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January 15th, 2010 Dollars and cents: New planning and budget officer set for a tumultuous first year; BOWL CHAMPS; Nellis, Kustra decry cuts; New Student Services undergoes a makeover: Freshman and transfer-oriented office changes name, focus; Greek alcohol policies revised; Investigation clears veterinary professor of any misconduct; Vandal gear a hot item for UI Bookstore (p3); Parking hours expanded, rates lowered (p4); Otter asks too much of UI: University cannot withstand additional cuts from the state (p5); Our postmodern culture (p6); Why choose, do both: Top five books that were turned into movies (p7); Engineering beatboxes (p8); Vandals own Bronco Stadium (p10); Iupati’s not done yet: Vandal offensive guard prepares for Senior Bowl – one last chance to prove high ratings for NFL scouts (p10); Winter break brings struggles (p11); Facing rivals: Women return to play Broncos at home (p12); Track season begins: Hard training is about to pay off for the UI track team (p12); Nothing to show after 10 years (p13); Getting back into the swing of things (p14);
Budget; Budget cuts; Bowl; Champs; Student Services; Alcohol; Bookstore; Football; Gear; Parking; Services; Otter; Funding; Culture; Engineering; Music; Senior Bowl; Winter break; Tennis; Track and Field
January 20th, 2010 UI Law, south: For the first time, UI law students can study a full year in Boise; Research center could be derailed; US ambassador visits UI; Wasting recyclables is trashy: UI composting initiative takes hold at Bob’s, Commons food court (p3); UI alumna Carol Renfrew dead at 96 (p3); New Idaho House group, Tea Party back same ideals (p3); UI goes green, again: Campus Dining, Sustainability Center start composting on campus (p5); Separate and unequal (p6); Frag fest 2010: PDXLAN offers competitive gathering point for extreme gamers (p7); Theater students create comedy on campus (p7); Passion runs deep in ‘Henry V’: Actors bring out Shakespearean intensity (p8); Eat healthy Co-op offers organic foods for fresh cooking (p8); An end to the streak: Women’s team earns first conference win at home against rival boise State in 84-81 overtime thriller (p9); Until next time, Nevada: Men suffer fourth loss in a row against a conference opponent, 76-68 – Verlin blames team’s struggle on turnovers (p9); First meet brings the heat (p10); Women take on New Mexico State (p10); Boise State in Overtime (p11); Vandals bit by cougars (p11);
School of Law; Recycling; Compost; Carol Renfrew; Renfrew; Tea Party; Sustainability; Equality; Gaming; Shakespeare; Health; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Track and Field; Champions; Tennis
January 22nd, 2010 Continued cuts may lead to furloughs: Governor’s holdback proposal could mean class cancellations; KUID may close without state funds; Holiday abroad: Alternative Service Break students volunteer in three continents; Twitter: not just for kids: UI, SBOE embrace social networking; A hard white winter for a warm clear January: UI researchers release new, bred wheat varieties (p3); Idaho board wants to let universities hire spouses (p4); Final option for budget: UI should consider raising more of its own funds (p5); Dumb and even dumber: Beck and Palin are perfect for each other (p6); Not anyone can be a designer (p6); A taste like nothing else: Event brings authentic Nepali cuisine, culture to Palouse (p7); Determined Vandals fight on (p9); Idaho stuns New Mexico State (p 10); Track team starts season right (p10); Hoping to start with a strong showing: Men’s tennis expects to continue last seasons success early on (p10); Swimming with the sharks (p11);
Budget; Furlough; Twitter; Social networking; Funding; Winter; Wheat; Food; Nepali; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Track and Field; Pole Vault; Tennis; Swimming
February 2nd, 2010 Looking to November: Allred speaks against special interests; ASUI West Park Elementary students to campus; New instructor teaches from experience; Ward calls for reduced government spending; UI students receive human rights award: Two students receive Latah County honor (p3); Making money in the classroom: Students learn risks, rewards of stock market by trading (p4); Why come to Idaho?: State government puts education on back burner despite higher enrollment (p5); Why I’m proud to be American (p6); Life’s a drag… show (p7); Black Cypress brings Greece to the Palouse (p7); Performing ‘until the violence stops’: Women’s Center spreads the word about sexual assault through the stories of real women (p7); Ten years ago: ‘Celebrating’ my first girlfriend (p8); Playing with heart (p9); Overtime woes (p9); The best on the line: lupati projected to be first-round NFL draft pick (p9); To Utah State (p10); Tough test at home (p10); Pope dominates the vault (p10); Vandals fall to Oregon State (p11);
Elementary School; Budget; Human rights; Trading; Enrollment; Women’s Center; Basketball; Women's Basketball; NFL draft; Vault; Track and Field; Swimming
February 5th, 2010 A deadly combination: Mixing alcohol, medication a growing problem among college students; Singing for their supper: Campus groups submit fee requests; Ickes: 10 percent fee increase for fall; Furloughs nearly certain, but details to come; Housing freezes rates (p3); Charges filed in Highway 8 shootings (p3); Key Obama education proposal in the works at UI; Don’t learn the hard way: Students should never mix alcohol, drugs (p5); Responsibility: not a stock option (p6); Council weaves diversity tapestry (p7); Upset in Spectrum: Vandals clamp down defensively, knock off WAC No.2 Nevada (p9); The road to redemption (p9); Signing day brings optimism for 2010 season: Football roster gets a bit bigger (p9); Vandal soccer improves depth with talented crop of signees (p9); Fishing in Idaho (p10); Golf back on the green (p10); Vandal Indoor meet attracts top athletes (p10); Time to take it up a notch (p11); Idaho brings winning streak to Oregon Ducks (p11); Freestyles key to victory over rival WSU (p12); Message from the President (p14); UI Career Center (p15); All-Majors’ Career Fair (p19);
Alcohol; Health; Fees; Housing and residence life; Obama; Diversity; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Football; Draft; Soccer; Fishing; Golf; Track and Field; Recruitment; Tennis; Swimming; President; Career Fair; Career Center
