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Latah County Oral History Collection

Remembering Latah County and Idaho Life at the turn of the 20th century



Below is a table listing every person who participated in the Latah County Oral History Project. Click on a name to browse the interview(s) each gave. The table is sortable and searchable.

Person Birthyear Residence Family Origins Occupation(s)
Person Birthyear Residence Family Origins Occupation(s)
Adair, Ione 1883 Moscow, Bovill, Fortynine Meadows Parents came from Oregon and Indiana (1893); family lived in the McConnell mansion (1900-36) County assessor, teacher, postal clerk, timber homesteader
Albright, Lora Brackett 1898 Potlatch River, Juliaetta Came from Lookout, Idaho (1916), where parents had moved from Minnesota Manager of family produce operation, teacher, farm wife, state legislator (1949-50)
Anderson, Axel 1886 Bovill, Elk River Arrived in 1907, two years after emigrating from Sweden Assistant logging superintendent, camp foreman; employed by Potlatch Lumber Company for 44 years
Anderson, Ernest 1902 Burnt Ridge, Troy Parents emigrated from Sweden and settled in the late nineties. Helen Anderson's husband Farmer
Anderson, Helen Kellberg 1904 Burnt Ridge, Troy Parents were Swedish settlers who came via Missouri (1906) Farm wife
Asplund, Ida Swanberg 1889 Nora, Troy Parents came from Sweden (1888) Homemaker, housekeeper, harvest cook
Asplund, Philip 1894 Dry Ridge, Troy Parents were from Sweden and Norway (1886) Logging teamster
Bacca, James & Amelia 1904 Onaway, Potlatch Amelia: Emigrated from northern Italy in 1920; came to Potlatch in 1927 | James: Came from northern Italy in 1931 Fireman and Homemaker (Amelia)
Baker, Winney Tout 1886 Texas Ridge Moved from Illinois with family as a child Farm wife
Benge, John (Dick) 1894 Hatter Creek, Princeton Moved from Nebraska with family in 1913 Lumberjack
Benscoter, Walter 1898 American Ridge, Kendrick Parents were homesteaders from Michigan (1885) Farmer
Benson, Henry 1894 Potlatch, Deary Parents were Deary area homesteaders Engineer on WISM Railroad
Bjerke, Arthur 1886 Brush Creek, Deary Came from Norway with family, who homesteaded in 1891 Farmer, carpenter, logger
Boag, Violet Frei 1909 Bovill, Moscow Parents moved from Kansas c. 1890 Nurse, homemaker
Boas, Louis 1900 Moscow Came from Boise to attend the university Editor of Moscow Daily Star-Mirror and Daily Idahonian (1926-1966)
Borah, Mary McConnell 1870 Moscow, Washington,D.C. William J. McConnell, her father, first came in 1879 from the Boise Basin and was elected Idaho governor (1892); she came with her mother from Oregon (1888) Wife of Idaho Senator William Borah
Brammer, Henry 1881 Cameron, Juliaetta Family came from Germany via Kansas (1892) Farmer
Brink, Carol Ryrie 1895 Moscow Grandfather was a Moscow doctor (1887) trained in Missouri; Father came from Scotland (1889) Novelist, homemaker. Caddie Woodlawn won the Newberry Award; Buffalo Coat, Snow in the River and Strangers in the Forest are filled with detail about early local life
Brocke, Frank 1906 Troy, American Ridge, Kendrick Parents' families came from Germany; father was born at Genesee, mother in Kansas President of First Bank of Troy, where he worked for forty-seven years; chairman of school board
Brouillard, Jennie Cuthbert 1886 Viola unknown Nurse, homemaker
Bubuly, Michael 1896 Bovill Emigrated from Yugoslavia in 1913 Lumberjack
