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February 3rd, 2009 Fall retention expected to remain stable; OMA nominees come to campus; Safety notification tests begin; Power lab encourages student growth (p3); Changes coming to Wallace complex (p3); Palouse lacking student job opportunities (p3); More than just a fun experience (p4); Tassels a sign of alumni status (p5); Poetry in life and death (p8); RTOP helps to bring Palouse to the stage (p8); Finn Riggins, Holiday Friends rock 1912 center (p8); Vandals can’t hang on (p10); Idaho downs ‘Bows at home (p10); Fans an embarrassment (p10); Wiley scores big, nabs WAC honors (p10); Idaho dominates Winter Carnival (p11); Vandals win six at WSU (p11); Don’t drink the bongwater, Phelps (p12)
Prescription addiction; Drugs; Addiction; Enrollment; Office of Multicultural Affairs; Safety; Emergency response; Emergency Notification System; College of Engineering; Power laboratory; Wallace Residence Center; Networking; Service breaks; Alternative Service Breaks; ASB; Donations; Kevin Goodan; Regional theatre of the Palouse; Basketball; Basketball, Women’s, Basketball, Men’s; Winter carnival; Track and Field; Super Bowl; Marijuana use; Michael Phelps; Olympic Swimming
February 6th, 2009 Presidential search: Nominee speaks to campus; University sustainability center pushes for single stream recycling on campus; Communicating change: administrators discuss possible communication studies courses; Council supports higher ed union; City prepares for Jazz Festival events (p3); Private donations to help fund law program (p3); ASUI asks for a small fee hike (p3); Relay set for new location (p4); ASUI may allocate more money for service break trips (p4); Tales from down below (p8); Piano bash returns after seven years (p8); Shades of black widens scope (p8); Vandals take on Warriors (p10); Vandals’ transitions emphasize strengths (p10); Summitt reaches new heights (p11); Lacrosse season has ‘high expectations’ (p11); Pot scandal jolts Japan’s sumo world (p12); Phelps suspended for photo (p12) [Career Fair Guide starts on page 13]
University president; Presidential candidate; Sustainability Center; Recycling; Single-stream recycling; Communication studies; Communication degree; Union; Lionel Hampton School of Music; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; University of Idaho law; College of Law; ASUI; Associated Students of the University of Idaho; Relay for Life; Eastside Marketplace; Alternative Service Breaks; Women’s Center; Shades of Black; Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Pat Summitt; Lacrosse; Michael Phelps; Sumo wrestling; Olympic Swimming
February 10th, 2009 Not going without a fight: physics dept. Members vocalize concerns about cuts; The financial scars of cancer, benefit helps UI graduate; Parking: limited red pass to appease waitlist; OMA’s search for director continues (p3); Hampton Jazz Festival needs 500 volun- (p3); Professor receives $400,00 grant (p5); Recyclemania in full swing (p5); Poor sportsmanship found offensive (p5); ‘Tartuffe’ in spotlight again (p9); Track and field: Idaho dominates indoors (p10); Free throws secure Vandal win (p10); Phelps: no hero (p10); Vandal men falter against Hawai’i (p10); A-Rod admits using ‘juice’ (p11); Lacrosse splits season opener (p12)
Physics department; Physics degree; Physics curriculum; College of science; Peter Steinhoff; Parking passes; Office of Multicultural Affairs; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Aaron Thomas; National Science Foundation Career Award; Presidential Award; Recyclemania; Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival; Track and Field; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Michael Phelps; Alex Rodriguez; Lacrosse; Monster truck derby
February 13rd, 2009 Budget: Spear defends athletics; Chief Justice Roberts set to lecture; Second Presidential candidate visits UI; German program may get left behind (p3); Innovative ideas to promote change (p3); UI gives organizational sciences the go-ahead (p3); Graduation stays at Kibbe (p4); FAFSA priority deadline approaches (p4); Local produce gives life to Moscow community (p5); University raises gay marriage awareness: same-sex couples seek equal rights during week, bringing light to the struggle (p5); From Italy with love (p9); Looking to Nepal (p9); Woman sends message through Haitian plays (p9); Vandals slip down stretch (p12); Vandals face best, worst at home (p12); Polo club hits its mark (p12); Tennis looks to train the bulldogs (p12); Brazillian ballers: three vandals sit down with The Argonaut (p13)
Economy; Rob Spear; Budget; Athletic Department; John G. Roberts; Chief Justice of the United States; David Dooley; Language department; German studies; German curriculum; Organizational sciences; University of idaho Coeur d’Alene; Kibbe dome; Commencement; Graduation; FAFSA; Moscow Food Co-op; Freedom to Marry Week; Basketball; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Horse polo; Tennis
February 18th, 2009 Turning the gears: female student enrollment remains low in engineering department; Leading through participation; Lambda Chi Alpha is back; Center looks to reduce junk mail (p3); Read-in celebrates Black History Month (p3); Bill dead for 2009 (p5); Otter wants time to study spending stimulus money (p5); GM, Chrysler to cut more jobs (p5); PLaying with plumbing: That 1 Guy to perform at John’s Alley tonight (p8); Nuart show rocks Valentine’s Day (p8); From SNL to iTunes (p9); UI sends Spartans home with loss (p10); Sonics leaving was best option (p10); Home sweep lifts vandals (p10); UI tennis rolls past opponents (p10); Fastpitch softball practice begins (p11); Tampa Bay’s starting rotation a real winner (p11); Man who skied every day for 24 seasons dies at 85 (p11)
College of Engineering; Female enrollment; STEM; ASUI; Greek life; Greek system; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sustainability Center; Animal cruelty bill; Governor C.L Otter; Finfnacial aid; Recession; Mike Silverman; Indie Rock; Sundance Kids; Yarn Owl; SNL; Saturday Night Live; TheLonelyIsland; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Tennis; Softball; Skiing
February 20th, 2009 Taking the bite: college of education continues making cuts; Amendment could erase UI tuition ban; Student faces rape charges; UI student to appear on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ (p3); GPSA holds early election (p3); Society hots space researcher (p3); Jazz still a hot ticket in Moscow (p3); Making good on New Yerar’s resolutions (p4); Bill could require midwife license (p5); Idaho universities look to get stimulus dollars (p5); NW Jsuit schools in debate (p6); Teen arrested for nine arsons (p6); Clinton names special North Korea envoy (p6); Octuplets’ mother criticized by family (p6); UI professor reaches book deal with Knopf (p9); Women’s Center offers national short film festival (p9); Vandals upset rivals (p12); Putbacks doom Vandals (p12); Vandal tennis takes to the road (p12); UI track and field back at the Dome (p12); Army officer eye return to pitching (p13)
Budget cuts; College of Education; Idaho State Constitution; Brandon Feder; Sexual Assault; Rape; Wheel of Fortune; Scott Stephens; GPSA; Graduate and Professional Student Association; National Society of Black Engineers; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Vandal Fitness Challenge; Northwest Jesuits; Bankruptcy; Roger Leon Barlow; Arson; Assault; South Korea; Hillary Clinton; Kim Barnes; Men’s Basketball; Baketball, Women’s; Tennis; Track and Field; Baseball; MLB
February 24th, 2009 Running the numbers: math department may see staff cuts; Club takes stress out of school; Commuters want credit; Robots come to campus (p3); Moscow animal shelter prepares feral cat clinic (p3); Alternatives to violence: looking for volunteers (p4); Scholarship deadline extended (p4); Navy ROTC headed to competition (p4); Pom Poms: not just for cheerleaders (p8); Festival features foods of Palouse (p8); From the stage to the screen: student performer works on indie film (p8); Noncommercial radio leaves lasting influence (p9); UI squeaks by (p10); Track and field team shines (p10); Budget cuts reach student club team (p10); The legend returns: Ken Griffey Junior (p11); Bail denied for Chicago lawyer in double slaying (p11) [Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival starts on page 13]
Mathematics department; Budget cuts; University of Idaho Bemani Club; Dancing; Reimbursement; Commuting; Robot Wars; Science and technology Tech Challenge; Volunteering; ROTC; Reveley Scholarship; Crafts; Arts and crafts; Foods of the Palouse; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Track and Field; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
February 27th, 2009 PPP keeps college competitive; Physics program spared from cut; Moscow to consider expansion of current non-discrimination policy; Student fees could jump eight percent; Jazz Fest sales on the rise (p3); B&B was life-long dream (p3); UI cuts ties with Ruckus (p4); House rejects tax increase on beer, wine (p4); Panel to keep struggling rate-payers (p5); Reading about yesterday for a better tomorrow (p9); The Helio Sequence set to play Moscow (p9); Rugby: revealing the culture behind the sport (p9); James Brown exhibit opens, museum awaits (p10); Facebook retracts new terms of use (p10); Spartans push Vandals around (p12); Tennis fights back to split (p12); Athletes showcase skills (p12); Traveling big miles for big games (p13); FBI agent shot suring roundup pf drug suspect (p13); UI club sports seek to fill gaps (p14) [Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival starts on page 15]
Program Prioritization Process; Student retention; Enrollment; Graduate students; Graduate programs; Physics department; Physics curriculum; Transgender rights; Discrimination; Civil rights; Transgender protection; Student fees; Tuition; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Bed and breakfast; Total Music LLC; Ruckus; iTunes; Alcohol tax; Tax; Black History Month; African American Read-In; Local music; James Brown; Facebook; Men’s Basketball; Tennis; Track and Field; Prep teams; Prep school basketball; Travel; FBI; Club sports; Rugby; Softball