February 9th, 2010 Ickes discusses budget, fees; The last resort: Idaho Supreme Court is only remaining option for retiree suit; Who ‘dat down at ‘dem bars?: Super Bowl at bars not a super success; Forest products market to improve (p3); Boise ceremony rewards Vandal alumni philanthropy (p3); Professors react to Supreme Court ruling (p4); Baptists’ attorney: clients innocent (p4); It’s time to move on: ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ has no place in military (p5); The necessary increase: Why Idaho should raise taxes instead of more cutting (p6); WSU protest a laughing matter (p6); Smooth fruit: Delicious smoothies are cheap and easy to make (p7); Why bring back Leno?: NBC needs to think more creatively about comedy hosts (p7); Around the world: Participants travel the world in one room (p8); Vandals trounce Broncos in Boise (p9); Hard work pays off (p9); Meet proves to be powerful (p9); Still hanging on (p10); Vandals take on Nevada (p10); Successful seniors lead meet (p11);
Budget; Fees; Forest; Idaho Supreme Court; Military; Taxes; Protest; Recipe; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Track and Field; Swimming; Field
February 12nd, 2010 Parking cost increase under consideration; Plans for library improvements begin; Hot shot robots: Robotics tournament enables teenagers to compete; Proposed changes may take 10 years to complete; Furloughs: No class?; How ‘green’ is the Law Building? (p3); Idaho legislators push traffic safety p3); UI keeps Haiti in mind (p4); Parking fee hike needed: With no university funding, PTS must make money somehow (p5); Don’t complain, adapt (p6); A piercing new trend (p7); Last-minute Valentine gifts (p8); Steelhead report (p9); Unbelievable loss (p9); EWU turf seeing red (p9); Fresno State routs Vandals (p9); New time for a new team (p10); Hawaii comes to Moscow (p10); Reaching higher (p11); Men’s golf fares well (p11);
Parking; Library; Robots; Safety; Trends; Piercing; Valentine’s; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Tennis; Vault; Track & Field; Golf
February 17th, 2010 Stopping the stigma: University participates in nationwide screening for eating disorders; UI’s Sigma Tau Delta nationally recognized: Group promotes literacy on Palouse; Toyota recall: Moscow drivers not affected; No decision yet on IPTV funding; UI Climate Action Plan: University introduces new plan, action to eliminate carbon emission by 2030 (p3); UI Employees watch weight (p3); Bill would lift limits on Idaho charter schools (p3); State puts brakes on new mental health facility (p3); ASUI senator is about more than just politics: Community service, activism bring out passion in Goytowski (p4); Help is always available: Get screened for National Eating Disorder Screening Day (p5); Walk this way (p5); Nerds strike back: From then to now – the evolution of the nerd (p7); Video games that should be movies (p7); Women move up: Idaho powers past Hawaii in crucial game, 79-54, sits at No. 6 in the WAC (p9); Back into the groove: Idaho sweeps Fresno State, 68-59, bringing it to 4-8 in WAC (p9); Virtual varsity: Clubs seeks recognition in its future (p9); Conference officials warn Verlin (p9); Rivals clash in Taco Bell Arena: Women hope to bring momentum from victory over Hawaii down south to the Broncos (p10); The Seattle battle: Verlin expects team and bench to perform their best (p10); Tough fight in Vegas (p10); New heights: Vandals again come out on top at track event (11);
Eating disorders; Sigma Tau Delta; Funding; Climate; Health; Benefits; Community service; Winter Olympics; Nerds; Food; Recipe; Women's Basketball; Basketball; Track and Field; Field; Vault; Varsity; Rivals; Lacrosse
February 19th, 2010 The art of chocolate: Presentation features local talent and free samples; Credits fee reconsidered: Charge for overload may be reduced or removed; Jobs for spouses?: Employment proposal may be too much in this economy; Wallace to receive a makeover: LLCs to open for freshman; Coming soon: Shades of Black (p3); Students participate in Gulf Coast internship (p3); Moscow city council tries to get new biz (p4); Pullman Taco Del Mar is staying in business: Many stores stay open despite company’s bankruptcy filing (p4); Lawmakers, faculty protest policy changes (p4); Overdue changes arrive: Planned upgrades to dorms show progress (p5); Olympics bring out the best in us (p5); The law can’t be broken in the name of freedom (p6); New technology, new responsibility (p6); Lessons of life in college (p7); Spring into fashion (p7); Drying up: Hopes of winter fun melt with the snow (p9); Ski bum’s paradise (p9); Bucking broncos overwhelm Idaho (p9); Busting brackets (p10); Aggies come calling to Moscow (p10); Lacrosse comes with chemistry (p10); Go away, Olympics (p11); Three more matches (p11); Confidence grows in time for UNC (p11);
Chocolate; Wallace; Dance; Internship; Stress; Dorms; Olympics; Life Lessons; Fashion; Winter; Women's Basketball; Basketball; Lacrosse; Tennis
February 23rd, 2010 2011 fee proposal released: UI to seek increases in excess of 10 percent before Board of Ed; African Roots; University Housing introduces program to match roommates; $10k for STEM grad students: Supplement will be given in hope of recruiting more minority students; E-Verify participation crucial to UI’s future; CAMP set to honor Cesar Chavez: CAMP program ot honor icon in day long celebration (p3); States consider raw dairy rules (p3); Campus officials look to teach Palouse about eating disorders (p3); El Nino comes in early to Moscow (p4); UI teaching garden implemented (p4); Otter’s methods juvenile: Governor’s plan to motivate cuts was just bad politics (p5); Don’t be fooled (p5); State abandons responsibility (p6); Use multiple news sources (p6); Shades of Black: UI Black Student Association, other area groups present traditional dance, music and culture (p7); Dashboard revised: Nevershoutnever! Similar to confessional (p7); Enjoy triangular cookies for Jewish Mardi Gras (p7); Me and my car (p8); Still not giving up: Women steal the victory over New Mexico State, 60-59, in final play (p9); Vandals outhustled (p9); Verlin is bringing Idaho basketball back (p9); Dairy of a sports official (p9); Defending home court: Idaho looks to continue its winning streak at Cowan Spectrum (p10); Filling up the WAC rankings (p10); Idaho heads to New Mexico (p10); Time for Texas (p11); Tennis take another (p11); Jazz artists 101: Be music savvy: Five artists to know before hitting jazz fest (p15); Jazz fest booms business (p16); It’s international – don’t miss out (p16); Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival 2010 schedule (p17);
Budget; STEM; Housing and residence life; CAMP; Health; Weather; Tradition; Cars; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Track and Field; Field; Swimming; Tennis; Jazz; Music; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Lionel Hampton
