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University of Idaho Historical Photographs

Photographs documenting campus life at the University of Idaho from 1890 to 1980.

About the Collection

This digital exhibit showcases a variety of photographs from collections held by Special Collections and Archives. These depict scenes from the University of Idaho throughout the years. Included are portraits of past professors and alumni, as well as photos of buildings and events.

The list of source collections are below:

Be sure to check out more Digital Collections. To find out what other archival materials are available, contact Special Collections and Archives.

About Special Collections

Head Librarian, Mary Belle Sweet, first brought up the notion of a ‘special collection’ in September 1933. In a letter she designated part of an old, unused elevator shaft and it was made into a small room with shelves. She saw the need to protect from environmental injury and theft any books that were deemed rare, valuable, unique, or for any reason should be treated with care.

Today, Special Collections and Archives specializes in the acquisition, preservation, and use of research materials that document the cultural and environmental history of Idaho, the University of Idaho, and to a lesser degree that of surrounding states. The collections include personal papers of individuals and families; business archives of lumber, railroad, mining, and other companies; Idaho state publications; papers of government officials, educators, authors, and business people; records of organizations such as religious, fraternal, civic, and environmental associations; and similar groups. The collection formats include personal papers and archives, photographs, books, serials, reports, maps, blueprints, oral history interviews, and related items.

About Digital Initiatives

The department was established in 2008 with an initial charge to digitize and make accessible the library’s renowned International Jazz Collections. Material from the Jazz Collections continue to be added to this day, and we continue to build on our collections. We currently maintain over 70 digital collections and applications, The work which began in the lab was incorporated into a library department, Data and Digital Services, and a University center, the Center for Digital Inquiry and Learning (CDIL). CDIL is a collaboration between the library and the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences (CLASS) that advances digital scholarship work at the University of Idaho.

Technical Credits - CollectionBuilder

This digital collection is built with CollectionBuilder, an open source framework for creating digital collection and exhibit websites that is developed by faculty librarians at the University of Idaho Library following the Lib-Static methodology.

Using the CollectionBuilder-CSV template and the static website generator Jekyll, this project creates an engaging interface to explore driven by metadata.

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