March 3rd, 2009 The ins and outs of trouble; UI salaries: leaders costly to university; Understanding the anatomy of a fee increase; Bill to crack down on ASUI senators (p3); Study shows profit from more recycling (p3); Student wins two vacations, cash on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ milestone (p4); Residents celebrate different countries (p4); Everybody dance (p8); Tropical jams warm up the Kibbie Dome (p8); Fireworks Ensemble wraps up chamber music series (p8); Drum circle heats up (p9); Vandals prevail on the Big Island (p10); Intramural refs useless (p10); Bulldogs put in their kennel (p10); Idaho individual athletes dominate (p10); Rugby bites Bulldogs (p11); Missing players search narrows (p11)
Cheating; Drinking in residence halls; Illegal downloads; Candles; Student code of conduct; Police reports; University president; Salary; Presidential salary; Student activities; ASUI; ASUI regulations; Recycling; Wheel of Fortune; Living and Learning Communities; LLC; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Chico Pinheiro; One World Cafe; Women's Basketball; Intramurals; Men’s Basketball; Track and Field; Rugby; NFL; NHL
March 6th, 2009 A mandated monopoly: liquor laws in Idaho; UI elects new Greek advisor; Maintaining ‘moderate dinginess’: Deferred maintenance on Kibbie Dome puts pressure on university; More programs on the way out; UI may be eligible for stimulus dollars, Mues announces areas in need; Physics program not going anywhere (p3); Accreditation: shielding programs from cuts (p3); No cookies for UI campus (p4); City council shoots down anti-discrimination policy (p4); defender unit leaves Moscow (p5); Human rights office hires new director (p5); Robotics team heads to tough competition (p6); Sights from overseas: international student bring the international experience to the SUB ballroom (p9); School of music hosts disco night (p9); The Palouse celebrartes Women’s History Month (p9); Artist reflects on imperfection (p10); Gandhi items auctioned off (p11); Vandals shut down Louisiana Tech (p12); Track and field battle for NCAA standards (p12); Olorunnife breaks record (p12); Vandals thumped by the wolf pack (p12); Climber prepare for showcase event (p13); Women’s tennis dominates the court (13) [KUIO programming guide starts on page 15]
Prohibition; Liquor laws; Liquor sale; Liquor dispensary; Liquor tax; Matthew Kurz; Greek life; Kibbie Dome; Renovations; Facilities; Federal stimulus; Physics department; Physics curriculum; College of science; Girl Scouts; ASUI; ASUI Senate; Gender expression; Discrimination; Civil rights; Captial Habes Unit; Circuit Breakers; International students; Lional Hampton School of Music; Women’s History Month; Mohandas Gandhi; Benicio del Toro; Hugo Chavez; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Track and Field; Yinka Olorunnife; Climbing; Women's tennis
January 16th, 2009 Access: a daily struggle; Collecting for a good cause; Pullman not out of the water just yet; University housing mixes it up, mixed gender housing offered in Living and Learning Community building next year (p3); Bush says he acted in nation’s best interest (p3); Pilot ditches plane into frigid river, all 155 aboard survive after US Airways flight splashes into Hudson River (p4); Congress clears way for second half of bailout (p4); Israeli forces shell UN office in Gaza (p6); Immigration officials end RI detention contract (6); Guest artist series offers perspective (p9); RIAA ends pirating fight (p10); A promising second season begins (p11); ‘Slumdog’ leads field for British Academy Awards (p11); UI matches win total (p12); Vandals off to a hot start (p12); NMSU too much for UI (p12)
Disability; Disability Support Services; Accessibility; Service animals; University housing; Food banks; Food drive; Flooding; Housing and residence life; Housing and residence life; Living and Learning community; LLC; George W. Bush; Recession; Bailout; Terrorism; Immigration; Lionel Hampton School of Music; Brendan Kinsella; File sharing; Basketball; Tennis, Womens’s; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; NFL
March 10th, 2009 Smokin’ the hookah: couple bring hookah lounge to the Palouse; Presidency: UI set to make final selection; State department warns ‘know before you go’: travel advisory issues to caution vacationers to Mexico for break; Pitman holds open forum on fee hike (p3); Rubbing it in: massage school teaches alternative health practices (p3); Washington Post reporter visits Moscow (p4); Local businessman named honorary alumnus for contribution (p4); WSU pays tribute to Semana de la Raza (p8); Nation’s best slam poets take stage in Pullman (p8); Vandals rock the Spectrum (p10); UI dampens Broncos’ night (p10); Last week in MLB (p10); Vandal golf ditches snow for Vegas (p10); Track and field competes at qualifier (p11); US routs Venezuela to reach next WBC round
Tobacco; Shisha; Duane Nellis; Travel advisory; Spring break; Mexico; Bruce Pitman; Student fees; Tuition; Juliet Eilperin; Jim Anderson; David Dooley; Latino/a culture; Chicana/o culture; Women of Color Symposium Poetry Slam; Cowan Spectrum; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; MLB; Major league baseball; Golf; Track and Field; World Baseball Classic; WBC
March 13rd, 2009 Candidate pulls name from race; Master’s program set to go; UI faculty salaries below peer average; Squad finds new funding (p3); ASUI/GPSA support RFI for sustainability (p3); GTSA to award 2009 graduates (p4); Foie Gras Week protestor sitting out for this year (p4); UI theater students to compete in D.C (p8); Junior Miss teaches confidence and nixes the polka dot panties (p8); Finnish architect lectures at UI (p8); Zeller to teach in China (p9); UI women fall in heartbreaker (p11); Olympic gold medalists swims for food bank (p11); UI Women at NCAA’s (p11)
Duane Nellis; University president; University Presidential candidates; College of Art and Architecture; Gier, Nick; Spirit squad; Fundraising; Graduate and Professional Studies Association; Associated Students of the University of Idaho; Humane League of Philadelphia; Attendance; Homlessness; Homeless shelters; Drama department; Theater; Beauty pageant; Juhani Pallasmaa; Joseph Zeller; Women's Basketball; Swimming; NCAA; Men’s Tennis
March 24th, 2009 Facing uncertainty: tensions rise as cuts become more of a reality; CALS looks to combine programs for efficiency; For the love of meat: meat convention aids students in unique passion; Moscow hosts Supreme Court Justice (p3); University gains positive turnout in Navel ROTC competition (p3); Dreaming in music and dance (p7); Recycling fun, even for the birds (p7); UI film fest showcases native culture (p7); Room for foodies in Moscow: restaurants bring culinary heart to Moscow (p8); Tigers end UI tourney run (p10); Women sweep East Coast (p10); Consistency given red light (p10); Vandals earn All-American honors (p10); Griffey blasts home run in spring training (p11); Schilling retires after three World Series titles (p11)
Budget cuts; Program cuts; College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Program consolidation; Vandal Meats; John Roberts; Navy ROTC; Northwest Navy Competition; Dancers Drummers Dreamers; DDD; Dan Bukvich; Recycling; Recycling awareness; Kenworthy Performing Arts Center; Native American culture; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Formula 1; Track and Field; Baseball; Ken Griffey; Curt Schilling
January 21st, 2009 A taste for everyone; At-risk programs released; Fall freshman class fails academically; Residents embrace change; ASUI seeks personnel (p3); UI caterer retires after 30 years (p3); Memorial placed in UI’s TLC (p4); Grand Jury: man intentionally crashed plane (p4); Eight-year-old boy spends 10 days with dead mother (p4); Sex bites - at least crabs do (p7); Athletics get breaks during crisis (p7); ‘Lincoln’s Shins’ sees first light (p8); Undergrad poet publishes book (p8); Classic cars and curmudgeons (p9); Student raps to see Obama (p9); Indoor track meet gets under way (p10); UI track houses hidden instinct (p10); Back in the swing of things (p10); Vandals lose tough game to LA Tech (p11); Kokanee get shot at comeback (p12)
Campus Christian Center; UI strategic access plan; Academic probation; Barack Obama; 44th President; POTUS; ASUI; Delia Advincula; Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Memorial; Mixed gender housing; Housing and residence life; STDs; Athletics; Drama; Theater; Track & Field; Baseball; Basketball
March 27th, 2009 Tying the knot early; UI faculty face 3 percent pay cut; Cyclists: rack it or lose it, parking regulation to encompass bicycle storing; UI flag makes its way to space (pA3); ASUI presidential candidates want fair race (pA3); Parent-students get endorsement from ASUI (pA4); Turning the state from red to blue (pA5); Alaska volcano erupts, sends ash 12 miles up (pA7); Senate passes new liquor license plan (pA7); Mikey’s hosts two concerts (pB1); UI Women’s Center: feminism (un)defined (pB1); Selleck unveils traveling memorial exhibits in D.C. (pB4); Vandals head outdoors: track and field team heads to California (pB5); Baseball: past its time (pB5); Gauging next year: ballgame predicts upcoming seasons (pB5); Polo completes spring ride (pB6); Where have all the Cinderellas gone? (pB7); Player delayed in traffic stop as relative perished (pB8); NCAA, school discuss possible investigation into player recruiting (pB8) ["Vandal Friday" Housing Guide starts on page 21]
Marriage; Pay cuts; Budget; Deficit; Cycling; Commuting; Parking regulations; Bicycle storage; Discovery’s STS-119; Steve Swanson; International Space Station; ASUI Senate; Excused absences; Voting; Campaigning; Mount Redoubt; Anchorage, Alaska; Laura Gibson; Pablo Trucker; Mikey’s Gyros; Women’s Center; Tom Selleck; Track and Field; Baseball; Football; Horse polo; Basketball; NCAA; NFL; Ryan Moats; Recruiting