January 26th, 2010 Nellis lobbies to Legislature on UI’s behalf; Two held in Hwy. 8 case; Construction continues: Stadium Drive, Life Sciences South projects near completion; No snow? Blame El Nino for mild winter; Kibbie Dome, remodernized (p3); BLM criticized over mustang deaths (p3); Pitman: UI to continue H1N1 absence policies (p4); Cuts have long-term effects: Officials need to weigh the cost of cutting programs (p5); Help is available to all (p6); Livability is more than just taxes (p6); Jammin’ with the Grammys (p7); Top five days of the week to drink – and where (p7); Leto let down (p8); Not enough: Loss of the road ends two-game winning run (p9); Runners stepping up: Team posts new records, prepared for next event in February (p9); Bouncing back in the WAC: Newlee: ream is better than record indicates (p10); Battle with the Broncos: Swim team puts up fight against school rivals (p10);
Budget; Legislature; Construction; El Nino; Kibbie Dome; BLM; H1N1; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Track and Field; Field; Swim; BSU
February 26th, 2010 Fest opens with ‘Discover’; New contract to bring dining changes; Latah tops for health in Idaho: Study ranks, compares US counties; Furlough plan to be released next week; State Board of Education Oks Kibbie Dome fixes: Regents approves $23 million in bonding for University of Idaho to accompany private fundraising for life safety and game enhancements (p3); Fired Rhode Island teachers to appeal (p3); Newest U.S. Senator called GOP turncoat (p4); Give the kids a break: Benefits of Jazz Fest outweigh dealing with crowds, traffic (p5); An open forum (p5); Plane crash clearly an act of terrorism: If flying a plane intor a federal building to protest the government isn’t terrorism, what is? (p6); Fashion Don’ts (p7); Top 5 Google suggestions (p7); Cosplay: don’t pass of others’ work as your own but be a fan (p7); The joy of color: Tye Dye Everything offers color to all (p8); Red Dress Run supports heart disease awareness efforts (p8); Training birds of prey: UI senior learns to train falcons at a young age, makes it a life hobby (p9); Idaho gets swept: Team loses another game – ninth conference loss (p9); No. 5 team ready to win (p9); Akey brings in new talent (p9); Aggies looming (p10); Danica’s career stalls: Patrick promotes bad women’s rap (p10); Road to the WAC (p10); Golf gains hope (p11); Moore, UConn women win 67th straight game (p11); Midweek swim team update (p11); Team USA gets easy path to gold (p12);
Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Health; Kibbie Dome; Rhode Island; Terrorism; Google; Fashion; Crafts; Birds of prey; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Golf; Track and Field; Field; Vault; Swimming; Olympics
March 2nd, 2010 Fruitful returns: Simplot to help fund extension center in Parma in exchange for land use; Furloughs will come through new policy; Road to recovery: Victims recover from last semester’s window accidents; May’s commencement speaker an Olympian cyclist, 1995 UI alum; Natural Resources eyes restructuring (p3); Ex-Bosnian leader arrested (p3); Steakhouse opens: Tuci’s replacement looks to offer high-quality experience (p4); Chile troops, police attack post-quake looters, create curfew (p4); New fund a good star: Rainy-day fund for higher education will help UI survive future crises (p5); Clayton and me at the jazz festival (p6); A call for some justice (p6); Reliving jazz fest (p7); Love: Mediocre at best (p8); Track finishes third in WAC (9p); America’s hat takes the gold metal (p9); Idaho loses third straight (p 9); Sweet revenge: One-point victory ties women at No. 4 (p9); Men have two more at home (p10); Swim falls short overall after exciting meet (p10); Kids camp: Track and field puts on camp for community (p11); Second chances: Utah State victory gives women new confidence for LA Tech (p11);
Simplot; Furlough; Olympics; Natural Resources; Police; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Track and Field; Basketball; Field; Women's Basketball; Swimming
March 5th, 2010 Time is money: Furlough will be determined by salary, action will save UI $1.2 million; ‘This is the absolute last thing we wanted to do’; Gamma Phi Beta celebrates 100 years: Hundreds of alum gather on campus to commemorate founding; Moscow Mardi Gras more than a party; ASUI lobbyist pushes JFAC in Boise (p3); AP writer addresses water pollution (p3); Brown to run for Calif. Governor (p3); Choir off to Europe: Vandaleers continue to raise money for concert tour (p4); ID may pay early grads (p4); Furloughs necessary: Nellis’ plan reduces deficit with limited impact on students and faculty (p5); No reason to hate ACORN so much: New developments in ACORN “scandal” deserve more attention (p6); Reckless Kelly Returns Home (p7); Go bananas: Turn bananas into sweet concoctions (p7); Top 5 ridiculous ‘popular’ songs (p7); Birds on a Wire folk festival bound to rock the region (p8); LA Tech spoils senior night (p9); Non-traditional rugby student: 40-year-old will play first rugby match in Saturday tournament (p9); Climbers come to UI: Palouse Climbing Festival held at Idaho for the first time in eight years (p9); Run for the hills (p9); Pushing to qualify (p11); Tooth for a tooth: Intramural refs redeem themselves (p11); Back in the swing: Women’s golf starts new season (p12);
Budget; Gamma Phi Beta; Mardi Gras; ASUI; Choir; Furlough; Food; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Climbing; Rugby; Running; WAC; Track and Field; Field; Intramural; Golf
March 9th, 2010 Faculty, staff react: ‘I don’t think there is any satisfaction in taking a furlough, regardless of salary level’; Fest attendance down for 2010; Agriculture, food buyers meet, mingle: Chefs, producers met to strengthen local food system; UI may start charging tuition: Constitutional amendment on November ballot to change interpretation of 100-year-old law; Leadership gives internship meaning (p3); Pass them next year: Idaho’s immigration bills should be passed after revisions (p5); Nellis is still paid too much (p5); Would you like a latte with your gun? (p6); Deliberative no more: ‘Filibuster’ is a kind word (p6); The decline of our society (p6); Mardi Gras draws festive crowd (p7); A smoke-free journey (p7); ‘Ernestine’ brings humor to history (p8); ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a strange beauty (p8); Season adds up to tournament (p9); Kashif Watson suspended (p9); WAC looms for women: Idaho to face New Mexico State in opener (p9); Running riot: Record numbers for Snake River Canyon Run (p10); Youth learn rugby (p10); Last Chance for Klas: Only two Idaho athletes move to NCAA championship (p10);
