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October 7th, 2005 Death to meeting law: ASUI leaders attempt to remove Idaho code from bylaws, censure Shofner; Career expo set for next week; Jewish students celebrate holy days; Legislation passes to kill two ASUI boards, add directors; Series examines implications of 1855 treaties (p3); Group wants community to know about Sudan genocide (p4); At least 10 al-Qaida terrorist plots thwarted since 9-11, Bush says (p5); Student writing shines in ‘Native Voices’ (p7); ‘Evil Dead, Regeneration’ video game a gory treat (p8) [Career Expo directory starts on page 15]
American Indian; History; Sudan genocide; al-Qaida; 9/11; Septmeber 11; Writing; Evil Dead
November 18th, 2005 Students choose Cerrillo, Shofner: In record numbers, students select open meetings, campus-wide activities; McKenna elected Panhellenic president; How to spend a cool $1 million: Proposals include student sustainability center, others; Moscow residents, students speak out on planned Wal-Mart; Muggle Mania hits Moscow: Locals gear up for tonight’s premiere of ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ (p5); Who killed the best show on television? (p6); Vandals defeat Bulldogs in four (p8)
Panhellenic president; Harry Potter; TV; Vandal victory
December 6th, 2005 Transition team begins building CAA; Rosa Parks’ decision celebrated; Res. halls raided over winter break; Push to bar military from college campuses goes to Supreme Court (p4); Moscow pottery wars (p6); Interpreting winter solstice with a paintbrush: Local artists’ work displayed at 3rd Street Gallery’s Winter Solstice Exhibition (p6); ‘Aeon Flux’ stumbles quick and hard (p7); Vandals are winless no more (p10)
Rosa Parks; On-campus living; Military; Art; Vandal victory
October 18th, 2005 Art college returns to life: Board votes 5-2 to reestablish college by 2006-07; Interim jobs fill slowly; Proposed sports complex ignites talk; Bellwood Lecture attracts MN Supreme Court Justice: Lecture to follow discussion on judicial independence; Ag Days to liven Moscow and UI Campus; The man behind the Vandal rap (p5); New faces at men’s basketball practice (p8); Fitness and fun at wellness fair (p10)
Art; Sports; Ag Days; Music; Basketball; Wellness fair
October 28th, 2005 Football player reinstated: Tadvick-charged with battery, other crimes-play this weekend; ASUI senator resigns: Everett directs criticisms at student leadership; Blanton says he’s a different kind of candidate: UI student runs for mayor, wants big turnout; Potential leaders gear up for race: ASUI election Nov. 14-16; Students more involved in planning annual Powwow this year; Moscow police, Spoof e-mail broke no laws (p4); From Brazil to snowy Moscow: freshman adjusts to life in small town (p4); Haunting Downtown (p6); Sex permeates Moscow hot list (p6); Women’s rodeo team gets rowdy in second place (p8)
Football: Mayor elections; Powwow; Halloween; Rodeo
October 25th, 2005 Fugitive WSU student caught: Frederick Russell was hiding in Dublin; Petitions circulating for Isabel Bond case; Local candidates to take part in ASUI open forum today; Moderation is key during fall recess; Greek adviser leaves UI for Washington (p4); North Idaho Chili Cook-off draws crowd to Ag Days (p4); Channeling experience into stories: Novelist Chang will read as part of the Visiting Writers Series (p6); Anger bring eclectic strings to Kenworthy (p6); Hawai’i pulls out win at San Jose State (p10)
Fugitive; Crime; Greek life; Chili Cook-off; Writing; Music; Sports
November 8th, 2005 - KUOI celebrates its 60th anniversary Looking for some funding: No money will be sought from CAA Foundation; Taking back the night: Some in community work to make the dark safe for women; Nancy Dunn named new finance head; City Elections: Vandal Trolley gets students active, to the polls: ASUI encourages Vandals to be active in all political races; Landscapes architects get hands-on learning; Bush unveils $7.1 billion avian flu plan (p4); Sit down to take a stand: Student groups auction off handmade chairs to fund violence prevention (p6); In time of trouble, U2 gives musical comfort to fans (p9) [InCue (KUOI guide for fall) starts on page 13]
CAA Foundation; Safety for women; Budget for avian flu; Violence prevention; U2
November 11st, 2005 ASUI candidates grilled: Students ask questions not yet answered; UI charges football players, ATOs; Only 29 on-campus UI students vote in city election; Wal-mart flies application for a super center; KUOI celebrates 60 years; Life in the KUOI booth (p7); As Howard Stern jumps to satellite, local stations jockey for listeners (p8); Injured drummer’s friends raising money for surgery (p9)
Football; Crimes; Greek life; KUOI; Howard Stern; Surgery
October 14th, 2005 ASUI leaders uphold meeting law: Senators decide Idaho code worthy; Bento calls for special election: Students to vote Tuesday on referendum; UI students fire it up in residence; Well, was it the chicken or the egg?: Intelligent Design debate arrives at UI;  It’s Matsuri time once again at University of Idaho: Japanese students share their traditional, modern culture (p4); Painting pottery, fighting cancer (p6); Family classics have worthy special editions (p7); For one-of-a-kind rapper, the art is in the singularity (p8); Vandals headed to cross country pre-nationals (p10)