Buchanan, George (Bud) 1896 Moscow Parents' families came from Illinois and Missouri and homesteaded (1870's); he moved to the Coeur d'Alene district as an adult Electrician
Burkland, Joel 1892 Deary, Bear Creek Parents were Swedish homesteaders (1880«s). William Burkland's cousin Operated garage and service station, town marshall, secretary-treasurer of highway district (37 years)
Burkland, William 1887 Bear Creek, Deary Parents were Swedish homesteaders (1888) Farmer, logger
Butterfield, Edna Johnson 1890 Woodfell, Princeton Family came from Michigan (1888) Farm wife
Byers, Fannie Cuthbert 1893 Fourmile Creek, Viola Parents were born in Scotland, came from Kansas and homesteaded (1888) Farm wife, pea processor, harvest cook
Callison, Norla 1903 American Ridge, Kendrick Grandfather came from Kansas and homesteaded (1888); mother was from Missouri Farmer
Cameron, Viola White 1906 Bovill Parents came from Minnesota (1905) Homemaker, store clerk, logging camp flunkey
Carlson, Gustav 1899 Burnt Ridge, Troy Parents were Swedish immigrants who settled in 1891; he left the area as an adult. Willa Carlson's brother-in-law Teacher, census bureau officer
Carlson, Helena Cartwright 1899 Big Meadow, Troy Came with family from South Dakota (1912) Teacher, homemaker
Carlson, Melvin 1906 Big Meadow, Troy Family came from North Dakota (1912) Logger, farmer
Carlson, Willa Cummings 1896 American Ridge, Troy Parents came from Missouri (early 1890's) Teacher and farm wife; author of manuscript on Latah County history
Christina, Sister Mary 1899 Beaverton(Oregon) unknown Nun. She helped care for Mary McConnell Borah at the Maryville home
Clark, Archie 1886 Potlatch Came from the Midwest in 1904. Rosie Clark's husband Farm laborer
Clark, J. Les and Marie J. 1904 Elk River Native of Manitoba, he arrived in 1923 Printer
Clark, Rosie Hecks 1893 Deep Creek, Potlatch Family moved from Missouri (1899) Kitchen worker, farm wife
Clyde, Lola Gamble 1900 Paradise Ridge, Moscow Father emigrated from Ireland and became the area's first Presbyterian minister (1880); mother was from Victoria, British Columbia Teacher, farm wife; local historian, frequently addresses groups and aids researchers
Cornelison, Bernadine Adair 1897 Moscow unknown Singer and voice teacher; taught at the University of Idaho
Corrin, Glenn 1890 Troy Parents came from South Dakota (1890) General laborer
Cox, Andrew 1902 American Ridge, Juliaetta Parents came from Nova Scotia in the 1890's Farmer
Craig, Anna Vivan Hise 1887 Moscow Came to South Idaho from Nebraska (1907), and after marriage to Orofino and Moscow Teacher, homemaker
Crocker, Lester 1899 Kendrick Parents came from Pennsylvania and Kansas (early 1890's) Banker
Crow, Ada Hill 1880 Fourmile Creek, Viola Family moved from Junction City, Oregon and homesteaded (1887) Farm wife
Crow, Charles 1879 Palouse, eastern Washington Family homesteaded in the 1880's. Ada Crow's husband Farmer, carpenter
Currin, Walter 1904 Rimrock, Genesee Father came in 1878 from the Willamette Valley, Oregon Farmer and warehouseman
Cushman, John n/a n/a n/a n/a
Daniels, Eva Slatter 1907 Cameron, Park, Agatha Father came from New York City, mother from Missouri (c.1900) Teacher, farm wife
Demus, Gus 1892 Potlatch Emigrated from Greece to the Northwest in 1909, and settled in Potlatch in 1914 Trimmer at mill, laborer
Denevan, Lucille Riddell 1900 Bovill Grew up in Minnesota; came after completing training in Chicago (1919) Nurse, homemaker
Diamantis, John 1885 Elk River Emigrated from Klitsos, Greece in 1909 Sawmiller, logger