Budget; Furlough; Tuition; Internship; Immigration; Mardi Gras; Smoking; Ernestine; Alice in Wonderland; Tournament; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Snake River Canyon Run; Rugby; Track and Field; Field
March 12nd, 2010 A different tempo: Moscow goes slow during spring break; Idaho higher ed budget to get $32.1 million cut; Beware of social networking: Oversharing can lead to consequences; Spouses, partners may be easier hires: Faculty senate sends policy proposal to Nellis (p3); Program preps students for grad school (p3); GMO products debate continues (p3); Day for X-chromosomes: UI celebrates International Women’s Day (p4); Cuts hopefully temporary: Proposed budget in necessary, shouldn’t last long (p5); B of A takes a step in the right direction (p6); Turning green: Palouse celebrates an authentic St. Paddy’s Day (p7); Music to drive by: Hit the road with these tunes (p7); New wave from the past (p8); History is made: Women’s basketball advances to semifinals (p9); Klas, Bothum Heading to nationals (p9); ‘The Damned United’ scores: A victory for all sports fans in the world of movies (p10); Returning to the green with pride (p10); Better biking (p11);
Spring break; Social networking; Budget; Grad school; International Women’s Day; St. Patrick’s Day; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Klas Bothum; Biking
March 23rd, 2010 The search is on: College of Education dean candidates visit UI; National issue, local impact; CLING TO SPRING; UI bans Southwestern: Independent contracting company not allowed to recruit on campus; UI students will no longer pay for overload credits; Make a difference (p3); Plan has potential: Students create cutting edge tech for next generation (p3); Targeting Native Americans (p3); Last stand against health care bill (p4); Idaho newspaper carrier makes Guinness World Record history (p4); Texas move affects us all: Board of Education’s history re-write is a disaster (p5); Paperless is not always green (p6); Out with the old (p6); Road trippin’ the Northwest (p7); Illness poses barriers to quitting (p7); What’s missing here from the Midwest (p7); Musical A.D.D. (p8); First impressions of ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ (p8); Making history: Idaho has historic season – advances past first round of the WAC tournament (p9); Idaho shows its depth: Women’s tennis defeats four opponents over spring break, earns three sweeps (p9); Verlin, Vandals look to the future past disappointing season (p9); Stop messing with Madness (p10); All-American track stars (p10); Monroe saves Noles in OT (p10);
College of Education Dean; Health; Tuition; Native Americans; Texas; Recycling; WAC; WAC tournament; Basketball; Tennis; Women's Basketball; All-American; NCAA; Biking; Monroe
March 26th, 2010 Vandals of the future: UI to give visiting students an orientation rather than recruitment; Students help taxpayers receive more on returns; Power on, power off: University blackout frenzies facility services; Continuing the search Candidate No. 2 visits campus; They sing, they dance, they unicycle (p3); Bringing local food to campus: Local farmers, educators, advocates and community address food priorities (p4); Native economic issues addressed (p4); Vandal Friday? No problem: Consolidating recruiting allows for a calm semester (p6); Reform here to stay (p7); ‘Dancers Drummers Dreamers’ a hit (p8); A ‘Nite’ of culture and entertainment (p8); Tuna, a delicious treat (p9); St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah: Starting the day early: Parading through town: Drinking it in (p10); Greek Week Extravaganza (p11); Looking for a repeat (p13); Mortellaro leading Idaho to success (p13); The sport of kings: Little-known club on of six in the nation (p13); Thou shalt fish: Know and obey the Outdoor Commandments (p14); Boise showdown Preparing for the BSU Invitational (p14); Get out there: the how-to for prospective college hunters (p15); The Idaho tradition: Camping and hiking among many available activities (p15); Vandal Friday UI Housing Guide 2010 (p16); UI administrators explain housing rule (p17); Change comes to Wallace (p18); Getting to know Moscow: Where to shop and what to do (p19); Not just a house, a home (p20); University Housing, dining rates to rise (21); ‘Dormies’ vs. Greeks (p23);
Student Orientation; Taxes; Local food; Native American; Vandal Friday; Dancing; St. Patrick’s Day; Greek week; Golf; Hunting; Fishing; BSU Invitational; Housing Guide; Wallace
January 29th, 2010 Retention, enrollment up for spring; UI Vietnam War vets honored with plaque; Rival Moscow pubs play for charity; Campus Greeks donate time, cash: Sigma Chi gives more than $3,000 to causes in fall semester (p3); More UI students choosing digital texts (p3); Idaho weighs delay of larger grocery tax credit (p4); No manslaughter defense in Tiller case (p4); Civil engineering instructor dies (p4); Support the troops: Service members deserve more than a bumper sticker (p5); Making space (p6); Nonconference game ahead (p9); Impressing the scouts (p9); What’s next?: Women fight back, but fall to Utah State after a 2-point buzzer beater (p9); Tough competition headed to UI (p10); Ambition to bounce back (p10); All-Star game for stars (p11);
Enrollment; Vets; Charity; Greek life: Sigma Chi; Texting; Tax Credit; Organizing; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Scouts; Swimming; Track and Field; All-Star
April 9th, 2010 UI alumni honored: Tree dedicated to couple for years of commitment to University of Idaho; Adderall, other stimulants used as study aids; Borah panel discusses media impact; Beitz, Berge run ‘faceless’ campaign (p3); Law professor remembered for 30 years at UI (p3); UI will host Navy ROTC annual competition (p4); Fee increases necessary: Money UI needs to operate must come from somewhere if not Idaho (p5); Volunteer for a cause, not for yourself (p6); Closing the book on textbook costs (p6); Pull the trigger: New chat service combines strangers with webcams (p7); ‘Last Song’ falls flat (p7); ‘Guys and Dolls’: gambling love affairs (p7); Make easy omelets (p8); Time for redemption: Idaho tries to improve on 0-2 conference record (p9); Home for the long haul: Incremental weather taking its toll on team (p9); Narrowing down the WAC championship: Jacobs plays final conference tourney (p9); WAC awards for Dittmer, Hartz: Idaho to face-off against eight Washington teams at Spokane Falls Dual Meet (p10); A changing game (p10); Take a hike to the hills (p11); Week of frustration (p11); MAC, WAC to play in Humanitarian Bowl (p11); Marlins beat Mets (p12);
Baseball; Humanitarian Bowl; Hiking; Hunting; WAC; Track and Field; Field; Tennis; Golf; Food; Chatroulette; Textbook; Volunteer; Fees; ROTC; ASUI; Media; Stimulants; Alumni