Fire department; Japanese celebration; Cancer; Art; Music; Movies; Track and Field
December 9th, 2005 - Graduation edition UI dial-up services not available in 2006: With dying equipment, school will stop off-campus offerings next summer; Leaders work on minority relations: Some want more from student government; Making a DREAM come true: Act would make school cheaper for immigrants; Winter depression sufferers seek the light; Marshals kill man who claimed to have bomb at Miami airport (p4); Police: Call 911 before informing RAs (p4); Female Executives say customers, employees come first in study (p5); Pentagon to lower troop numbers in Iraq (p6); Avian flu slams U.S. economy (p6); It’s better to give…This year, give the best of DVDs (p8); Music for the masses: For classical music lovers (p8); A game for every gamer-and every system (p8); Palouse gets down with Riverdance this Christmas: Craicmore teams up with local dancers for performance (p11) [Graduation special starts on page 17]
Leaders; Technology; Winter; Depression; Crime; Police; Female executives; Pentagon; Avian flu; Movies; Games; Music; Riverdance; Graduation
November 15th, 2005 Vox, Down with Alito: Student group will protest Bush Supreme Court nominee; ASUI: Election e-mail draws concern; Last touches to be added to UI strategic plan: Community reaction is generally positive; Black Student Union on the right track; UI’s new club gives educators a voice (p5); Two more positions filled, more remain: UI still searching for six deans, other jobs (p5); Women breaking barriers (p5); Tower alcohol incidents continue to increase (p5); Southern cooks can’t get by without sugar (p9)
E-mail; Deans; Women; Alcohol; Cooking
November 1st, 2005 Vetoed ASUI budget bill back to floor: Senators consider overriding Hansen; White taking first steps on College of art and Architecture: President, many invited to new ‘transition team’; Yellow water safer than yellow snow: Moscow water perhaps annoying, but not really dangerous to health; Victims’ Rights Clinic gives the abused a voice; Tower Trick-or-Treat hauls in hundreds (p4); UI volcanologist leads team monitoring Galapagos eruption (p4); Professor, orchestra join forces (p6); Matsuoka helps locals become ceramics artists (p6); Presenting history, culture through art: Nez Perce artists’ work showcased at Third Street Gallery (p6)
College of Art and Architecture; Moscow water; Victims’ Rights Clinic; Halloween; Volcanoes; Music; Arts; History; Culture; Nez Perce
November 4th, 2005 Commons debate ignored by students; Candidates weigh in on meeting law, other topics: Presidential forum exposes platforms; Vandal Muslims celebrate important religious milestone: With the end of Ramadan comes Eid al-Fitr celebration; Health: State and university work together in annual flu battle; Three attacks can’t keep him down: White not only healthy, but doing better than before (p3); U of I looking for student input: Consulting firm will look at Vandal core values, beliefs (p5); Former chief of staff pleads not guilty (p5);Scientists seek to use stem cells in battle against AIDS (p5); Offensive line, melodic line: Football player Desmond Clark fills important role in “Corps of Discovery” opera (p7); Stepping on stage with Minus the Bear: UI band prepares to open for Seattle rock band Saturday night (p7); ‘Noodlehead!’ combines Russian storytelling, art and music (p7); Women’s golf team notches a big win (p11); Women’s basketball wins exhibition game (p11)
Muslim religion; Health; Flu; Crime; AIDS; Football; Music; Plays; Golf; Basketball
November 29th, 2005 UI student killed over break: Emily Law hit by car while jogging; Skunk-scented trees deter the Grinch; Fire certificates give federal employees a second chance; Wells brothers sentenced in McMillan murder case: Brothers have chance of only serving eight of 20-year sentence; Got calcium?: Students should consume more milk, prepare for future bone loss (p3); UI education club visits Boston: Poverty, community impact main themes at conference (p3); Making their mark at the Co-op (p5); Gift ideas that inspire motion (p10)
Death; Wells brothers; McMillan murder; Health; Poverty; Co-op
October 21st, 2005 Football players charged, suspended: University investigates fight; Next ASUI executive will serve 18 months: Small number of students pas amendment; Justice Page calls for equality, ethics; A different kind of Vandalism: Locals fight student urination, partying; Fighting the violence, UI groups say message still needed on campus: Vandal community works to combat domestic abuse; Senator hits the ground running (p4); Swing Devils ‘Swing Out’ (p6); Tour spotlights female songwriters (p6); Chorale opens season with songs of freedom (p7); The Rock faces ‘Doom’ and wife (p7); World of JLO Shop opens in United States (p9)
Football; Crime; Domestic abuse; Female artist; Music; Movies; The Rock; JLO
