About the Collection

The CCC in Idaho Digital Collection is an online portal of over 2,000 primary historical items documenting the activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps in Idaho, collected from across the state by Patricia Hart (Associate Professor, JAMM) and Ivar Nelson.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was the first, most far-reaching, longest-lived and best-loved of the New Deal programs in a decade full of big ideas and supersized projects. The CCC remains one of the few examples of how the United States has acted to mitigate the catastrophic effects of economic collapse while producing a legacy of public benefit. This collection reconsiders the CCC in fresh perspective and places Idaho-specifically the CCC in Idaho forests-at the very heart of contemporary issues regarding conservation, fire ecology and resource management.

Hart and Nelson have given 15 presentations on this project across the state of Idaho and have received over $13,000 to help develop and advance their research.


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