Driscoll, Jennie Halverson 1888 Genesee, Lenville, Driscoll Ridge Parents homesteaded after emigrating from Norway via Astoria (early 1880's) Farm wife
East, John 1882 Princeton, Moscow Came from the Camas Prairie (late 1920's) Farmer, moonshiner
Edwards, Mary Grey 1897 Grey Eagle District, Genesee Parents came from Nevada and Nebraska (1890's) Homemaker
Eikum, John 1888 Cow Creek, Genesee Family arrived in 1893 from Norway Farmer
Erickson, Alfred 1893 Hog Meadows Parents came from Minnesota (1892) Railroad worker
Estes, Willis 1893 Viola Parents came from Iowa before he was born Mail carrier; president of Idaho chapter of Rural Letter Carriers Association
Fisher, Marie Leitch 1900 Bovill Grewup at Nezperce, Idaho Teacher, homemaker
Fleener, Dora Otter 1894 Rural Moscow Family moved from South Dakota in 1902 Farm wife, housekeeper; author of Coming West from South Dakota
Flodin, Elmer 1899 Dry Ridge, Troy Parents were Swedish homesteaders (early 1880's) Farmer, logger
Follett, Mahlon 1896 Genesee Parents came from Minnesota in the 1880's Operated general store
Fry, Frances Vaughan 1893 Cedar Creek, Kendrick Family came from Kansas (1895) Farm wife, cook for woods crews, doctor's assistant, store clerk
Gamble, Daniel (Bert) 1887 Paradise Ridge Lola Clyde's brother Worked for woods products corporation; poet
Gamble, Gus 1890 Genesee, Paradise Ridge Daniel Gamble's brother Farmer
Gamble, W. J. 1884 Potlatch Came from Pennsylvania in 1910 General manager of WISM Railroad for 33 years; lobbyist for North Idaho lumber interests in state legislature
Gilder, Glen & Agnes 1903 Harvard, Spring Valley Came with family from Seattle, Washington (1919) Farm wife
Gleave, James n/a n/a n/a n/a
Glenn, Bruce & Agnes 1904 Potlatch Ridge, American Ridge, Juliaetta Roy Glenn's brother Oil deliveryman
Glenn, Roy & Mabel 1903 Texas Ridge, Potlatch Ridge, Kendrick Family came from North Carolina (1904) Auctioneer; farmer
Goff, Abe MacGregor 1899 Moscow, Washington, D.C. Moved to Moscow to attend university; father homesteaded near Rosalia,Wash Lawyer, state legislator, U.S. Congressman, chairman of Interstate Commerce Commission
Gorman, Madeleine Groh 1913 Bovill Parents emigrated from Alsace, France and operated Bovill's mercantile store Homemaker
Grannis, Kate Price 1886 Avon Parents homesteaded (c.1885), coming from California and Kansas via Cheney, Washington Homemaker, mica cutter, cook
Groseclose, Edward & Dixie 1900 Potlatch River, Juliaetta Came with family from Bland County, Virginia in 1907 Farm wife
Grove, Clara Payne 1879 Moscow, Troy Born in Iowa, she lived in the Dakotas and Montana before coming in 1925 Editor, cook, nurse's aid, columnist; leader of Women's Christian Temperance Union
Gruell, Crystal Ottosen 1905 Juliaetta Parents were raised in Denmark and Iowa, and came in 1908 Teacher, homemaker
Guernsey, Viola Sheldon 1894 Princeton, Onaway Family came from the Midwest via Nebraska (1910) Homemaker, grocery store operator
Guilfoy, Leo 1886 Bovill An Irishman, he came from England in 1916 Scaler and treating plant operator at cedar pole yard
Gustin, Clay 1900 Helmer, Moscow Mountain Parents probably came from Utah in the 1890s Logger
Halen, Alben 1896 Big Bear Ridge, Deary Parents were Swedish homesteaders (c.1890) Farmer, logger
Halseth, Edward 1894 Big Bear Ridge, Jansville Parents were Norwegian homesteaders (1890's) Farmer
Hampton, Elvon 1911 Grey Eagle District, Genesee Parents came from North Carolina in the late 1880's Farmer