January 23rd, 2009 State funds, Seven percent slash expected; Un in arms, HGUn sales increase nationally after Obama election; Graduation venue still unknown, construction renders Kibbe Dome unusable; Mixed gender dorm rooms given the axe; New dialysis center to open (p3); Fair aims to inspire students (p3); ASUI pushes for more time (p4); RHA hosts pool party after meet (p5); Idaho makes more cuts (p5); Citing American character, Obama to close Guantanamo (p5); Obama works to end Gitmo embarrassment (p7); For the spirit of the song, ensembles performs at college and high school level (p8); Community activists discuss change on MLK day (p8); Vandals seek revenge, Simmons believes in new team (p10); Women look for first La. Tech victory (p10); UI coming off long break (p11)
Politics; Gun bans; Second amendment; Budget; Mixed gender housing; Kibbe dome construction; Gritman Medical Center; Study Abroad Fair; ASUI; RHA; Residence Hall Association; Budget cuts; Band Fest XXXII; Lionel Hampton School of Music; MLK Day; Martin Luther King Jr.; Basketball; Swimming; Tennis; Track & Field; Diving
January 27th, 2009 Curriculum changes ahead; OMA in transition; Parents petition for family leave; Private cash may expand UI law program in Boise; Web site offers alternative to bookstore (p3); Film grant helps Idaho’s Native American festival (p3); UI’s steam plant heats up (p3); Board endorses revamp (p5); Teen pleads not guilty to impersonation (p5); Bringing the Highland home: Moscow locals gather in the SUB Ballroom for haggis and harmonies to celebrate Scottish poet Burns (p8); Late run seals win (p10); Women split, sit 4-2 in WAC (p10); UI track and field off to strong start (p10); Double defeat in the water (p11); Super bowl area has 43 strip clubs (p12)
Office of Multicultural Affairs; Diversity scholarships; Scholarships; Art classes; Art curriculum; Ceramics; Excused absences; Sick days; Law School; Textbooks; Textbook exchange; Online exchange; Idaho Humanities Council; University power plant; State Board of Education; Police impersonation; Robert Burns; Indie Rock; Electronic music; Theater; Drama department; Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Swimming; Track and Field; Diving; Swim and dive
January 30th, 2009 Physics phase-out: undergraduate physics program one possible cut; UI announced presidential candidates; Idaho spring numbers up; Campus crime: Annual report still incomplete (p3); Program changes inevitable (p4); Consequence of cruelty (p4); UI retiree lawsuit in ‘discovery stage’ (p5); Co-ed dorm veto stirs conversation (p5); Exhibit brings the Japanese perspective (p8); Local bars to go head-to-head (p8) Emotions from abroad (p8); Broncos fall to Vandals (p10); Vandals look to sweep Hawai’i (p10); Bothum’s throws break UI track records (p10); Track at it again (p11); Black coaches not a curiosity in NFL (p12)
Physics department; Physics degree; College of science; Curriculum changes; University of Idaho president; University Presidential candidates; David Dooley; Duane Nellis; Enrollment; Enrollment increase; Annual crime report; Jeanne Clery; Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act; Animal abuse; Co-ed dormitories; Lawsuit; Atomic Bombings Memorial Museum; Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Track and Field; Super Bowl; Football
April 10th, 2009 Bridging the gap: College of Engineering looks for ways to offer new degree options; Fee increase may soften budget blow; UI department to promote healthier vending; NPR ombudsman visits Lewiston (p3); Local Moscow churches get ready to celebrate Easter (p3); Storage unit burglaries become much bigger issue, drugs found (p3); Public art on campus (p4); Sex trafficing a reality in U.S. (p8); Pompom chicks make Easter fun (p9); UI set to host sax conference (p10); Quay brothers: stop-motion animation masters (p10); Coaches fortify program (p12); Lacrosse practices with the rising sun (p12); Vandal gold team prepares for WAC Championships (p12); Rookie dies in car crash (p13); Sacramento mayor to pay $73K to settle case (p13)
College of Engineering; Program Prioritization Process; PPP; Degree consolidation; Geological engineering; Budget; Tuition; Fees; Student fees; Health; Snacks; Obesity; National Public Radio; Northwest Public Radio; Holiday; Religion; Student Alumni Relations Board; Theft; Burglary; Crime; Art; Sex trafficking; Easter; Crafts; North American Saxophone Alliance; Stop-motion film; Track and Field; Golf; Lacrosse; Drunk driving; Car accident; Basketball; Intramurals
March 31st, 2009 Paradise lost; Third UI presidential finalist drops out of race; Choosing a future wisely: students choose other options besides the 40-hour work week; Meet next year’s ASUI candidates; Gathering the posse (p3); Moscow police offer free course for citizens (p3); Motive sought in murders (p4); Pow wow pride: annual event celebrates Native American cultures (p8); Festival sets stage for art students: Master of Fine Arts candidates produce short plays, readings (p8); Football spring training begins (p10); Vandals hit four regional marks (p10); Do not fear Black Widows (p11); Club sports results (p11); Moats accepts cop’s apology for traffic stop (p11); Fans blame police for deadly stampede (p12)
Paradise Creek; Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute; Creek cleanup; David Dooley; Ham Shirvani; National Association of Colleges and Employers; Military; Graduate School; ASUI elections; Illegal activity; Internet trafficking; Internet piracy; Police work; Public police academy; Murder-suicide; Native American culture; Football; Baseball; Track and Field; NCAA; Rugby; Rugby, Women’s; NFL; Ivory Coast stampede; FIFA
April 14th, 2009 Redistributing wealth; Academics in the works to change faculty voting method; National statistics reach new heights in unemployment; Activists protest votes: Idaho, Moscow vote down identity discrimination law (p3); Sustainable Environment Commission gains a student voice (p3); Art department gets new studio (p4); A walk in the dark (p4); My cover, myself (p8); Richards, Baumgardner: on activism and writing (p8); In America: six years counting (p8); It’s a baseball time of year (p10); Lumberjack earns third (10); Former Vandal leads the Shock (p10); My sports anniversary (p11); Mark Fidrych dies in farm accident (p11); Phillies announcer dies at 73 (p12)
Fees; Tuition; Budget; ASUI; Faculty Council; Unemployment Networking; Gender identity; Sexual orientation; Discrimination; Civil rights; Sustainability; Voices for Planned Parenthood; Take Back the Night; Art and architecture; Amy Richards; Jennifer Baumgardner; Germany; Immigration; Immigrant; Timbersports; Baseball; Women's tennis; Track and Field; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Football; Pitcher; Death
April 17th, 2009 Not your average mom; SBOE: we’re not talking; ASUI announces new leadership positions; Students bring flow to those in need (pA3); Donors honored with UI Tag Day (pA4); Frat reopens in time for Turtle Derby (pA4); Longboard hurt after fall (pA5); Analysis oddities emerge in Idaho Legislature (pA5); Thousands rally at ‘tea parties’ (pA6); Obamas made $2.7 million last year (pA6); President seeks action from Cuban dictator (pA6); A Gem State gem: local jewelers find passion in work (pB1); Secret gardens, bats and Elvis (pB1); Timothy Mooney: keeping Moliere alive (pB1); Talent contestant stuns crowd (pB4); The road to recovery: University of Idaho football coach Robb Akey yells out drill instructions during football practice Thursday on the SprinTurf (pB5); UI tennis wins home matches (pB5); Track and field team busy as bees (pB5); Women’s soccer club season begins (pB6); NBC’s John Madden retires (pB6)
House director; Greek life; Greek system; House manager; House ‘mom’; State Board of Education; Senior project; Irrigation; Albertson School of Business; Turtle Derby; Gritman Medical Center; Idaho state; Barack Obama; Protest; Raul Castro; Mom day; YouTube; Football; Track and Field; Women's tennis; Men’s Tennis; Soccer, Women’s; Tennis; Intramurals; John Madden
April 21st, 2009 Experiencing a different world; Number of DUIs down; Parking services proposes fee increase to chip away deficit; Campus gets clean (p3); Future of small programs unsure (p3); Shhh, it’s a secret: PostSecret project creator visits campus (p8); Turtle Contender slowly waddles towards destiny (p8); Vinyl: the new, old black (p9); Expanding on experience: Bat for Lashes’ “Two Suns” receives high praise (p9); Vandals excel against tough competition (p10); Vandals compete in Silver and Gold game (p10); Apple cup runneth over (p10); More wins for Black Widows (p11); Boston Marathon: Americans push, fall short (p11); Drawing to an online straight: Gambling ban created to maintain game’s integrity (p12)
Moscow Police Department; Drinking and driving; Ukraine; Protests; Peace Corps; Parking Services; Deficit; University of Idaho Parking and Transportation Services; Campus day cleanup; Feminism; Women’s studies; Postcards; Frank Warren; Alpha Gamma Delta; Greek life; Greek system; Track and Field; Women’s Golf; Football; Women's tennis; Men’s Tennis; Apple Cup; Rugby; Rugby, Women’s; Intramurals
April 24th, 2009 Going round and round: public transit aids Moscow commuter community; University gains new leading face; Budget deficit leads to layoffs; Closure threatens extension programs; Credit card use up for college students (p3); From harm to homeland: refugees find safety in Boise (p3); Students lead with service (p4); PCEI cleans up the creek, seeks volunteers (p4); Survey reveals satisfied residents (p5); Charges weighed in death (p5); Judge rules fraud in Dole lawsuits (p6); House sends more money to roads, after economy grows (p6); Idaho State University silences four new languages (p6); Bring a little light into life (p10); UI theater students to apprentice in Louisville (p10); UI goes to ‘track town’ (p12); To practice or not to practice (p12); Cyclists prepare for races on the Palouse (p12); Kiper still talking at draft time (p13)
