Collection Timeline

1927 to 1927


Five unidentified people [01] Group posing in front of a castle Eiffel Tower Five unidentified people [02] Bathing huts Pont du Gard, France Maud Iddings in a gondola Dam Small private island Cruise ship Boats at harbor Huddart Parker pier Mont-Saint-Michel Ganges River, India Men working in a body of water Woman washing laundry in a public basin Men and cattle in front of a building Water-wheel Bullock cart [01] Bullock cart [02] Bullock cart [03] Canterbury Agricultural College, New Zealand Man and woman in front of criosphinx Experimental Institute for Livestock in Rome, Italy Maud Iddings at a hot springs Maud Iddings outside a ceremonial building Mountains, boats, and buildings with a body of water in the foreground House with water tank Two cars in front of a building Bullock cart [04] Street parade in Belgium Boats in a harbor Two women and a man in front of tombs Group of people in front of a building Street parade Stable Men carrying heavy containers Facade of a building [01] Plants in pots Panoramic view of a city Maud Iddings in front of a cathedral Men judging a pig Facade of a building [02] Bullock cart [05] Passengers looking at a cow Dock Woman and a girl carrying baskets Two goats on a rock Straw houses Straw-thatched houses Women working on a shore People and cars in front of a building View of a rural scene Farm building with no roof Farm building Boat being pulled through a canal Maud Iddings on a shore Building with a garden Building [01] Building [02] Maude and E.J. Iddings in front of a church Two wheeled low trunk carriage in front of hostel Sheep pasture [01] Sheep pasture [02] Sheep judging Sheep in a corral [01] Boar Rowett Institute Cattle E. J. Iddings among vegetation Two wheeled carriage pulled by horse Ten women dressed in white Carriage pulled by a horse [01] Ruins of an amphitheater Carriage pulled by a horse [02] Asine-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial. Kursaal with the Rotary International logo on facade Shepherd observing a flock [01] Shepherd observing a flock [02] Flock of sheep on a road Sheep in a corral [02] Flock of sheep grazing Maud Iddings with two children Village scene with thatched huts Street scene with people and cows Facade of a building [03] Merino sheep at a show Rambouillet ram Woman and a man in front of a house Colonnade of a building Dog cart Woman standing by a river Heavily loaded carriage Two wheeled cart and buggy Building [03] Men judging a horse Men holding luggage Group touring a patio Two men pose with two sheep Three men and two goats Cabbage farm Wheat field People gathering for a formal portrait House in unknown location Two houses in the distance Thatched roof building Carriage pulled by a horse [03] Rambouillet ewes Sheep showing Men observing a cow Cattle showing [01] Men judging a cow Scottish Highland Cattle Bull Street scene in front of a hotel Man holding bridle of a horse Cattle showing [02] Thatched roof huts Water storage Plants in numbered containers Two wheeled cart Man and a cow outside a barn Gathering for a group portrait Train coming out of a tunnel Four wheeled carts Men loading a boat Sheep in a corral [03] Windmill Crop field beds Men judging a grey horse Cattle outside a barn Cattle and people Cow in a pasture Cattle showing [04] Street scene in unknown location Two men show a bull Cattle showing [05] People looking at sheep Ship at sea Four wheeled carriages Facade of a building [04] Harvesting a crop Low wheeled chair with dog Long building with garden Crop field near channel Costume parade [01] Tending a crop Costume parade [02] Cavalry parade [01] Cavalry parade [02] Men on parade Cavalry parade [03] Military parade Men and cars beside a building Man with two bulls pulling a mill Man in traditional desert dress Cattle in a corral