October 11st, 2005 College deans call it quits: One-third of UI school leaders to step down in 2006; Eleventh hour for meeting law?: ASUI committee OKs bull to kill meeting law, passes to senate; White recovering after more heart woes; Coming out, Something to talk about: Many activities planned on campus for National Coming Out Day; Scientist race to develop a vaccine against a killer flu (p4); Muscovites keep the beat with hand drum course (p6); ‘DDR’ players find a home on the Rec Center (p7); Armchair Catel wins Greek band battle (p7);Brazilian capoeira mixes grueling fitness regime with performance art (p9); Racial imbalance for black coaching candidates in college football (p11); Player without legs shoes the heart of a champion (p12)
National Coming Day; Vaccines; Dance Dance Revolution; Greek life; Brazilian capoeira; Football; Racial imbalance
December 2nd, 2005 Leftover Vandal Taxi funds tapped: Senators, executives to get pay increases; Reaching the ‘Dream House’: Galindo defies American Indian stereotypes; Football players get lesser charges: Rust, not initially charged, now accused of battery; University struggles to get students to leave reservations: Push continues to encourage American Indians to pursue higher education; Health center says no more free condoms (p4);  Proposals begin month-long evaluation process (p4); Vandal parents may want new license plates (p4); Singing a Vandal christmas carol (p6); {Awkwardsilence} teams up with local bands (p6); Nurse-staffing firm creates reality show to draw more to profession (p8); Same soldiers, different battlefield (p10)
Vandal Taxi; Football; American Indian; Health; Free condoms; Music; Military
January 14th, 2005 Prosecutors fight to combine trials in murder case: More Wells family members face charges; Carrying on the dream: Daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. spreads message; Student tests positive for tuberculosis; Assistant football coach returns to work; Search for UI provost begins; Binge drinking blamed in Eastern Michigan U. case (p5); Student sued for millions of alleged spam e-mails (p5); Today’s scientists rarely fit yesterday’s egghead image (p6); Police learn the fine art of patrolling on a campus (p6); Movie lovers sickened by horrendous flicks in 2004 (p8); Must-have TV: Prime-time rat autopsies, dangling eyeballs are enough to make you lose your TV dinner (p10); Idaho goes undefeated in Big West conference play over winter break (p12); Vandals win two over break (p12)
Murder; Martin Luther King Jr.; Tuberculosis; Drinking; Movies; TV shows; Big West; Basketball
January 19th, 2005 Faculty vote to keep athletics appropriations; MLK Jr.’s holiday not over on Monday; Money 101: Textbooks; New ASUI leader optimistic; U.S. soldier finds media portrayal of war less than accurate (p4); New production company brings music to Pullman tattoo parlor (p6)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day; War; Music; Basketball
January 21st, 2005 Finance VP running for Oregon chancellorship; Inauguration Day: Bush sworn in once more; Iron-Jawed Muscovites: Anti-Inauguration fills Friendship Square in protest of Bush’s re-election; ASUI stays out of state board lawsuit; Students ask Coach Brice to leave; Blackberry Jam and Dancing Trout bring folk to Moscow (p6); Personalize your love story at (p7)
President Bush; Music; Basketball; Football; Baseball; Fantasy
January 25th, 2005 Close call for Delta Chi house in arson incident; University introduces Native American Student Center; Moscow man stabbed, suspect in custody; UI offers private pilot ground school; Hansen rekindles ASUI Safety Board flames; Slam poetry gives an energetic twist to traditional readings (p5); Candy store has deep roots in the Moscow community (p5); International dances come together with ‘Dancing in One World’ (p5); Former ‘Tonight Show’ host Carson dies at 79 (p7)
Greek life; Crime; Native American Student Center; Ground school; Slam Poetry; Candy store; International dances; Johnny Carson
January 28th, 2005 ASUI leadership faces a busy week with legislature; Freshman spends spare time helping others; UI student recovering from multiple stab wounds; Money 101: weight-loss pills; LAwyers recognized for their commitment to Muslim community (p4); Library grant places government  information in the spotlight (p4); Americans are not the coolest kids in the world (p5); Rice confirmed as secretary of state amid criticism (p5); St. Lawrence string quartet soon to visit UI (p7); New rules tone down recruiting excesses (p12)
Leadership; Weight-loss pills; Library; Condoleezza Rice; Music; Sports
February 1st, 2005 Trial date set in McMillan murder case; Operation, Move: Moscow Food CO-op readies for journey to new home; Hammel named dean of CALS; Signing of Tallories Declaration brings sustainability to campus; Auschwitz anniversitybrings stories of survival (p4); U.S. soldiers opposed to Iraq war seek refuge in Canada (p4); Burns wins Poetry Slam Contest (p6); The  women of Diva Diction slam their poems (p6); From football star to starfish (p7)
Murder; Moscow Co-op; Holocaust; Slam Poetry; Spongebob Squarepants
February 4th, 2005 ASUI won’t argue against 10 percent; Bush calls for change in Social Security; Student leaders make progress in legislature; Faculty ask for more opinions on plus-minus grading; Geeksta rap: A chore to make engineering seem sexy (p2); UI student survives 50-foot wave at sea (p3); Taste of Nepal stimulates all the senses (p5); Vandals defeat UCSB to tie for first place (p9)
