 Alive After Five music festival undergoes logistic changes; Nation comes together in remembrance: Campus religious groups unite for vigil; ‘Again today, we are a nation that mourns; Blinken campaigns in Moscow for better jobs, education; Retiring police won’t slow down (p3); British prof teaches EU to business students (p3); Ceremony held for Pentagon attack victims (p4); Sept. 11 victims, heroes remembered across campus: UI faculty, staff and students remembered the events of Sept. 11, 2001 through a variety of commemorative activities Wednesday. Ceremonies included the ringing of the university’s bells 8:42 a.m., a flag-raising ceremony at 11:30a.m., a panel discussion at the Law Building and candlelight services in the evening. (p5); “Stealing Harvard,’ money from fans (p8); The ghosts of 1950 loom over Vandals (p9)
September 11; 9/11; Football
September 17th, 2002 Residence halls make safety fun; Understanding Islam: Area Muslims open doors for peace, insight; Found human remains tentatively identified; Groups celebrate Mexico’s independence; County fair dog show gives K-9s chance to strut their stuff (p5); Sub Pop has know-how in surviving the game (p7); UI defense quakes under pressure (p9)
Islam; Safety; Remains; Dogs; County fair; Sub Pop; Football
September 20th, 2002 Newly appointed senators fill up ASUI roaster; Hoover diagnosed with cancer; Campus recycling options dwindle: Budget crisis responsible for cutbacks; Students alleges attempted rape; Music festival creator’s baby is all grown up (p6); Harvest of Harmony is not just about the money (p6); Mammoth musical talent churns out special album (p7); There’s no place like home: No. 6 Long Beach St. drops UI (p9); Vandals quickly stomp Irvine in first league match (p9)
University president; Recycling; Crime; Music; Volleyball
September 24th, 2002 Students get dose of rave risks; Protesters pine for public power in forests; Forest Service chief stresses ecosystems’ long-term health; Ag days gives future farmers valuable experience; ‘12 Angry Men’ debate injustice (p5); Vandal victory: Lindgren’s six touchdown passes lead Vandals to success (p7)
Football victory; Farming; Ecosystem health
September 27th, 2002 Salinas returns as multicultural affairs director; Rec Center offers child care; Time runs out on ordinance petition; ASUI waits to respond to Sept. 8 Attic incident; Hajjar presents options for dealing with Iraq; British, U.S. experts give lessons in computer forensics at U Inn (p3); UI professor teaches aspiring businesspeople in Zimbabwe (p3); Global participants open homes to traveling strangers (p6); Assault at University of Washington heightens security concerns (p6); College males need sex ed (p6); Marathon match ends with win: Vandal volleyball break Broncos in five games (p12); UI career services unleashes a ‘monster’ of recruiting system (p16); Mock interviews help students reduce the ‘intimidation factor’ (p22)
Computer forensics; Businesspeople; International travels; Security; Sex education; Volleyball; Career Expo
October 1st, 2002 ASUI gives students more opportunities in voting process; Former UI cashier arraigned in embezzlement case; Researcher pleads guilty to child porn possession; Got beer?: PETA pushes beer over milk in new ad campaign; Safety advocates march for seat belt awareness (p2); Student Health Center offers meningitis vaccinations (p3); Restorative justice gives alternative to public corrections system (p3); Investigation into death of former UI student stalls (p5); ‘German Backstreet Boys’ bring UI a Gregorian twist (p7); Vandal soccer ends with standstills (p9)
Crime; Safety; Student health; Justice; Soccer; Investigation
October 4th, 2002 UI students diagnosed with viral meningitis; Upham stays in RHA, looks for changes; Tribal flags added to international ballroom; BSU gender expert explores leadership differences in workplace; Anti-smoking group fueled by San Jose students (p3); Watermelons may help fight certain diseases (p4); Market milestone: Moscow Farmers Market celebrates 25 years (p6); Fitness classes have something for everyone (p9)
Meningitis; Feminism; Smoking; Watermelons; Farmer’s Market; Fitness classes
July 24th, 2002 Hoover decides to stay; City Council says no to nipples: New ordinance regulates how much of women’s breasts may be shown; Moscow FD responds to many fire calls, few fires; Palouse celebrates its pride in diversity (p3); Council responds to national media attention (p4); Free condom program in Louisiana sees mixed reactions from students (p4); Naked Ohio man pinches victims, takes their picture (p5); Livin’ with the locals: Eight percent of freshmen take their chances in the Moscow rental market (p8); This Simpson is not a cartoon: Moscow singer/songwriter is a familiar face in town, will remain so as a music librarian at UI (p11); Mystikal arrested for alleged rape, extortion (p13); State board may cut from athletics: UI leaders say cuts may reduce the university’s fundraising ability (p15); Idaho State Patrolman finds a new sort of adventure (p16); Frisbee golf can be like a scavenger hunt for newbies (p17)