March 30th, 2010 New policy meant to unify College of Art and Architecture; Vandalism goes too far: Law School Dean Don Burnett wants answers, vandalism to stop immediately; Bill passes despite heated debate; Pita Pit under new ownership; Learning in Ecuador: University students research near active volcanos (p3); Activism rewarded (p3); Unity through fun: Agriculture community forges new learning (p4); Lawsuit a waste of time: Otter should spend money on education, not suit (p5); ‘Food Revolution’ necessary: Chef’s attempts to help American children admirable (p6); ‘Dragon’ is magical (p7); Goldfapp tries some sugary pop (p7); Not all Batmen are equal (p7); A healthy obsession (p9); Taking up pads: Football team shows promise in Spring training (p9); A fresh start in fresh air (p9); Broncos end Vandal streak (p9); Wilderness dress code (p10); APRIL 1 2010 is CENSUS DAY: Your participation will impact the future of the university of Idaho (p11);
Art; Architecture; Vandalism; ASUI; Pita Pit; Ecuador; Activism; Agriculture; Budget; Otter; Food; Pop; Batman; Trap; Shooting; Spring training; Track and Field; Tennis; Wilderness; Census
April 13rd, 2010 Incident spurs university action: Student shouts racial profanities at Cesar Chaves celebration; What Are We Addicted To?: UI student spends week without technology; Sister’s Brew joins campus: Shop spends a year on contract discussions, finally makes second home; Justice visits Idaho (p3); Five days left to fill out census: Bureau reps to be on campus for assistance (p3); Obama, China’s Hu press for strong words on Iran (p4); Census is a civic duty: All it takes is 10 minutes and you’re done (p5); Weight loss is doable for anyone (p6); Speaking out against the war on marijuana (p6); Ke$ha: do you care what her middle name is (p7); Safety measure for social media (p7); Best of the Bonds (p8); Kids In Glass Houses’ new sound is too familiar (p8); Conference challenges team: Idaho avenges last year’s loss, beats New Mexico State 4-3 on the Aggies’ senior day (p9); Enjoying home court advantage: Tennis sweeps Weber State, Seattle at home, takes on Lewis-Clark State College and Gonzaga (p9); D-D-Defense: Defense shines in second scrimmage (p10); Lifelong companionship worth search (p10); Why you should watch the Hockey (p11); Soccer Visits WSU (p12); Defense Takes Its Turn (p12); Vandals Bag 20th Win (p12); Women’s Tennis Gets First Conference Win (p12); Volleyball announces 2010 Schedule (p12); The KUOI Programming Guide Spring 2010 (p13); An interview with Ryan Beitz (p15); Pisschrist Show: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (p16); SPRING 2010 SCHEDULE (p19); Kentaro Murai Photo Spread (p22); Nesting Dolls in the Witching Hour (p23);
Racism; Addiction; Justice; Census; Obama; Weight loss; Marijuana; Pop; Safety; Social media; Bonds; Tennis; Defense; Spring football; Companionship; Hockey; Soccer; Volleyball; KUOI; Programming Guide; Ryan Beitz; Pisschrist Show; 2010 Schedule
April 16th, 2010 Dreaming of sleep: Busy schedules prevent UI students from getting adequate rest; Moscow Walmart closing: Students express concern over store’s closure; Remembering Brian Steinke; Domestic partners closer to benefits; Stabbing brings friends together: Brutal stabbing strengthens friendship (p3); Nalle wins Student Employee of the Year: Errin Argo, Jackie Owens placed among 40 nominees (p3); UI returns to court, not giving up without a fight (p3); Silence makes a statement: UI campus quiets to show awareness for LGBT harassment (p4); Bellwood to discuss hot topics: Native issues, laws topic of upcoming Bellwood Lectures (p4); A new future: CNR looks for forward-thinking dean (p5); Great minds think alike (p5); Medical marijuana law proposed (p6); 4.9 quake shakes Idaho (p6); Idaho tea party activists rally (p6); The high cost of no low prices: Walmart’s decision to leave Moscow will hurt, not help (p7); Racism still alive and well in America (p8); Ready, set, slow: Turtle Derby raises money on Mom’s Weekend (p9); Hemp Fest sure to be a hit (p8); Being trashy while keeping it classy: Students find makeshift ways to recycle items that could be garbage (p10); Cougars are coming to town (p12); Zigging the ‘Zags: Men’s tennis overpowers Gonzaga (p13); Biking historical Hiawatha (p14); Getting back safely (p15); One World Café: the Best of Moscow (p20); Something for everyone (p23); Alehouse takes home favorite Moscow beer: Good beer, good times at Moscow Alehouse (p24); Nuestra casa es su casa (p26); Two pizzas, too perfect: Pizza Perfection is voted the best place to get pizza in Moscow for 2010 (p28); Best of Moscow 2010 (p17);
Walmart; Dreams; Stabbing; LGBT; CNR; Marijuana; Tea Party; Racism; Coal; Turtle Derby; Mom’s Weekend; Hemp Fest; Recycling; WSU; Tennis; Volleyball; Hiawatha; Soccer; One World Cafe; Alehouse; Pizza Perfection
April 20th, 2010 Bikes to take over campus; Political awareness: Do students care? Professors, students discuss the awareness and concern over national issues; Cleaning the planet: UI events to help sustainability efforts; Racing turtles for cancer research (p3); Students exercise right to vote: Campaigns pay off, candidates elected to office (p3); Model UN teaches students cooperation (p4); Legislation will bring relief to afflicted: Medical marijuana long overdue in Idaho (p5); Senior time capsule: Looking back 100 years from now (p5); Debate the issues, don’t ignore them: Name calling won’t get you anywhere in debate (p6); Assassination of civil liberties (p6); Study abroad opens eyes (p7); Let’s talk hemp: Moscow Hempfest offers food, entertainment and art (p7); ‘Date Night’ full of laughs (p8); Broncos down Idaho (p9); Spring soccer success (p9); Track and field destroys records (p9); Seeing Silver and Gold (p10); Health in outdoors (p11); Tennis (p12); Football (p12);
Bikers; Political awareness; Sustainability; Cancer research; Right to vote; Marijuana; Time capsule; Civil liberties; Study abroad; Hemp; Lacrosse; Broncos; Soccer; Track and Field; Field Tennis; Health
April 23rd, 2010 Relieving your stress; Parking services to increase fees; Center faces uncertainty: Sandpoint extension may close; Survey causes conflict among staff; Speaker: ‘World being burned alive’ (p3); Earth Day: more than just a carnival (p5); Have some more respect for yourself (p6); The nice, nasty and uncivilized (p6); Grease lightning: UI Theater Department performs classic show in Hartung (p7); Earth Week ends with a blast (p8); Less is better: Simple reductions add flavor to meat and fruit (p7); Future 49er: Mike Iupati drafted by San Francisco in first round of NFL draft (p9); Third in tournament: Awards accompany Idaho’s third place finish at WAC championship (p9); Building momentum in Pullman (p10); Rodeo’s not just a sport: Rodeo, a Western tradition (p10); Gobble glee (p11); Favorites falling flat (p11);