Social Security; Music; Surfing; Nepal; Super Bowl
February 8th, 2005 Trial dates set; McGann asks for fee increase; Serious business, UI Highlights real world-experience and real-life profits; County hires law firm for water right hearing (p3); Local priest reaches out to Moscow Hispanic community (p4); Proposed budget focuses on security, would cut domestic programs (p4); ‘Shades of Black’ celebrates Black History (p6)
Murder; Business; Water rights; Security; Black History Month
February 11st, 2005 Bush proposes eliminating Perkins loans; College stress triggers depression among students; Panic started it: Student depression a common problem; Jaywalking prompts action by university and city; Police captain leaves UI; Tsunami efforts abound at UI: Moscow students unite for overseas relief (p4); Tournament stimulates iron minds (p8)
Depression; Anxiety; Tsunami; Chess
February 25th, 2005 Kenton leaves for Oregon: Finance VP leaves after less than a year; Budget cuts take their toll: Departments, colleges likely to lose personnel; Hansen, Fees breed quality ed; Couple builds first human rights conference in Moscow, Pullman; DNA Fest brings short plays (p6); Idaho men snatch success in early golf tournament (p8); Flu forces Rawls to miss another festival (p29); Feather brings original songs to jazz festival (p31) [Career Expo directory starts on page 11; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival starts on page 27]
Human rights; DNA Fest; Golf; Career Expo; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
February 15th, 2005 White outlines financial strategy for the long haul; Campus Life 2010, The future of UI; Learning through the exotic; Career expo to bring jobs and internships to the Palouse; Hampton center shelved: No funds for now (p3); Career and Professional Planning Office relocates services to Idaho Commons (p4); Cast somewhat saves ‘Hitch’ from romantic comedy trenches (p7); DJ Special-T headlines ‘Girls Night Out; at CJ’s (p8)
Finances; Career Expo; Movies; Music; Night clubs
March 1st, 2005 Talloires celebration Thursday; ASUI talks campus pub; Alternative spring break, Making a difference; Eating disorder screening raises awareness in Idaho Commons Thursday; Deadly bird flu virus outbreak not imminent, but CDC still worried: CDC chief recognizes concerns, warns against sensationalism (p3); Colleges step up battle against student suicide (p4); Wine Company of Moscow intoxicates (p6); Craven ‘Cursed’ by latest horror film (p6); The Legacy Lives: Jazz Fest wraps up Saturday night with tribute to Lionel Hampton (p8)
Pub; Eating Disorder awareness; CDC; Bird Flu; Suicide; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
March 4th, 2005 ASUI fee committee draws debate; UI student pleads guilty in stabbing; Smiles are easier to remember: Freshman speaks about wreck that took his friends’ life; Sigma Nu gets face-life, $1.7 million raised from alumni; Vandal Friday Fun: Campus Activities Fair deadline for organizations today (p4); Concerns about meal plans spark advisory committee (p5); Fat Tuesday this Saturday (p7); Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 2005, The aftermath (p7); ‘Candy Freak’ a mental treat (p7)
Crime; Greek life; Campus Activities Fair; Meal plans; Fat Tuesday; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Movies
March 8th, 2005 Talloires author speaks at UI: Declaration signing marks commitment to sustainability; CJ’s owner upset with possible campus pub; Tower’s annual ‘Arctic Luau’ sizzles; ASUI senator protects future smiles with local dentist; Former UI professor talks about fascination with smoke (p3); Celebrity speakers might not bring solid messages to campuses, students (p4); UI professors speak out in favor of freedom of speech for Churchill (p4); Jeannie Eva Hughes Awards, A century of progress: First award honoring 1899 black graduate (p4); One World Cafe new haven for art (p6); Cellar handles wine with care (p6); Mardi Gras lacks excitement (p8)
Pub; Arctic Luau; Smoke; Jeanni Eva Hughes Award; Freedom of Speech; Churchill; Mardi Gras
March 11st, 2005 Turf war over for now: ASUI votes to hold off on field remodeling; Plus-minus OK’d: Vote moves to general faculty members; Money 101, When shopping goes wrong; Hansen fixes law student quarrel; Fees announced; Police says don’t be a victim of the work-at-home scams (p4); Blues legend to play Spokane Opera House (p6)
Turf; Scams; Spokane Opera House
March 22nd, 2005 Vandal Friday: High School students invited to invade university campus; Next phase of budget cuts begins; Senate approves tuition: Change won’t alter UI policy; Norway to New York, UI students get a lesson in United Nations; Munchy’z Hookah Hook-up: Pullman hookah bar offers an alternative to the traditional smoking scene (p5); King gives spirited performance at the Spokane Opera House (p6)
High School; Budget; International Travel; Hookah; Smoking; Spokane Opera House
March 25th, 2005 Former UI first lady dies from stroke; Communications director  leaves for New St. Andrews; Administrators, Cut timing not deliberate; Hansen, Fes needed for more student programs; Jones, Technology, internet pose threat to live performances (p5); Greek week brings fun to campus (p5); ‘India Nite’ spices up weekend (p7); American Indian life through film (p7); MTV’s s pop revolution has turned music into an afterthought (p9); Evading the dorm blues (p18) [The U of I 2005 Vandal Friday Housing Guide 2005 starts on page 13]