Topless laws; Diversity; Crime; Music; Rentals; Funding; Frisbee golf
October 8th, 2002 Depression easy to fall into, but help is available; Seminars, workshops aim to raise leadership; India is still the largest international presence on campus; Art students find creative outlet designing computer games (p3); Bronstein mixes music, politics on unique local radio show (p6)
Depression; India; Art; Computer Science; Music
August 23rd, 2002 UCC remodel waits on state funding; UI to break ground for new Boise digs; The Bookstore charges sky high prices for a reason; UI launches restoration ecology certificate program (p2); Hawaiian luau and silent auction coming up (p2); Residence halls expect room for all: New residence hall will add 600 beds (p3); ASUI president sees mid-eastern conflict come to life (p3); Bush tours wildfire site, wants fewer limits on cutting trees (p4); Black farmers protest, demand agriculture pay settlements in full (p4); FAMU band tries new approach against hazing: Initiation rituals will not be tolerated at Florida school (p7); Christians sue oer Quran class (p7); Soldiers deliver music, messages (p8); Fraternity kicked off New Mexico campus (p8); Rapist still a large at Ohio State U. (p9); Festival on the Palouse: Palousafest brings a variety of entertainment (p17); Counting Crows stick to guns in latest released (p17); Ozzy Osbourne has always bitten off as much as he could chew (p20)
Ecology; Residence halls; Religion; Greek life; Music
October 11st, 2002 Stevenson promotes fight against injustice; Sig Eps employ no-pledge program; Fraternity image causes concern; Actor teaches about Hip-hop culture, activism; UI business tech helps birth businesses; Tutxinmepu Powwow at Kibbie Dome Oct. 18-19 (p2); Sororities use university residences to house overflow members (p4); Students can help prevent campus car burglaries (p5); UI bounces back: UI fells Titans in three straight games (p9)
Greek life; Indigenous people; Theft; Sports
October 15th, 2002 ASUI elections feature 10 open positions; Library looks for ways to trim budget; Forum brings variety of candidates to UI campus; Native American culture comes to UI; Recent car wrecks in Wisconsin leave 14 dead (p4); Four Seasons brings drum icon to UI stage (p6); The female ‘Front’: Caisley’s play retells WWII’s Blitz from women’s viewpoints (p6); Vandals storm the Highlands: Volleyball squad dominates in Saturday’s sweep of UC-Riverside (p7)
Native American culture; Library; Four Seasons; WWII play; Volleyball
October 18th, 2002 Little love bugs: Smoky-winged ash out in full force for mating season; Candidates address students; Health fair changes location, attracts more people; University of Miami silent on harassment (p3); Student takes ingenuity online to pay for college (p3); Texas college town cracking down on parties (p4); Speaker mixes homosexuality, spirituality (p4); Students, faculty and friends honor Hamp (p6)
Health; Harassment; Tuition payments; Partying; Lionel Hampton
October 25th, 2002 UI restores benefits to temporary instructors; Vandal pride jingles all the way: Jingle night entertains despite regulations; Forum points to WSU and UI cooperation; School of Communication revamps; Voter apathy may be bigger national obstacle than Saddam (p4); Arrests made in  connection with D.C. sniper case (p5); Sniper’s mysterious ‘duck in a noose’ phrase stems from Cherokee myth (p6); Theater brings cult horror classic, audience participation (p10); No prima-donnas: Female rockers go big, command respect (p12); UI takes advantage of Grizzly errors: Vandals defeat Montana in five games (p15) [Homecoming schedule starts on page 17]
Homecoming; Washington D.C. sniper; Music; Horror classics
October 29th, 2002 Faculty, students laud new business building at dedication; Kempthorne, “No more cuts for higher education”; 65-year-old outdoorsman reuters to school; Fans prepare for game with tailgate entertainment; Smith, Miner drop out of ASUI presidential race; Palouse gets haunted for Halloween (p2); Pumpkins 01: How to eat your Jack-O’-Lanterns (p6); Dancer’s Fall: Performance opens Friday (p8); Despite health warnings, Americans still love their fries (p8); Vandals cripple Blue Raiders: UI picks up second season win, beats Middle Tennessee State 21-18 (p9); Angels win World Series (p10)
Education; Halloween; Pumpkins; Health; Football; World Series
November 5th, 2002 Make It Count! Provides election-day transportation for UI students; Bouncer pursues double major, bodyguard career; Day of the Dead honors loved ones; Japan Fair entertains with culture, kendo, karate (p3); CIA plane’s missile killed six al Qaeda members (p5); High Energy Smoke: Acclaimed band returns to John’s Alley (p7); Dana Carvey brings comedy to WSU (p9)
Election Day; Day of the Dead; Japan Fair; Al Qaeda; Live Music; Movies; Dana Carvey
November 12nd, 2002 Still missing: Mother of UI alum/POW hopes for the best; Recreation major traded freeway for dusty trails; Campus Pipeline shuts down early; Many college freshmen pack on extra pounds (p4); Spokane goes running on Petty (p7)
POW/MIA; Campus Pipeline; Health; Concert