Stress; Parking; Fees; Sandpoint; Survey; Earth Day; Respect; Theatre Department; Earth Week; Golf; Volleyball; Draft; Track and Field; Field; Rodeo; Hunting; NHL
April 27th, 2010 Music and fun: UI celebrates Earth Week with a day-long carnival; College of Education hires dean: Mantle-Bromley has passion for education, big plans for next year; Connecting the relationships: Economist conducts study evaluating area tribes and their economic impact; Clean nature piece by piece (p3); Soil Stewards dig in (p3); Sell out brings move (p3); Clean-up cares for Moscow treasure: Keeping Paradise Creek clean is our civic duty (p5); Monday’s ‘Boobquake’ all in jest: Show some skin to prove a point (and feel scandalous) (p6); Have your neutrality and eat it too (p6); Tackling the Double Down (p7); Thriving under pressure (p7); ‘Go Vandals’ fashion: Clothing, Textiles and Design Department offers students an opportunity for fashion (p7); Don’t pop the question here (p8); Reigning in a new season: NFL Draft picks up three more Vandals (p9); Women beat San Jose State in last regular conference match (p9); I’d rather be fishing (p10); LAX: down and out (p10);
Earth Week; College of Education; Tribes; Nature; Soil; Paradise Creek; Draft; Tennis; Silver v.s. Gold; Fishing; LAX; Track and Field; Field; Turkey Shoot
April 30th, 2010 Clarkston woman still missing: Moscow Police involved in search, family keeps hope; Midnight madness: Students and employees brave the craziness of downtown Moscow at night; State of UI: Nellis optimistic of future after year of cuts; Faculty wants retention tool; Changing landscape: Board approves college integration (p3); Idaho scientists find fabled worm (p3); Donors keep UI alive (p5); The five stages of computer crash grief (p6); Calling in spirits: Ouija boards: Do they actually work, or is it all a hoax? (p7); Close out the year with a hello and goodbye (p7); Power guard pushes team: Vandals add gritty forward to roster (p9); Down the home stretch (p9); Making headway: Men’s tennis earns fifth seed at WAC tournament (p9); Raise the stakes on hunting (p10); Chicago downs Texas (p10); The best hunting buddy (p11);
Missing Woman; Downtown; Worms; Donors; Computers; Ouija; Basketball; Track and Field; Field; Tennis; Hunting
May 4th, 2010 100 years of tradition: UI logger sports club hosts annual Lumber Jack Classic; From villages to cities: Associate director of the Martin Institute remembers home; Recovering UI student returns home; UI in the top 286 green colleges nationwide (p3); Five down to three: College of Natural Resources consolidates (p4); More than just milk: Inexperienced congressman’s comments downplay disaster (p5); Through the wind, rain and hail: Renaissance Fair draws crowd with festive colors and food (p7); Virtues not so virtuous (p8); History made, history played: Idaho earns first-ever WAC win against Nevada, falls to eventual champion Hawaii (p9); Season ends in heartbreaking fashion: Idaho loses 20-6 in a climactic match to Hawaii (p9); Through rain, hail, track team shines (p9); Through rain, hail, track team shines (p9); Trees versus skyscrapers (p10); Off to the NCAA (p10); Finals Fest 2010 (p12);
Loggers; Martin Institute; Going Green; CNR; Renaissance Fair; Virtues; Tennis; Track and Field; Field; Trees; Golf
May 7th, 2010 Not just for freshmen: Nellis visits UI dorms, gains perspective and remembers past; UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO GRADUATES: 100,000; DZ invited to UI Greeks vote to extend invitation to Delta Zeta to bring house to campus; Missing woman’s husband arrested; Kibbie Dome renovations benefit Vandals: UI improves safety for Vandal fans with renovations continuing into next year; Fall to bring food changes: Campus dining responds to student requests for variety with four new venues next semester (p3); The proof is in the numbers (p4); Spiritual needs met, questions answered: Cru shows its purpose as a center for spiritual growth; Roller Derby new to the Palouse (p6); Transitional housing provides optimism (p6); UI veterans come together: Group allows an easy transition for military students’ return to college (p7); Moscow celebrates biking culture in May: Bike month brings events to campus (p7); Heroes and turkeys: Our annual assessment of the newsmakers of the last year (p9); Why nothing will ever change (p10); A world without nukes (p10); Europe legitimizes Islamaophobia (p12); Drag: cars or queens? Moscow’s drag culture has changed to positive, clean fun (p13); Curtain call: After seven years at UI, vocal teacher accepts new teaching position (p13); Hot potato: Idaho potatoes make delicious dishes for all occasions (p13); From hating to loving: Daniel Orozco made his least favorite subject in school a successful career (p15); Delightful departures: Making the college experience the best it can be (p15); Curing cancer with music (p16); Diamond Eyes strikes gold: Rising from adversity, Deftones shines with new album (p17); Traveling? Remember this… (p18); ‘Rock ‘n roll is rock ‘n roll’ (p19); Game, set and match: Idaho men’s tennis completes most successful season in recent history (p23); A season to be remembered (p24); Record-breaking season says goodbye to four seniors (p24); Determination key to women’s success (p25);
Dorms; Graduates; Kibbie Dome; Campus; Spirituality; Roller Derby; Veterans; Change; Islamophobia; Drag; Cancer; Travel; Rock; Tennis; Basketball; Football; Golf
May 26th, 2010 Sinking in illegal downloads; New stoplight to improve safety (p3); Chilly start to farmers market (p4); Recover is just too derivative (p5); A relaxing Swim: Caribou’s newest album shows smooth combo of genres (p5); Halt your download: New agreement means tighter regulation on illegal downloading if passed (p6); House of Night ‘Burned’ out? (p7); Student Health moves temporarily (p8); Nutrition on campus is debatable (p9); Whimsical and messy (p10);
Pirate bay; Illegal downloads; Safety; Farmer’s Market; Caribou; House of Night; Student health; Nutrition