Death; Technology; Greek life; India night; Film; MTV; Housing Guide
March 29th, 2005 White, Kenton OK field turf replacement project; Committee reduces list: Provost search narrowed down to eight candidate; Vandal Friday adventure: Argonaut news editor and younger brother experience campus together; ASUI seeks candidates: Applicants due Friday; White announces first round of budget cuts; Reverend Walker to speak at human rights conference (p4); Car burglaries may be on the rise on UI campus (p4); Six-piece band with a side of activism (p6); Golf team smashes record, takes second (p8)
Turf; Friday adventure; Human rights; Crime; Music; Golf
April 1st, 2005 Zeller may leave University; Defense alleges racism; Nessie lurks: Student engagement survey tops 2,300 participants; Philosophy conference organizers aim to attract larger crowds this year; ASUI senator wants to stay involved, mix things up (p3); Road trip, UI style: Eight university employees get travel awards (p4); Life after graduation: Students must be prepared for the real world (p4); Fraternity house puts on ‘Dangerfest’ benefit concert (p8); Save Toby, or at least send 50 bucks (p8); An actor, an author, a pundit (p9)
Racism; Philosophy; Road trip; Greek life; Toby the bunny
April 5th, 2005 Communications office readies for transitions; Trial date may move; Relay for Life, Local groups walk for charity event; Disability issues expert visits UI campus; Pope’s body lying in state; Gender justice awards today: Women’s Center gives out Virginia Wolf Award to student, faculty, or staff (p3); Kilo the canine cop: Pound puppy turned drug dog cruises streets of Latah County (p4); Golden Joe Awards to recognize residence hall leadership and talent (p5); Breaking the digital ceiling: Women gamers crush stereotypes and gain a voice in the video world (p7); Oracle Shack’s new album explores fresh territory (p8); Runners brave rain for Washington State University 100k race (p10); UI club rugby team stomps competition (p12)
Communications office; Murder; Relay for Life; Disabilities; Gender Justice Awards; Drug dog; Golden Joe Awards; Girl gamers; Track and Field; Rugby
April 8th, 2005 Committee, No action against Brice: Assistant football coach to keep his position after pleading guilty to disturbing the peace last fall; Silver and Gold Day, with a touch of red: Bruce Pitman honored with red-leafed Sun Valley maple; ASUI budget submitted to senate; Spear defends lower athletic fee; Intervention OK in some right-to-die cases, advocate says (p2); Travel the world in one day (p3); UI student brings music to Idaho and Zimbabwe (p7); Goldberg’s name added to WSU’s comedic history (p8); 24-hour arts festival begins with one poem (p9)
Coach Brice; Silver and Gold day; Bruce Pitman; Right-to-die act; Cruise around the world; Whoopi Golderg; Art Festival
April 12nd, 2005 Faculty retirement plan stalls; Trial date extension denied: Attorneys say they will be ready by May date; Annual event showcases diversity; More people visiting SRC; Commons alcohol screening brings awareness, sparks reflection; Student health insurance cost increasing again (p3); Full house at the sushi workshop (p4); April brings enlightenment on sexual assault (p4); Climbing center to host Third Annual Palouse Climbing Festival (p10); Butt Paste is no joke for this female race-car driver (p11)
Retirement; Murder; Cruise around the world; Student Recreation Center; Health insurance; Sushi; Sexual assault awareness; Annual Palouse Climbing Festival; Diaper rash cream
February 18th, 2005 Synthetic turf request gets complex; Judge Bradbury drops Wells’ attorney; Budget cuts cause confusion; Students ‘Dine with Style’ at first Spring Etiquette Dinner; A dream for Devon (p4); All stressed out: UI students cope (p4); ‘Flower Poet’ starts tragically, ends worse (p6)
Turf; Murder; Budget cuts; Etiquette dinner; Stress
April 15th, 2005 ASUI vice president resigns; A taxing assignment: Income tax returns due today; Idaho highways to get face-lift; Fine arts hall could move, creative residents upset; Fishbowl vandals cause damage after midnight (p3); Sunday morning blaze causes flooding at Phi Delta Theta (p4); Patching the Palouse (p7); Doing what you love shouldn’t kill you (p12) [Best of UI 2005 starts on page 13]
Taxes; Highways; Fine arts hall; Crime; Greek life; Quilting; Passions
April 19th, 2005 Senate debate more like group handshake; Trial will begin on anniversary of murder; Greek turtles race for Sojourner’s Alliance; Committee asks for public opinion: NCAA study comments due May 6; Exhibit sheds light on anti-Asian racism (p3); Rock Against Rape on campus for third year (p5); Two more Vandals qualify for regional championships at McDonald’s Outdoor (p8); Vandal tennis teams capture wins at home on Moms’ Weekend (p9)
Murder trial; Greek life; Racism; Rock against Rape; Sexual assault awareness; McDonald’s Outdoor; Tennis