November 22nd, 2002 Middle Eastern diplomat speaks on peace; Experience educates at Oxfam event; Fuller, Rudolph win ASUI elections; Native American author exhorts students to get active; Environmentalist brings ideas, controversy (p3); GIS day celebrates geography (p4); Al Qaeda leader captured, had been planning attacks (p4); Comedian, actor Cedric the Entertainer is on top of the world (p7)
Middle East; Al Qaeda; GIS Day; Cedric the Entertainer
November 1st, 2002 Undergrad entrepreneurs open campus businesses; Student combines Indian and American cultures; Tower residents give out screams, smile and sweets; Sorority house construction stays ahead of schedule ; Student groups celebrate Day of the Dead (p2); Big hearts, small farms: Program aims to ‘cultivate success’ (p3); Commander: Vast number of troops needed to fight Iraq (p4); Prop. One to decide fate of Indian gaming (p5); Lot repaired after nine break-ins (p5); Under One Florida, minority students holding their own (p6); Native American Heritage Month educates, shows appreciation (p8); Founding member of rap group Run-DMC killed (p10); Films with cigs deserve ‘R’ rating, report says (p11)
Business students; Halloween; Greek life; Day of the Dead; Native American Heritage month; Violence
November 8th, 2002 Election brings mixed emotions from Democrats; Math Club adds new president; Group takes back night from abuse, rape; Japanese student enjoys visual, musical, martial arts; Family housing resident discuss safety at open forum Tuesday (p3); AMA members market themselves in Portland (p3); Festival raises gay awareness (p6)
Election; Math Club; Crime; Japan Fair; Gay awareness
October 22nd, 2002 MER urges city to rescind nudity law; Group protests for peace: Students involved in demonstration condemning war; Powwow on the Palouse: Area tribes come together at Kibbie Dome; New group gives students a third choice; UI researchers discover moon bear color variation (p3); Nevada to decide if pot should be legalized (p5); Paul McCartney soars in marathon performance (p10)
Nudity laws; Powwow; Moon bears; Marijuana; Paul McCartney
November 15th, 2002 Student’s goals stretch over oceans; Candidate explore student issues; UI students stay Up ‘Til Dawn to help St. Jude’s; ASUI Senate pulls diversity bills; CIA looking for a few budding 007s (p3); WSU goes old school (p8)
Student issues; St. Jude; Diversity; CIA; Music
November 19th, 2002 Dutch mother of seven continues to reinvent herself; Club informs students about rights; Out of Africa: Students give glimpse of experience from home continent; Deepawali festival lights up the SUB with traditional Indian dances; Film exaggerates the early support hip-hop had circa ‘95 in Detroit (p6); Volleyball ends home season with high note (p7); Women’s basketball wins final exhibition (p7)
International celebrations; Hip-hop; Movies; Music; Volleyball; Basketball
December 3rd, 2002 Mother of two awaits more standard life; Committee strives to increase volunteer participation at UI; EdTechQuest brings mixed media talent: Competition lets wide range of students show off media talents; New class teaches ins and outs of public meetings; And all that Jazz: Local jazz fans gather weekly for jam session (p5); UW-Madison columnist explores sex, sexuality in college paper (p6)
Media talent; Jazz; Journalism; Exploration
December 6th, 2002 UI colleges prepare for budget reallocations; Student enjoys new cultures, sharing his own; UI puts up a stink about Christmas tree theft; Sorority house directors give residents tender loving care; U.S. claims evidence of Iraqi weapons (p3); UI press offers discounts on new, used books at today’s sale (p4); ‘80s toys return to the market (p4); Billy Crystal analyzes hit movie, comes up with a sequel (p9); No Moore Cougar domination: UI shuts down star point guard in border battle (p10); Player arrested for possession of pot (p11)
Christmas; Greek life; Sale; Toy trends; Movies; Basketball; Drugs
December 10th, 2002 Local religious leaders yearns for peace; Accounting major fights her battles in classroom; Organization bring holiday cheer: SARB, UI Athletic Department provide toys, fun for area children; Forum speakers focus on freedom of the press issues; Dropout returns and hits it big on campus with discount coupons (p3); Delts reach out to less fortunate (p3); Mayor admits swiping papers endorsing opponent (p4); J.Lo and behold, Lopez has biggest CD debut yet (p7)
Peace; Christmas; Greek life; Jennifer Lopez
December 13rd, 2002- Graduation issue Hoover to address budget challenge; Wide range of campus groups feels lack of respect; Women’s Center disperses awards, celebrates new space; Serbian escapes military, finds a land of drive-thrus; New law school associate professor has led high life (p3); Buildings must wait for January to go wireless (p5); Students should take precautions during holiday break (p5); Holiday season provides outlet for creative juices (p7); Christmas recipes spice up the season (p9) [Graduation of 2002 Special starts on page 13]
Graduation; Budget; Military; Holiday; Theft; Movies; Recipes