April 2nd, 2010 Parks takes plea deal; Stress takes over: UI students address stress, look at ways to minimize semester burnout; Relay For Life more than a walk; Focusing on media: Symposium to focus on social networking and its impact; Wolf remembered, recipients honored (p3); Native emphasis now offered at law school (p3); ASUI leaders tout experience (p3); Stream spring-cleaning (p4); Drilling: huge mistake: Cons clearly outweigh pros in anti-environment decision (p5); UI’s parking enforcement unfair (p6); Exploring the subconscious mind: Common dream symbols explored in lecture (p7); Breakfast for dinner is easier than you think (p7); Perfect fit for spring shoes (p7); Track relays for success (p9); Basking in the sun: Men’s tennis prepares for a three-game road trip to Hawaii (p9); Heading to California: Women’s tennis to face tough competition after two-week break (p9); One-gun hunter (p10); Mortellaro moves on (p10); Vandal Snow getting it done (p10); Spring means it’s time to camp (p11); Prospects to watch (p11);
Manslaughter; Stress; Relay for Life; Social media; Native American; Law School; ASUI; Palouse River; Environment; Education; Parking; Dreams; Food; Track and Field; Tennis; Hunting; Camping; Spring; Prospects
June 9th, 2010 Creating Yosemites of the seas: California Marine Protected Areas; New director joins UI staff (p3); MGMT’s latest release leaves much to be desired (p3); Sport your colors: The World Cup: Global game, varied experiences; Experiencing the World Cup (p5); Envy drops a member and a new record (p8); CHaFE 150 celebrates its third year (p9); The evolution of Evolucid: Traveling musicians experience culture in the U.S. (p10); Statehouse murals find new home (p11);
Marine Protected Area; MGMT; World Cup; Green zone; Envy; Evolucid; Murals
June 23rd, 2010 Idaho Repertory Theatre begins summer with the ‘Peanuts’ crew and a barbecue; Akey signs through 2014: Idaho Vandals’ football coach Robb Akey locks into a contract extending his stay on the Palouse (p3); A sign from the pig: ‘Eat Beef’ (p3); Dark atmosphere rolls in: Stomacher provides fans with a Sentimental Education (p4); Charlie Brown comes to Moscow (p5); Summer in the mountains: A top ten list of adventures to embark on in Northern Idaho (p6); Don’t hit the Snooze button (p7); The tattoist’s expression (p8); Using nature in art (p8); Stop wasting away in a cubicle: 5 ideas (p9); ‘Heavy Rain’ thrills (p9);
Idaho Repertory Theatre; Football; Coach; Charlie Brown; Mountains; Art; Wasting away
July 7th, 2010 Three strikes, you drink; Flooding closes building: Broken pipe damages Albertson’s electrical, mechanical systems (p3); Retired professors bid UI farewell, reflect on 30 years (p3); Rendezvous: Let the good times roll (p4); ‘Girls just wanna have fun’: John’s Alley Tavern sponsors women’s softball team (p5); The Galapagos rocks: UI student explores islands to further scientific knowledge (p6); Area teens, Gritman join anit-meth project (p6); 30H!3 fails to impress (p7); ASUI provides free films and concerts (p7); 4th of July: Dogs take over the catwalk (p9); Moscow hosts low-key celebration (p9); Craigslist is not a joke (p10);
Softball; Flooding; John’s Alley Tavern; Galapagos; Gritman; ASUI; 4th of July; Craigslist
July 21st, 2010 Being Vandals: Places to know in town and on campus for incoming freshmen; Faculty wellness package canceled; Student dies from alcohol celebrating 21st birthday; Understanding financial aid: Students struggle to pay for school as demand for financial aid soars (p3); University anticipates increased enrollment in fall: Housing also expects increase in student residents (p3); Something for everyone: Student groups: Don’t let college pass by without taking advantage of valuable opportunities (p4); Campus entrances enhanced by land exchange: University offices move to prepare for building sale (p4); Gun rights draw hot debate: Supreme Court sides with citizens’ right to bear arms (p5); Lesbian gets $35k for prom cancelation (p5); From Idaho to the World: Studying abroad can be a once in a life time for students (p6); Barefoot Bandit: the movie? (p6); Idaho inmates say problems continue at ISCI (p7); Obama sets new policy to protect oceans (p8); Earthworm protection (p10); From Thailand to Idaho (p11); Explore beyond the library: 10 great places to study in Moscow (p11); Book it and find the best deal (p12); Going solo (p12); Reminiscing doesn’t help Korn (p14); A year in review: The top 5 moments of last year (p15); Five things every Vandal should know (p15); A bike to remember (p16); Do’s and Don’t’s: Intramurals can be a fun experience but some things should be avoided at all costs (p16); Glacier National Park, Montana (p17); Fitness can be fun: Stay in shape with these places around Moscow (p18); Prevent the ‘Freshman 15’ with healthy eating (p18); Moscow’s fishy secret: From reservoirs to rivers, the abundant fishing around the Palouse makes it an angler’s dream (p20); Use your head: Excessive drinking comes with consequences (p21); Ways to adjust to a new school: Five ways to simplify the first few days of college (p22); Job hunting made harder with online application (p23); Definitive four: Moscow oddities (p23);
Freshman; Benefits; Faculty; Alcohol; Financial aid; Enrollment; Opportunities; Gun rights; Studying abroad; Inmates; Oceans; Books; Year in review; Intramurals; Glacier National Park; Fitness; Fishing; Moscow
April 6th, 2010 UI fees to increase; Gay and Greek: Greek perception of gay members evolving; Reform doesn’t affect UI: Student loan reform bill cuts out private lenders, a policy UI already implemented; Screening to address binge drinking; Candidates focus on constituents: Candidates not interested in politics, say it’s all about students (p3); $2.92 million grant to network Northern Idaho (p3); Loan changes positive: New law will make college more affordable, cut back wasteful spending (p5); A thousand meanings behind one day (p6); Health care lawsuits keep Constitution at forefront (p6); Expanding UI’s vision: Art galleries display a wide variety of work (p7); Top five ways to end a letter (p7); Lights’ debut mediocre at best (p8); Marks all around: Idaho track and field (p9); Weathering the storm (p9); Through the rain and shine (p9); A championship to remember (p10); Players to watch this April (p10); Fishing and girlfriends (p11); Football has first spring scrimmage (p12); Idaho falls flat in conference opener (p12); Vandals outlast aggies in marathon match (p12); Volleyball plays three at WSU (p12);
Volleyball; Tennis; Marathon; Spring football; Fishing; girlfriend; Soccer; Track and Field; Field; Art; Health care; Halloween; Loans; Tattoos; Grants; Drinking; Gay; Greek; Fees
