About the Collection

The photographs from this collection come from a variety of individual collections held by the University of Idaho Library's Special Collections & Archives Department. A list of some related collections, with links to the complete lists of items in each, are below:

  • University of Idaho Alumni Association Photographs (PG 40)
  • University of Idaho Campus Photographs (PG 1)
  • University of Idaho Glass Negatives (PG 93)
  • University of Idaho Homecoming Photographs (PG 31)
  • University of Idaho Library Photos (PG 34)
  • University of Idaho Organizations and/or Objects (PG 4)
  • University of Idaho Photographs (PG 29)
  • University of Idaho Photographs (PG 73)
  • University of Idaho Portrait Collection (PG 3)
  • University of Idaho Publications Department Negatives (PG 20)
  • University of Idaho Slides (PG 68)
  • University of Idaho Student Organizations Collection (PG 2)
  • University of Idaho Theatre Arts Photographs (PG 24)
  • University of Idaho Theodore Roosevelt Photographs (PG 82)
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    University of Idaho Historical Photograph Collection

    Documenting Campus Life from 1890 to 1980 i


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