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Turning of the Wheel:

The interplay of the Unique and Universal

A Digital Collection of Events from the Humanities Colloquium Series, Turning of the Wheel,
University of Idaho | Moscow, Idaho | 2011-2012

As Above, So Below - As a Drop in an Endless Ocean:
examples of the non-dualistic Hindu view

Humanity/Self Mirrors the Cosmos

Infinite - the pervasive Brahman

Celestial - Trimurti, Gods and Goddesses

Intermediate - ghosts, departed souls in limbo, the psychokinetic world

Terrestrial - natural, physical, finite, temporal world

maya - illusion

Body - biological, physical, finite, temporal senses

Mind - ideas, personality and gunas

Soul - unique jivas

Spirit - the pervasive Atman

Modified from an image in Huston Smith's Forgotten Truth: The Primordial Tradition 1976:62

drop of water endless ocean
As a drop of water in an endless ocean

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