Handlin, Nellie Tomer 1897 Moscow Father's parents were among the county's first settlers, coming from California in 1871; mother was from Indiana Homemaker, cashier
Hardt, Verna Palmer 1905 Viola Grandfather first came to the region with Captain Mullan's Army outfit (c. 1858); parents' families both moved from Oregon (1876 and 1880) Homemaker
Hazeltine, Mabel Oliver 1901 Fourmile Creek, Viola Parents came from Sprague, Washington area (1901) Farm wife
Herrmann, Beulah Dollar 1900 Moscow, Troy Moved from Colorado (1928) Clerk for Psychianna
Herzog, Frank 1898 Harvard Came with parents from Pennsylvania in 1900 Logger, farmer, trapper
Hickman, William (Dave) 1900 Genesee Father came from North Carolina (1888); mother's family came from Wiconsin (1881) Soil conservationist
Holland, Joseph 1900 Bovill Grew up in South Dakota and Saskatchewan Depot agent at Bovill (1925-66); school board chairman, mayor, justice of the peace
Hove, Palma Hanson 1893 Cow Creek, Genesee Mother was raised in Norway, father in Wisconsin. They arrived in the 1880's Farm wife, harvest cook
Ingle, Florence Hupp 1884 Big Bear Ridge, Little Bear Ridge, Kendrick Family came from California and homesteaded (1886) Teacher, farm wife
Ingle, Gerald 1910 Big Bear Ridge, Kendrick Son of Florence Ingle. Grandfather was a homesteader from Tennesee (1883) County commissioner for 20 years, farmer
Jackson, Alice Henry 1885 Lapwai Mother was Nez Perce; father moved from Asotin County, Washington (c.1890) Farm wife
Jelleberg, Charles 1900 Park Parents were Norwegian homesteaders (c. 1890) Horse teamster, sawmiller
Johanson, Nellie n/a n/a n/a n/a
Johnson, Clarence 1895 Burnt Ridge, Troy Parents were homesteaders from Sweden (1884) Farmer
Johnson, Delia Beardsley 1887 Rural Moscow, Moscow Family came from California (1903) Farm wife, dressmaker
Johnson, Hattie Wilken 1897 Cameron Parents were German homesteaders (1886) Farm wife, hotel and house maid
Johnson, Oscar 1901 Troy Came with father from Sweden in 1910 Worked at firebrick plant for forty years
Johnson, Walter 1892 Moscow Parents were Swedish immigrants who moved from Minnesota (1882) Accountant
Jones, Agnes Healy 1890 Thorn Creek, Genesee Mother's parents (Tierneys) were the first white settlers of the Genesee area,coming from Kansas in 1870; father emigrated from Ireland (early 1870s) Farm wife, waitress
Justice, Albert 1898 Bovill area Family moved to Spokane from North Dakota (1905) Head cook in lumbercamps between the two world wars
Justice, Lena (Molly) Erickson 1901 Hog Meadows, Bovill Parents came from Minnesota (1892). Albert Justice's wife Logging camp flunkey, homemaker
Kauder, William 1868 Cedar Creek, Southwick Homesteaded alongside parents, after moving from Illinois (1889) Farmer
Kellberg, Ruth Anderson 1899 Burnt Ridge, Troy Parents were Swedish homesteaders (1890) Farm wife
Kent, Edward 1889 American Ridge, Juliaetta Came with mother from Nova Scotia in 1898 Farmer, cowboy
Lancaster, May & Carl 1902 Helmer, Harvard Parents came from Pennsylvania before he was born Logger; woods blacksmith and maintenance man
Lawrence, Floyd & Nola 1898 Jansville, Helmer Family came from Iowa and homesteaded on McGary Meadow (1893) Logger; operator of dance pavilion
Leland, Ruth 1890 Juliaetta Moved from Wyoming with family (1906) Store clerk, minister of United Brethern Church
Lemarr, May Erickson 1907 Hog Meadows unknown Logging camp flunkey, homemaker
Lepard, George 1899 Potlatch Family came in 1906 after living elsewhere in North Idaho Grocer