Public transportation; Bus system; Commuter; Idaho State Board of Education; Duane Nellis; University president; Budget; Deficit; Agriculture research; College of Agriculture; Credit cards; Debt; Credit; International Rescue Committee; Kelby Wilson; Student government; ASUI; ASUI Senate; Paradise Creek; University Housing and Residence Life; Dole; Dole extortion; Track and Field; Women's tennis; Men’s Tennis; Football; NCAA; Cycling; Golf; NFL draft
April 28th, 2009 Dying to change: suicide rates in Idaho No. 7 in the nation; Nellis eager to work, sites areas of urgency; Preparing for the unthinkable: campus safety system engages new technology; Vandalism increases on campus (p3); Pirates are the new black (p3); Landscape students use hands on techniques: architecture students blend art with sustainability in new outdoor project (p4); Fashion from the frat house (p8); Getting more out of life with Buddhism (p8); Athlete joins top 20: Williams ties for 19th in NCAA (p10); Tennis season ends bittersweet (p10); The semantics of cheerleading (p10); Idaho gymnast earns national recognition (p11)
Suicide; Suicide rates; Mental health; Health resources; Counseling; Duane Nellis; Emergency response; Gritman Medical Center; Vandalism; Property damage; Piracy; Art and architecture; Landscaping; Sustainability; Religion; Buddhism; Fashion; NCAA; Track and Field; Elvie Williams; Men’s Tennis; Golf, Men’s; Cheer; Cheerleading; Spirit squad; MLB; National Association of Intercollegieate Gymnastics Clubs
May 1st, 2009 Effects of limitations: charging for extra credits hinders speed of graduation, fees ‘not to make or lose money’; Student death details released; Daley-Laursen addresses university for last time; Student creativity celebrated at EXPO (p3); ASUI president and Senate at odds over bill for new hire (p3); Snowmobile team takes third: student group finishes third at national competition with fuel efficient engine (p4); Legislature continue, without House (p5); Researchers ID remains of vanishes vagabond poet (p6); No pants, no cover: musical school drops recital charge to all who show some leg (p9); Return to renaissance: Ren. fair celebrates another year (p9); Experimental band returns to the Alley (p10); UI track looks to peak (p12); Two UI players’ NFL dreams come true (p12); Idaho club teams suffer home losses (p13); A-Rod hits homer in return (p14)
Alcohol; Alcohol poisoning; Death; Extra credit charge; Overtime student charge; Fees; Tuition; Steven Daley-Laursen; Jessica Smith; Senior design project; Engineering; ASUI; ASUI Senate; Snowmobile team; University of Idaho Clean Snowmobile Challenge; House of Representatives; Everett Ruess; Feminism; Gender; Lionel Hampton School of Music; No Pants Day; John’s Alley Tavern; Taarka; Disney; Hulu; Track and Field; Football; NCAA; WACC; Golf, Men’s; Women’s Golf; Michael Vick; Lacrosse, Men’s; Volleyball, men’s; MLB
May 5th, 2009 Pluggin in: Idaho works to do its part as national energy standards change; Daley-Laursen reflects on year; Idaho to play in program’s survival; UI student finds body by highway; Teamwork crucial at NRS (p3); Changes coming in electronic waste disposal (p3); Sangria Grille offers apprenticeship (p4); University alumni celebrated with tree dedication (p4); Assistant football coach gets DUI; Finals Fest: the lineup (p9); Biking: a culture of its own (p10); Court to review Janet Jackson case (p10); Student filmmakers showcase their work (p11); NBC takes its medicine: New purse, paramedic shows (p11); Two more athletes qualify for regionals (p12); Dysfunctional Nationals have chance to improve (p12); Kentucky Derby senseless (p12); Men’s golf finishes strong (p13)
Fossil fuels; Renewable energy; Hydroelectric power; Natural gas; Clean energy; Steven Daley-Laursen; Interim president; Washington State University; Northwest River Supplies; E-waste; Margaret Fosberg; Maynard Fosberg; Mark Criner; Accessibility; Bicycles; Chipman trail; Janet Jackson; Film Festival; NCAA regionals; Women’s Golf; Track and Field; Golf, Men’s; Upright Citizens Brigade
May 8th, 2009 Zoning out: Technology takes its toll on classroom etiquette; State board announces UI budget; Perceptions of their own skill: Balck students reflect on UI experience; Into the rundown; Thrifty threads: parents dress their kids for less; Idaho offers many prospects (pA3); Snacks for the schnockered (pA4); Veteran media lecturer tells all (pA4); Arboretum appeals to parents (pA5); Christianity reaches out to UI students (pA7); The joys of summer reading (pA8); The real drug of choice (pA9); The law - a laughing matter (pB1); Jane’s walk: seeing Moscow through a new set of lenses (pB1); English professor’s poem featured on NPR program (pB2); Thinking on one’s feet: Upright Citizens Brigade, a traveling improvisational comedy group, talks about life at a moment’s notice (pB6); Vandals; newest imports (pB8); It’s more than just a Ballgame (pB8); Track and field: put to test before Deak Week (pB8); Half-marathon to honor fallen runner (pB9)
Technology; Cell phones; Budget; State Board of Education; Students Diversity Center; Culture; Campus climate; West Palouse River Drive Baseball Field Complex; Thrift stores; Donations; Robert Zemetra; Moscow Bagel and Deli; Late-Night; Arboretum; Religion; Christianity; Bookstore; Birth control; Intolerance; Reno 911; Pokemon; NPR; Northwest Public Radio; Discovery Channel; Brett Favre; KUOI; Baseball; Track and Field; Running; Football
May 27th, 2009 - Summer Arg Summer activities on the Palouse; R.K. Milholland keeps it positive (p3); Psychedelia: not just for hippies (p4); Palouse’s top five: Summer Arg staff members list favorite summer activities in and around Moscow (p4); Acting in your own best interest (p4); Plasma plays in Moscow (p5); Program proves Palouse is full of fun (p6); Farmer’s Market brings community together (p6); Migraine music (p7); Arizona is south of Mendoza Line (p8); Growing up in the wrong generation (p9); Highway crossing: too much (p9); Compliments versus catcalls (p11)
Summer; Summer break; R.K. Milholland; Tie-dye; Arboretum; WSU; Co-op; Cancer; Blood drive; Plasma drive; Outdoor Program; Farmer’s Market; Music; Mario Mendoza; Technology; Cyber Bullying; Moscow-Pullman Highway; Harassment; Memorial Day
June 10th, 2009 - Summer Arg Fun in the classroom; Ernest through the years (p3); ‘UP’ full of sentiment (p4); SUB Ballroom renovation starts (p5); Evolution: it’s all around Moscow (p5); Peddling out stress (p6); Summer style without breaking your wallet (p6); Trouble-free leasing: how to avoid landlord battles (p7); History on the move (p8); Gay marriage and the law (p9); Kenworthy looks to new to keep old alive (p9); Shock jocks target defenseless children (p10)
Summer school; Ernest P. Worrel; Jim Varney; Pixar; UP; SUB; Evolution 2009; Evolutionary biology; Exercise; Cycling; Bicycling; Housing and residence life; Apartments; Night at the Museum; Movies; Gay marriage; Civil rights; Kenworthy
April 3rd, 2009 Biking as a way of life; $12.1 million cut possible; Presidential search: Future of selection process uncertain; Stressing peace through health (p3); Relay for Life to be more sustainable (p4); Alcohol screening day around the corner (p4); Mom drugged girl, attempted impregnation (p5); School donates home drug tests (p5); Goodbye, cool world: accepting a new music generation gap (p8); Latin dance party hits UI (p8); Living with life’s obstacles (p8); Aspiring filmmakers get their 15 minutes (p9); Escorting the fallen (p9); Vandals send in troops (p10); Ruud throws for UI a second time (p10); UI tennis looks to better record (p10); Men’s Volleyball: players on probation (p11); Broncos trade Cutler to Bears (p11)
Bike-friendly; Bicycles; Commuting; Commuter campus; National Bike to Work Month; Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute; Budget cuts; State fees; State funds; State Board of Education; University of Idaho selection committee; David Dooley; Duane Nellis; Dr. Gro. Harlem Brundtland; Borah Symposium; Relay for Life; American Cancer Society; National Alcohol Screening Day; NASD; Substance abuse; Track and Field; Evan Ruud; Tennis; Volleyball; Volleyball, men’s; Athletic probation; NFL
June 24th, 2009 - Summer Arg Idaho’ first district’s past, present future (p3); An art geek’s heaven (p3); IRT set to break a leg (p4); Discovering happiness in yourself (p5); Summer nights and a great pair of heels (p6); Route 66 offers quirky sightseeing (p8); Top 5 cyber celebs you should be following (p9); Remember the true meaning of Independence Day (p10); Geek is sexy: starting out with WOW (p11); This season’s MLB mishaps (p12)
Summer; C.L. Otter; House of Representatives; GOP; Politics; The Louvre; Art; Art gallery; Idaho Repertory Theater; Theater; Drama; Music; Photography; Shoes; High heels; Summer shoes; Driving; Sightseeing; Travel; World of Warcraft; MLB
July 8th, 2009 - Summer Arg Homicide trial may be months away: Despite arrest, investigation continues (p3); Leaders share perspectives on Nellis’ challenges (p4); FAFSA to be simplified (p5); Paradise Creek takes a new direction (p5); Moscow bars may be smokeless soon (p6); Prominent Vandal turns into prominent enigma (p7); War against the English language (p7); Surviving conventions (p8); Finding out what matters in our lives (p8); Summertime “do”s and “don’t”s for guys (p9); A new perspective: Paris icon creates breathtaking view of the surrounding city (p9); Giving the fans what they want (p10); The best players you haven’t heard of (p12)
Death; Investigation; Duane Nellis; President; FAFSA; Financial aid; Paradise Creek; Non-Smoking ordinance; Language; Happiness; Summer; Paris; Movies; MLB
