The economic crash of 1929 was the worst crisis in American history, throwing millions out of work and impoverishing families. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt acted quickly to revitalize the country, in part by creating the Civilian Conservation Corps, which became the most popular program of the New Deal. The CCC worked to restore devastated forests, cropland and range, support families and communities, and provide job training and education for three million young men between 1933 to 1942, including 86,000 enrollees in Idaho.


The CCC in Idaho Digital Project invites engagement and interpretation of the history and legacy of the CCC in the rural West through a focus on its impact on the land, participants, and communities in Idaho. The site encourages participation through access to thousands of digitized photographs, oral histories, articles, maps, and documents donated to the project. Use of this collection is further enhanced by guides, digital tools, and interactive features.

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