Lew, Mi & Marie Lee 1910 Moscow Came to Spokane from China in 1920 Restaurateur
Long, F. Marvin 1894 Kendrick, Cedar Creek, Leland Family moved from North Carolina (1888) Operator of mercantile store
Long, Martha Lowery 1903 Kendrick, eastern Washington Parents came from North Dakota and homesteaded near Quincy, Washington (1902) Extension specialist for Chelan County and Washington state; homemaker, teacher
Maclied, Pauline (Pearl) n/a n/a n/a n/a
Lynd, Mary West 1895 Palouse Moved with family from Illinois in 1904 Farm wife
Mahon, Catherine 1906 Juliaetta, Lewiston-Clarkston Father, a New York Irishman, was manager of Juliaetta cannery; mother came from Oregon (1884) Operator of greenhouse and beauty salon, teacher
Maloney, Joe 1892 Spokane, North Idaho Came from Pennsylvania in 1915 Employment agent, camp foreman
Martin, Roy 1908 North Idaho "Roy Martin" is a pseudonym Hobo, lumberjack, laborer
Mckeever, George 1897 Kendrick Family came from Missouri in the 1890's Dentist
Messersmith, Lewis & Hazel 1888 Lapwai Learned trade in Pennsylvania; came West in 1905; Parents were early settlers of Dayton, Washington area Blacksmith; Homemaker, worked in post office and store
Milbert, Frank 1907 Gold Hill, Potlatch Came west from Pennsylvania in the twenties Gold miner
Miller, John B. 1912 Bovill Parents came from Minnesota (1902) Geologist; author of The Trees Grew Tall (1972), Bovill area history
Moody, George (Hap) 1885 Moscow Came from Vermont (1914) County deputy and sheriff (1922-55); famous university football booster
Moore, Elsie Adair 1899 Bovill, Princeton Father came from Oregon in 1882 Homemaker
Morgan, William 1895 Lewiston and vicinity Parents farmed near Nezperce after leaving Kansas (1898) Owner of Morgan Brothers, food and equipment distributors
Morris, Mabelle Nickell 1887 Elk River, Potlatch Came from central Canada in 1907 Drugstore operator, homemaker
Mushal, Edward 1903 Potlatch Father was sent by company from Wisconsin (1908) Sawmiller
Munden, Mamie Sardam 1906 Lewiston, Clarkston Mother's family came from Missouri (1886), father from Nebraska (c. 1894 Farm wife
Murphy, Dan & Joe Maloney 1887 Bovill area Came from Wisconsin in 1908 Logging clerk, scales and cedar pole inspector
Nelson, Elsie 1890 Moscow Parents were Swedish homesteaders (1886) Head cook at Hotel Moscow, teacher; author of Today Is Ours
Newman, Ida Mielke 1898 Cameron Parents were German pioneers who came from Minnesota in 1901 Farm wife, teacher; author of History of Cameron, Idaho
Nichols, George 1888 Harvard Came from Deer Park, Washington to work on building of WISM railroad (1904) Laborer
Nordby, Rudolph 1889 Cow Creek, Genesee Family came from Iowa (1900) County commissioner for eighteen years; farmer
Nye, Maeci Groseclose 1895 Juliaetta Came with parents from Kentucky (1903) Teacher, farmer, farm wife; author of manuscript history of Juliaetta
Olson, Carl 1895 Dry Ridge, Troy Parents emigrated from Sweden and homesteaded (1889) Thresherman, operator of gas station and car dealership, sawmiller, miner; Troy councilman for 24 years
Olson, Ella Olson 1897 Pleasant Hill, Troy Father came from Sweden (1884), mother fromNorway (1887) Cook, pea processor, housekeeper, homemaker
Olson, Oscar & Hazel 1920 Deary Moved from central Idaho in the early forties Homemaker; teacher; camp flunkey
Olson, Ruth 1906 Deary Parents came from Minnesota and homesteaded (1907) Teacher
Oslund, Anna Marie Anderson 1891 Troy, Nora Creek Emigrated from Sweden with family in 1903 Teacher, homemaker; author of manuscript on Troy area history