July 22nd, 2009 Orientations helps create new Vandals; Fireproof: Kibbie Dome renovations continue; Technology takes toll on classroom etiquette; Top 5 activities to do in Moscow if you’re under 21 (p2); Buildings steeped in sacred history (p3); Common read program returns (p3); Palousafest promises changes, fun for all (p4); New Greek adviser settles in (p5); Plan B available at all Moscow pharmacies (p6); KUOI: college radio with a personality (p7); Treating women as equals (p7); Beyond the microwave: slow, low for less dough (p9); Akey’s Army: a new meaning (p13); Sport clubs offer life beyond school (p13); VB prepares for success (p13); Golf recognized for GPA (p14)
Orientation; Freshmen; Kibbie Dome; Construction; Technology; Cell phones; Theophilus Tower; Ridenbaugh Hall; Brink Hall; Common Read; Literature; Library; Palousafest; Entertainment; Greek life; Greek system; Birth control; Movies; KUOI; Radio; Equality; Gender studies; Gender equality; Budget food; Akey, Robb; Football; Intramurals; Rugby; Volleyball; Women’s Golf
April 7th, 2009 Functional fruit: Apple dominates UI computer culture; Student fees to increase; Longboard hit by truck; CNR to combine master’s programs: college wants interdisciplinary study emphasis; Ceremony honors residence hall students with Golden Joes (p3); University Housing to improve student living (p3); Behind the scenes, above the stage (p4); Part-time job raises the stakes, pays the bills (p4); Old traditions & new beginnings (p8); Standing at the front of feminism (p8); Library finds Schindler’s famous list (p9); Track and field takes 14 titles (p10); Women’s winning streak ends (p10)
Idaho State Board of Education; Tuition increase; ASUI; Budget cuts; Apple computers; Windows computers; PC; Apple Campus Representative; Traffic Safety; Gritman Medical Center; College of Natural Resources; Freshman of the year; Resident of the year; Kibbie Dome; Renovations; University Housing and Residence Life; University housing; Drama department; Theater; Part-time jobs; Online poker; Powwow; Feminism; Women’s Center; Holocaust; Oskar Schindler; Track and Field; Tennis; Women's tennis; Men’s Tennis; Baseball; MLB
August 28th, 2009 Minnick visits Moscow; Housing rule explained: Administrators contend rule is academic, not financial; Reusable danger?; Common Read begins second year (p4); Campus Greeks see major recruitment gains for sororities (p4); Bernanke personal bank account struck by ID theft (p5); GOP jokes about ‘Obama Tags’ (p5); July, Aug. deadly months of war for US (p6); UI goes Western: ROTP’s “Annie, Get Your Gun” displays student, alumni work (p9); New look at old world (p9); Bukvich shines in music department (p9); Fans, expect no surprise here (p13); Idaho going to California (p13); Soccer aims to hit stride (p13); Colorado’s back, again (p14); ESPN contributes to downfall of U.S. sports (p14); Tiger Woods set for FedEx Cup opener at Barclays (p14); Faster than a speeding Boyden (p15); Simon bolsters UI tennis team (p16); Intramural play to begin Saturday (p16); Court rules against drug list release (p17); Judge approves Michael Vick’s $20 million bankruptcy plan (p17)
Walk Minnick; Congress; House of Representatives; Freshman housing; Housing and residence life; Common Read; University of Idaho Library; Greek life; Greek system; Oil prices; Ben Bernanke; Identity theft; GOP; Obama administration; Afghanistan; Gulf War; Military; Deployment; Drama; Theater; Regional Theater of the Palouse; Dan Bukvich; Lionel Hampton School of Music; Basketball; Volleyball; Soccer; ESPN; Golf; Tiger Woods; Tennis; Intramurals; MLB; Drugs; NFL
September 1st, 2009 Safety on wheels: staying on the good side of the Dean of Students; Massage school closes doors; H1N1 hits the Palouse; Winger’s reopens after fire; Taking guesswork out of emergencies (p3); Researchers given STD grant (p3); Student falls from fraternity window (p4); Saturday night rock ‘n’ roll: Nickleback’s live performance surged energy through the Gorge (p7); Heading south: Vandals to play season opener on road against New Mexico State (p9); A successful start: won 2 of 3 tournament matches (p9); Soccer dominates Utah Valley 3-1 (p9); Straight-faced beer pong (p11); Tedy Bruschi retires (p12)
Safety; Bicycles; Skateboards; Longboards; Transportation rules; Moscow School of Massage; Flu; Influenza; Winger’s Bar and Grill; Fire damage; Emergency Notification System; Sexually transmitted diseases; Delta Tau Delta; Fraternity; Nickleback; French films; Football; Volleyball; Soccer; Beer pong; Tedy Bruschi; NFL
September 4th, 2009 Campus officials prepare for H1N1; Police, administrators continue investigation; Student support: aids for body, mind; NIATT to improve transportation (p3); Faculty senate called to order (p3); $173M gov’t shortfall projected for Idaho (p4); Diversity in fashion (p7); UI Ballroom Dance team mirrors growing trends (7); Meet the competition: Vandals prepare to face new conference opponent (p9); The key to the Vandals; success: Getting inside the head of one of the important opponent on the field (p9); Running into a hopeful season (p9); Fighting for the Cup: Fresh off victory, Vandal soccer ready for Governors’ Cup weekend (p10); Fresh faces take over sport clubs (p10); Volleyball heads to Vegas for second tournament (p10); Area hunters need to stop crying wolf (p11); NFL says Vick eligible to play (p12)
Influenza; H1N1; Flu season; Fraternity fall; Delta Tau Delta; Counseling and Testing Center; National Institute for Advanced Transportation Technology; C.L. Otter; Idaho state governor; Fashion; Foreign Fashion; Dance; UI Dance team; Football; Cross-country; Soccer; Intramurals; Club sports; Volleyball; NFL; Wolf hunting; Michael Vick
September 9th, 2009 Senate discusses provost’s memo; University IDC series begins; Saving fuel, money: Palouse has transit; Research veep talks shop (p3); WSU swine flu outbreak may be easing (p3); Clinton movie case reheard by Supreme Court (p3); Grocery aisle relief as food prices fall (p4); Weddings, funerals and fresh starts (p7); Bringing home the win: Vandals come home cinfodent after 21-6 win over New Mexico State Aggies (p9); Idaho breaks drought: Soccer wins Governor’s Cup for first time in 11 years (p9); Vandals battle hard in Sin City (p9); Talented men’s squad looks to improve on last season (p10); Tennis adds depth (p10); Eight sports clubs placed on probation (p11)
Idaho Faculty Senate; Doug Baker; Course merger; Public transit; Bus system; Civil war; Research; Swine flu; H1N1; fInfluenza; Hillary Clinton; Oil prices; Food prices; Television shows; Movies; Football; Soccer; Volleyball; Men’s Tennis; Jennifer Eugenio; Soccer, Women’s; Intramurals; Club sports; Athletic probation; MLB
September 11st, 2009 Eight years later; Fall from window lands another student in hospital; Disc golf prohibited on admin lawn (p3); Longtime english prof. Set to retire (p3); New name, same center: CAPP changes name to better represent center’s goals, services (p4); American Muslims fear backlash (p4); Judge extends restraining order for former Idaho Reepublican leader (p4); A Pac-10 challenge: After a win over New Mexico State, the Vandals head West to battle against the Huskies (p9); Tripping his way to touchdowns (p9); Reaching crossroads (p9); Soccer builds on success (p10); Vandals take on the Cougars (p10); Camaraderie key for club volleyball (p11); Lady Vandals hit the links (p11); Oudin leaves US Open with different kinds of life (p12)
9/11; September 11; World Trade Center; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greek life; Injury; Disc golf; Admin Building; Admin lawn; Property damage; College of Letters Arts and Social Sciences; Kurt Olsson; Retirement; Career and Professional Planning office; Career Center; Muslim; Racism; Discrimination; Blake Hall; Moscow parks; City facilities; Football; PAC-12; Soccer; Volleyball; Club sports; Intramurals; Women’s Golf; MLB; Melanie Oudin; Tennis
August 21st, 2009 In case you missed it; New school year, new president; New parking meters come to campus; Textbooks: you have options (pA4); UI partners with community colleges (pA5); Veterans start over as colleges ignore experience (pA5); Cash for clunkers ends Monday (pA5); Idaho F&G commissioners approve hunt og 220 wolves (pA6); Idaho GOP leader who helped spur coup arrested (pA6); Smokers who cultivate their own tobacco to save money (pA7); Shaken baby bill proposed (pA7); Stanford scientists scan 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy (pA7); Afghan voters sees violence (pA8); Obama pushes for health care accord (pA8); Virginia Tech gunman spoke to counselors (pA9); Notre Dame creates powerful presence (pB3); Scrimmages show promise (pB4); Soccer confident for opener (pB4); Big Mike feels success early (pB4); Bolt gets gold, another world record in 200 at worlds Raf Casert (pB5); Vandals in action: Football players jump-start season with scrimmages (pB6); NCAA throws out Memphis’ Final Four run (pB8)
Summer; Duane Nellis; University president; Textbooks; Bookstore; Textbook rentals; Digital textbooks; North Idaho College; College of Southern Idaho; College of Western Idaho; Military; Veterans; Obama administration; Idaho Department of Fish and Game; GOP; Tobacco; Stanford; Mummy; Virginia Tech; Virginia Tech Shooting; John Mulaney; Palousafest; Warped Tour; Football; Soccer; WAC; NCAA: Intramurals; Sports clubs; Usain Bolt; Rec fair; Brett Favre
September 15th, 2009 Celebration set for Thursday; More bikes, more danger; Underage drinking a renewed tailgating concern: ASUI hopes to move focus from parking lot to Kibbie Dome; UI defeats WSU … in donations (p3); Idaho State Police sued over liquor licence rule (p3); Studies reveal swine flu spreads long after fever stops (p3); Iran to meet world powers (p4); Feel the rhythm: Modern dance class gives students open space for expression (p7); MuteMath avoids sophomore slump (p8); Tudor Choir visits campus fro concert (p8); Vandals can’t stop Locker: Huskies offense runs rampant in 42-23 victory (p9); Vandals split weekend (p9); Volleyball truffles at Cougar Classic (p9); Rebuilt Vandals walk hard road (p10); Players promise brains to research (p11); Vandals’ schedule a reflection of Verlin’s Utah State experience (p11); Brady rallies Patriots against Bill, 25-24 (p12); Williams apologizes for outburst (p12)