February 23rd, 2005 No more routes for Vandal Taxi: Officials change program from route to call system; Low student enrollment hurts ASUI: Board chairs to suffer the most cuts in effort to balance budget; Kibbie gets once-over by architectural firm; Money 101, Professional planning helps get the internship; UI ranks on ‘top 25’ of Peace Corps volunteers (p4); The Dimes shine, Shaw does lo-fi emo-style, Trail of Dead 'Worlds Apart’ from past work (p8); Jazz Festival brings joy and happiness to all (p11); Father and son unite for sake of jazz music (p11); Brecker introduces funk (p11)
Taxi; Enrollment; Kibbie Dome; Peace Corps; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival; Music
April 29th, 2005 Program rankings in, administrators seek comments; Students juggle bars and school: As semester ends, finals compete with late nights; Drunk 101: Underage lessons in drinking; Drinking in Moscow: The police perspective; Playing with fire for Ren Fair: Pullman student prepares for Renaissance Fair performance (p6); ‘Hotel’ powerfully depicts Rwandan genocide (p8); Audioslave’s new single goes par for course (p8); Lawsuit says document contains names of positive drug tests (p11)
Drinking; Renaissance Fair; Movies; Drug tests
May 3rd, 2005 White tosses program maps: Officials, change should not affect cut recommendations; Grishkoff ditches lawsuit against UI; Protest, denim style: Denim worn to remember rape victim; ASUI asks for student support of new laptop program; Foreign enrollment drops at U.S. universities (p4); Re-creating renaissance (p6); “‘Hitchhiker’ a wild adventure (p6)
Lawsuit; Sexual assault awareness; Denim Day; Foreign students; Renaissance; Movies
May 6th, 2005- Graduation special The real value of student evaluations; Vandal rights: Access to student evaluations is there, but limited to one computer, in one room; Campus community questions student evaluations of teachers: Some wonder if they cause grade inflation at university; The Man in the Mirror: Reflections on Eric McMillan’s essay create scholarship foundation, acknowledges positive; Teaching and Learning Center under-funded: Building will open, missing amenities; From drugs to dreams: UI junior uses her past to help children (p3); Otto’s Produce stays for summer (p3); Don’t forget popcorn (p7); When does a tradition stop being one?: Greeks’ traditions may have changed but they are still there (p10) [Graduation special starts on page 15]
Student evaluations; McMillan, Eric; Drugs; Otto’s Produce; grocery store; Greek life
May 25th, 2005 Plus-minus grading ready for approval; Alumnus goes from oil drilling to medicine; Credit card payments rise by 2.5 percent at student accounts to offset fees; Chuck Palahniuk ‘meats’ Portland (p3); ‘Sith’ ends the saga right (p3); Eric Anderson pleases crowd at Kenworthy (p4); Will Ferrell makes Hollywood’s A-list (p4)
Grading policies; Chuck Palahniuk; Eric Anderson; Will Ferrell; Star Wars
June 8th, 2005 Field turf project underway; ASUI senators mix work and play over summer; New STD test may not help prevent cancer; W. Mark Felt, aka ‘Deep Throat,’ was a UI student: Felt attended UI in the 1930s; ‘Crash’ reveals viewers’ biases (p3); Cataldo’s self-titled debut album leaves much to be desired (p3); Vandals send six to championships (p4)
Turf; STD test; Cancer; Watergate scandal; Movies; Music; Cataldo; Track and Field
June 22nd, 2005 White chooses Douglas Baker as new UI provost; Hansen to visit Israel, Africa; UI student chairs residence hall association; Jackson’s career free fall continues despite acquittal; Summer sounds, MAC band has music in them: Community musicians of all ages provide free concerts at Moscow’s East City Park (p3); ‘Batman’ back to elite status (p3)
International travels; Music; Concert; Movies
July 6th, 2005 UI physics researchers solver thermoelectrics mystery; Wheatland Express stops no more at Palouse Mall; Life on Wheels rolls onto UI campus; A note about this issue…; UI professor dies in Salmon River rafting accident (p2); ‘Worlds’ is lackluster (p3); A new take on Shakespeare (p3); Five UI climbers scale two peaks in central Peru (p4)
Physics; Wheatland Express; Life on Wheels; Death on the river; Movies; Plays; Peru
April 22nd, 2005 Nobeldom’ overrated for Williams: Nobel laureate speaks at Borah Symposium; ASUI election gets larger student vote: Stronger beats competition by nearly five percent; State board approves 9.25 percent student fee increases for fall 2005: ASUI could receive more than $400,000 increase; Tri Delta president in stable condition after car hit by semi; Earth Weeks draws attention from community (p3); Moscow residents celebrate hemp (p7); Tennis heads to Big West finals (p8); Vandals face tough competition at Nike Portland Spring Invitational (p8)
Borah Symposium; Greek life; Earth Week; Hemp; Tennis; Nike Portland Spring Invitational
July 20th, 2005 Upward Bound program offers a college boost: Northwest Nations Upward Bound gives American Indian students a chance to earn college credits or graduate on time; UI students recognized for leadership; Sigma Nu remodel delayed, will be done in December; Preparing for the future with Upward Bound (p3); Power naps can combat sleepiness (p3); Newfound planet with three suns puzzles scientists (p4); Some things old - and a few things new: The Latah County Historical Society presents wedding dresses from the 17th century to 1970 (p9); Olympic Development soccer teams play hard, work hard (p13); Drunken softball not as cool as it sounds (p14); Mount McKinley nearly thwarts UI climbers (p14); Hiking and Camping 101: With UI’s resident pro hiker and camper, Kimberley Kelleher (p15)