Otness, Lillian Woodworth 1908 Moscow Grandfather was an original founder of Moscow, moving from eastern Oregon (1871); father came from Montana (1877) Teacher of English and physical education in college and high school; homemaker,
Paolini, Pete 1903 Elk River, Lewiston Came from Italy in 1920 Sawmiller, lumberjack
Parker, Naomi Boll 1906 Bovill Parents took a timber homestead after coming from Wisconsin (1905) Homemaker, raised cattle and silver fox
Phelan, Amanda Asplund 1887 Dry Ridge, Troy Philip Asplund's sister Farm wife, housekeeper
Pierce, Albert 1889 Deary, Texas Ridge Moved from Minnesota with family (1904) Operated Deary store and farmed
Pierce, Selina Smith 1893 Deary Came from New York after marriage to Albert Pierce (1920) Homemaker, operated grocery store
Platt, E. J. (Tom) 1903 Genesee, Salmon River ( Father's family came from Wisonsin (1881), mother's from Kansas (1894) Livestock operator
Platt, Kenneth 1907 Genesee, Salmon River unknown Specialist in U.S. Department of Agriculture; author, poet and local historian,
Platz, Ima Hodge 1888 Palouse Came from Missouri with parents Harvest cook, farm wife
Presby, Curtis unknown unknown Parents came from Colfax, Washington, and from the Coeur d'Alene district (1912) Farmer, lumber grader
Ramsdale, Edward 1896 American Ridge, Troy Emigrated from Eikefjord, Norway (1913) Farmer
Ringsage, Helmer 1888 Park, Central Ridge Parents were Norwegian homesteaders (1890); he is Edward Swenson's nephew Farmer, logger
Ringsage, Jean & Stiner 1905 Park, Alberta, British Columbia Moved to Idaho with husband in 1933 Farm wife; teacher; nurse's aide
Rowan, Frank & Lottie 1885 Troy Family came from Minnesota (c.1900) Road foreman; brickyard worker; logger
Ruberg, Hilda Carlson 1893 Big Meadow, Burnt Ridge, Troy Family came from North Dakota (1912) Farm wife, harvest cook, housekeeper
Ryan, Grace White 1907 Bovill unknown Homemaker, store clerk, logging camp flunkey,
Sampson, Clarice Moody 1894 Moscow Parents came from Utah (1892) Homemaker, teacher, clerk at David's Store
Sampson, Harry 1893 Moscow Family came from Wisconsin in 1902 Manager of men's clothing department at David's Department Store for nearly forty years
Sandell, Hanna Anderson 1891 Johnson, Troy Parents came from Sweden (c. 1870) Nurse at Gritman Hospital, homemaker
Sanderson, Byers 1896 Bovill Father came from the South and was Potlatch assistant superintendent; mother came from New York (1880's) Head mechanic for Potlatch Lumber Company, miner
Sanderson, John 1884 Bovill Byers Sanderson's brother Maintenance man for Potlatch Lumber Company, photographer
Schimke, Margaret n/a n/a n/a n/a
Schmaltz, George 1893 Elk River Arrived from Sweden in 1912 Millwright, lumberjack
Schoeffler, Ada Oylear 1901 Potlatch Ridge, Cameron Families came from Missouri and Iowa (1880's) Farm wife, harvest cook, housekeeper
Schupfer, Herman 1892 Juliaetta, Kendrick Parents emigrated from Austria; father homesteaded adjacent to Juliaetta townsite (1879) Operated local telephone company and theatre; district representative for Washington Water Power
Schupfer, Otto 1891 Juliaetta, Kendrick Herman Schupfer's brother Operated local telephone company and theatre; helped manage electric service
Settle, Eugene 1894 Aspendale, Moscow His was one of the few black families to settle in the area; parents grew up in Mississippi, came in 1899 Warehouse superintendent for Latah County Grain Growers ; farmer