Constitution Day; Discussion; Bicycles; Safety; Right of way; Bike traffic; Underage drinking; Tailgating; ASUI; Blood drive; Liquor licence; Swine flu; H1N1; Influenza; Iran; Gulf War; Modern dance; Dance classes; Comedians; MuteMath; Chamber music; Football; Volleyball; Soccer; Basketball; Sports clubs; Intramurals; NFL; Concussion studies; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; MLB; Serena Williams
September 18th, 2009 MPD substation moves to Commons; Akey: ‘Time to start new streak’; Student enrollment up; Senate seeks more strategic cuts; Students protest coal (p3); Idaho taps federal loans (p3); EPA scraps Bush-era amog rule (p4); Obama: “no quick decision” on more Afghanistan troops (p5); EU farmers in white heat over milk prices (p5); Rock with the Beatles (p8); Shakespeare Sundays offer something for everyone (p8); Reflections gallery houses a winner (p9); A workout is more than just physical (p9); Vandals make home stand against EWU (p11); Running in her memory (p11); Volleyball: preseason to end, Vandals head to Pismo Beach for tough tournament (p12); Idaho Women’s golf wins first tournament (12); Fresno St. hosts No. 10 Boise St. in WAC opener (p12); Vandals running for success (13); Laurel Draper looks to make impact (p13); Brand dies from cancer at 67 (p15)
Moscow Police Department; MPD; Akey, Robb; Vandal Football; Enrollment; Budget cuts; Coal; Coal protest; Idaho federal loans; State debt; Environmental Protection Agency; Obama administration; Gulf War; Afghanistan; European Union; The Beatles; Shakespeare; Mirror Theater; Cooking; Reflections Gallery; Art gallery; Health; Healthy lifestyle; Exercise; Soccer, Women’s; Emily Law; Emmie Law Memorial Run/Walk Half Marathon; Volleyball; Women’s Golf; Football; Cross-country; Laurel Draper; Cross-country, Women’s; Cross-country; Golf, Men’s; MLB; Myles Brand
September 22nd, 2009 Baker memo still a matter of contention: First faculty meeting sees more discussion of course closures; College of law turns 100; Martin Institute marks 30 years with refugee forum; Renovations to begin on LHSOM recital hall; Parks case still on the horizon (p3); UI gives vets assistance: Veterans given scholarship opportunities (p3); Former KUOI manager dies (p4); Phone legislation imminent (p4); Waters of the West crosses boundaries (p4); Rome program offers rich learning (p7); Show brings fashion, opportunity together (p8); Big plays crush Aztecs as Idaho rolls to victory, 34-20 (p9); Flu worries athletics (p9); Vandals split the weekend (p10); Vandals end preseason 4-7 (p10); Volleyball opens regular season (p10); Cross-Country shows strong at Sundodger Invitational (p11); Women’s Golf heading to Palouse tournament (p11); Pujols and Mauer should win MVP awards (p12)
Army ROTC; Prisoners of war; College of Law; Course closures; Lionel Hampton School of Music; Veterans; Scholarships; Silas Parks; Murder; KUOI; Campus radio; Texting and driving; Distracted driving; Waters of the West; Superheroes; Fashion; Rome; Study abroad; Foreign exchange; Football; Influenza; Swine flu; H1N1; Soccer, Women’s; Volleyball; Cross-country; Women’s Golf; MLB
September 25th, 2009 Coming home: Vandal soccer begins conference play with two home games; Senators debate collegiate control of Y-accounts; CNR celebrates its 100th anniversary; Falls spur change for Greeks; Martin institute turns 30: Iraqi refugee, now Boise resident, and Int’l Rescue Committee leader speak at forum (p3); UI program receives NSF grant (p3); Teen dating violence rates high in Idaho (p4); Turtles seduce Moscow (p7); R3 displays local artist’s environmental works (p7); Tough competition ahead (p9); More than size (p9); Nothing small about her (p10); Newly formed tennis club fights for survival (p10); New season, new goals (p11); Jacobs leads team to Inland Cup victory (p11); Vandals off to Hawaii (p12)
Soccer; Soccer, Women’s; Y-accounts; Finances; Billing; Faculty Senate; College of Natural Resources; Greek life; Injury; Alcohol policies; Martin Institute; Refugee; Costa Rica Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center; Alternatives to Violence on the Palouse; John’s Alley; Turtles; Intramurals; Re-Use, Re-Work, Re-Cycle; Cooking; Reviews; Football; Chelsea Small; Tennis club; Club sports; WAC; Tennis; Golf, Men’s; Women's tennis; Volleyball
September 29th, 2009 Growth industry: Soil stewards, UI agricultural club and produce sellers, keep growing; Otter announces budget holdback: UI to lose $5M in general fund appropriation, $1.5M in ag and research extension appropriation; Fallen Idaho vet returns for burial; One student in coma, other in stable condition; Campu safety report released (p3); Not your average box lunch (p3); Vandaleers fundraise for Europe (p7); Vandal Entertainment welcomes new board: Members begin planning for school year (p7); Jazz bands, choirs offer unique sounds (p8); Advancing toward victory: Enderle leads the Vandals to a 34-31 win over Northern Illinois (p9); Home games make UI athletic history (p9); Men’s golf successful early on (p10); Victory at San Jose State: Idaho takes home 3-1 victory Thursday over conference opponent (p10)
Idaho state governor; C.L. Otter; State budget; Budget cuts; University funding; Parker Research Farm; Soil Stewards Club; Jesse Phelps; Vietnam War; Veterans; Greek life; Greek house falls; Safety report; Crime; Chi Alpha Member and Box Lunch Social; Choir; Vandaleers; Music programs; Lionel Hampton School of Music; Health; Diet; Football; Soccer; Athletic recruiting; Golf, Men’s; Volleyball; Intramurals; Club sports; MLB
October 2nd, 2009 Vandals vs. Rams; Police, parking expect crowd; ASUI dedicates meeting to game; Dads invade Idaho: annual Dad’s Weekend to be held throughout campus and Moscow with sweat, beer and a hefty dose of old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll; Ag days begin (pA3); Senators talk money: Morris spells out budgetary reasons for Y-account change (pA3); ZHoward berkes of NPR speaks in Moscow (pA4); Homeland Security to hire cyber experts (pA4); Lawmaker panel to delay gas tax shift (pA4); Idaho judge to rule in UI retirees lawsuit (pA4); Idaho man illegally shoots wolves from sky (pA5); Judge: NM can yank US Airways’ liquor licence (pA5); Montana to feds: we want control (pA6); Nations agree to nuclear talks (pA6); US, Cuba held unknown talks (pA6); Amtrak supporters question study (pA6); Gingrich’s group rescinds award (pA7); Tsunami death toll rises (pA7); Something to talk about (And by something, we mean everything) (pB4); Volleyball finally at home (pB4); Golf season heats up (pB5); XC heading to Salem (pB6)
Football; Dad’s Weekend; ASUI; Budget; Ag Days; Y-account; National Public Radio; Howard Berkes; Obama administration; Cyber security; Gas tax; Class-action lawsuit; Wolf hunting; Poaching; Illegal hunting; Liquor licencing; Gun control; Nuclear weaponry; Nuclear fallout; Amtrak; Newt Gingrich; Pacific Islands Tsunami; Denim insulation; Reviews; Cooking; Football; Volleyball; Women’s Golf; Soccer, Women’s; Cross-country; Golf, Men’s; MLB; Boise State football
October 6th, 2009 Mental health matters; Housing proposes increases; Career Fair back in action for fall students; Helping students succeed (p3); Latino students get leg up with Career Day (p3); Tenants learn rights (p4); Pick a class, any class: Choose a fantasy identity in Dungeons and Dragons (p7); Men wear women’s shoes for a cause (p8); PB&J’s for all: Resonate offers sandwiches to passerby (p8); Responding to adversity: Vandal football continues to show its place on the field with comeback win over Colorado State (p9); Conference opener makes soccer history (p9); Men’s rugby feasts on Broncos (p9); Vandals win five set match (p10); Volleyball takes on Bulldogs (p10); Nothing to lose - everything to gain (p10); Vandals cross-country continue to finish strong (p11)
Mental health; Counseling; Student resources; National Depression Screening Day; Housing rates; Housing and residence life; Career Fair; Learning skills; UI College Assistance Migrant Program; Dungeons and Dragons; Tabletop roleplay; Internet trends; Memes; Domestic violence; Domestic violence awareness; Football; Soccer, Women’s; Rugby, Men’s; Club sports; Intramurals; Volleyball; Cross-country
October 9th, 2009 Battle for the Pumpkin: City, University put on first Palouse Harvest Festival; Senators discuss executive powers: President could cut salaries, benefits without board approval; HFED studies user-friendly systems; Students show appreciation; No cloves, FDA bans flavored cigarettes (p3); UI tree patent grows dividends (p3); One man’s legacy: Poverty Flats, a relic from another time (p7); Asian flavors for American kitchens (p7); Conference raises the bar: After tallying a 4-1 record, the Vandals must now prepare for conference play (p9); Game, set and match: Beaman and men’s tennis readies for Boise State tournament (p9); NHL skating on thin ice (p10); Bouncing back from defeat (p10); Average play won’t cut it for men’s golf (p11)
Palouse Harvest Festival; State Board of Education; Faculty Senate; Student Health Center; Heat systems; Scholarship donors; Food and Drug Administration; Clove cigarettes; UI tree patent; Vandal Solutions; Football; Men’s Tennis; NHL; Volleyball; Soccer, Women’s; Golf, Men’s; Club sports; Intramurals
October 13rd, 2009 Farmers Market now accepts food stamps; Green roof project unveiled at SUB; SBOE proposal incurs faculty questions: Idaho university presidents may have more discretion over staff salaries; UI celebrates LGBT history month; Viruses, Trojans and bugs not just for sex: Fifth-annual computer security symposium hits UI (p3); UI hires new bookstore director (p3); Dress up, don’t mess up: Tips for making your own or jazzing up Halloween costumes (p8); Continuing the streak (p9); WAC tournament chances take a huge hit: Two overtime losses last weekend leave team’s future uncertain (p9); Eight triumphant in Boise: Boise classic a success for coach Beaman’s team (p10); Match ends in loss (p10); Four athletes to compete in Vegas (p10)