November 12, 2010 Vandals vs. Broncos: One last time?; Extra security for UI vs. BSU game (p3); Special reaction team (p3); Stick around: Vandal coach wants to take rivalry to the field (p3); Dedication Ceremony (p4); Tuition replaces fees (p4); Karaoke for the cause (p5); Budget cuts (p5); Polynesian brothers: Shiloh Keo, Jojo Dickson, Robert Siavii are part of a brotherhood beyond the football field (p7); Vandal season opener (p7); Vandals to host Northern Arizona in dual meet (p8); NCAA aspirations: Cross-country heads to Eugene, Ore., to compete in NCAA Regional (p8); Showdown in Columbia (p10); Vandals open season at home against Eastern Oregon (p11); Final home stand: Vandals attempt to clinch WAC tournament berth, seek season sweeps against Louisiana Tech, Fresno State on senior night (p11); Don’t let the idiots win (p13); Rivalries are about more than just a game (p13); Random Idaho conversations (p14); Take advantage of free music and enjoy a break (p14);
Football; Rivalry; Tuition; Budget; Karaoke; Flight; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Swimming; Volleyball
October 26, 2010 Still strong: Professor Emeritus turns 100; UI campus goes red and blue; Senate Candidate visits Moscow, focuses on education; Love, hate and picket signs (p3); Hurt by words (p3); Diversity on campus said to be like a tapestry (p3); WiFi issues solved (p4); Somber victory (p5); Youth movement: Turnover-prone Vandals show balanced offense in annual Black and Gold scrimmage (p6); Women’s golf closes out fall season (p6); ‘Fear no fish’ a misnomer (p7); Let the rut begin (p7); Soccer loses to Boise, on to tournament (p7); Youth triumphs at Pipher Invitational (p8); What it means to be a fan (p9); Ditch the undies (p10); It really is the thought that counts (p10);
Fireworks; Picket; Diversity; Football; Basketball; Golf; Fishing; Hunting; Soccer
December 10, 2010 Corner Club: A horse, a sheep and a bottle of beer; UI students may need alternative ride to WSU (p3); Winter’s end, for graduating seniors (p3); BYU-H student launches housing rating website (p4); UI STEM research spreads statewide (p4); Higher education in decline: Idaho post-secondary enrollment one of lowest in U.S. (p6); It’s all in the finish: Women overcome slow first half, defeat Montana 69-56 (p7); A season of change Turmoil in the WAC isn’t breaking Vandals’ stride (p7); A season full of maturing (p8); Newcomers stick together (p9); The collapse of the UCLA Bruins football program (p9); Morning in the blind (p10); It’s the final countdown (p11); The collateral damage of WikiLeaks (p14); We’re all gonna make it (p14); Moments of 2010 (p15); What a year it has been: Happy slaps, reunited love and self re-discovery (p15);
Corner Club; Bus; Seniors; STEM; Higher education; Women's Basketball; Basketball; WAC; Volleyball; Hunting; Social media; WikiLeaks
November 16, 2010 Requirements for WUE will change: New scholarship program developed to help compensate for changes; Reflections gallery vandalized Friday; Conscience Law becomes controversy; The face of bicycle safety: Be safe, use a ‘brain bucket’ when biking (p3); Funds to help with math and biology education (p4); Off on the right foot (p5); Rivalry game ends in a loss: No. 4 Boise State still undefeated after thrashing Vandals 52-14 (p5); Surviving La Tech (p6); Mounting your trophies: Skull mounting offers a cheaper alternative to taxidermy (p6); Rough water (p7); Paul Wulff deserves one more year at Washington State (p7); Rivalry about more than football (p9); Toys mean fatty food (p9); Who knew school was supposed to be hard? (p10);
Scholarship; Food; Safety; Biology; Basketball; Football; Hunting; Volleyball; Swimming; Diving
November 9, 2010 Not about bashing, about pride; Ticket priority goes to students; Consider the ‘Watch Party’ Party enables the ticket-less UI Students to watch the game as a group; Cyber bullying campaign to educate students on harassment; Madd Hatter Tea Party and Can-Can (p3); Nellis pleased with tuition changes (p3); Idaho enters research arena: UI Laboratory of Applied Science and Research still in beginning stages (p4); Mauling at home (p5); Impressive first impressions (p6); A win is a win (p6); Two weeks off not a problem (p7); Herd management (p7); 4-wheel drive and peace of mind (p7); WAC opponents fall to Vandals (p8); Boise deserves a chance (p9); The unnecessary other half (p9); New rivals for Idaho (p10);
Pride; Tickets; Bullying; Tea Party; Tuition; Research; Football; WAC; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Volleyball; Outdoors; Diving; Rivals
October 22, 2010 Home at last: Third consecutive Homecoming game for Vandals; Promoting better sexual health; University staff show musical side (p4); Senator Mike Crapo scheduled to visit UI (p4); UI research: Pedestrian safety (p5); Back on the hardwood: Basketball practices in preparation for Black and Gold scrimmage (p7); Idaho’s running game, defense must improve (p7); Governor’s Cup brawl in Boise (p8); Holding the line against Hawaii (p9); Four Vandals seeded in Vegas (p10); Cross-border rival competition (p11); Loktionov scores first goal, Kings edge ‘Canes (p11); Phils stay alive (p12); Oversensitivity shuts down dialogue (p13); Freedom in movement: Dance as a celebration of life (p14); Making the wrong choice for public education (p14); Used books on color overload: Used books may save money, but may distract from overall learning process (p15);
Homecoming; Health; Staff; Mike Crapo; Pedestrian Safety; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Football; Volleyball; Soccer; Tennis; Swimming; Sensitivity; Books
November 30, 2010 FDA to ban four Loko; Pet trainer opens The Good Pup; Book donations for African schools; Computer glitch causes payroll error; Tailgaters go green (p3); White Tie Improv (p3); Cyber bullying campaign (p4); Bowl hopes dashed (p5); Vandals fall in semi-finals (p5); Rising above the competition (p7); Boise kicker becomes target of nasty barbs (p8); Suck it up, it’s for your own good (p9); Life turns close friends into family (p9); Winter misery (p10);
FDA; Training; Donations; Payroll error; Go Green; Cyber Bullying; Football; Volleyball; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Volleyball; Kicker; Winter
November 2, 2010 A different kind of midterms; UI honors those who served: Alumni Vietnam veterans plaque dedication ceremony; Voice to sexual education: Student organization promotes sexual health on campus (p3); UI Women in Engineering Day to educate teens (p5); Bringing home the title: Vandal women take first in WAC, men finish fifth (p7); Warriors thrash Vandals (p7); Headed to uncharted territory: Vandal soccer heads to Ruston, La., to compete in the WAC Soccer Tournament for first time in school history (p8); Swimming wins two events (p9); Long-range shooting: Awesome, but ethical? (p9); Secret spots of the outdoors (p9); Take five minutes to exercise democracy (p11); Electric cars can’t be made fun of for being ‘gay’ (p11);
Midterms; Governor; Veterans; Sex education; Health; Sustainability; Engineering day; XC; Football; Soccer; Swimming; Shooting; Outdoors; Democracy; Electric cars
October 10, 2010