Sherman, Theodore 1901 Moscow Came to Moscow to attend college; father was mayor of Boise English professor at University of Idaho (1931-66)
Shirrod, Emma Christenson 1885 Rimrock, Genesee Parents were Norwegian homesteaders in the 1870's
Showalter, Ulysses 1886 Moscow Mountain Family came from Virginia (c.1890) Woodcutter, farmer, moonshiner
Smith, Nellie Wood 1892 Bovill, McGary Butte Came from Missouri with parents, settling in the area c.1900 Homemaker
Spencer, Jesse and Mabel 1885; 18892 Troy Parents were homesteaders from Kentucky (1884); Family came from Iowa and homesteaded (1898) Farmer; Farm wife, harvest cook
Stefanos, Mike 1895 Potlatch, Lewiston Emigrated from Dimalis, Greece (1912) Sawmiller, operator of shoeshine parlor
Steffen, Kenneth 1902 Moscow Father first came in the 1880's; parents moved from Kansas in 1900 Ran delivery service, laborer
Stowell, William (Michigan Bill) 1903 Clearwater River, Bovill area Came in the mid-twenties; father had a farm and sawmill in Quebec Lumberjack
Sundberg, Arthur 1899 Potlatch Came with parents from Wisconsin in 1909 Maintenance foreman and lead man in Potlatch mill for forty years
Sundell, Theodore 1895 Troy Parents emigrated from Sweden to Minnesota then to Latah County in 1900 Warehouseman, carpenter, brick plant worker
Sweeney, Nellie Edwin 1883 Moscow Grandfather, Peter Carlson, was the first Swedish Lutheran minister in the area (1870's) Teacher, pea processor, homemaker
Swenson, Edward 1883 Park, Alberta Family emigrated from Norway and homesteaded (1891) Farmer, carpenter
Thomason, Oscar & Anna 1899 Dry Ridge, Troy Came from Torsby, Sweden in 1928 Farm wife
Thurtle, Alice Hall 1889 Avon Family came from Iowa in 1888 Farm wife
Torgerson, George 1892 Park, Elk River Father was a Norwegian homesteader (c. 1890) Ran drayline, did road maintenance,farmed
Tribble, Hershiel A. 1896 Hatter Creek, Princeton Parents settled in 1880's; mother was from Willamette Valley, Oregon Woods clerk and scaler
Tribble, Lolah Benge 1902 Hatter Creek, Princeton Dick Benge's sister; Hershiel Tribble's wife Farm wife
Utt, Emmett and Anna 1903; 1906 Hatter Creek, Princeton, Potlatch Parents moved from Kansas (c. 1894); Parents moved from Spangle, Washington (1911) Sawyer in Potlatch mill, farmer; Teacher, farm wife
Vine, Rannie (Ma) Johnson 1882 Elk River Raised in Wisconsin; came via eastern Montana (c.1918) Homemaker, kept boarders, worked in hotel
Wahl, Tom and Elizabeth 1911; 1905 Grey Eagle District, Genesee Father's family came from California (1879), mother from the Willamette Valley, Oregon (1890) Farmer; research engineer at Washington State University; teacher
Waldron, Kate Sanderson 1890 Bovill, Moscow Byers Sanderson's sister Head clerk in department store, logging camp flunkey, homemaker
Waterman, Merton 1896 Moscow Parents came from Illinois via Texas (1910) Mail carrier, laborer, farmer
Wells, Elmer 1878 Moscow Moved from North Carolina in 1902 Laborer
Wheeler, Ruby Canfield 1893 Harvard Parents came from Massachusettes and New Jersey (1877)
Whitman, Bess Beardsley 1891 Moscow Delia Johnson's sister Homemaker, store clerk
Wicks, Grace Jain 1906 Genesee, Coyote Grade Father's family came from Wisconsin (1878), mother's from Michigan (1892) County commissioner and civic leader; homemaker
Wilkins, Kenneth 1902 Avon Grandfather was first homesteader in Avon area (1884), coming from Indiana Farmer
Wurman, Mamie Sisk 1887 Princeton, Palouse Parents came from Missouri and homesteaded near Princeton (1886) Farm wife