Upward Bound; Greek life; Sleep; Astronomy; Wedding dresses; Soccer; Softball; Hiking; Camping
August 19th, 2005 Memorial: Service helps remember UI professor; Technology: Computer leasing available for all students; Health/Wellness: Attack of the dreaded ‘freshman 15’; Redesign: Student newspaper undergoes facelift in more ways than one; Some summer air is cleaner, EPA says (p5); Breast-cancer study finds french-fry link (p6); Fetal tissue looks promising in treating burns (p6); Vaccine brings sharp drop in chickenpox (p7); Ohio governor admits ethics violations, apologizes (p7); Blues Traveler has new beat (p11); The Palouse celebrates its favorite little legume (p11); Palousafest kicks off semester with J. Marc Bailey band (p12); Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival receives $10,000 in grants for 2006 (p12)
Memorial service; Technology; Health; Breast cancer; Chickenpox; Ethics; Palousafest; Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival
August 23rd, 2005 Student Government: ASUI leaders plan internal reform; Constitution: School plans trivia  bowl; Greek: Sigma Nu finds place to crush; Travel: Hansen, other U.S. student leaders find peace on Israel trip; UI graduate student helps those in need (p3); Violent video games linked to aggression (p4); Tsunami that never came keeps Indonesians from home (p7); Celebrating the kiss seen ‘round the world (p8); After stem cell advance, effort to lift restrictions might stall (p8); Lifestyle: Far from the average vegetarian: Vegans beware of diet dangers: Some urge to be mindful of balanced diet (p13); Taking jazz to the masses: The Jazz Night Band plays gigs around town (p14); A sudden death shocks the NFL (p18); Hurricanes sound alarm over losses (p19); Olympic boxing officials under fire to implement changes (p20)
Greek life; Video gaming; Tsunami; Famous photos; The Kiss Seen ‘Round the World; Veganism; Jazz music; NFL; Hurricanes; Boxing
August 26th, 2005 UI undergrad Prehn dies at Gritman; UI students seek diversity in housing; McMillan: Trial nears, team prepares; Money 101: Looking at the cost of living; Science: Mother Nature knows best: UI grad student creates “bio oil”; Israeli student enjoys American freedoms, more security in Moscow (p4); Moxie Java: Coffee shop location closer to campus (p6); Vandals will face nationally ranked teams in WAC (p10); Too much water not a good thing (p11)
Death; Health; Diversity; Coffee; Vandals
August 30th, 2005 Campus pub unlikely this year; Memorial: Service tonight for UI undergrad Prehn; Safety: New crosswalk are go; UI student gets women active in the outdoors; Cancer drug promising against aging syndrome (p4); Safari Pearl will find a new home in old Co-op building (p6); Exhibit spotlights local artist (p7); Superman comic book novelization not bad: ‘The Never-Ending Battle’ highlights Justice League characters, provides lighthearted entertainment (p7)
Pub; Memorial; Fitness; Cancer drugs; Safari Pearl; Superman; Justice League
September 2nd, 2005 White gives timeline for investment; Diversity: Minority numbers increase; Student Life: School just for young bucks; Report calls for increase in Pell Grant funding; See a penny, pick it up, UI’s Found Money Fund supports students; Death toll in New Orleans expected to be thousands (p3); ASUI talks Student Rec expansion during Fall (p4); Grad students use Patty’s Kitchen for Fall Fiesta success (p4); Protesting war, poverty, chaos through music (p9)
Investment; Diversity; Student Recreation Center; Hurricane Katrina; Celebration; Protests
September 7th, 2005 Wells brothers plead guilty; Price Increase: Parking meters, fines rise with permit prices; New grading system stalled; Student Government: ASUI senator resigns; Study Abroad Fair shows world cultures Thursday (p4); Taking popcorn fare to paradise (p8); The ‘In’ Burger, Topping go right into the meat (p9); 20-year-old wins, gives money away (p11); Saints offer solace to Hurricane Katrina victims (p12)
Murder trial; Parking; Grading system; Study Abroad Fair; Food; NASCAR; Hurricane Katrina
April 26th, 2005 Van Caster sentenced in stabbing; Provost candidates to visit UI: Search narrowed to four; Earth celebration: Events a success, organizers say; Vandal Scholarship Fund assists students financially (p2); Health take a back seat to beauty: Locals embraces tanning beds, bronzers (p3); For the sake of humanity: UI club builds ‘habitats’ to aid others (p4); Breaking the sex taboo: Sex on the Sidewalk aims to educate, entertain (p4); Creating a masterpiece: Local kids exercise their imaginations at the Spring Young People’s Arts Festival (p6); Jazzukha fools around with jazz (p7); Aerobic striptease heats things up (p8)
Crime; Earth celebration; Hemp Festival; Tanning; Humanity; Sex education; Spring Young People’s Arts Festival; Jazz; Aerobic Strip tease
