Earl Bennett Stock Certificates

Stock certificates from various natural resource companies

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About the Collection

In April 2023, Earl H. Bennett donated his collection of 1,500 historic Idaho mining stock certificates to U of I Library Special Collections and Archives. Bennett was Dean of the College of Mines and Earth Resources and the College of Science at U of Idaho. He also served as the State Geologist for Idaho for many years. His professional work led him to develop a deep interest in the history of the Coeur d’Alene Mining District. His expertise in the subject is recognized throughout the state and region.

Bennett is also a scripophile. Scripophily is the study and collection bond and share certificates. Though not widely known, the historic value of the material collected in this practice is insurmountable. Bennett’s collection of stock certificates not only highlight the history of mining in Idaho, but bring the expansive history to a ground level. The certificates themselves are full of historic detail. Stock certificates are physical documents issued by companies to indicate ownership. Usually, the document will include the number of shares owned by the holder of the certificate, the purchase date, a corporate seal, and signatures.

The collection assembled by Earl Bennett is particularly focused on certificates issued by mining companies in Idaho, though also has certificates from other industries and states. During the accessioning and processing procedures, the intention had always been to create a digital collection from some of the materials. Lucky for folks in Special Collections, Bennett had done high-resolution scans of most of the stock certificates, allowing for a more streamlined process. Digitizing this integral part of Idaho history is one of the many ways we can preserve the past. Not every stock certificates is represented in this digital collection. Please see the full scope of the collection by viewing the finding aid.

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