State Board of Education; Green Roof Project; Renovations; Construction; Moscow Farmers Market; LGBT history; Cyber security; Gay marriage; Movies; Reviews; Music; Halloween; Halloween costumes; Football; Soccer, Women’s; WAC conference; Men’s Tennis; Women's tennis; Volleyball
October 16th, 2009 Presidential authority unchanged; No furloughs to balance budget; Moscow city council candidates have candidate forum on campus; Deep freeze kills crops: Morning light shows death of crops for local farmers (pA3); UI ready for cold, snow (pA3); ISGC gets new leadership (pA3); Same books, new catalog: New software allows UI lIbrary to search for titles across the world (pA4); Celebrating 100 years: UI plans events for homecoming milestone (pA4); Dance team sees resistance (pA4); Interracial marriage denied (pA5); Lesbian student fights for tuxedo (pA5); Major reforms planned for budget: Idaho legislature says now is perfect time for changes (pA6); Deceased teacher called haroine: Music instructor killed while trying to save others (pA6); UN chief backs Gaza war crimes accounts (pA6); Sweat lodge deaths names homicides (pA7); Feds deny protection for spotted seals near Alaska (pA7); Tha magic number: sixth win against the Hawai’i State Warriors on Saturday could make the Vandals bowl-eligible (pB4); A must-win game (pB4); Team ready for only home meet (pB5); Unlucky Vandals give in their all in Vegas (pB6)
University presidential power; Budget; Faculty salaries; Faculty Senate; Duane Nellis; C.L. Otter; Crops; Winter preparation; Idaho Space Grant Consortium; University of Idaho facilities; University of Idaho Library; Library catalog; 100th Homecoming; Dance team; Dance team funding; French President; Nicolas Sarkozy; Interracial marriage; Civil rights; Discrimination; Gender performance; Heather Christensen; KUOI; Cooking; Movies; Music; Reviews; Football; Soccer, Women’s; Cross-country; Women’s Golf; Volleyball; Women's tennis
August 25th, 2009 Fall 2010 freshmen must live on campus; Summer means construction season; UI researchers receive NIH grants; Former UI veterinary professor dies (pA4); Idaho wolf tag sales brisk as judge considers hunt (pA4); CIA tactics spur criminal probe (pA5); Israel brings balancing act to Europe (pA6); Report: US envoy likely to visit North Korea next month (pA6); Governor’s mansion remodel costs escalate (pA7); Text messages now divorce evidence (pA8); RI state government to shut down for 12 days (pA8); SBOE authorizes scholarship cut (pA9); Refreshing variety of entertainment: Palousafest 2009 - music, laughter and good time for new students (pB1); Offense outshines defense (pB5); Vandals soccer drop opener against WSU (pB5); Mount McKinney (pB5); Tennis players receive honors (pB6); Notes from around National League (pB7)
Construction; Renovation; Paradise Creek Street; SUB Ballroom; Housing requirements; Dorms; National Institute of Health; Gordon Woods; Hunting; Licensing; Obama administration; CIA; Liquor sales; Europe; Foreign affairs; North Korea; Idaho state governor; Cell phones; Rhode Island; Idaho State Board of Education; Palousafest; John Mulaney; Freshmen; Arts; Entertainment; Marching band; Sound of Idaho; Football; Soccer; Volleyball; Tennis; MLB; NFL
October 27th, 2009 A global experience: Africa night features traditional music, dance, cuisine; Innovation process set for implementation: Following years of closures, growth-based challenges finally starting to appear; Royalty voting now open; UI professor appointed to federal parks position; Sustainability initiative gets another few years (p3); WSU hosts debate: Citizen’s discuss Wshington’s referendum 71 (p3); Winery business up (p4); Dead help feed the living: Moscow’s first zombie walk brought in more than 200 participants (p7); Nevada ends the streak: Kepernick and his offense were too much for the Vandals, stealing a 70-45 victory (p9); Two matches dropped: down and out, team struggles to stay alive in WAC (p10); Regional tournament wraps up: Team;s successful performance gives a positive outlook on spring matchups (p10)
Foreign culture; Request for Innovation Process; African culture; Homecoming royalty; Jon Jarvis; Federal parks; Sustainability; Sustainable Idaho Initiative; Civil partnerships; Referendum 71; Wyoming governor; Dave Freudenthal; Reviews; Film; Music; Football; Colin Kaepernick; Volleyball; Soccer; Soccer, Women’s; Men’s Tennis
October 30th, 2009 Tailgating issues remain; Homecoming bring alumni back to UI: UI celebrates 100th homecoming week; Helping the world one garment at a time; Campus buildings tagged to honor donors: Student Foundation organizes effort to recognize those who have contributed funds (pA3); Controversial professor dies: Harter known for lawsuits against UI and MSD (pA4); Yacht hijacked by Somalian pirates (pA4); Idaho school begins testing for nicotine (pA5); Much to prove to themselves: Akey and players are determined to change the minds of fans when they take on Louisiana Tech (pB5); One more game - win or go home (pB6); Championship looms (pB6); A successful finish (pB7); Fall season ends: Men close out in 13th place (pB7); Returning to Vegas: Team to represent Idaho at ITA Tournament (pB8)
Tailgating; Underage drinking; Homecoming; Marching band; Sound of Idaho; National Cotton Council; Reuse; Sustainability; Tag Day; Halloween; Tower Trick-or-Treat; Don Harter; College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Enrollment; Athlete testing; Drug testing; Health; Recipes; Cooking; Reviews; Movies; Music; Celebrities; Football; Soccer, Men’s; Cross-country; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Soccer, Women’s; Women’s Golf; Golf, Men’s; Men’s Tennis; MLB; NBA
November 3rd, 2009 Halloween homecoming; Skits celebrate years of traditions; Homecoming parade features BEAR, alumni; E-waste recycling now on campus (p3); Student involved in domestic dispute (p3); Landlords boot out service animals (p4); UI settles lawsuit with former researcher (p4); Studying late? Call Cookie Guy (p8); Comeback earns No. 7 (p9); Hoops showcases mark new season: Dominant exhibition win shows off women’s newfound depth (p9); Hawaii spoils Senior Day (p9); Illnesses impact team’s finish: Women fourth, men fifth at WAC Championships (p10); Ski-club team fundraiser starts season on right foot (p10); Doubles gamble skills away in Vegas (p10); Taking wins to the road (p11)
Halloween; Homecoming; SUB Ballroom; Greek life; Delta Tau Delta; Traditions; Sound of Idaho; University of Idaho Marching Band; Recycling; E-waste; Cell phone recycling; Misdemeanor battery; Service animals; Discrimination; Lawsuit; Kenneth Hass; Martha Hass; Football; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Cross-country; Soccer, Women’s; Skiing; Club sports; Men’s Tennis; Volleyball
November 6th, 2009 Students get green: Sustainability center distributes $15,000 for projects; Retirees lose case: Judge rules in favor of UI in benefits lawsuit; Eat healthy during the holidays: Cooking class offered at Gritman; Program provides scholarships: Students find success, other benefits with CAMP (pA3); Idaho prosecutors not seeking death penalty (pA3); Faces of Moscow (pA4); Documentary on North Korean refugees comes to UI (pA6); SUV nearly hits elephant on highway (pA6); Dam fixes discourage Wash. flood (pA7); U.N. peacekeepers punished for sex abuses (pA7); Team tradition starts here: Small named WAC Soccer freshman of the Year as Vandals celebrate best season in nine years (pB1); Preseason tune-up: Final exhibition game today against Eastern Oregon University (pB1); Leading to WAC possibilities (pB2); Final away game to decide momentum (pB2); Headed down south: Jager, team prepare for second meet in California (pB3); Athletes prepare for final match: Six players head to Seattle in last fall tournament (pB3)
Sustainability Center; Green projects; Lawsuit; Benefits; Cooking; Healthy cooking; Gritman Medical Center; Scholarships; College Assistance Migrant Program; Murder cases; Layoffs; North Korea; Florida Man; Flood control; Green River Valley; LDS; Gay rights; Mister Rogers; United Nations; Aggravated battery; Soccer, Women’s; Women's Basketball; Football; Volleyball; Swimming; Men’s Tennis; Men’s Basketball; WAC; Email spam; Recipes
November 10th, 2009 MPD Blue: Late night law enforcement in Moscow; November: a month to celebrate Native American heritage; Vandalism draws students’ attention: Repeated defacing of billboard receives negative responses (p3); BSA seeks new direction on campus (p3); Stolen SAE crest still missing (p4); Conservation, leadership and a bit og band: ASUI senator and Alternative Service Break alum ‘always eager to help’ (p5); Classmates bond during live TV: JAMM 375 begins its annual programming of ‘UI Voices’ (p8); Buck the Froncos: Vandals gear up for rivalry game (p8); New talent on display: Men’s team dominates in 87-61 win over St. Martins, 61-43 win closes out women’s preseason (p10); Early deficit too much for comeback: Idaho’s chances at another miracle win failed Saturday night with a 31-21 loss to Fresno State (p10); Streak ends, team fights on: New Mexico State stops Idaho in five-set match (p11); Successful in San Diego: Team effort takes down the Toreros for WAC victory (p12); Season ends with stunning performances: Players make success a trend during season (p12)
Moscow Police Department; Native American; Heritage; Culture; Vandalism; Property damage; American Humanist Association; Black Student Association; Food drive; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; SAE; Greek life; Theft; Loren Doman; ASUI; Alternative Service Break; Boise State; Idaho rivalry; Broncos; Music; Weezer; Borderlands; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Football; Volleyball; PAC-12; College football; Swimming; Men’s Tennis