September 20th, 2005 College debate reaches SBOE; Fiesta Patrias kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month; Katrina victims find help from UI sources; Students weigh in on ‘Plan B’; ASUI looks to improve off-campus living (p4); Jazz band members share dedication, love of sound (p6);  Read something silly when days get long (p7); Save Moscow from the coffee invasion (p8); Benefits show racial divide (p9)
Hispanic Heritage Month; Hurricane Katrina; Off-campus living; Jazz band; Coffee
September 23rd, 2005 SRC remodel could be a while; Broadcasting milestone: KUID celebrates 40th; UI chemist speeds up chemical reaction, environmental solutions quest; Women’s mentoring program re-established (p4); Clearing the air, University president invites discussion: Conversations allow faculty to speak with White on anything (p4); Weekend marks 100 years for first fraternity (p6); Some in New Orleans give Bush benefit of doubt (p7); Texas scrambles to find space to shelter those with special needs (p8); Dads Weekend: Mission IMPROVable performs for UI dads (p11); Harvest of Harmony celebrates fall (p12); Tailored lines, deep hues, rich fabrics characterize fall style (p15); Broadway takes center stage for Hawai’i (p16)
Student Recreation Center; Radio station; Greek life; Hurricane Katrina; Jazz; Harvest of Harmony; Fashion; Broadway
September 9th, 2005 Charges dropped against Riggins; New Orleans students arrive at UI; Feel like home: UI’s new provost is already hard at work; ASUI joins Katrina relief efforts, students invited to join; American Indians start new graduate student association (p4); Experts say a rebuilt New Oreans may look familiar to residents (p4); Going into Ernest’s world (p6); BookPeople still a community staple(p6); Author goes undercover (p9); Games must go on despite Hurricane Katrina (p12)
Murder trial; Hurricane Katrina; Books
September 27th, 2005 Vandal Taxi doomed minus help; University looks at legal file sharing; Winning research pays off for student: Mentze spends prize money on pizza and beer; Swedish students adjust to life in Moscow, American culture; UI agriculture department celebrates safety (p4); Despite damage, Rita’s death toll remains low (p5); Banned Books Week hits University of Idaho (p7); Men’s fall fashions run gamut (p9); The cost of convenience foods (p14); Author tells students how to make the most of college, life after (p14)
Taxi; Agricultural department; Hurricane Katrina; Banned Books week; Fashion; Costs
September 30th, 2005 ASUI votes to cut ‘drunk bus’; ASUI violates meeting law; Homecoming: Jingles create ‘Vandalmania’; New legislation would shift student government president’s election cycle; It’s never too late to graduate: KUID chief engineer receives diploma (p4); Idaho’s cultural richness attainable at UI journey (p5); French Quarter getting its groove back (p6); Roberts sworn in as chief justice of the U.S. (p8); Restoring power in Texas may be months (p8); Concert provides orchestra a chance to grow (p11); American Indian voices brought to the stage (p11); Childhood memories become life ambitions: Artist Douglas E. Taylor brings his experiences with appaloosa horses to his art, which is currently features in Moscow’s Appaloosa Museum (p12); ‘Brothels’ a harrowing portrait of Calcutta children (p12); Latest Target designer ready to roll (p14); Diabetics can enjoy exercise - carefully (p19)
Drunk bus; Homecoming; New Orleans; American Indian singing group; Calcutta children; Target; Diabetics
October 4th, 2005 Thank your money maker: UI students invited to write appreciation notes for scholarships; FDA honcho quits, university loses out twice; A different Duke, but still jazzy: Duke is behind the scenes, go-to person for jazz artists; Recovering caskets, vaults (p4); Endangered Species Act undergoes overhaul (p4); 3rd and Main gives corner store new life (p6); Fiddler impersonator coming to Latah County (p6); Hula’s movers require balance and coordination (p8); Who owns Barbie? Owners and artists disagree (p9); Vandals record first WAC win (p10)
Scholarships; Jazz; Hurricane Katrina; Endangered Species Act; Barbie
September 13rd, 2005 Art and Architecture: Students rally for defunct college; Finance VP: UI still looking for money boss; ASUI senator targets students on airwaves; Step one: Get out of the house: Zuniga overcame language barrier, culture shock at UI; ‘D&D’ players defy stereotypes (p5); Local store offer ‘D&D’ venue (p5); Music schools work together for hurricane relief (p5); Rose Ensemble performs unusual early music (p6); Fforde silly again with ‘Over Easy’ (p7)
Rally; D&D; Hurricane Katrina; Music; The Rose Ensemble
September 16th, 2005 Honoring McMillan: Scholarship fund small, needs more money; Cheers in the name of science: Students concoct alcoholic beverages; ASUI struggles to fill open positions; We the people: UI mandated to celebrate Constitution; Bringing those students up to speed: Certificate will prepare seniors for business standard, boost resumes (p4); Possibility of a draft remains hot topic among potential draftees even after the election (p4); This week at the bar, Karaoke madness (p5); ‘Broken Flowers’ defies, infuriates expectations (p6); Latah County Fair: Small trains have a big history at the fair (p6); TJ’s Books ‘n Treasures owner has a history with books that influences her business (p6)
McMillan, Eric; Alcohol; Business; Military drafts; Karaoke; Latah County Fair; Bookstore