October 20th, 2009 Ballroom to reopen today’ Inauguration provides glimpse of UI’s future; Scholarship to be cut; Extension centers must find partners: Tetonia, Sandpoint, Parma center fighting for viability; Gov. Otter visits with students (p3); genome sequencer to have maiden voyage (p3); Iraqi shoe thrower gets hero’s welcome in Geneva (p4); Comedy night in Spokane (p7); On top of the WAC: No. 2 in the nation, third-down conversions co team’s success (p9); CUP champions (p9); Bound for Las Vegas: Third tournament, bright lights ahead for Vandals (p10); Injuries, ills can’t stop women’s team (p10); Softball lacks a full roster (p11); Getting back on track (p11)
SUB Ballroom; Construction; Renovations; University presidential inauguration; Duane Nellis; Scholarship cuts; College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; C.L. Otter; Genome sequencing; Genome technology; Gulf War; Iraq; Afghanistan; Comedy; Spokane; WAC; Football; Soccer, Women’s; Volleyball; Men’s Tennis; Cross-country; Softball; Club sports; Intramurals; Golf, Men’s
November 13rd, 2009 Idaho remembers: Bob’s Place celebration honors veterans; ASUI sen. Candidates speak about running; SBOE proposal comes back from the dead: Faculty endorses the limited expansion of presidential powers; Payroll goes Web-based: University-wide rollout beginning this week meant to reduce errors and paper use (p3); UI moves from print (p3); Adding fun to recycling (p3); Feds move to seize 4 mosques (p3); KUOI lures fans with free CDs, live performances (p7); Small town writer, big time success: Barnes and Noble honors UI professor’s novel (p7); Earning the bragging rights: After ten years of loose to Boise State, the Vandals plan to take back the victory (p9); Season finally kicks off at home against Gonzaga (p10); Taking on a tough team: Idaho hopes to give Hawaii its first loss (p11); Competing in NCAA Regionals (p11)
Veterans; Navy; Tom Bitterwolf; United States military; ASUI; ASUI senator; State Board of Education; Presidential powers; Payroll; Online services; Recycling; Fundraising; KUOI; Kim Barnes; Football; BSU; Boise State; Broncos; Idaho rivalry; Women's Basketball; Volleyball; Cross-country
November 17th, 2009 A purpose-driven education: Service-Learning Center, UI faculty seek emphasis on adding volunteering to the curriculum; Leadership group, newly formed, set out; ASUI seeks student involvement (p3); Algae for gas, cassava for food: Lecture brings plant biologist to UI to talk shop (p3); Suspended prof. Repeats sheep claims in journal (p4); Chinese-Americans see Obama’s trip uniquely (p4); Writing out loud: Commons wall becomes Berlin Wall colored in voices of youth (p9); Too many mistakes (p9); Men split weekend: ‘Super Bowl’ victory coupled with loss to TSU (p9); Next round of rivalry: BSU comes to Moscow for the last game of the regular season (p10); Settle Surrenders (p10); Cross-Country season ends (p10)
Faculty Engagement Survey; Volunteering; Curriculum; Academics; Leadership Academy; ASUI; Involvement; Biofuels; Biochemistry; Sheep research; Caine Veterinary Teaching and Research Center; Obama administration; President Barack Obama; Music; Food; Cooking; Bob Marley; Berlin Wall; Football; Boise State; BSU; Idaho rivalry; Men’s Basketball; Volleyball; Swimming; Cross-country
November 20th, 2009 A Bob’s Place Thanksgiving; Provost’s memo back in spotlight; ASUI find some fresh faces: Fifteen percent of the student body vote in elections; Steel House seeks permanent home; Students rethinking plans about studying abroad (p3); Canadian defence ministry accused of torture complicity (p4); Notes from a No Shave: day 20 (p7); Put away Rock Band, break out the face paint (p9); What it takes to win the race (p10); ‘No excuses’: Verlin takes blame for loss Sunday, team prepares for North Dakota State Saturday (p10); No. 3 Idaho heads to Vegas (p11)
Thanksgiving; Bob’s Place; Doug Baker; Department merge; ASUI; ASUI elections; ASUI Senate; Steel House; Greek life; Greek system; Study abroad; Canada; Canadian defense ministry; Torture; Fall break; Ladt Gaga; Britney Spears; Track and Field; Men’s Basketball; Women's Basketball; Volleyball
December 1st, 2009 Just rice, beans and water: Oxfam Hunger Banquet offers glimpse of global hardships including hunger, poverty; Two males suspected in theft: Officials continue investigation for stolen electronics from bookstore; Alternative Giving Market set to help out local nonprofits; Consignment comes to Moscow (p3); Vandal Boosters support student athletes (p3); Hipsters cycle for fashion: Hipsters ride bikes all year to show off their skill (p7); Athletics receives no break (p9); Loss to Utah State shakes up players, coach (p9); Challenges around the corner: Women to play in nonconference matchups, Road game will help men prove their talent (p10)
Hunger; Poverty; International Affairs Club; Oxfam Hunger Banquet; Bookstore theft; Alternative Giving Market; Non-profit organizations; Consignment; Athletics; Bicycles; Blind Side; OneRepublic; Women's Basketball; Men’s Basketball; Football
December 4th, 2009 In the name of education: UI to receive $1 million for scholarships; Extensions remain in jeopardy: Faculty moves forward with closure process; ‘Greening Your Cleaning’ teaches tidying ideas; Northwest hit by freak weather (p3); Ireland begins gay rights bill debate (p4); Urban design webinar series begins broadcast today (p4); Downtown parade lights up the night (p7); Vegas brings and abrupt end: Loss in first round og WAC tournament finishes season, team looks back on accomplishments (p9); Waiting is hard to do: Akey, players spend weekend anticipating for a bwl bid (p9); Swim meets big time opponent (p11); Boxing ready for a fight (p11)
Scholarships; Albertson Foundation; Private colleges; Program closures; Eco-friendly cleaning; KUOI; Weather; Ireland; Gay rights; American Planning Association; Holidays; Decorations; Light Up The Night; Caroling; Cooking; Recipes; Volleyball; Football; Sportsmanship; Texas Tech; Huskies; University of Washington; Swimming; Boxing; Club sports
December 8th, 2009 HIV-positive ex-Playmate speaks about AIDS at UI: Hundreds attend awareness speech; UI staffer hits WSU students with car; Parma may be saved: Simplot offers $1.5 million for UI extension center; Financial aid last step for seniors; Scientists urge seafood consumption: Twin Falls researchers discuss nutritional and dietary benefits in lectures (p3); IS students explore Model United Nations role (p4); Plan to round up wild horses draws opposition (p4); Living it up with dead week distractions (p8); No. 25 falls in Mem Gym (p10); Idaho receives first bowl bid since 1998: Akey, team will have second chance in bowl game against Bowling Green, a MAC opponent who went 7-5 on the season (p10); Late comeback not enough: Last Vandals lose lead and game to St. Mary’s 74-67 (p11); Succes, success, succes: Third win in a row adds ro momentum of team (p12)
HIV; AIDS; Sexually transmitted diseases; STD awareness; Daniel A. Noble; Vehicle injury; J.R. Simplot Co.; Student loans; Seafood; Diet; Nutrition; Model U.N.; International students; Study abroad; Holidays; Christmas; Winter break; Men’s Basketball; Football; Women's Basketball; Swimming; Humanitarian Bowl
December 11st, 2009 Parma renewed: SBOE OKs Simplot deal, enables higher student fees; Faculty senate challenge department merger margin; ASUI: budget questions loom; More than an apple a day: Even the healthy need checkups; Biz pulls for local economy: Civic group asks shoppers to stay in town (pA3); Russian delegation visits UI: Foreign journalists get a slice of academic and professional journalism, American-style (pA4) ; Freshmen get second chance with SOAR (pA4); Objectifying women? Women’s center takes issue with poster (pA5); Moscow PD unites for fellow officers (pA5); Dance team denied funding (pA7); Inking the meaning of life (pB1); Holiday concert not in Kibbie Dome (pB1); Disappointment in Pullman : Lack of energy among starters bench leaves Don Verlin embarrassed over loss (pB6); No settling: Akey turns season into a success, talks of improvement for next year (pB6); Break for students, not swimmers (pB7); Behind the Cowan curtain (pB7); Long weekend ahead (pB9)
Christmas; Santa Claus; Holidays; State Board of Education; Faculty Senate; ASUI; ASUI Senate; Health checkups; Health; Wellness; Doctor; Buy Local Moscow; Spokane Community College; Russia; Student option advising retreat; Women’s Center; World AIDS Week; Graduation; Commencement; Dance team; Dead week; No-exam week; Vandalism; Climate change; Tattoo; Holiday concert; Cooking; Recipes; Men’s Basketball; Football; Swimming; Women's Basketball; MLB; Women's tennis
October 23rd, 2009 UI mourns student’s death; Mues: budget grim; UI alum urges students to “Be the Match”; Football player arrested; Research veep talks up Nellis (p3); Native American media struggles with free press (p3); Fraternity works to support AIDS awareness (p4); SF Bay warships to be recycles (p3); Accreditation check-up: Accreditor visits campus to evaluate programs (p3); Rock for homecoming sparks (p7); The perfect matchup: The paringin of Nevada and Idaho could make for tough competition (p9); Digging for a cure: Team raises money for breast cancer research (p9); NASCAR drives around in circles (p9); Black Widows dress to kill (p10); Vandals have perfect start (p10); Herb tournament ends fall season: after average performances during the fall season, the team take on final tournament next week (p11); Team finished the season successfully (p11)
Suicide; Alpha Tau Omega; Budget; Budget cuts; Bone Marrow donation; Misdemeanor Batter; Shiloh Keo; Duane Nellis; Native American; Native American Journalist Association; AIDS; HIV; Warship recycling; PepsiCo; Homecoming; Art; Art gallery; Football; Volleyball; Breast Cancer awareness; NASCAR; Rugby, Women’s; Soccer; Men’s Tennis; Soccer, Women’s; WAC; Golf, Men’s; Women’s Golf